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Country Flags Profile Picture 2.1.2
Create Flag Profile Photos with Flags of theworld overlaid over your Photos. Adjust the photos over flagoverlays and create perfect for creating awesome profile photosthat you can use on any social network.Flag Profile Photos is easy to use:1. Select a photo that you want to use to create profile pictureflag.2. Select a Flag that you want to use as part of flag face app tooverlay over your face.3. Adjust the photo inside flag overlay with two fingergestures.4. Adjust Transparency of Photo over the flag to get a perfect lookfor Flag overlay.5. Save and share the profile flag photo created. You can share theFlag photo overlay directly on social networks.Create best looking Flag Profile Photos from any photo and anycountry flag. Create patriotic profile photos with a flag of anycountry.This app allows you to put any country flag overlay on yourdesired picture. You could use that picture as profile picture inany social media site such as facebook, twitter, instagram, or g+.this app has 216 flags from around the world. For example:-- American flag- French flag- German flag- Australian flag- Canadian flag- belgium flag...etc#prayforParis#prayforAmerica#prayforBelgium#prayforBrusselsEveryone loves their own country and the national flag is apride to every citizen of the country. Make your Profile Pic withYour Country Flag.Change Your Profile Picture To Your Country Flagdownload to change your profile picture to whatever country youselectAvailable countries:Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, USA, Germany, France, Berber, syria andSweden .... Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Sudan, Russia, Turkey, Greece,Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Mali, Afghanistan, Belgium, Spain, ofItaly, China, Korea, Croatia, London, United Kingdom, Burma,Jordan, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Brussels, Qatar and 157countriesCreate stunning flags for your beautiful photos easily with ourPhoto flags app. In this Photo flag app you will get lots of flags,option to add color to your shapes and inbuilt photo editor to makeyour image even more appealing.share facebook and instagram and dowload pictureFlag Profile Photo is interesting app. In this app you will see100+ flag of countries photo. Choose anyflag, set your photo in flag and edit photo.Just load the application, or enjoy a status flag of yourcountry on your photo and photos of your friends and loved ones andthe glory of your country.create stunning images easily through the flags represented inthe application. In this application, you will have lots of flagsand banners,
Animals Cartoon Photo Frames 1.0
Pump up the animal jam with our cute AnimalsCartoon Photo Frame! This is not only one of those apps for babiesand toddlers! Adults who enjoy “photo editing” and wild animalswill fall in love with these “photo frames”! FREE download our cutepicture borders now and edit pictures like a pro! Both boys andgirls will go crazy for the most gorgeous ‘’frames for pictures’’.Just take a picture of your kid and watch the magic of jungle photoframes! Or, you can select pics from your foto gallery and beautifythem with this animal frame widget! We offer many ‘’color photoeffects’’ that will paint your life green or blue or any otherbright colours! Now you don't need to take your children to an“animal farm”. Just enter our photo booth and let them learn aboutthe world with the help of this colourful app!✪ Try out our new animal frames application and make your fotoimages amazing completely free of charges!✪ Select plenty of different animal borders and shapes from one ofthe best animal apps!✪ Choose a high quality picture from your gallery or take a fotousing a camera, put it in a ‘’photo grid’’ and start editing!✪ Check many options offered by ‘’animal photo editor’’ – rotate,scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag your colored images with the bestfoto editing app ever!✪ You have a unique opportunity to save your adorable selfie picsand make them more beautiful with these animals frames for multiplepictures!✪ Pick one of many “cool pictures” from your photo gallery and setit as a background wallpaper on your phone screen!✪ Use a social share button – share your “funny pictures” withfriends and family via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!✪ Get these fantastic frames for baby pictures and use your selfiecamera to make the most beautiful HD images ever!✪ ‘’Animal Photo Frame’’ fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on both mobile phones and tablet devices!Welcome to the wild world of ‘’animal planet’’! Just downloadAnimals Cartoon Photo Frame and join those adorable animals andtheir playful“animal games”! With this instaframe mobileapplication you can introduce your children to the king of thejungle – a proud lion! Let them hear the mighty roar and other“animal sounds” in this animal photo collage! Meet tall giraffes aswell as inquisitive monkeys! These interesting animals will helpyou make the perfect “collage frames”! Decorate your baby pictureswith images of dogs, cats and zebras. Cheerful puppies and kittieson the surface of these creative photo frames will show you whythis “photo editing software” is one of the best on the market! Setthis new animal frame on your picture and let it beautify yourAndroid ™ phone!This funny photo maker will turn all your pictures from themobile gallery into the cutest pic frame and everyone will love it!What will make a perfect wallpaper for your Android mobile? Slowelephants, little monkeys swinging in a tree, tigers fighting andzebras of course! Download the ‘’lion photo editor’’ and your childwill be thrilled to stand next to the king of the jungle!"Animals Cartoon Photo Frames" will refresh your images and youwill be able to frame your life! The greenery and all the wildgrass will help you relax! You will admire beautiful animals on theframes and borders! What animal characters are your child'sfavourite? With the help of cartoon photo frames you can find thatout! We let you choose through our ‘’kids photo frames’’ and pickyour favourite! This can also be your birthday photo grid sodecorate every moment that special day! Make a “photo collage” andenjoy while you frame pics !* Android ™ is a trademark of Google Inc.* This app is ad-supported.
Flashlight And Compass 1.0
Brightest and Safest Flashlight with SOSfeature. You can send SOS signal in an emergency cases with clickof a button. SOS signal also can be used to to allow others to findyou easily.It’s the ONLY flashlight with a fully functional compassnavigation that can guide you to safety in the darkest hour. It canassure you will never be lost again. This amazing survival tool isnever further away than your own pocket. Don’t miss it! Torch andCompass in one application. Add it now to your arsenal of survivaltools.Flashlight and classic compass together in a super complete anduseful app, battery efficient, and totally free.Improve your smartphone with this useful and practical, tool reallyessential.This app has dual flashlight (camera led flash or screen light), iscapable of emitting a SOS flash signal with a simple button click,and add a practical classic compass to easily get orientation.The interface is very intuitive and simple. Everything is athand and with quick and easy access.Plus:- You can use the flashligh screen and the compass in smarphoneswithout flash-led (flashlight led will be obviouslydisabled).- You can use the flashlight led, the SOS signal and the flashlightscreen in smartphones without magnetic sensor (compass will beobviously disabled).Features:- SUPERBRILLIANT FLASHLIGHT LED: Use the flash-led to emit asuperbrilliant light that transform your smartphone in a usefulflashlight.-COMPASS: A big classic compass to always be well oriented.- S.O.S. SIGNAL: Use the flash-led to emit the universal helpSOS signal in morse code.- SOUND BUTTON: Set the clicks sound of the app on/off for notdisturbing sleeping people.Bright. Fast. Simple. The most elegant and functional flashlightapp, ever! And it's the ONLY flashlight app that goes with acompass, giving you the direction in the darkness. Don't missit!— “Great App , Simple to use this application is very useful itis way more powerful than the default flashlight programmed on myphone. ”—“!!! This is a great app to have if your out in thewoods camping, the light is very bright and the compass works greatdo you don‘t get lost…….”—“Best flashlight app! This is bright, simple and has some addedextras that u can either take our leave depending on if theybenefit our lifestyle! Great job! ”—“The one and only best I have tried other apps but I am mostimpressed by this one. I recommend this to everyone its. The oneand only best!!! GREAT APP!!!”—“This app is awesome the light is bright and even has an SOSand a compass which is really cool. ”—“Excellent a great application does everything it says. Helpsme at night finding the right key.”This simple and practical flashlight tool that can enhance yourAndroid life. Completely free, this super-bright flashlight opensinstantly and includes a compass, SOS flashes and colored lightingfor your convenience.It is a bright and fast flashlight app. Open the app to light upeverywhere beside you!
