Mohamed Labib Ellisy Apps

Freaking Colors 1.0
Freaking color is a fast paced mind bendingcolor game that will confuse you and possibly make you rage.Do you know your right brain tries to say the color but your leftbrain insist to say the word.You have only one second to determine if the color meaningmatches the color displayed.You should make the right choice based on what you see in ashort time. Be careful when the color not match the text.
Find Differences The Game Free 1.0
Can you spot the differences between 2similarpictures? Compare the images and test your powersofobservation.Fight against the clock or relax and find the diffs at yourownpace, without a timer.5 hidden objects or modifications per picture.Lots of fun for kids and for adults.Innovative types of differences.Challenging but not frustratingly hard. Difficult but fairphotohunt.Beautiful, stylish graphics.Varied, colorful pictures and soothing music.Safe, optimistic images suitable for children of all ages.Completely free! No In-App Purchases - everything unlocked fromthestart.Responsive, precise controls.Hint system - a new hint available every 30 seconds.
Memory Games For Toddlers 1.0
Memory Game for Toddlers is a freeeducationalgame for children 2 to 5 years old, which they willlearn how topay attention and train their brains in a funny way.Memory isconstantly developing for preschoolers and with this game,kids arestimulated in order they could make the most oftheirpossibilities. Best game for babies and toddlersRules:This game consist of revealing cards till finding out allcouplesavailable.Nowadays Free Memory Game for Toddlers is available with 4memorygames with different pics.
Classic Brick Breaker 1.5
Break thousands of bricks through lotsoflevels of increasing difficulty with this classic retrostylegame!- Cool Brick Breaker is an addictive free game with greatgraphicsand music and much more!- Touch the screen to release the ball and move the paddle.- You can control the trajectory of the ball making it bounceondifferent parts of the paddle.- Prevent the ball from falling through the bottom of the screenandremove all the bricks to pass to the next level.- Try to get the highest score!- Press the Back or Menu button on your phone or tablet to pausethegame. You can also enable a pause button in the Options menu.If you enjoy other brick breaking games like Breakout,Arkanoid,Brick Busting, Break The Bricks, Brick Breaking, SmashBrick, BrickBreaker, Block Destruction or Brick Buster, you willlove this coolgame!
Chimp Fly 1.0
Meet a crazy chimp who dreams ofsoaringthrough the skies! Help our friendly chimp reach new heightsinthis action packed game.Bounce from platform to platform, get the highest score.Great fun to play with friends and family! Who can jumpthehighest in Chimp Fly?
Bubble Shooter Game For Kids 1.0
More than 100 levels to play on. Shoot thesamebubbles and Blast it, fun to play for kids and adults.
Impossible Square - Phases 1.0
The next addictive game! Quickly turnthecolored Square to catch the balls. Its nicely created layoutmakesit pleasurable to look at and easy to play.Similar to the successful game Three Points.
Bab - The Chopper 1.1
Chop wood and avoid the branches. Soundslikean easy task? It's easy to play but hard to master.Chop wood as fast as you can by touching left or right onyourscreen while dodging the branches.
100 Seals 1.0
100 Seals is the latest greatest andmostaddictive mobile game enjoyed by thousands of fans!The goal of the game is to fill moving cups with falling sealsbyopening the gate of the pot by touching on the screen. Foreachseal you manage to get through the glass you're rewarded withadifferent amount of points, depending on its color. If themarblesmisses the glass, it disappears.***Survival Mode***Here gameplay is not restricted. You can take whatever timeyouneed. Your aim just becomes to keep the seals in the screen.***Arcade Mode***Here gameplay is simple and restricted. You miss the glass, youlosethe seal. Also if the glass remains emptythen its gone FOREVER.Lose glasses or lose 100 seals and game over.Throughout the levels the difficulty of the game progressesbyincreased speed of the glasses and decresing their sizeEndless Gameplay.
Funny Selfie Camera 1.0
Take photos of you and your friends withtheFunny Selfie camera app. Turn every Selfie into a funny Selfies,itincludes a set of funny icons (glasses,hats,magician kit…)willbeselected randomly which make it more fun and surprising. Whenyouopen the camera on most devices, it starts with therear-facingcamera. To take a selfie. This app STARTS your frontcamera andprovides a simple button to take a selfie.
Akbaruddin Owaisi - AIMIM 1.0
App for Akbaruddin Owaisi Die-Hard Fans..Akbaruddin Owaisi, a revolution in Indian Politics, ahouseholdname in Hyderabad as well as India. A well renowned leaderofmuslims. This app is featured about him, you can get latestnewsand updates about Akbaruddin Owaisi. You get access to FacebookandTwitter with updates. This app is created by Akbaruddin Owaisifanand it is not an official app.Please try to share your comments, that help us to providebetteruser satisfaction.This free app is ad supported and may contain ads inthenotification tray and/or home screen.One tap away from accessing.By downloading this free app right now you will haveaccess to exclusive news on Akbaruddin Owaisi.This app is truly the fantasy of every die-hard fan ofAkbaruddinOwaisi.Now is your chance to download this and share with yourclosefriends...Join thousands of other raving fans of Akbaruddin OwaisiOur Awesome Key Features:- Non-stop daily stream of all the news on AIMIM andAkbaruddinOwaisi (Coming in New Version)- Like and comment on Jalsa's, articles, images, and videos- Check out the latest photo galleries of Akbar Bhai.- Intuitive and clear interface.- Share news, photos, videos, and other news sories viaTwitter,Facebook,and e-mail.Don't get left out. Get it FREE Today.Please share your views on the app, so that I can addmorefeatures to make this app more beautiful in the nextversion..Email us for any updates : manzoorws@gmail.comNOTE: Please help the developer by downloading other appsfromthis app ads, so that developer can polish this app and updatewithnew features.Disclaimer - All logos/images/names are copyright oftheirperspective owners. This image is not endorsed by any oftheperspective owners, and the images are used simply foraestheticpurposes. No copyright infringement is intended, and anyrequest toremove one of the images/logos/names will be honored.AkbaruddinOwaisi application is an unofficial fan basedapplication.
Real Tattoo Camera 1.0
Fun and easy to use app, real TattooCamera.more than 100s of variants to chose as a tattoo.Simple user interface.
Gullu Dada - Adnan Sajid 1.0
*EXCLUSIVE* Gullu Dada Fan App "one tap" away from accessing. Bydownloading this free app right now you will have access to yourexclusive news of Gullu Dada, Adnan Sajid Khan. You’ll be the veryFIRST to discover all the latest gossip, the "down & dirty"news, never released images and clips from behind the scenes. Thisapp is truly the fantasy of every die-hard Gullu Dada fan. Now isyour chance to download this and share with your close friends...Join thousands of other raving fans of Gullu Dada Our Awesome KeyFeatures: - Non-stop daily stream of all the news on Hyderabadmovies (Coming in New Version) - Like and comment on articles,images, audio, and videos - Check out the latest photo galleries -Intuitive and clear interface - Share news, photos, videos, andother news sories via Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail. Gullu DadaWill Be Very Proud Of You!!! Don't get left out. Get it FREE Today.Please share your views on the app, so that I can add more featuresto make this app more beautiful in the next version.. Email us forany updates : NOTE: Please help the developerby downloading other apps from this app ads, so that developer canpolish this app and update with new features. Disclaimer - Alllogos/images/names are copyright of their perspective owners. Thisimage is not endorsed by any of the perspective owners, and theimages are used simply for aesthetic purposes. No copyrightinfringement is intended, and any request to remove one of theimages/logos/names will be honored. Gullu Dada application is anunofficial fan based application.