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Teen Patti Slots 1.3
Download and Play Teen Patti Slots Now forFREE! - It’s a fun and new variation of Teen Patti.Teen Patti Slots lets you play 3-card Indian poker at asimple press of the button, even when you don’t have Internet.Enjoy Teen Patti card game with the added thrill of a SlotMachine.♥ FREE ₹ 5,000 rewarded every 15 minutes. Play anytimeyou like. Test your luck and win big.♥ Play fast! – No waiting, no lag whatsoever. Spin more,play more, and win more!♥ Play offline - No internet connection is required.♥ Completely free! No purchase necessary.♥ Place your chaal, and spin the slot machine.You getrewards based on your cards. Remember card rules are same as TeenPatti, or Flash.Ranking of the cards from high to low, along with rewardsare:1. Ace Trail or Set : Win 100 times the bet amount.2. Trail or Set (three of same rank) : Win 30 times the betamount.3. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run) : Win 20 times thebet amount.4. Sequence (straight or run) : Win 10 times the betamount.5. Colour (flush) : Win 7 times the bet amount.6. Pair (two cards of same rank) : Win twice the betamount.7. Ace Spade High Card : Win the bet amount.In the Teen Patti Slots game you win or lose chips. The chipshave no real cash value. The game does not involve real gambling.It is completely free. If you lose all your free chips, you canplay back in an hour to get more chips. Remember you get Rupees5000 of free chips every hour.Teen Patti Slots is a single player, solitaire poker gameenjoyed by fans of Indian Rummy, UNO and other online card games.Teen Patti card game is also known as Theen Patti in SouthIndia.If you have any feedback for Teen Patti Slots - Free Poker,please email
Teen Patti Gold - TPG
Enjoy Teen Patti Gold live with real playersfrom around the world. Play with anyone, anytime, anywhere in yourlanguage! You can play in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, andTelugu. All in the same game.More Free Chips:♥ Free to play: Download now and get 1,00,000 chipsFREE!♥ High Daily Reward: Get upto 1 Lakh(1,00,000) free chipseveryday! More free bonuses than any other game.Cool Features:♦ Play online with your friends.♦ Play in your language Choose between English, Hindi,Gujarati, Marathi and Telugu.♦ Variations: Play 3rd Card Joker, Muflis, AK47, Hukam,Royal variations. More variations are added regularly.♦ New interface is easier than ever: Teen Patti has neverlooked this good . Stylish and immersive gameplay.♦ Chat and Gift: Fast chat and exciting gifts make the gamelots of fun with other players.♦ Private Room: Play with your friends at the privacy ofyour own table.♦ Works smoothly even on slow Internet connection. TeenPatti Gold works on any data connection or Wifi. Yes! It worksgreat even on 2G.♦ No Real Money is involved.Play Poker, Desi Style: Teen Patti Gold is an Indian version ofPoker played with 3 cards, and is also known as Flash or Flush. ATeen Patti table can have up to 5 players. Winning depends on yourcards and moves.Ranking of the cards from high to low are:1. Trail or Set (three of the same rank)2. Pure Sequence (straight flush or run)3. Sequence (straight or run)4. Colour (flush)5. Pair (two cards of the same rank)6. High CardThis game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer realmoney gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future successat real money gambling.Reach UsTo report any issues with usage or just to share feedback and tellus how we can improve, write to support@teenpattigold.comFacebook:
Teen Patti Home
Play Teen Patti Home with your friends andfamily - anytime, anywhere.Recreate those Diwali nights playing a colourful Teen Patti gamethat's fun for the family.This Teenpatti game has tons and tons of gold coins to be won andgameplay is smooth on 2G and 3G too.Awesome Features♦ Play Online with your friends♦ Bonus Coins every day for free♦ Private Tables where you can play with your friends andfamily♦ Smoothest Gameplay even on 2G internet connections♦ New Awesome Variations and game modes - coming soon!♦ Family Friendly game in truly Indian environment, andfriendly setting. Its just like playing Teeepatti at home.♦ Sach Mein, Teen Patti Ghar Ghar KiTeen Patti is a popular Indian card game played with 3 cards and isknown by other names like Flash, Flash, Indian Poker and Three CardBrag.Depending on how you play, your cards and your luck, you can walkaway with an empty pocket or take home a big bag of goldcoins!Reach UsIf you need any help, or just want to chat, send us a mail atteenpattihome@moonfroglabs.comThis game does not offer real money gambling.
Baahubali The Game (Official) (Unreleased) 1.0.19
Mahishmati needs your help! Train your army,build your defences, and join forces with Baahubali, Kattappa andthe other heroes of Mahishmati to push back the ruthlessKalakeya.======== BETA VERSION ========Welcome to the Beta version. Please provide your feedback by emailto• Unlock powerful heroes and deploy their over-the-top abilities.Baahubali’s infamous Lion Punch and Bhallaladeva’s Chain Mace willmake short work of your enemies.• Ambush invaders with the treacherous Spike Traps and lay waste toyour enemies with iconic weapons like the Arrow Machine.• Fight with 10 unique units, raised and trained from the kingdomof Mahishmati.• Lay siege to enemy fortresses using powerful War Elephants andlong range Catapults. Steal the enemy’s resources and raze hisstructures to the ground.• Do battle with players from around the world while you experiencethe world of Baahubali.• Form powerful alliances with your friends and wage war againstothers for the glory of Mahishmati!

Disclaimer: Baahubali is a free to play game. Players can purchaseadditional items for real money, or earn them through specialoffers. Please adjust your device settings to turn off in-apppurchase if you wish to lock out the ability to buy in-gamecontent. According to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, youmust be at least 13 years of age to play or downloadBaahubaliBahubali ™ & © 2017 Arka Media Works. All right reserved