Skeleton Run 1.0
Skeleton Run is a Jump and Run game with veryfast paced gameplay. If you like games like Line Runner, subwaysurfers, sonic dash, minon rush or Stickman you will love SkeletonRun.Skeleton Jump is an adventure game where you have to help aSkeleton who likes to jump on his mission! A free game designed forall ages, play with your parents and friends to this fun actiongame. We assure you that is the best application you'll find freegames, no matter how you look!.You can challenge your friends and all other players worldwide.Quickly jump over and crouch through obstacles, as fast and as faras you can. Try to beat other players highscore and unlock allachievements.How to play Skeleton Run- Collect all bonus- Bumping into the birds to move fasterFeatures Skeleton Run- High-quality graphics- Unlimited levels- Simple but super fun and addictive;- Four different worlds with many interesting and challenginglevels;- Bright and vibrant graphics & effects;- More beautiful worlds and levels will come soon.Easy controls - simply tap the screen for a jump and double tapfor a double Skeleton jumpCollect as many gold coins as you can. Can you get more coins thanyour friends?Cool graphics along with an awesome cartoon style SkeletoncharacterEnjoy playing
picture profile flag - Europe 1.0
Change Your Profile Picture To Your CountryFlagdownload to change your profile picture to whatever country youselectAvailable countries:Germany, France, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Belgium, Spain,Italy, Croatia, United Kingdom and more countriesCreate stunning flags for your beautiful photos easily with ourPhoto flags app. In this Photo flag app you will get lots of flags,option to add color to your shapes and inbuilt photo editor to makeyour image even more appealing.share facebook and instagram and dowload pictureNew application helps to put your photo on your countryflagGet It Now and change your profile picture to whatever country youselect.-select The photo gallery of mobile or click Camera.-Choose The flag of your country among those given in theapp.-The App automatically mixes your picture with the flag with yourchosen picture.-You Can save in your phone and access the images recorded from theapplication itself.-You Can share the edited photo directly from the app.-You Can publication on Social Media and upload the pictureJust load the application, or enjoy a status flag of yourcountry on your photo and photos of your friends and loved ones andthe glory of your country.Led liked application do not forget leave encouraging evaluationthank you .
Romantic Valentines SMS 1.0
Romantic Valentine SMS is a collection of Loveand Romantic SMS specially designed for your valentine/lover. Justclick and send SMSNot many ideas to wish your love a wonderfull ValentineDay?With this App, you have a list of many template messages that youcan edit according to your feelings, ready to be sent on ValentineDay.Valentines week is around the corner. It is a special time ofthe year for exchanging heartfelt greetings of love and affectionwith each other. Valentines week is geared up with the veryromantic rose day on February 7, Tuesday. So Make this Valentineweek memorable for your beloved ones. Declare your love to theworld through this Valentine's Messages and find the all romanticValentines SMSRomantic Valentine SMS is a collection of Love and Romantic SMSspecially designed for your valentine/lover.
Cute Love SMS 1.0
Are you searching for the best Love SMSMessage for your valentine Lover or the perfect Whatsapp lovestatus message and Facebook love status message? You are at theright place to find the best of short, cute and sweet Love Messagestexts. Collection of Romantic SMS Messages and love quotes forlovers. Mobile phones brought lovers and couples close. Make yourlove relationship even closer with the best Love SMSIf you want to show your valentine love with the most meaningfulvalentine messages texts.we hope that Messages texts is a good toolto express your happiness always around you.Cute Love SMS valentine - Express your feelings of love andcompassion by sending lovely SMS. care removes the distance of twohearts, checkout our best Love SMS collection and send it to yourlove. Feel free to share your SMS that you like. Find 2016 largestcollection of Cute English Love Sms messages at applicationRomantic messages .For those who have been cheated and got their heart broken andhurt, we have compiled Broken Heart SMS Messages and Broken heartsms and broken heart text.If you have poetic taste you may beinterested in broken heart quotes texts, broken heart poems andbroken heart poetry.Cute Love SMS has the ultimate love thoughts and loving quotes.The best love Valentine and romantic texts messages sms can winover your sweetheart when coupled with love sayings.Love quotes and sayings are motivational and inspirational.Quotes about love verbally expresses the feelings of people in loveor who had a love failure. Hence loveValentine quotes can beromantic quotes texts, sad love quotes or funny love quotes basedon the situation that comes your way. Find the right words &perfect phrases to impress your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife &husband using this sms texts app.Love SMS - Express your feelings of love and compassion bysending lovely SMS to your love ones. quotes Love and care removesthe distance of two hearts, checkout our best Love SMS collectionand send it to your love. Feel free to share your Love SMS that youlike. Find 2016 largest collection of Cute English Love Smsmessages at application Romantic LOVE messages .Valentine day 2016 will be celebrated on Tuesday 14 Feb 2016,it's celebrated every year around the world. As the increasingtrends of mobile / cell phones, peoples have selected SMS / textmessages as a medium to send valentine greetings,Valentine SMSHappy valentine's day sms,Valentine's day 2016 sms, valentinemessages, valentine wishes, valentine text greetings, valentinequotes sms. English valentine SMS and valentine sms messages arevery popular among asian peoples.If you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband...a secretlover.Then these cute love messages and love quotes are for yourValentine. Romantic text messages galore find the perfect messageto send to your lovers Mobile Phone or Email.Love Messages – Love Romance – All Love Sms and Messages foryour LOVE.With romantic, valentine, Ascii love icons, good morning, goodnight, love quotes, say sorry, love anniversary, love story, lovefact, love poems,love letters , birthday…Valentine messages andfunctions like send message via Email, SMS etc, add/remove favoritemessages,we hope that Love Messages – Love Romance is a good toolto express your love valentine and happiness always around you.Happy Valentine Day Message expressing your love becomes quiteeasier now a days, as you can simple send a lovely love sms or aValentine Day SMS message to your valentine from our precomposedsms messages collection. Most of peoples pickup their valentine daysms messages from our library and shoot it to their love / beloved.But now you can explore our magnificent collection of Valentinespecial SMS! It gives you plenty of options to send a Valentinemessage matching the relation you share with others.
