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Chinese Medicine Life 1.10
This software is designed to facilitate the need to query the usersof traditional Chinese medicine.The most content of software comesfrom the Internet, books, and Chinese medicine practitioners, allcontent just for reference only; If the disease-related issuesplease contact the nearest to seek Chinese medicine practitionersfor medical treatment, please do not to delay the disease.Thestarting point of this software is not purely profit-makingpurposes, and the software from advertising revenue will be donatedto charitable organizations. The exchange for advertising revenuereceipts will from time to time posted on the website, thanks foryour selfless sponsorship.If you have further cooperation needsplease contact us by alemocni@gmail.comWebsite:http://chinesemedicinelife.blogspot.comReferenceSource:
RTSP Viewer 2.0
RTSP Viewer can connect to IP cameras/RTSPStreaming/WebCam, and supports maximum 16 way connections, and alsosupports the A/V CODEC as following:Video :MPEG-4 / H.264 / H.263Audio :AAC / G.711A / G.711U / AMROther feature:。You can feel free to resize and move the screen ofconnection.。History feature: Records previous streaming address. You justclick the record of list, not needed for input streaming addressagain.。Use "Sort View" feature can automatic sort the currentconnections on the screen.If you have any feedbak or further demand please contact us byalemocni@gmail.comWhen issue occur...@ If can not connect to RTSP server:1. Please check the URL whether contains "rtsp://" and it needscomplete URL such as "rtsp://"2. You can modify the Audio/Video setting in Advance(press menukey). You can try to disable the video and audio codec first, andthen set the video codec setting to auto, and try your RTSP URLagain.3. This viewer had NOT supported authentication yet.@ If long time no response:Would you please wait for few minutes? So that it can unzip somenecessary file when you first enter apk.tags:RTSP,streaming,IP Camera,WebCam,remote,viewer,RTSP player
中醫生活-付費版 1.7
此軟體是為了方便需要查詢中藥之單味藥或方劑的使用者所設計。軟體中的許多內容源自於網路、書籍以及請益於中醫師,因此所有內容僅供參考,詳細內容請以醫書(醫方集解、傷寒論..等等)為依據;若有病情之相關問題請就近尋求中醫師就醫,以免耽誤病情。軟體功能:1.中藥材查詢功能2. 方劑查詢功能3. 即時搜尋關鍵字功能4. 在方劑頁面中顯示所有與內文相關之中藥材以便交叉查詢5.可將軟體移至SD卡6. 中藥材及方劑的書籤功能7. 湯頭歌訣功能8.方劑多個關鍵字的全文檢索功能,在搜尋列上以空格隔開欲查尋的關鍵字後,軟體會立即依據所有的關鍵字將符合的方劑列出(請參考應用程式螢幕擷取畫面)9.若查詢介面查詢不到單味藥或方劑時可搜尋網路10. 簡體介面11. 資料庫未來將會1~2月更新一次12.此版本不含廣告如有進一步的合作需求請聯絡下方E-mailalemocni@gmail.com網站:[2014/03/25新增]中醫生活有FB的粉絲團囉!歡迎各位舊雨新知一起來加入吧! 增加尋找在地中醫的功能,讓您可以輕鬆的找到附近或各縣市的中醫. 目前只提供台灣的中醫診所的查詢.2. 更新方劑的資料庫[2013/08/07 新增]1.由於有許多使用者有簡體介面的需求, 所以特別增加簡體介面以供查詢使用2. 資料庫未來將會1~2月更新一次[2013/07/26新增]1. 查詢不到單味藥或方劑時, 提供搜尋網路的按鈕[2013/06/22 新增]各位使用者很抱歉,由於上次2013/06/20的版本程式的判斷有誤, 所以會導致第一次安裝的使用者無法開啟, 這次的版本已經針對這個問題進行修復,請各位使用者不吝包涵. 謝謝各位大德.[2013/06/20 新增]1. 修正資料庫內容2. 移除網路連線的權限Thissoftware is for the convenience of need, the single herb ormedicine prescriptions user design.Software Much of the contentcomes from the web, books, and make benefit practitioners, allcontent is for reference only. For details, please refer to medicalbooks (medical side Variorum, Treatise on .. etc.) is based on; ifthe condition the issues related to your nearest practitioners seekmedical attention, so as not to delay the disease.Softwarefeatures:1. Chinese herbal medicines query2. Prescription inquiry3.Instant search keywords feature4. Show all the text of the relevantprescription medicines in order to cross query page5. The softwarecan be moved to the SD card6. Chinese herbal medicines andprescription bookmarks7. soup verses functionFull-text searchfunction 8. Prescription multiple keywords, the search columnseparated by spaces For search keywords, the software will be basedon all of your keywords will meet the prescriptions listedimmediately (see app screenshots )9. If the query can search theweb interface can not find a single herb or prescription when10.Simplified Interface11. The future library will be updated every 1to 2 months12. This version does not contain ads.If furthercooperation needs, please contact the belowE-mailalemocni@gmail.comwebsite:[2014/03/25New]TCM FB life fans of Hello! Welcome all old and newacquaintances to join ittogether! Find function toincrease Chinese medicine, so you can easily find Chinese medicineor nearby counties and cities currently only query Chinese medicineclinics in Taiwan.2. Update Prescription Database[2013/08/07 New]1.Since there are many users demand simplified interface, it isparticularly increased use simplified interface for query2. Thelibrary will be next updated every 1 to 2 months[2013/07/26 New]1.can not find a single herb or prescription, the provider ofInternet search button[2013/06/22 New]Members user Sorry, judgelast 2013/06/20 version of the program is incorrect, it will leadto the first installation the user can not open, this version hasfix for this issue, please feel free to users with me. Thank youDade.[2013/06/20 New]1. Amend Library Content2. Remove the networkconnection permission
忠春堂-中藥查詢 1.2
PAKI 1.5.0
Paki is a simple design of location-based application, you willeasily find where you parked the car/motorcycle/bicycle.[Features]-One click to mark parking position.- Photo-assisted positioning.Evidence to show parking in legal parking space. - Don't worry, youwill find the car/motorcycle/bicycle easily even parking in placeyou first met.- Saving time to find the car/motocycle/bicycle.