More Mountains Apps

Corgi Engine Tech Demo 3.0
The Corgi Engine is a very fast, non-physicsbased controller for your player. It's mobile friendly, works wellwith other assets, and is basically everything you need to startcreating your own 2D game right now.Get more information about the asset over at that this demo makes use of some of Unity's standard effects(blur, bloom, etc) and that can affect performance.This is notlinked to the engine's performance, but rather depends on yourdevice and how well it handles Unity effects. You can of courseturn off these purely cosmetic effects when you create your owngame.
Sky Theory 1.1
Created with the Infinite Runner Engine byMoreMountains, Sky Theory is an incredible endless runner (well,flyer)in wich you need to fly always faster, always further.
Infinite Runner Engine Demo 1.6
The Infinite Runner Engine is a highly customizable asset for Unitythat will allow you to create any kind of endless runner game. Itcomes with tons of ready to use visual assets and code. The onlylimit is your imagination. It supports 2D and 3D gameplay, worksgreat on mobile, and does all the hard work for you. Get it now andstart creating your own game right away! Get more information aboutthe asset over at the asset on the Asset Store :!/content/51328
Nice Touch 1.4
This app is a tech demo for Nice Touch, themost simple touch input package for Unity.It supports all kinds of touch devices, is extremely easy to setup,and simply gets the job done.This tech demo features a very simple game, where you can control 3characters using multitouch controls such as joysticks, arrows andbuttons.
Highroad Engine 1.0
This app is a tech demo of the engine.Available on the Unity Asset Store, the Highroad Engine istheeasiest way to create the arcade racing game of yourdreams.Whether you’re planning a solo, local or online multiplayergame,we’ve got you covered. Brought to you by the creator of theCorgiEngine and the Infinite Runner Engine, this asset will bringyoueverything you need to make the next best Micro Machineslikegame.Create your own racing game: the asset is inspired by oldschool,arcade racing games such as Micro Machines, and is builtwithversatility in mind. Motorbikes, cars, wipeout likevehicles,trucks, karts, you can create anything you want. Vehiclesare builtvia an easy to customize car controller, so you can tweakspeed,acceleration, steering without a single line of code. Plus ifyouwant more it’s super easy to extend, and there are examplesanddocumentation to help with that.Play everywhere: the Highroad Engine allows you to driveusingyour keyboard, gamepad or any mobile touch device you want.Itcomes packed with Nice Touch, More Mountain’s battle testedmobileinput solution. Oh and it runs great on mobile of course.Packed with Content: 2 games, 4 racetracks, 8 vehicles,aerialand 3rd person cameras, GUI menus, lobbies, ranking,checkpoints,lap counters, and more!Local Multiplayer: the asset supports 4 local players bydefault,but you can push that limit to as much as your machine canhandle(it’s just a matter of buying more gamepads after all).AI Bots: Add and customize bots super easily. Setuptheirbehaviour without a single line of code. Adding waypoints torefinetheir trajectories is as simple as a few mouse clicks.Easy to use: Creating your own racing game has never beenthiseasy. Import your tracks and vehicle models, addcolliders,controllers, and play within minutes! You can create awhole gamewithout a single line of code, thanks to all the customeditors,handles and gizmos. And if you want to build on top of it,theasset has been built for extendability, with virtualclasses,minimal coupling, and good practices in mind.Complete Documentation: The Highroad Engine comes complete withafull API documentation, as well as a functionaldocumentationcovering all the main aspects of the asset.Furthermore, the codeis fully commented, so it’s easy to understandwhat’s happening andmake changes at all times.Online MultiplayerThe online network part of the asset is based on standard UNETHLAPIand extends these standard classes, offering you a customtailoredexperience while remaining standard and compatible withthe futureof UNET. Plus code and race scenes stay the same fornetwork orlocal play!Note that the asset comes with UNET's strengths andweaknesses.Namely, there's no additional optimization for latencyor syncinterpolation, as this is something that's usually done on apergame basis, and can't be done generically.
TopDown Engine
A very fast, tight, mobile-friendly, robust and extendableenginebuilt with quality and game feel at its core to startcreating yourown 2D or 3D game with a top-down perspective rightnow with Unity.
Nice Vibrations 3.8
Nice Vibrations is a simple yet powerful solution to addvibrationsand haptic feedbacks to your games. Built on top of thenative iOSand Android APIs, it offers a universal interface totarget bothplatforms at once, as well as ways to get exactly therightvibration on each platform specifically.