Love Stickers For Pictures 1.0
☻For all fans of cute photo editor apps! Getin the mood for love and create unique and original photo art worksin just a few clicks. Download ☻Love Stickers for Pictures☻ andmake your couple pics even more beautiful and romantic. The cutestphoto booth sticker app is available for you totally free – get itright now and enjoy the photomania!Features of ☻Love Stickers for Pictures☻:*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*♥ Drag the sticker with your finger and place it on the pic!♥ Scale the sticker and adjust it the way you like: change itsposition, zoom in, zoom out, erase the sticker...♥ Share pics with your friends on Facebook or Twitter!♥ Amazing picture decorator hd with kawaii "photo stickers" andstamps - free download!*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*・゜・゚.*☻Download “love stickers” free and give your photos an adorablenew look and shine. Edit and deco photos by putting them intolovely frames. Wrap them in romance and passion by sticking cutelove symbols or adding text. Give your ordinary photos a completemakeover by adding inspirational love quotes and messages andsticking cute images such as teddy bears, hearts, stars... Withlove photo editor apps you can get inspiration for making lovecards or birthday greeting cards for your partner. Finally, you caneven stitch photos into a beautiful love collage and have all yourspecial moments gathered in one place. Frame ur life memories,enhance pictures, add kawaii stamps and stickers and make fantasticcover photos or profile pictures for social networks. Let yourimagination run wild with this picture decorator hd and create mostbeautiful photos for Instagram. Write your own insta pic storyinside the romantic “love cards” for lovers!☻Create funny images with free photo stickers and emoticons orget a sticker maker app and create your own sticker photobooth. Useimages from your phone gallery or pick some random ones, try outbeautiful selfie pic frames, face in hole picture templates, kawaiistamps or love stickers, and you will get a totally new and trendyimage of yourself and your company. Cute photo stuff for decoratingyour insta selfie pics!☻Make your own selfie studio and start the photo mania with☻Love Stickers for Pictures☻! Create a decopic photo that all yourfriends on social networks will like by using this great selfieperfecter. Add funny details: candies, hearts, sunglasses, mustache– pick whatever you like and make an original selfie. Stickers forkids, for girls, for everybody!☻Whether they are rage comics, funny faces, troll face stickers,face in whole photo frames, meme faces or "kawaii stickers" such asthese, all sorts of decorations will add a totally new glow to yourdeco pic. Show your photo art techniques: put pictures into lovelyframes, add cute text on pics, make funny pics using an abundanceof stickers, emoticons and stamps, be creative and you will havemore fun. If you're one of those people who adore the “cutestickers” for Whatsapp, you're going to love these lovely girlydecorations. Make a photo collage out of your cutest pics andexplore your new photo studio app.
Christmas Frame App 1.0
christmas frame app converts any image into anunforgettable memory with many frames specially designed forChristmas.With christmas collage frame, you can add a christmas frames toyour favorite photos of the holidays, any picture will beperfect!Just select your photography and frame that you like, to createin seconds a beautiful postcard to Christmas greetingsWith "Christmas Photo Frames", you can:★ Select a photo from the gallery or take photos using thephone's camera.★ Wide range of styles and different frames for any picture.★ HD quality frames with vivid colors.★ Share your creations via WhatsApp, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter andother social networks.★ Easy to use: Its creation in 2 steps!★ No internet connection needed.Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, KrisKringle and simply "Santa", is a figure with legendary, historicaland folkloric origins who, in many Western cultures, is said tobring gifts to the homes of the good children on 24 December, thenight before Christmas Day. People give christmas gifts to theirchildren. Some people dress like santa claus on this occasion andshare gifts and chocolates to children.People decorate their house with lights and and other decorationgadgets. They meet each other and say "Merry Christmas" to wish thehappiness of the Christmas to each other. Most of schools andcolleges have their Christmas Holiday on these days so everyone canenjoy the Christmas.If you like this app, please do not forget to rate it :)
Good Night Messages Quotes 1.0
Get the best list of good night sms for yourlove one , friend and family. We covered with more than 50 awesomesms that can be view offline easily. Share the sms with your friendvia sms , email , facebook , twitter and many more. We hope thedevelopment of this app will benefit you.AWESOME FACTS ABOUT THIS APPLICATION :1) It can be view OFFLINE2) Easy navigation between sms3) SMS will be add until it reach 400 smsDISCLAIMER:All the info in this app was gathered from various sources suchas friend , internet , sms , and many more. We compiled it just foryou :-)Best Collection of Goodnight quotes and related quotes aboutGoodnight. Goodnight sms messages are usually sent as a good nightgreeting. some buddies like to send funny good night jokes. someprefer to send good night text messages in their native languagesi.e English. And almost every lover is suppose to send a good nightlove sms or a sweet / romantic good night sms before he finallywent to the dreamland.We all need to send/impart great night messages consistently toour companions and relatives.Any feedback, is highly appreciated.Thanks
Good Morning SMS Messages 1.0
Good Morning !!!You wake up in the morning you may be interested to send a verygood Good Morning message to your friends and relatives.So enjoy with the app and send Good Morning Message / SMS.features of this app are:* Big number of collection* updated regularly and new collections added frequently* share Good Morning Message / SMS with your friends using sharebutton at the top right corner.* you can share Good Morning Message / SMS using message, mail,whatsapp or any other communication tool that you are using.* User interactive and simple designThis application contains very sweet good morning messages. Whenyou download the application you will get lots of messages to sendyour mates every day. Whenever you wake up in the morning you maybe interested to send a very best good morning wishes to yourfriends and relatives to keep them happy. We have a good quotes andmessages for you free of cost.If you are searching an app to send good morning to yourfriends, this is the best app for that.It contains a lots of nice collection of messages that you can sendto your friends and relatives.So enjoy with the app and please give me suggestions to improve itby sending me email.So download the app now and enjoy. Thanks a lot.
Love SMS Messages 1.0
Are you searching for the most better way totell That your lover how much you loveJust try it out now with An extraordinary Love SMS Messages Ifyou want to show your love withthe most meaningful messages. Hope that we Love MessagesLove-Romance is a good tool to expressyour love and happiness always around you.Find the perfect romantic Love SMS Messages to write, text, orsay to that special someone or to inspire you. Easily browse lovemessages . Find messages on how to say I love You by using sweetcute romantic messages and flirty quotes to express your crush.Send Love poem & love story to your loves one with full ofromance!Share the best messages and romantic sms collection on romance andbeing romanced. Win over your sweetheart with these lovesayings.Here are beautiful romantic kissing messages to make you cherishand enjoy each and every kiss that comes your way.Love Quotes and Love Sayings are motivating and inspirational.Quotes about love are the verbal expression of the feeling ofpeople who are in love or who have failed in love.Based on the personal experience of the one who says it, lovequotes can be sad love quotes, funny love quotes, romantic quoteand so on...Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only by theheart.Loves thoughts about what is love, falling in love feelings andsome wise loving quotes.When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, nodistance is too far, no one can ever tear them apart.The pain that we suffer in a breakup is excruciating and you canexpress your feelings once its over. Time will heal your achingheart. Boost your morale from the collection of love sad quotes tohelp you find solace. Nothing can help your heart better thansoothing words that will help you recover from the brokenheart.Test and play love games by sharing these relationship tips.
