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Easy Rewards Free 1.0
Easy Rewards allows you to earnpointsby completing our free offers. Download some of the coolestapps,complete surveys, watch video ads & more. Convert yourpointsto real cash! You can be paid out via Paypal or get GooglePlayStore credit.FREE TO EARNThe Easy Rewards app is totally free and doesn't cost youanythingto download. All you need to do is login every day andcheck outwhat great free offers we have in store for you. Noadditionalpayments, and we will never stop!HOW DOES IT WORK?✔️ Simply download the Easy Rewards app✔️ Create a FREE account✔️ Explore all our free offers✔️ Complete some of the free offers to receive your points✔️ Come back daily to get your FREE cash bonus & completesomefree offers to build up your rewards amountHOW TO EARN EVEN MORE?Make sure you share the Easy Rewards app with your friendsandreceive 100 Points when they sign up as well.
Four Colors Uno 1.2
This app of the popular card game Four Colors UNO ensures that youcan now play your favorite card game whenever you want! As youknow, the goal is to get rid of your cards before your opponentsdo. When you have only one card left, don't forget to hit the UNObutton! Uno is a registered trademark by Mattel. Don't forget tobuy the physical game if you like this app version!GameObjectivesUNO is played in three rounds. Try to get rid of all thecards in your hand before your opponents. When it is your turn, tryto match the card on the discard pile, either by number, color, orsymbol.Draw CardIf you don't have a matching card, you must draw acard from the draw pile. If the card that you picked up can beplayed, you are free to do so in the same round. Otherwise, it'sthe next player's turn.Uno ButtonWhen you only have one card left,you must press the UNO button. Failure to do this results in havingto pick up 2 cards from the draw pile.WHY PLAY UNO?✔︎ Great familyfun✔︎ Play Uno everywhere✔︎ Challenge your family & friends✔︎Always FREE to play!
Classic Tetris Puzzle 1.2
Classic Tetris Puzzle is an old school game that still remains tonsof fun! Can you challenge your friends and beat them with thehighest high score in Classic Tetris Puzzle? Have you been lookingfor the best Classic Tetris Puzzle game on the app store? Wellyou've found it!How to play Classic Tetris Puzzle:✔︎ Let the cubesdrop to the bottom.✔︎ Complete the row with all squares filled toremove the row completely and win the points.✔︎ Keep the game goingfor as long as possible to get the best high score!✔︎ If yourscreen fills with colorful cubes you will lose and will have tostart from over.How does it work?Classic Tetris Puzzle gets moredifficult as you progress in the game. You have to fill each rowwith cubes in order to remove the row and collect the points. Ifyou leave gaps it becomes harder and harder to complete the rowsand your stack of cubes will grow until your screen is full and youwill be game over.Why download this app?✔︎ First of all it's greatfun✔︎ Second it's FREE and will always remain FREE✔︎ No extrapayment needed✔︎ Our game is the best classic game there is✔︎ Nointrusive and annoying ads blocking your game view
AfroMoji: African Afro Emoji Stickers Black 4.5
😎 GIF support added! Now you can also send support funny GIFs toyour friends! We've started adding some African American GIFs, wewill be adding more in the next few days! Simply click Create NewEmoji in the top right corner and start designing your own uniqueblack emoji! Let us know with a comment in the review what youthink! AfroMoji Your messaging and chatting will never be the sameafter you install the black emoji, stickers and emoticons ofAfroMoji. You’ll instantly love the African emoji and stickers asthey are cool, funny and exceedingly original. Versatile andinteresting, this Afro emoticons app will surprise you with thequantity and universality. 😆 COMPATIBLE WITH MESSAGING APPS Fromextra afro american smileys and cool Afro stickers, to funnyAfrican American emojis and other emoticons, you are all set up touse them for WhatsApp, Messenger, Kik and other chat apps. With ahuge selection of Afro American black emojis you can finallyexpress how YOU feel. 😀 👆FREE TO USE These funny, cheeky andhilarious stickers are totally FREE to use and we think that youwill never find cooler african american emojis for Android! Noadditional payments, no tricks, just download and use! AfroAmerican emoji stickers that can’t be found anywhere else. Addanother dimension in your everyday chats! 😉EXPRESS YOUR TRUEEMOTIONS Always show how you feel through cool black afro emojis,whether you are smiling, kidding, being angry or maybe sad. Justfind the appropriate african american emoji black stickers andemoticons and use in your favorite chat app! The coolest emoticonsare just one click away! 🎉 NEWLY ADDED! Create your own emoji! Wehave added a new, funky, cool, amazeballs emoji editor where youcan drag and drop your own emoji together. You can select a bodytype, head, face, accessories, sayings, emotions, and sooo muchmore! 🆒 COOL COMPANION FOR YOUR JOKES AND RESPONSES Don’t you loveit when you send the perfect emoji for the perfect situations. Likesending the perfect smiley or hilarious afro American emoji whenyou are really laughing like crazy with your friends? Well you willsurely find stickers and emoticons for that will find context inyour convos. We have one of the largest black stickers selectionwhich showcase great reactions and can be the best companion to ajoke, sarcastic comments, serious moment and response to someone’smessage. Browse through our lovely designed black afro emoji &stickers and make use of our lovely creative designs. 💫AfroMojiFeatures: ✔️ The black emoticons and stickers inspired by Africanculture are totally free to use ✔️ These afro american black emojisand emoticons are all original designs ✔️ One of the widestselections with smileys and emoticons for each situation in life ✔️You will always keep your AfroMoji's on your phone! ✔️ Start usingthe black stickers fast and easy - It's quick to use and easy toshare! ✔️ Simple intuitive way to download and use ✔️ You can usethe African American emojis unlimited! ✔️ We always add new freeblack afro American emojis ✔️ Battery & RAM friendly designs –will not affect phone’s performance. --------------------------- 📲WE NEVER STOP We never stop working to create the most unique andfunny black African emoji, emoticons and stickers! So, keep thisapp updated as we will be putting in even funnier and diverseAfrican emoji with every update, to keep you happy! Wait for funsurprises! ⁉️HOW TO USE? Simply go into the AfroMoji app, selectthe emoticon or sticker you wish to send, select your chat app (forexample WhatsApp) and finally select the person you wish to sharethis sticker with. As easy as that! Get AfroMoji for free now andnever have boring conversations ever again!