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DailyArt - Your Daily Dose of Art History Stories 2.4.4
Every day get inspired by classic, modern and contemporary artmasterpieces and read short stories about them. Join the communityof over 1.000.000 art lovers, for whom DailyArt is something thatenlightens their day, every day. For free! Furthermore: - Exploreand search the collection of more than 2500 masterpieces, - Read700 artist biographies and information about 500 museumcollections, - Add masterpieces to your favorites, - Easily findDailyArts which you haven't seen yet, - Share everything among yourfamily and friends, - Set up your account and use DailyArt onmultiple devices including tablets and smartwatches - Copy the textof the description - Use a widget! - Set up a morning or an eveningtime for your push notification - And what's the most important -enjoy art <3 Do you want to know why van Gogh cut off his ear?Or who is the lady on Picasso's portrait? How Jackson Pollockcreated his paintings? Open DailyArt and find out. According tomedia and our users, DailyArt is a must-have app for all artlovers, as some journalists wrote about us: - "Even if you alreadyknow the work, you may not know all the fascinating details the appserves up on the backstory of the art." - Victor Luckerson, TimeMagazine - “DailyArt is your daily dose of classic paintings,serving up a proverbial shot of espresso to awaken the innerculture vulture in you (...) One of the best 12 educational apps of2012" - Paul Sawers, The Next Web - "With its superb images andinformative biographical blurbs, DailyArt is perfect for thoselooking to add some culture to their day." - Kelly Hodgkins, TUAWLearn something new about art every day - you just need twominutes. Download your espresso shot of art, for free.
My Warsaw - Warszawa jest moja 1.1.4
My Warsaw - Warszawa jest mojaImagine holding a smartphone in your hand and having prewarWarsaw at your fingertips, strolling past places long gone andfollowing in Janusz Korczak's footsteps!The Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the History MeetingHouse (Dom Spotkań z Historią) invite you to use the My Warsaw -Warszawa jest moja Smartphone application, prepared specially forJanusz Korczak Year in Poland.The My Warsaw app is a interactive combination of a guide aroundWarsaw, a urban game and an expansive compendium of knowledge aboutthe great Janusz Korczak, who is an inherent part of Warsaw.My Warsaw - Warszawa jest moja offers two routes with 49 stopswith detailed descriptions, and adds up to six hour of walks alongboth of them!After choosing a route, the system will automatically locate youon the GPS map and will direct you to the nearest urban game stop.There it will let you unlock prewar photographs, recordings,highlights from the life of Janusz Korczak and a description of thestop itself. You can walk a whole route at once or choose to take abreak at any time and come back to it whenever you feel likeit.The My Warsaw app uses Augmented Reality technology - whichallows you to explore the historical layers of a rapidly changingcity, which changes from generation to generation. AugmentedReality imposes one image on to the other - the world seen throughour phone's camera and a computer-generated image. It combines theworld around us with the world long forgotten by all and allows usto see Warsaw as it once was.My Warsaw - Warszawa jest moja is free and bilingual (Polish andEnglish).This is the first such application of its kind - combining atraditional guide with an urban game makes discovering Warsaw allthe more interesting and entertaining. After unlocking point on theKorczak trail you can share with your friends on Facebook, Twitterand Foursquare. And when you finish the certain parts of the route- an award will pop up on your profile! Go out and enjoy MyWarsaw!