Transparent Screen 1.0
Transparent Screen is an excellent and amazingapp that will help you to apply Transparent Live Wallpaper to yourscreen. It will show your background screen from back camera andmake your device as Transparent Screen. Absolutely TransparentWallpaper will give you entire new user experience.You can use your phone as usual, while being able to see thelive image of your camera transparently on the entire screen. Useyour phone when your are walking, talking, texting, and much more.You can see anything behind your phone or tablet.Download this free Transparent Screen App, make fun andEnjoy.Make transparent your phone screen!'Transparent Screen' uses your device camera to display images andconvert your launcher into transparent.You can operate your phone as usual but with a transparentwallpaper.Read your sms, call by phone or play any game. Do anything withyour new transparent screen.Have fun with your friends and this amazing app.'Transparent Screen' will use your camera to create transparentscreen effect.Transparent Screen gives you the opportunity to use your phoneas usual, while being able to see the live image of your cameratransparently on the entire screen.You'll be able to walk and text at the same time and actually useany App you desire, while Transparent Screen is running.The original Transparent Screen is the best and was the first Appof its kind.. Don't get fooled by others ;)By using this Transparent Screen Real app You can make fun ofyour friends by showing them your device is having transparentscreen.You can have lot of fun with your friends with this apptransparent wallpaper.By using this app you can safely black mirror explore otherandroid apps on mobile while driving on roads and avoid accident onroads. Then download our Transparent Screen Launcher andtransparent background your phone.This is a freehigh quality appthat makes use of the phone's camera screen capture to effect themobile screen a transparent background as though you are usingtransparency live transparent wallpaper.It is highly optimized and uses only a very small amount of yourphone s resources so that it will bring you smooth operation andexperience.We will continue bringing you the top finest games and trendyapps, keep your eyes open on our other outstanding Apps and getchance to play.
Love Stickers For Valentine 1.0
*************Happy Valentine's Day 2016!************Valentines is right around the corner!! Get Tons of Valentine'sDay themed stickers to stick on your home screen. From Hearts toLove Words decorate your home screen for the season!Always Adding more stickers!Decorate your photo for Valentine's day with these 25+ VariousFree Love Stickers using Photo Decor.Express your Love and Romance by sharing these stickers withyour loved one. This stickers app has the best unique and mostmesmerizing collection of chocolate day stickers.We provide you the most ultimate collection of the best in classlove stickers and emoticons to make your chat more loving andspecial for someone special in your life."Hey, how are you doing? Ready to celebrate the day of the love?Saint Valentines? If not, you can still prepare for it and surpriseyour beloved one. BTW its the 14 of februarySo Take a moment and create a lovely postcard that will amaze yourother half. Take then a picture of you both and start adding love,romantic, st Valentines stickers.Just as easy as that. Select the photo you have in your phone(or take one in the moment) and add those stickers that we haveselected for you.We have include the following stickers-St Valentines motives-Hearts-Lovely Frames-Flowers and roses-Cupids and cupid arrows-Backgrounds-Gifts, surprises-Text-Also create your own text with the editor we have includedEverything you need to create a create a photo, that togetherwith your other surprises, you will remember in yourrelationshipSo dont doubt and surprise your other half by sending him or hera specially crafted postcard with these photo stickersVery easy to use, and in a matter of seconds\Variety of stickers, smileys and love emoticons to share withyour girlfriend or your loved ones.Make one of the most beautiful day with Valentine Emoji &Sticker!Send or share sweet love sticker with your lovely friends. This apphave many stickers like hearts, flowers, rose, and many more..Download Love Stickers For Valentine app and start wonderfulconversations in all your favorite apps!
Saint-Valentin SMS 1.0
Saint Valentin est une journée pour exprimervos sentiments et de renouveler le lien d'amour que vous partagezavec votre Valentine.Avec "Saint-Valentin SMS" vous serez en mesure d'exprimer votreamour d'une manière originale. Saint-Valentin SMS rendra votreamie, ami, femme, mari ne oublierez jamais combien vous vousinquiétez!Exprimer votre amour devient très facile maintenant des jours,comme vous pouvez simplement envoyer un sms d'amour belles à votrevalentine de la collection de sms de jour de notre pré-composéebelle valentine. Choisissez ne importe quel de notre dernièrecollection de Valentine Messages texte. Ces Valentin SMS sont lamanière la plus expressive et facile d'exprimer votre sentimentplus chaleureuses.- Vous pouvez envoyer des messages via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp,E-mail, ... avec les applications déjà installées sur votretéléphone.- Enregistrer comme favoriValentine's Day is a dayto express your feelings and renew the bond of love you share withyour Valentine.With "Valentine SMS" you will be able to express your love in anoriginal way. Valentine SMS will make your girlfriend, boyfriend,wife, husband never forget how much you care!Express your love becomes very easy now days, as you can simplysend a beautiful love sms to your valentine's day sms collection ofour pre-made valentine beautiful. Choose any of our latestcollection of Valentine Text messages. These SMS Valentin are themost expressive and easy way to express your warmest feeling.- You can send messages via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, e-mail, ...with applications already installed on your phone.- Save as favorite
Ninja Jump 1.0
웃 Ninja: Jump is an adventure game where youhave to help a ninja who likes to jump on his mission! A free gamedesigned for all ages, play with your parents and friends to thisfun action game. We assure you that is the best application you'llfind free games, no matter how you look!.웃 Ninja: Jump is a jumping game where you must draw lines atfull speed for the ninja bounce on them and avoid falling into thewater! Also you should try to collect all the possible bonuses tobe the best player Ninja: Jump! Try impact with birds flying to getfaster!웃 How to play Ninja: Jump- Draw lines to make them jump on the ninja- Collect all bonus- Bumping into the birds to move faster웃 Features Ninja: Jump- High-quality graphics- Unlimited levelsEasy controls - simply tap the screen for a jump and double tapfor a double ninja jumpCollect as many gold coins as you can. Can you get more coins thanyour friends?Cool graphics along with an awesome cartoon style ninjacharacterHow far can you make it in this free ninja game? Get ready, getset, JUMP!This game has simple and basic controls, you just need to touch thescreen to jump and slide on the road.To jump on the road, you need to touch the right side of the screenand to slide simply touch the left side of the screen.You need to overcome all the obstacles and stones whilecollecting all the coins.Your Kids and Family will be LOVE and LIKE This Game!!☆☆☆☆☆ Ninja jump ☆☆☆☆☆- Simple but super fun and addictive;- Four different worlds with many interesting and challenginglevels;- Bright and vibrant graphics & effects;- More beautiful worlds and levels will come soon.- Lots of acrobatic maneuvers- Dozens of perilous traps- Tons of special skills and perks- Lot of characters to choose from!- Keep your progress across all your devicesPlay the most EXCITING RUNNER game on the Play Store. Be a jumpNinja Action for a day and RACE through the city!v Hundreds of weapons and Power Up!v Achievement system to stimulate you game.v Great sounds and stunning graphics, particle systems andanimations.v Leader boardsv Fast paced and simple control.
