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FreeCraft Pocket Edition 1.0
You were once in a world of cubes? If not,thenwelcome to the world of My Craft. This world is endless andyounever get bored. You can survive in the wild in Survival mode.Oryou can show your creativity, have an unlimited amount ofresourcesand build anything you want in Creative mode. You canalso survive,along with his friends in the Multiplayer mode.Features:- Cubic pixel graphics- A huge number types of mobs- Various biomes- 2 modes: Survival and Creative- Craft like on your PC- Multiplayer and a large number of servers- Realistic Texture PackDownload Free Craft Pocket Edition for free, build your houseandgrow your tree!It MyCraft Open Source Project Open Source distributed asLGPLv3license. The license and the source code can be found onthewebsite. Before using any part of the project MyCraft Youmustfully read the license (attached to the source code).Official site
Grand Sniper in San Andreas 2.3
Purge the state of San Andreas from the infection that struck him.You can do it! In your hands, a perfect weapon that will surviveand gain recognition.Becoming a sniper is your mission. Your goalis to protect the inhabitants of the State of San Andreas fromdeath in the apocalypse. Zombies will be everywhere. For them, youhave a weapon that can kill and turn living dead into a pile ofsmelly garbage. Shoot and kill. The people of the state trust you.Their future is in your hands!Location: San Andreas State.Weapontypes: maximum.Graphics: realistic.Features: limitless.Become ahero! Save this world from plague and infection. Become a grandsniper in San Andreas for free!
Grand Sniper in San Andreas II 2.0
The long-awaited continuation of the Grand Sniper in San Andreas!New modes! New guns!Hungry and rotten zombies ready to break you,and the last residents of the city! Are you ready to act aloneagainst the rotten and stinking crowd?State of San Andreas filledzombies and you have to clean the city from this plague! Everybullet has to find his goal with your help.You're a lone sniper,ready to protect the residents of the state of San Andreas fromdeath in a zombie apocalypse. And for that you have in storedifferent guns designed to transform the living dead in a pile ofstinking rotten meat.Features:- Beautiful graphics- Slow Motionspecial effects- Realistic physics- Several types of weapons-Sniper- Locations like in Vice Town- Wave mode- Shelter Mode- Stateof San Andreas- Shooter 1 person- Zombie Apocalypse in America-Zombie Action- High performanceDownload Grand in San Andreas SniperII free, save the city from the zombies!