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One Love My Plan 1.2
Are you a college student? Does your partnerorex-partner do things that make you feel scared or unsafe? Or doyouhave a friend whose partner or ex-partner worries you? It canbehard to know if you are experiencing the typical “ups and downs”ofa relationship, or if it’s something more serious— maybeevenunsafe.Everyone deserves to be safe in their intimaterelationship.That’s why the One Love Foundation and researcherscreated My Planto help college-age women, and the friends who careabout them,learn about healthy and unhealthy relationships andfindpersonalized information and resources.The One Love Foundation's My Plan is based on researchwithwomen, and it’s designed especially for college students. Youcanuse it for your own relationship, or you can use it to helpafriend. My Plan is private and gives you personalizedinformationand resources.The One Love Foundation's My Plan is designed for women(inopposite-sex or same-sex relationships) or their friends. Menalsocan experience relationship violence, if you’re a man livingwithviolence, please know that no one deserves abuse. You canfindresources for men (or help a male friend) bycalling1-888-7HELPLINE.Safety Note: If your partner checks your phone or monitorsyourphone activity, delete this app when you are done with it andlookinto options to delete/hide from your purchase history. If youareever in immediate danger, call 911.To learn more about the One Love Foundation, pleasevisit:
College Safety Study 1.5
College Safety Study, or CSS, is anappcurrently being evaluated in a university research trial. Itisintended for use by enrolled participants only andrequirescredentials to access.
myPlan 3.0.8
Does your partner do things that make you feel scared or unsafe?Doyou have a friend or family member whose relationship worriesyou?You are not alone. Relationship abuse is common. It notonlyaffects someone’s health and wellbeing but can also put theminserious danger. myPlan can help you see more clearly to makesafetydecisions by helping you assess the health and safety of your(or aloved one’s) relationship, get personalized information foryourunique situation, and connect to resources. - Choose a securePIN -Answer questions about you and your relationship so myPlancanprovide you with personalized information - Take theDangerAssessment to learn about your level of risk from a partner -Rankyour priorities to help determine what’s most important to you-Explore safety strategies and local resources customized to you-Bookmark what’s useful for later to create a safety planthat’sright for you myPlan is backed by research with thousands ofpeopleexperiencing abuse from a partner. Safety features: - Noaccountset up required, myPlan use is completely anonymous - Setyour ownsecure PIN code to keep your information private - “Dummycode”option will hide the contents of the app in case you areforced toenter a PIN by someone - Quick lock button on every pageSafetyNotes: - If someone monitors your device activity, having anappabout relationship abuse could put you at risk. If concernedaboutsomeone discovering the app, delete it when you are done withit,but know that on devices it’s not possible to delete theappcompletely from your purchase history. - myPlan is not intendedforuse if you are in crisis, if in immediate danger call 911.-Talking to trained advocates or counselors is the mosthelpfulthing people can do to stay safe, but we know the vastmajority ofpeople experiencing abuse never access these services.myPlanexpands access to safety information by providing a way toget toindividualized safety information—with the ease of accessandprivacy of a device. However, myPlan is not intended toreplacelive trained service providers.
APAEar 1.0.11
The APAEar app is being tested in a clinical study at JohnsHopkinsUniversity. Users must be registered with the APAEar studyin orderto use this app. The app teaches users how to doaccupressure ontheir ear and prompts the user to complete surveysthroughout theday as per the study protocol. Users of the app havedeliveredconsent to be in the study per Johns Hopkins UniversityIRBrequirements.
LITE Study 1.1.17
The LITE Study is a mobile application that allowsenrolledparticipants to complete health surveys from the comfort oftheirown homes. Users in Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, New York,Miami andWashington, DC can complete surveys and 'virtual' studyvisits fromtheir smartphone or tablet.
As part of the study planning, the study team conducted a seriesoffocus group interviews (group interviews) with diversestakeholdersin the target community (i.e., community leaders andadvocates,women living with HIV, clinicians, linkage workers, andoutreachcoordinators). One of the strong recommendations from thefocusgroup participants was that the study intervention includean“intergenerational” education component in addressingcervicalcancer prevention among women living with HIV. The focusgroupfindings were shared and discussed at the studyinvestigatorsmeeting in December and then again, at the communityadvisorycommittee meeting on December 17, 2015. Based onrelevantdiscussions and brainstorming of ideas, the team decidedthat wedevelop a mobile app for study participants (moms) to usewhentalking to their kids (boys and girls) about cervicalcancerprevention—HPV (human papillomavirus). It is because of therole ofHPV in causing most cervical cancers.