Remote Control TV PRANK 1.0
Control most TVs with your phone with thisfree Remote app Prank!Control your television with your phone!Remote control is application which will turn your smartphone intoa remote control device. You will have all possible set of commandsto control your TV in any way you like.Supports hundreds of TV models and phone modelsThis application works with all TVs, so from now on you don`thave to search for the right remote control for your TV, and youcan just use your phone as remote control while talking withsomeone over the phone or just keep browsing your mobiledevice.If your TV does not work, please email use your model and wewill try to make sure it works in an update! Please be patient aswe try to make this app compatible with as many apps aspossible.Remote control is a tool which can replace your physical remoteTV controller! This app can work with every manufacturer and it cansteer your TV set! Forget about normal remote controller! Usemodern controller for your television device!Free Universal TV Remote for Android smart phones and tablets.Supports most TV models including Hitachi, Panasonic, LG, Samsung,Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Philips, PansonicYou can control your TV by installing our TV Remote ControlPrank Application.Features:TV Remote Control Prank Application supports most of smart phonemodels and TV modes.TV Remote Control Prank Application contains Power(On/Off), volume,channels buttonsTV Remote Control Prank Application has easy to use interfaceWe tried hard to make this application working on all smartphones and TV models if it is not working on your phone than noneed to panic and send us your TV model name and smart phone modelwe will try our best to resolve the issue.Smart TV Remote Control fun is for smart phone users to controlTV using Smart TV Remote Control fun app.You can switch on and offyour TV also you can select number of channels from list.TV Remoteapplication provides you easy way to change your TV channels andcontrol volume using mobile so no need to worry about your TVRemote.You can show to your friends and family that you can turnon/off TV using mobile.Its really fun to control TV usingphone.Universal remote control for TV, you can easily turn yourAndroid smartphone or tablet into a universal remote control forall televisions.It is easy to configure and its use is very simple, it works justlike a real TV remote control.The difference between "universal remote control for TV" and otherapplications of this style is that it is compatible with almost allTV manufacturers and models and is really easy to use.TV Remote Control Prank revolutionizes your entertainmentexperience at home by combining a TV remote control Prank and thediscovery of television content live or playback continues tocreate a simple to use application. This is the only Universal TVremote control Prank and guide you need for your TV.Just right before one of your favourite TV seasons or show is aboutto start, OR your favourite sports game is about to start, OR youwant to watch news and your TV remote control Prank is not withinyour reach.It is always good and easy to use a single remote control device tocontrol all you electronic equipment. As mobile phone have become amajor gadget that people always carry with them, so having anapplication installed on your mobile device that works as aUniversal remote control TV will make your life easier. This free,powerful and efficient application will make your life easy.Currently world's leading television brands have been includedin this application. We are working continuously to include maximumTV brands, and the Universal remote control TV app will be updatedaccordingly. If your brand is not listed or the TV remoteapplication is not working with your television, please drop us anemail with your TV brand and remote model and we will work on tomake this application compatible with your TV brand.
رسائل عيد الحب 2016 1.0
أروع مسجات الفلانتين إختر منها ما يروق لكللتهاني وستجد بالتأكيد عبارات مناسبة سواء كان رسائل عيد الحبللمتزوجين أو للمخطوبين أو للعشاق المحبين ...الميزات:★ موسوعة كبيرة من الرسائل عربية وأخرى إنجليزية مع إمكانية الإرسالوالتحديث والتعديل عليها.★ مشاركتها عبر الواتساب.★ إرسال اي رسالة عبر SMS .★ إمكانية نسخ الرسالة و لصقها أو مشاركتها بأي تطبيقللمحادثات.★ يمكن حفظ الرسائل والمسجات في المفضلة.★ شكل رائع وجميل و إستجابة سريعة .برنامج مسجات عيد الحب 2016 هو برنامج تم انشاؤه بهدف مساعدتك علىالحصول على اكبر عدد ممكن من الرسائل لترسلها / ترسليها الى صديقك اوصديقتك او حتى زوجك او زوجتك في يوم الفالانتاين (عيد الحب)و تاريخ عيد الحب هو 14-02-2016يحتوي التطبيق على العديد من الاشياء المميزة مثل :لا تنسى التصويت بخمسة نجوم ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ و أن تشاركنا رأيك من خلالالتعليقات لتساهم في تطوير التطبيق وإنتشاره ولنتمكن من الإستمراراكبر مجموعة من الرسائل الرومانسية واروع مجموعة متميزةمن مسجات الحب متجددة مسجات عيد الحب ، مسجات حب للمسافر ،رسائل حب حزينة ، رسائل حب طويلة رومانسية جدا ،اجدد رسائل حب وغرام رومانسية مصرية جامدة ، رسائل شوق ،رسائل حب جريئة جديدة ، مسجات وداع او فراق ع الموبايل ،كلمات شوق حزينة واجمل رسائل حب طويلة حزينةعلى فراق الحبيب معبرة ليها تأثير ومفعول عظيم ، رسائل حب قويةطويلةكأنها ورقة برجل حمامة زاجل ، رسائل الحب المعبرة عن المشاعر العاطفيةالجياشةوالاحاسيس الرومانسية المرهفة ،ماتنساش الساعة 12 يوم الفلانتين، تبعت اول رسائل حب بمناسبة عيد الحب،كما يحتوى البرنامج على المئات من الرسائل مختارة بعناية لتناسب جميعالأعمار والأذواق ،تستطيع أيضا من خلال البرنامج أرسال هذة الرسائل الى من تحبمسجات عيد الحب للفيس بوك ، مسجات عيد الحب للتويتر ،رسايل عيد الحب للبلاك بيري ، رسايل عيد الحب للواتس اب، اذا اعجبكم البرنامج لا تنسوا التقييم لدعمناhappy valentine dayThe coolest MsjatFilantin select the ones that appeal to you for the congratulationsand you will surely find an appropriate phrases Whether it was lovefestival for married or engaged for lovers or loving messages...Features:★ large Arab Encyclopedia of English and other messages with thepossibility of transmission and update and modify them.★ shared across Alwatsab.★ send any message via SMS.★ ability to copy and paste the message or share any applicationfor the talks.★ can save messages and trowels favorite.