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*** The brand new version of the arcade actionfinger busting game 2FUSE has arrived!!! ***2FUSE is here to challenge your finger dexterity with bettergraphics, gameplay and social elements!2FUSE is a fast and furious arcade-styled game which pits playersagainst the clock to match and fuse as many similar icons as theypossibly can within 60 seconds. Every completed cycle bestowsspecial boosts such as 'Time Freeze', 'Tile Burn' and 'Tile Growth'to enhance the player's gameplay and score.With a strict time limit of 60 seconds, each game is a mad rush ofwits and reflexes. Plan fast and act fast — or risk a series of badruns! Features◦ Simple and straight forward gameplay◦ Anyone from 5 to 75 can play the game (tried and tested)◦ Fast-paced and highly competitive◦ Easy to pick up but tough to master◦ Provides short and quick sessions for those times you just needsomething to do◦ Speed, gameplay, graphics and sound come together to provide asatisfying experience Think you’re game for a finger-busting experience? Download 2FUSEnow!
Rickshaw Rush 1.0.5
Mojo Forest
In celebration of Singapore50 and supported by Media DevelopmentAuthority. Be a rickshaw puller for a day! Travel around Singaporewith simple swiping actions and keep your passengers happy! Bringthe many familiar faces of Singapore and ferry them to theirdestinations. Collect and outfit your avatar and rickshaw as you goalong completing stages and unlocking secret characters. Learn anddiscover interesting bits of information of the many famous peopleof Singapore.
2Fuse Nemesis 1.5
Mojo Forest
2FUSE NEMESIS is here to pit your fingerdexterity against other players worldwide!= 5 Star Reviews =★★★★★ "If you like games that test your reflexes, you are going tolove 2FUSE!"★★★★★ "It is hard not to look cool playing 2FUSE, even when yousuck at it!"★★★★★ "2FUSE is seriously hard to put down once you start playing... "2FUSE NEMESIS is a fast and furious arcade-styled game whichpits players against each other by matching and fusing as manysimilar icons as they possibly can within 45 seconds. Everycompleted cycle bestows special boosts such as ‘Combo Chain', 'TileBurn' and 'Tile Growth' to enhance the player's gameplay andscore.With Nemesis, play real-time multiplayer matches with realplayers all over the world - and even with your friends!Score higher than your opponent within 45 seconds! Every game isa mad rush of wits and reflexes, so plan fast and act fast — orrisk a series of bad runs!Features◦ Simple and straightforward gameplay: perfect for all ages◦ Fast-paced and highly competitive◦ Real-time Multiplayer: Play against opponents worldwide oragainst your friends◦ Speed, gameplay, graphics and sound come together to provide asatisfying experienceThink you’re game for a finger-busting experience? Download 2FUSENEMESIS now!
Dobu: Furry Fighters 1.0.2
Mojo Forest
Dobu Kingdom is under siege by hordes of devious Yureis!Asguardian, you're tasked to gather the finest and furriestDobufighters of all and defend your beloved kingdom. Can you stoptheYureis? With simple one-tap arcade action, be sure to musteryourreflexes and attention to defeat every single crafty Yurei.Youdon't want to be caught off guard! FEATURES ● Simpleone-tapcontrols ● Mind-bending gameplay ● More than 25 loveableDobufighters: Collect them all! * This game requires access toyourPhotos/Media/Files to save and share your game screenshots.