Moonstruck Games Apps

Paper Plane Pilot - HD 1.0.3
A brand new type of Flappy Game that is easy to play but hard tomaster. You need to help the Paper Plane fly to its destination,but make sure to avoid the obstacles!- HD graphics- Addictive gameplay- Compete with friends- Share to Facebook
Crystal Craft - HD 1.0.7
Crystal Craft is a new and unique strategy game in which you solvevarious puzzles using different sized and shaped crystals. Thepuzzles vary in size and become increasingly challenging as youmove from world to world. Crystal Craft Worlds and Levels: - Thereare 10 regular worlds with 9 levels to each world. You can playthese 9 levels in any order you wish and once you completed all ofthem you will have a special level 10 to complete before moving onto the next world. - In the first world you start out with 5crystal pieces and as you move up in worlds you will have morecrystals added all the way up to 13 crystals. - Each player willstart out with 3 hints and may purchase more from our store.Special Level 10's: Once you have completed all of the regularslevels within a world you will have a special Level 10 you mustcomplete before moving on. These levels are designed to be moredifficult on the user which include: - A 2:00 minute timer. -Multiples of various crystals. - Extreme design difficulty. -randomized between 30 possible level 10's. - Only 3 tries beforepaying to skip or waiting 24 hours to move on.
Bone Bash 1.1.4
The Skeleton King has you trapped in his world and you must fighthis army to make your way to freedom. You will experience waveafter wave of his skeleton soldiers including special units withunique powers. Battle your way to the Skeleton King himself andtake your freedom!- 200 waves of the skeleton army power by theSkeleton King!- Fight special characters like skeleton Wizards andArchers!- Upgrade your Strength, Defense, and Agility to conquerthe ever increasing hoard of skeletons!- Unlock SpecialAchievements!- Compete with your friends as well as the worldaround you!
Light Run 2 1.0.9
The Darkness is back and this time faster than ever!You mustovercome obstacles and the growing speed of the Darkness throughnew environments to try and make it to the Light at the end. Youhave improved power ups and movement to help along the way, but theDarkness is quick so watch out!- HD Graphics- New Environments- NewAchievements- New Obstacles - Improved Power Ups- Improved GameMovement- New Global Leader-boards
Wrap Attack 1.0.7
Wrap Attack is a new addictive game that brings together yourfavorites… bubble wrap, paint, and cute fuzzy animals. Currentlythere are 3 modes to challenge your bubble popping skills:1)Painted Attack :You start out with bubbles filled with a certaincolor of paint. Your goal is to “pop” as many bubbles as possiblewith that color of paint without missing or popping the wrongcolor. Watch out as the speed of the bubbles increase over time!2)Timed Attack :You start out just like Painted Attack, except nowyou only have 30 seconds to “pop” as many bubbles as possiblewithout missing or popping the wrong color.3) Cubs and Bubs :Thesebubbles are not filled with paint, but are instead filled withtrapped cute little fuzzy animals that need releasing. The gameplay is just like Timed Attack, except now you have 1 minute torelease the animals. Make sure to click on the right fuzzy animalas you are allowed to miss or pop the wrong one 3 times beforelosing. Watch out thought as your score resets each time youmiss!Keep track of your highest scores and share with your Facebookfriends!
Light Run
Collect light to help illuminate the dungeonas you flee from the impending Darkness that is chasing you.You must overcome obstacles and the growing speed of the Darkness.You will have a chance to pick up different power-ups along the wayto help, but nothing keeps the Darkness away forever!Features:*Collect Light*Collect Power ups*Avoid Obstacles*HD Graphics*Challenge your Friends