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Droid Zippo 2.3
Brief Description:The only lighter that you can take on plane :) Also note, this isjust a virtual lighter simulator.- App having real time looking lighter- Tilt your phone to see flame movements.- Blow on your phone or mic to see the flame shaking.- 4 different options to choose and play with them.- Flip your finger to open the cover.- A virtual lighter always available in your android to playwith.=>Safety Note:This is not a real lighter and the app has been provided just forfun; however, please do not let your children play with thisapplication. This application should only be used by adults 18years of age or older.
Scan My Mood - Prank 1.1
you must have this amazing app in your phoneto check mood of your friends and family members in couple ofseconds.This is pure prank app and all you have to do follow the stepsgiven below:- Put your figure on the scanner to scan it- Let the scanner do its work- It will show the percentage progress- Once it is done, you will be displayed mood with icon anddescription.Another Interesting Part:- You can fix your mood in scanner to have fun with yourfriends.- Or can set mood to random100% entertaining app.
DNA Matcher 1.0
Which animal best represents you? DNA MatcherTest will scan your DNA with your thumb impression and generategood results for you. DNA checker will display your DNA results bypressing your thumb on the screen and it will generate your DNAreport. This app helps you find which animal matches yourpersonality?Scan your DNA by pressing your thumb or finger. The purpose of thisapp is just to entertain. DNA Test will match your DNA with youranimal spirit or birds and give you a fun to pass your time. DNAscanner prank makes you feel happy with this entertainingapp.It sounds amazing when you test DNA of your friend and it willmatch with spirit animal or birds. DNA matcher is full of fun. So,test your DNA report with picture and sounds with the help of DNAapp. Just hold and press your thumb on the screen and get beautifulresults. This app will scan your DNA with easy steps. So, find yourDNA report with this amazing DNA prank app.DNA test prank is just an entertaining app. Find that what animalrepresents me? Also play with your friends by testing DNA of yourfriends. It will generate your DNA report and match your DNA withanimal. It is a prank and fun pass time. So, do a prank with yourfriends and keep smiling.This unique application gives you best analyzer facility for Dnascanner prank . The key feature this application is spiritingscanner which gives you real illusion.How to play this fingerprint game:• The scanner will scan your fingerprint• Laser X-ray will go through your finger• App will simulate detect true or falseFeatures• Free prank DNA matcher with fingerprint• Show results of prank DNA with image and sound• Make fun with your friends with this amazing genetics DNAgame• Different animal sounds and images• Easy to use• User friendly interface• This app gives you a smile on your sad faces
Dot Pass - Amazing Puzzle 1.2
Dot pass is one of the simple and highlyaddictive game that challenges you to match your dot color with thecolor of the circulating dots by clicking and releasing on thescreen.Exercise your brain with a fantastic Puzzle of Colors. Dot Pass isan expertly created game with amazing game play that will keep yougoing for hours and hours as you progress. The Game contains largenumber of unique levels and plenty of variations. Spend boring timewith a classic fun.With superb graphics and exceptional games physics, Dot Passchallenges you to avoid obstacles as you go by simply tapping thescreen. The further you go, the higher your score will be in thisfantastic and most-awesome of the relaxing games. Try not to meetthe same color section on the color circle of Colored Dots. Keep ondoing it reputedly until the game exit by clicking on the wrongmatch.Dot Pass looks very simple in operation, but will challenge thelimits of your Responses!• • •The best Casual game on the store!Features• An amazing Color matching game• Addictive Gameplay and best Visual Effects• Complete In-Game Challenges• Mind relaxing game• Perfect tapping game control• Expertly designed to bring you the best in Casual games• • • • Just relax and have fun with Color dots!
Temperature Scanner - Prank 1.4
It’s an amazing prank application to checkbody temperature by scanning thumb or finger.If you are a smart person or prankster you would definitely lovethis temperature scanner application. You don’t need anythermometer just place your friend's finger on scanner andtemperature sensor will show you the results.Temperature test finger scan provides best and high definitionimage qualities. Temperature Calculator Fingerprint is compatiblewith almost every android device.This smart fingerprint Temperature calculator is designed in such away that every person use it easily:HOW TO USE THIS TEMPERATURE FINGERPRINT APP:1: Tap on temperature scanner app icon2: Place your finger on scanner in round shape3: Wait for scanner to work4: See the results on next screen.- A free fever thermometer, blood pressure for free (in upcomingbuilds)SETTINGS:You can fix temperature screen and to random results as welldepending on your needs. "?" helps you for this.Fingerprint Temperature Test is supported on android tablets aswell and dozens of smart phone devices that support android OS.Download temperature scanner checker and make fun of your friends.Actually this body temperature monitor application is a prank. Thisfingerprint temperature test game shows you high body temperature,low body temperature and normal body temperature.Disclaimer: It’s just a fingerprint Temperature calculator prankapp and does not calculate your real body temperature, and ispurely made for entertainment purpose only!