Moonfrog Group Apps

Diagonal 1.7
Application is designed for carpenters, who wants to calculate balklength in a rectangular tirangle. Main functions: - calculateslengths of triangle sides - calculates area and perimeter -calculates angles and their sine, cosine, tangent and cotangent -tracks calculation history - allows to store calculations inFavourites tab
Fuel mixture calculator 1.2
Supports automatic calculation in three basic modes:- standard-eco- runningAll the information given in the application, isadvisory. Please refer to the user manual for your engine to makesure that the motor maintains the calculated proportion of themixture.
Happy Little Fingers 1.0
It is a harvesting time and you are a farmer, who needs to pick upevery single fruit in his garden.Your garden is full of fruits,berries and vegetables and good farmer knows the right basket foreach gathered fruit.But you need to do it really fast or yourfruits will be lost.Ohh... and your garden is also full of hungryanimals, they are keen of stealing and eating your harvest. Youmust tap, swipe and hold them off.Things are getting worse eachlevel, but who said that farmer's life is easy?Information forparents:The game will help your child develop fine finger motilitywith the help of constant combinations of dragging, holding andtapping, as well as complex combinations of fingers of one hand.Inother games, you can play with one hand and one finger, but in thisgame the child will have to use at least two fingers on eachhand.The mind of the child is at the tips of his fingers!