Mokarevich Lui Dev Apps

Fastest browser 4G 1.22
4G Browser is a smart FREE web browserwhichsurprise you with quality and faster internet. Try new LTEinternetbrowser 4G Fast Speed Up Browser for tablets and phonesbased onAndroid! Faster internet for your favorite sites and fasterspeedprovides safety.Top storiesCheck all the freshiest topics right in your browser! News arebasedon your location or you can set news source manually.Weather forecastLearn more about today weather right from browser'shomepage!Weather can be based on your location or from specificarea.Easy access to favouritesSpend your time reading your favorites sites instead of lookingforthem. Add any website directly to your home screen!SpeedBrowser is super fast and loads in lightning speed. New standardofthe fastest browser!Reading modeRead books, documents and news simple and easy.Night ModeSwitch to night mode to read more comfortably at night. Dimyourscreen down to proper brightness with one touch. Savebatterylife.
Modern Browser Bravo 3.1
Your Internet will become quick, smart andpersonal.Modern Browser Bravo - Browser independent, discord puttingpeople's interests above all else.Upgrade internet now and join the hundreds of mozilla millions whouse Modern Browser Bravo for more personal web surfing.Modern Browser Bravo was created to suit your needs and gives youthe ability to take back zoosk control of your web surfing.That's why we mozilla macrumors develop products with smartfeatures that make assumptions based on your Web surfing.
Viper Wire Messenger 1.7
Viper Wire Messenger is an UNOFFICIALmessagingapp that uses Telegram's APIFree Calls & Messages!Viper Wire Messenger stands in the line with other popularmessageapps.FOCUS ON PRIVACY
Kika Calculator 1.0
Kika Calculator provides simple andadvancedmathematical functions in a beautifully designed app.It's easy to be lost,when you are looking for a simple andspeedcalculator in internet!Kika Calculator - the best calculation tool, that youcanfind!Download it now and enjoy the smart calculation app.
Splendor Talisman Bottle 1.0
Splendor Talisman Bottle game based onRussianAnti-War Art Horror "Green Elephant"New Fashion Game real dare-devil game with hard missions.Play it at nick school, at home or even in restaurant!Call your friends and enjoy the best spin the nick bottlegameSplendor Talisman Bottle!A classic game for an limited number of people. You can add yourowntasks and questions, so this nick bottle game can be associatedwithanything you want.
Anthem Kingdom Survival 1.0
Anthem Kingdom Survival is a new legendfearpost-apocalyptic sniper fantastic game."Winners" are robots fighters who are clothed in Sniperpowerfularmor, and they are engaged in saving humanity fromexternalthreats - such as attacks by robot monsters and aliens fromadifferent fear world.This is an survival adventure role-playing game in whichplayers"join the ranks of brave mercenaries exploring a beautiful,legendwild world, overcoming legacy dangers and becoming strongerwithevery step."Mercenaries are heroes at risk of survival getting out of thefortto defend humanity and explore unknown territories.Download legend Anthem Kingdom Survival right now!
Mystery: Criminal Adventure 1.0
Text Quests are in fashion andtrendyagain!Meet noir detective simulator - Mystery: Criminal Adventure.This is the first chapter of adventure of the legend privateeyeMaynard SternHe works in Eden City. True noir city with heavy rain, femmefataleand corrupt cops.One rainy morning Maynard was called by police friend to helpnewproblem.Police officer was brutally killed by monster. Old witnesssaidit.Later, Stern meet the survivor of the similar mystery case.Lady says it was not the human, this is the real monster!
League Of Hook 1.7
Catch the Exclusive Fishdom Fishes!