Moony Apps

Killer Bugs 1.7
They're everywhere! Squish them! Become a real Killer Bugs!Get ridof all the bugs on which you can, until they get to you ... Squishthem and score points! Keep track of your friends with the help ofthe rating and be the first! Find out how far you can go?Anexciting, simple game for all ages.Features:Colorful and beautifulinterface;Easy operation;Infinite levels.
Kids Fish HD
If you or your kids love fishing or visitingthe city aquarium, you will love Kids Fish. Two levels ofdifficulty, six mini-games and 45 unique characters will give you achance to study the behavior of water inhabitants, their diet andall variety of habitats. You will discover fish that leaves in thedeep oceans, seas and rivers from all corners of our planet. Eachfish has its own unique coloring as well as unique appetite and afavorite depth. You will learn more about them in a special fishlibrary, where each fish has its own page. On top of that,beautiful graphics will make your dive into the depths of the waterworld unforgettable.During your journey you will:• take part in fishing and will catch your own first fish• assemble a fish puzzle• search for fish on the seabed among sunken ships, colorful algaeand coral reefs• you have chance to compare the fishes by size.
Tamping Ball 1.55
Who was a child and did not tamp a ball? Yes, everyone tamp!Thiscrazy game will remind you it's a wonderful feeling when you cankeep the ball in the air for as long that seems to you that you arethe king of football.Test your strength and agility and be thefirst in a lists of record in the table.
Flappy Swoop Down 1.0
Incredible adventure with alien who lost in the zone of militaryindustrial complex for the production of super modern securitytechnology.
Jelly Story: Logic Puzzles 3.0
Put your mind and problem solving skills to the test with JellyStory, featuring over 180 fun logic puzzles for you to solve. Youraim is to complete each puzzle in as few moves as possible in orderto achieve a maximum star rating!Reunite lost Jellies who wereseparated at the time of their creation and have found their wayinto various packages and boxes. You must enter each box and thennavigate them past various obstacles and dangers to bring theJellies back together!Game Features:*180 problem solving puzzles tocomplete*Various level layouts and logic tasks to achieve*Collectcoin rewards for completing the level in as few moves aspossible*Exchange your coins for undo’s and hints