★ wonderful shape and beautiful and quick response.Msjat Holiday Love 2016 program is the program that was created inorder to help you get the largest possible number of messages tosend / Terslleha to your friend or your girlfriend or your wife oryour husband until the day of Alvalantyn (love feast)Love and holiday date is 02.14.2016Application on many distinctive things like contain:Do not forget to vote five-star ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ and to share youropinion through comments to contribute to the development andspread of the application and we can continueThe largest group of the finest romantic messages anddistinguished groupMsjat of love renewed Msjat love feast, love messages for thetraveler,Love Letters sad, long love letters very romantic,I renew my love letters and romantic Egyptian rigid grams, longingletters,Love Letters bold new, Msjat farewell or parting mobile p,Longing sad and beautiful words of love letters long sadThe parting beloved expressive guardian of great impact and effect,strong long love lettersLike a paper dove Zajel man, love letters expressing effusiveemotional feelingsThe delicate romantic feelings,Matnsac Filantin day at 12, followed by first love letters to markthe feast of love,The program also contains hundreds of messages carefully selectedto suit all ages and tastes,You may also through the program to send these messages to the oneyou loveMsjat love feast for Facebook, Twitter Msjat love for thefestival,Rasayel Feast of Love Blackberry, Rasayel Feast of Love WattsAugust, If you like the program does not forget the evaluation of oursupporthappy valentine day
Valentines day SMS Love 1.0
Valentines day SMS Love is a collection ofLove and Romantic SMS specially designed for your valentine/lover.Just click and send SMS from a collection of 100's of them.Valentines week is around the corner. It is a special time ofthe year for exchanging heartfelt greetings of love and affectionwith each other. Valentines week is geared up with the veryromantic rose day on February 7, Tuesday. So Make this Valentineweek memorable for your beloved ones. Declare your love to theworld through this Valentine's Messages and find the all romanticand funny Valentines SMS from Rose day to Break-UP day.In this app you will get Love SMS with categories. You willget-- Love Quotes for Friends- Love SMS for Husband- Love SMS for Wife- Love SMS for Girlfriend- Love SMS for Boyfriend- Love Quotes for Sister- Love SMS for Brothers- Love Quotes for FriendshipHope this app will be beneficial for you and please don't forgetto review this app and suggest me if anything I need to add at thenext update.
Valentine Photo Frames 1.0
Delivered with Love Valentine Frame A means ofexpressing your love towards someone special with a beautifulframe. With crisp HD add elegance to adds chic crystal tunablebeautiful rainbow to frame your Valentine ready for the special dayof love. We offer to you Can be downloaded for free and can be usedeasily.Happy Valentine Day!! Decorate your photos with these incrediblevalentine frames, choose a photo from the gallery or take a photowith the camera, then apply the frame that you like and you cansave the photo, share with friends or upload to social networksFacebook, Twitter , email etc ...With Valentine's Day Photo Frames Maker, you can add romanticframes to your favorite photos with your couple, any picture willbe perfect!Create beautiful and fun photos with multiple love framesavailable, hearts, Cupid images and more to create easily abeautiful love postcard!Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy,gifts or flowers with their special 'valentine'. This year it'stime for a change, it's time to do something new. Download❤Valentine Photo Frames❤ and create truly valentine romantic photosto surprise your beloved person love!Forget about common"Valentine's Day" gifts which are flowers chocolates, candy,lingerie and champagne or sparkling wine you can now put all ofthem on your photos and create lovely and love romanticatmosphere.Beautiful Frame Relish for couples with Frame Frame love andalso give you the same time. Let love be full time. Mobileapplications can be easily used. And can be downloaded for free. Onspecial occasions such as Valentine Day Wedding Photo Festival,because we have a wide selection of many Frames and color of thevalentine image is sharp in HD ever.This is a totally trusted and free app for everyone!Let's make unforgettable valentine photos for your comingValentine 2016/ Happy Valentine Day Photo Frames The best beautiful HD lovephoto frames, Romantic valentine Photo Frame for android phones andtablets. Use this Love and romantic Photo frames to createValentines Day Cards/ Create nice Love photos with Love Valentine Photo Frames, andmore to create easily a beautiful love postcard. The most beautifulphoto frames for your Valentine 2016 With Valentine's Day PhotoFrames, you can add Love romantic frames to your favorite photoswith your couple. Make your Love Romantic Images with Forever LovePhoto Frames. Romantic Lover Photo Frames is free professional lovephoto frames HD application for android.Happy Valentine's Day Photo Frames you can:♡ Choose Valentine's Day Greetings HD, Valentine Photo Frame 2016which you like.♡ Select your Love Romantic Images from the gallery or selfiephotos using the mobile's camera.♡ HD Quality Love & Romantic Photo Frames, Valentines Dayframes with beautiful colors.Valentine's Day Photo Frames 2016Valentine Day Photo Frame is the collection of love frames for allthe romantic photos. This app is specially designed for all thelove birds who do not want to miss any chance to make it memorable.In addition it helps lovers to save and share the lovable momentsby adding lovely frames with their partners over all the socialsites.These valentine frames are best suits to your honeymoon,Valentine's Day, ceremony & anniversaries.❤Valentine Photo Frames❤ is lovely app for decorating pictures.Are you looking foreword for Valentine's Day? Do you need someideas to surprise your other half? "Valentine Photo Frames" is anamazing photo editing tool for decorating pictures. These romanticphoto frames will beautify your love pics. You should downloadpicture framing editor and celebrate Saint Valentine with cute andromantic frames inspired with love. Forget about flowers, redroses, chocolates and other candies, teddy bears, toy hearts,sparkling wine, perfumes and also jewelry. Romantic pic is all youneed to make your darling happy for this special day.
