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مهندسون نلتقي فنرتقي 2.0
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيمهذا التطبيق يجمع روابط ملفات مواد كلية الهندسة في جامعةالنجاحالوطنية - فلسطينإعداد مجموعة مهندسون نلتقي فنرتقيعلى الفيسبوك : the name of GodtheMercifulThis application combines links files materials FacultyofEngineering at An-Najah National University - PalestineEngineers meet a set FenrtakiOn Facebook:
The Sprite Jet 1.1
In this game you are a jet pilot, you havetodrop the wooden planets by shooting them, as you shoot as yougetmore scores and more challenges, don't give a plant the chancetocrash you Mr. PilotThis game is very stupid one, so if you don't know where towastyour time congratulations !! You are EXACTLY at the rightplace, oryou can go to make a snowman with your friends.I hope you enjoy my simple stupid Game, and see you inotherstupid games !
New Crazy Ball 1.4
The new crazy ball gameMove the ball toward the arrowClick on the bottom right of the screen to move the ball totherightClick on the bottom left of the screen to move the ball totheleftClick on the top right of the screen to move the ball to thetoprightClick on the top left of the screen to move the ball to thetopleftDo not touch the nailsCollect the largest amount of Coins
Counter 1.0
very simple counter
Singing Bird 1.0
A bird is singing with a beautifulvoice.
Deklination der Adjektive 1.0
Mit dieser App lernst du die DeklinationderAdjektive, einfach und leicht, du kannst auch einbisschenüben.With this app youwilllearn the declension of adjectives, simple and easy, you canalsopractice a bit.
Deutsche Modalverben lernen 1.0
Die deutschen Modalverben lernen und üben.(können, wollen, möchten, müssen, sollen, dürfen und mögen)Für A1, A2 und B1.Learn and practicetheGerman modal verbs.(Can, want, want, need, should, may and love)For A1, A2 and B1.