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Voice Food Diary 2.91
Use your voice to count calories or points!For dieters who can approximate food item calories or points,this voice food diary and calorie counter app is fast to use whichmakes you more likely to record all your food items each day.This app usually requires an active wifi or mobile internetconnection for Google Speech recognition to work best.NOTE: On some phones (Samsung for instance) if you get an errormessage you may have to set up TEXT TO SPEECH under Settings |Language & Input----------------------------------------------------------------------To get started you first have to train the food diary with thenumber of calories for each food item you eat as you eat it.(1) launch the app(2) say a food item you've just eaten including estimatedcalories/points(i.e. BANANA 100 POINTS or BANANA 2 POINTS)--OR-- just say the food name and manually enter the calorie/pointsamount and press the OK button(3) press the Orange + button to add more food or tap on the screento exitOnce the food item calories are entered, in the future you canjust say the food name without the word CALORIES/POINTS. Once youhave trained the app you simply can do this:1) launch the food diary2) say the food name3) enter a new value, cancel or accept the guessed amount4) tap the food diary screen to exitYou can also bulk enter foods by separating them with the wordPLUS:i.e. "banana PLUS chocolate pudding PLUS applesauce"Other voice commands include:HELP to display current list of available commandsTARGET to enter in daily calorie/point goalIDEAL to set ideal weight for weight graphMARKCLEAR to mark/unmark healthy food items (i.e. fruits and veggies)-- you can also toggle foods by tapping to the left of the foodname on the calories on today's food diarySPEECH ON or SPEECH OFF to turn voice announcement of remainingpoints on /off (or tap the speaker icon)QUIT to exitSHOW to display today's diary (tap screen to exit)REMOVE LAST to remove last food entry (or tap at the bottom ofthe screen)RECORD to record today's weight and show graphNOTES to view/edit simple journalSEARCH or SEARCH to launch browser to look up calories and otherdiet info on the web. You can also tap the magnifying glass at thetop of the screen for other Web optionsHISTORY to view past days diaries and show most frequent foods(tap screen to quit)REMIND to set personal reminder message bannerDISPLAY to show graphs of weight, daily calories/pts or dailyitem counts (tap screen to quit)ANALYZE to run an analysis of which foods you tend to eat ondays when you overshoot or undershoot your target (needs a coupleof weeks, preferably months, of data first )RESET to completely clear user settings, weight log and fooddiary ***USE CAREFULLY***You can also select many of the commands from the menu button inthe upper right hand corner.TIPS:--- speak slowly and clearly--- try to use simple foodnames as much as possible--- saying ONE HUNDRED CALORIES works better than saying A HUNDREDCALORIES--- approximate your calories to the nearest 50 or 100 calories ifyou don't know an exact amount--- some slower phones turning off the speech announcement usingSPEECH OFF will sometimes improve performance. Also changing yourspeech to text voice (from English(US) to English(UK) for example)may also improve performance--- you can say "some" or "half of a" for items that you aren'teating a whole serving of.. i.e. "half of a banana" "somepeanuts"-- see demo videos for more tips
CSV Plot 0.1
Makes simple XY plot of tab or commadelimitedfilesuseful for analyzing exported data from diet apps such as NoomorMyFitnesspal
Snake 0.1
Classic game of snake with histogram ofyourscores
bizCalc 0.3
simple calculator for small businesseswithshort inventory/service listsFirst set the tax rate percentageNext #add in standard items with prices... use the + sign inthename if the item is taxable... or use your ###voice to add in items with speech (say theword"taxable" to tag it with a + for taxes)Toggle and adjust each item and total cost is displayed at topofscreen.(experimental:) Email ###receipt to yourself of others
Jumping CEO 1.00
Simple jumping game.. collect money whilejumping on platforms without falling.+10 points for reaching top.
Grocery List 0.7
We designed this pretty simple grocerylistmaker for our father to use with his android tablet and emailhisshopping list to us, but we find it extremely handy for ourownshopping too!It's hopefully pretty self-explanatory. You just selectthedepartments, toggle foods, add or delete foods, view yourlist,check off items as you shop for them and can email your list(toyourself or others) before you exit the app.One of the nice things about it is that it moves the last itemineach department to the top of the list so as you use itfrequenty itwill automatically sort your database in eachdepartment accordingto the items you shop for most often.
Color Wheel 1.1
Simple color wheel demo using rfo-basic.Move finger left toincrease number of colors. Move down to increase size. Hold torotate.