Skateboard Rat Jump & Run 1.0
Skateboard Rat Jump & Run!The rat would like to collect more Coins. But there are manyhindrances; lock, toadstool, etc. Please help the cute Rat byrunning and jumping.This wonderful rat takes you on adventures through running andjumping with a skateboard.How to play:the Jumping Runner Rat needs to eat only Cheese to Survive andavoid obstacles such as rocks and trees that prevent Jumping runnerRat from eating his Cheese.You can challenge your friends and all other players worldwide.Quickly jump over and crouch through obstacles, as fast and as faras you can. Try to beat other players highscore and unlock allachievements.Play the most EXCITING RUNNER game on the Play Store.Skateboard Rat Jump and Run is a fun game full of collecting.It's more challenging and funner than it looks!Rat Jump and Run needs to collect Chesses by Running andJumping.Skateboard Rat Jump & Run game with very fast pacedgameplay. If you like games like Line Runner, subway surfers, sonicdash, minon rush or Stickman you will love Skeleton Run.Skateboard Rat Jump & Run is an adventure game where youhave to help a Rat who likes to jump on his mission! A free gamedesigned for all ages, play with your parents and friends to thisfun action game. We assure you that is the best application you'llfind free games, no matter how you look!.To prevent hunger, the Super Rat needs to eat Chesses in orderto survive. Please help the cute bird by running and jumping acrossthe level. Super Pig Run like to eat love but you have to overcomemany obstacles like mushroom, rocks and trees that prevent SuperPig Run from eating his loves. If you begin to play it, you will beaddicted to it and fully immersed into the game environment. It'smore challenging and fun than it seems!Features:- JUMP to avoid blocks- Eat Chesses.- RACE as fast as possible!- Very EASY CONTROLS- 105 different Levels- Clean and colorful graphics- Smooth user interface- Phone and Tablet support- Music and sound effects- Play for all ages- Game is free, no purchase required.- This is a very enjoyable game!!"This game is so fun and addictive if you are having a bad dayyou should play this"""This game is great!""This truly is fun and entertaining, game of the year"Download this game now, it's free!!This game is suitable for everyone : children, men and women ofall ages .Install and play this new game FREE - Skateboard Rat Jump andRun on Android now!COMPATIBLE with all Android mobile devices 2.2 and higher .If you have any suggestions to improve the game experience , ifyou please - please send us an email , and if you have any problemsduring installation.Easy controls - simply tap the screen for a Rat jumpCollect as many gold coins as you can. Can you get more coins thanyour friends?Cool graphics along with an awesome cartoon style Rat characterEnjoy playing
Color Wheel Jump 1.0
SMASH THE CIRCLEBounce into casual fun and sharpen your finger's reflexes. Go on acolor switching trip and step into the flat geometric sphere ofArmor and break the spinning color wheels.How to play:Tap on the screen to shoot balls switch that rush into the rotatingcircle and boom through the wheel's armor. Your goal is to hit theprotected dot in the middle and blow the circles' spinning defenseinto tiny cubes. Your balls dash across the screen from down to thecenter in a straight line right into the target's radius.Some circle's glass bricks are smashable, while others block yourpath. Sometimes they also switch their rotation to the other side.Don't touch the wrong colored glass tiles and and pop the dots inthe orbit's center.Tap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball willswitch color with some powerups.You must follow the color pattern on each obstacle to cross it!The game is simple on the surface- tap to keep a ball switchbouncing in the air and match its color to an obstacle in order topass through it. Pass through as many obstacles as you can beforecrashing into a different color than your ball. The challenge ofthe game is that the obstacles are moving and the ball is changingcolor. Over time, the obstacles become more complex utilizingdifferent speeds, shapes and areas of switch color. And as we'vecome to expect from these types of high score chasers, though thegameplay may be simple, it is equally wheel addictive.Tap the colored ball through rotating colors and shapes. Avoidopposite colors and reach new levels.Color Pong is a ping pong game with a colored circle and arandom color ball switch . Rotate the wheel to match the colors ofthe bouncing ball.CRAZY CIRCLE WHEEL - Crazy Wheel is a free game with a colorcircle or color wheel and a finger.Simple gameplay: Tap your screen to match the dot with the correctcolor!Seems easy, right?Be careful not to become addicted. You have been warned.Crazy Circle Wheel is a colorful game. Crush the dot to matchthe correct color wheel. Simply gameplay like dial ball in ColorWheel Jump game! The dot will switch color each move, so please tapright!Test your brain's reflexes by matching the dot with the correctcolor. Challenge your friends in an exciting match of Crazy ColorWheel.Your job is combining your brain and your finger to matching thefinger with the true color. That is so easy at the first time butIt will make you crazy quickly when finger speed up so It alsocalled Crazy Wheel.Let's go and make small circle match the right color! Crazy gamewith color, so fast and so fun!Be careful not to pass through the wrong color, or you'll have tostart again, again and again!With that all features, we so proud to bring you Crazy Wheel toAndroid, simply tap the screen to match the dial with the correctcolor.EASY TO PLAY HARD TO MASTER!WILL INCREASE YOUR REACTION TIME AND BRAIIN SKILLS!SIMPLY SO ADDICTING YOU WONT WANT TO PUT CRAZY CIRCLE WHEELDOWN!Want to do some thing in bus, in waiting time? Well here it is!Compete with the world on the leaderboards, Challenge your familyand friends to beat your high score. Good luck and go have fun!Again, all we have to do is just tap the screen to match the dotwith the correct color. Your ball will switch color!It Color Wheel Color Switch- a Crazy Wheel!Try to control the finger point to true color on color wheel,and show us how far can you go!Color Switch - Free GameTap the ball carefully through each obstacle and your ball willswitch color with some powerups! The ball will switch colors whenpassing through the Color Switcher. Jump into the wrong Color andyou'll have to start over. Very Addictive Color Switch Neongame!New Patterns Added DailySMASH THE CIRCLEBounce into casual fun and sharpen your finger's reflexes. Go on acolor switching trip and step into the flat geometric sphere ofArmor and break the spinning color wheels.
Happy Birthday Stickers 1.0
Hey you, is it your friends birthdaysoon?If so, amaze him or her creating a virtual birthday party withthese stickers. Create the ideal happy birthday party with just afew clicks and a few minutes. It will be super easy.Just select a photo from your mobile gallery or take one in themoment and start to put these stickers to make it funWe have included the birthday stickers specially for yourparty:-Balloons-Cake-Candles-Confetti-Fireworks-Frames with motives-Gifts-Party hats and horns-Numbers for ages-Text wishes-And a text editor with font selector and color selectorEverything you need to make it look like a tough guy, in amatter of minutes.Surprise your friends and family with this happy birthday partymaker really easy to useHow To use1. Get inside the stickers app.2. Select a picture from your gallery or take a picture with yourcamera in the moment3. Check available stickers in the stickers gallery4. Select a sticker and position it in the screen. You can magnify,zoom it and rotate until it gets placed in the right spot5. Select more stickers and repeat until you are happy enough6. You can also write some text, edit it. Select also font size andcolor and zoom it or rotate it7. When you are good enough, save the picture in your phone. Youcan also send it to friends right there.8. And that's it, you are cool enough, use it as many times as youwant for freeBirthday Stickers, send a message to a friend with HappyBirthday Happy Birthday sticker to wear a cute cartoon stick cake,balloons, fireworks and much more to give. Date of Birth Byorganizing and decorating yourself. From a variety of labels foryou to share and enjoy with your friends. With a unique,bright.>> You can use app birthday stickers pictures Free !!!>> You can use app birthday stickers easily!!!.Decorate your birthday photos and make your sweet memoriesunforgettable. Get “Happy Birthday Stickers” free download and usethis photo montage maker to create the best birthday cards. Thisfun sticker photo booth is specially designed for all the boys andgirls who want to embellish the pics with fantastic decorations andmake them look fabulous. Take your candy camera, make some greatinsta pics and start making some great works of pics art.Decorate your party pics with amazing birthday photo frames andemoji stickers! Design free birthday cards out of your last year'sbirthday pics and make fantastic invitations for your party. Playthe best birthday games and have the best photo fun with one of thebest birthday photo collage apps for free.Cool birthday stickers photo editing app!Happy Birthday Stickers free download will make this special dayfor you just perfect! Your birthday pictures will be incrediblewith this picture collage maker! Put on some colorful glasses orhats on your selfie using amazing hat photo montage editor. Be surethat you will have unique and most beautiful pics on socialnetworks when you share them.Fantastic happy birthday photo effects!Download this Happy birthday stickers for Facebook and feel freeshare your photos on all the social networks. You can also get yourfriend's pic and decorate it with these super cute stickers andsend a birthday message. Now when you have this free photo editingsoftware, yo can start with your birthday countdown. Happy birthdayto you!!!★ Happy Birthday Stickers Photo Editor Booth can help you createbeautiful birthday photo cards.★ Its easy to use and no internet connection needed.★ Various birthday stickers was designed which very cute, lovely,friendly.★ Can save and share your wonderful birthday photo to all socialnetwork, Such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp,Google+,Twitter,Line ect.★ Suitable for all generations of users: kids, teenagers, andadults.★ You can turn your selfies into incredible works of birthday photoart.
