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Super Boys - The Big Fight 1.29
Mooff Games
Super Boys has been fixed as of April 13th 2019. Make sure youhaveVERSION 1.29. If you had a device that crashed, please tryagainand consider re-rating the game. Thanks. The year is 2019andeveryone's bored of TV, celebrities and games. Everythingisinflated. S U P E R B O Y S - The Big Fight, is an ultra violentTVshow where fighters from across the globe form teams thatclobbereach other to win money, toasters and blu-ray players.Theoverpowered Heroes and Bosses of old games are being crushedandhave to team up to survive the onslaught against an enemytheycannot defeat, the new Super Boys. Featuring characters fromall ofour worlds (Maximus, Toon Shooters, Blackmoor, Bearadise+)and aspecial appearance by... the Purple Shirted Eye StabberfromCyanide & Happiness (! Features: • 53uniqueplayable characters (6 types, Warriors, Undead, Toons,Techs,Beasts & Wizards) • Team building, assemble yourowncombination of fighters compete for big prizes • 20 arena maps•Ascend the Tower (of Big Dreams) , 100+ stages • RealtimePVPcompete for ratings, Tag-Team or FFA (8 Player) - bash yourfriendsup • Ladder PVP compete for weekly prizes • Cross platform(Android& iOS) & Cloud saving • Incredible face smash brosmusic byMatthew Pablo Recommended • Galaxy S4 and above ClassStrength vsWeak: Warrior > Beast > Wizard > Tech > Toon>Undead > (warrior, repeat) This game does contain a fewin-apps,but all content is unlockable through gameplay, just likeour othergames! Follow us on social media:) MatthewPablo is an incrediblecomposer that we had the pleasure to workwith. If you want to hearmore passionate pieces go check out hissite, and even drop him aline.. he's cool dude Smash Club is nowavailable for allcompatible devices, lots of 3D Super Boys to befound
Blackmoor - Duberry's Quest 43
Mooff Games
Blackmoor 2 is available through Early Access. Blackmoorfeaturesfast paced arpg platformer action with combos, specialmoves andtons of boss fights. A game of ghosts, goblins andstreetfightingfrom the old school. Co-operative multiplayerincluded! Long agothe minions of the Dark Lord Blackmoor forged aTalisman thatwould, when the time was right, return him to humanfor. It waskept in the depths of hell until a valiant band ofcrusaders stoleit. Your mission is to destroy the talisman beforethe instrumentsof death reach you. Features - 7 heroes with uniquemoves, weaponsand magic - Cooperative multiplayer side-scrollingadventure - Nicesmooth controls - 16 unique maps, 20 unforgettablebosses - 57enemies (each their own wife, kids and dreams) - Randomweapons,armor, pets - BOSS v BOSS (place your bets) -Incredibleatmospheric RPG music by Matthew Pablo - Differentplaystyles withSwords, Daggers, Whips, Bows & Wands FOLLOWUS: