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Simon the Sorcerer
"DEFINITELY amongst the 10 BEST adventuregames of ALL TIME" - ACG (Adventure Classic Gaming)There are some things that kids just shouldn't have to put up with.Being transported to some weird dimension full of goblins, dwarves,swamplings, stupid wizards and sleeping giants is definitely one ofthem.After escaping a "welcoming party", Simon discovers that he hasbeen brought on a quest to rescue the wizard Calypso from the evilsorcerer Sordid.In the last 20 years, the 'Simon the Sorcerer' game series has mademillions of players fall in love with Simon.Now you can relive the renowned original adventure in a whole newway, exclusively on Android!'Simon The Sorcerer: 20th Anniversary Edition' features:- Totally new, much praised, game play controls that were builtfrom the ground up for touch-screens.* Hotspot based - no more pixel hunting!* All-new slick icons and animations.* For more details, please see our tutorial video: Completely new game menus and save/load system- Four Music options: New stereo recording and the Original musicin MT-32, General Midi or Adlib- A stunning new HD graphic mode that upscales the game beautifullyto high-resolutions- Optional retro settings: play with original graphics, originalmusic and even the original controls (mouse pointer)- Multiple languages (ALL included without additionalpayment):English voice acting, with the option for adding subtitles inEnglish, Spanish, French, Italian and HebrewGerman voice acting or subtitles-only- GREAT PURCHASE! The best and most affordable way to experiencethis timeless classicThe 20th Anniversary Edition produced and developed by MojoTouch ©2008-2016 all rights reserved.Licensed from Adventure Soft - the original Simon the Sorcerer gamedeveloper.Uses ScummVM which is protected under GNU-GPL v2. For moreinformation please visit PLAYING OR SAVING ? Please make sure that 'Developeroptions' (inside your device's Settings), are disabled.Specifically the option 'Don't keep activities'.Also, you can try and save manually by doing the action 'Use' on'Postcard' in your inventory.