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Boost Your Brain Power 1.16
Here are things you can do starting today to help you think faster,improve memory, comprehend information better and unleash yourbrain’s full potential.How can you improve your brain power? Yousense that you need more intelligence or 'smarts' to keep up andget ahead in this world. So, what can you do to boost your brainpower so you can think better and more creatively? This app is theanswer of all your questions.Brain Power is vital to success intoday's competitive world. Science has show that there are ways toboost your brain power. This app provides resources and informationabout Boost your brain power quickly.You don’t have to constantlydo crosswords or Sudoku to improve your brain function. There arelots of little things you probably already do that can contributeto keeping your noggin sharp.Application contains followingfeatures:1) Collection of Brain Boosters2) User FriendlyNavigation3) Share any Boosters to your family and friends4) NoInternet connection required5)Boost Your Brain Power has freecaller ID.It identifies callers for you - even the ones not in yourcontact list. Caller ID results are shown after calls and alsoallow you to save the contact details directly to youraddress-book. The caller ID feature can be fully adjusted to yourpreferences.We are constantly working on making the content andfunctionality of our apps better. We are always excited to hearfrom you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, pleaseshare with us at:
Cat Treats 1.16
Homemade Cat Food and Treats Recipes!Collection of recipes forkitty treats, health food, and food for ailing cats.Cat lovers loveto pamper their feline friends. They give their cats the best food,the most fashionable collars, and the best toys.It's a fact thatmost cats rule their owners, so when they turn up their noses attheir food, what are we going to do?Start cooking! You cook foryourself and your friends, so why not cook for your lovingcompanion.How about pampering that special cat or kitty with sometreats that are simply whisker lickin' good?APP FEATURES 1) 100+Recipes for Kitty Treats2) User Friendly Navigation3) Share recipeswith your friends and family4) Make favorite selection of KittyTreatsPrepare tasty and healthful treats and main meals for yourcats today and feel them special!!!We are constantly working onmaking the content and functionality of our apps better. We arealways excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback,questions, or concerns, please share with us at:
Wedding Planning Tips
As the wedding date approaches, less and lesstime will be available for wedding preparations. You want to be ina position to enjoy the days leading up to your wedding, as well asthe wedding itself. This cannot happen unless you start yourwedding planning.Our application wedding planning tips take the stress out ofwedding planning and bring you real wedding advice; it is a guidethat can help you to save you both side time and money.************Features************1) Great list of Wedding Planning Tips.2) User Friendly Navigation3) Email any Tips to your friends and relatives.4) No Internet connection required to read Wedding PlanningTips.We are constantly working on making the content and functionalityof our apps better. We are always excited to hear from you! If youhave any feedback, questions, or concerns, please share with us at: