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Learn Bangla Quran In 27 Hours 2.7
This is a App for learning Quran. The object of the App is to helpmy Bengali speaking muslim brother and sister all over the world tolearn Quran easily, correctly and in a very short time. There isBengali pronounciation in every alfabate, word and ayet (sentence).There is 27 chapter in this apps. There is exam after everychapter. It is considered that it will take only one hour to read achapter. The unique speciallity of this app is its voice. There isvoice in every alfabate, word and sentence. These voice wascollected from Hafez Quari shaheb. Inshaallah it will help a lotfor a Quran Learner.
Bangle Quran in Subjectwise 1.3
For example there are 82 ayets of Salah (Namaz) are found indifferent 50 Nos. of suras (verses). I have tried to gather all theayets of Salah (Namaz) together in the chapter of Namaz. In thisway, I have written this book/app. In this book/app, there are 18Nos. of chapter and 214 Nos. of topic.Please (By Laptop / PC not by Mobile) In thisbook/app there is more than 2000 Nos. os ayets and its Bengalimeaning describing Allah, Muhammad (SM), Namaz, Roza, Halal, Haram,Jannat, Jahannam, Towba, Keyamot etc. The subject of Quran isscattered by Allah (SW) in it.Hotline : +88-01922 161780Paer BookCost : BDT 225/- Each Book (Home Delivery anywhere inBangladesh)Payment : Through Bikash personal number
Bangla Quran And Hadith 1.3
Bangla Quran And Hadith
Bangla Quran In Kolikata Chapa 1.1
Bangla Quran In Kolikata Chapa
Learn Namaj in a short way 1.1
Learn Namaj in a short way
Bangla Quran In Lahori Chapa 1.2
Bangla Quran In Lahori Chapa
Nineteen Hours Quran Kolikata 1.0
Easily learn Quran in Nineteen hours only kolikata chapa
19 Hours Quran Lahori 1.0
Easily learn Quran in only 19 Hours Lahori
19Hours Quran Urdu 1.1
Easily learn Quran in 19 hours Urdu
19H Hindi Quran 1.0
Learn Quran in Hindi in only 19hours easily
Nurani Nek Amoler Fojilot 1.0
Nurani Nek Amol er Fojilot
Nurani 109 ti Doar Vandar 1.0
In this App, User can read and learn 109 useful Doa easily