Age Detector PRANK 1.0
Age Scanner Prank Free is a real prank app, itrandomly determined your age. This is the best free prankapp.Enjoy and fool your friends with this fun joke Age Scanner Prankapp. Make your day happy by laughing after seeing your age.An awesome age scanner prank! using this you can easily Foolyour neighbors and friends and your loving one's into thinking yourphone can determine their age just by keeping their fingerprintusing your Age Scanner Prank Free.How it works:- This app only simulates your age just by scanning yourfingerprint.- Simply Put your finger on the Center of the FingerprintScanner Panel Provided in the App.- Wait for a while when the Xray laser beam scans yourfingerprint.- When analysis is complete, the detector will show out your ageon the same screen, How old you are. .Warning:This is a fake app this only simulates your age (The Age shown isnot real). Use with your family and friends and with your lovingone's for only fun purposes!Age Scanner Prank Free is a real prank app, it randomlydetermined your age. This is the best free prank app.Enjoy and fool your friends with this fun joke Age Scanner Prankapp. Make your day happy by laughing after seeing your age.An awesome age scanner prank! using this you can easily Foolyour neighbors and friends and your loving one's into thinking yourphone can determine their age just by keeping their fingerprintusing your Age Scanner Prank Free.Age Scanner is a free high tech futuristic fingerprint scannerthat attempts to determine how old you are based on your thumbprint scan. Simply place your thumb on the scanning pad, wait forthe scan and calculation to complete, and see what the app thinksyour age is!Fingerprint Age Scanner is a funny prank app, it determines yourage randomly based on your fingerprint the first place Age Scanner prank is a simulated or prank app,This app will simulate the age detection by scanning your face alsofingerprint Prank Application provides you HD display and BloodPressure prank calculations. Remember that your friends do not knowa bit about this prank application. So, you have to do that youwill say that lets calculate your Blood Pressure and put yourfriend’s thumb or finger on scanning area after a period scanningwill complete and at the end fake calculations will be shown onscreen. When they admiring you, you will say in serious mode, thisis a prank. This moment will be laughter, hilarity and memorablefor you. So keep fooling your friends using fingerprint age scannerPrank, of course This app will simulate the age detection byscanning your face additionally This is a prank application toenjoy and cheer, also Easy and friendly UI, HD Graphics, then Itsfree to full time fun.all things Considered Have fun with your friends and Age Scannerprank, ordinarily This app doesn't use any Camera front scan helpedby the fingerprint of your hand, app will simulate scanning yourfingerprint to determinate your age.Fingerprint Age Detector Prank is a simulated app to have fun withyour friends. Enjoy! :)
Automatic voice calls recorder 1.0
Have you ever had an important phone call andneeded to take a memo? Or you had to memorize a phone number orstreet address? You were in a traffic jam while receiving animportant order from a client? Maybe you had to write down ashopping list and forgot something? Or simply wanted to hold on tosome sweet memories and tender words from your soul mate?Automatic Call Recorder offers unique set of features which willallow you to record any call automatically. In addition to that youcan simply shake your device during the call to start recordinginstantly. You can listen to the recorded call at any time in MP3High Audio Quality or sync it with linked Dropbox accountautomatically.Automatic voice calls recorder, record all your calls in a veryeasy way and also allows you to easily manage all your callrecords.Just open the app, The whole conversation will be recordedautomatically.Have you ever had an important phone call and needed to take amemo? Or you had to memorize a phone number or street address? Youwere in a traffic jam while receiving an important order from aclient? Maybe you had to write down a shopping list and forgotsomething? Or simply wanted to hold on to some sweet memories andtender words from your soul mate?Automatic voice calls recorder offers unique set of featureswhich will allow you to record any call automatically.The entire call is recorded and saved on your phone and your phoneonly. Unlike other call recording apps your recordings are areprivate and are not saved on a third party server.Note:- Different phones support different audio source, pleasetry and find which works better for you. usually default AudioSource Mic is supported by most of the phones.Automatic voice calls recorder is a free call recorderapplication. It is one of the best call recorders in the Play Storeand offers tons of features such as:- Easy and user friendly- High quality recording- Enable/Disable call recording- Records all your phone calls- Play/Stop recorded audio by touch on the item- Delete recorded items- Lock recorded items to prevent from auto-cleaning- support mp3,3gpp and mpeg4-Its Free.Record any phone call you want and choose which calls you wantto save. You can set which calls are recorded and which areignored. Listen to the recording, add notes and share it.Integration with Google Drive™ and Dropbox allows calls to be savedand synchronized to the cloud as well.Call Recorder gives you the easiest way to record all your phoneconversations and manage them.1. Record your calls automatically while calling.2. Organize your call records. You can view all your calls withoptions such as list by time, group by names or group bydates.3. You can play back, or save your call to mp3 files on your SDcard.4. It’s FREE!From now on, automatically record your phone calls.Do you still press the record button when you want to record acall?Now, you can do smart recording automatically.What to do when you cannot remember what the other person saidduring a call?Now, you can do smart recording automatically.Does someone not keep their promises made on the phone? Now, youcan do smart recording automatically.Use it when you cannot remember what was said on a call; whenyou want to know exactly what was said; or when you want to hearthe voice of a loved one.Your life will get smarter.
Caller Name Speaker 1.0
Caller Name Speaker - Transform your androiddevice into a personal assistant telling you who is calling.No need to look at the screen to find who is calling, thisCaller Name Speaker app tells you everything when your phone rings& minimizes your efforts to know important calls or SMS withouttouching the phone.Caller Name Speaker is a Phone number or Caller Name Talkerapplication. Caller Name Speaker announces the name or the numberof incoming call or SMS. Caller Name Speaker can also read thecontent of SMS.Caller Name Speaker Features: -★ Easy app settings to enable/disable the functionality.★ Enable or disable this functionality for incoming text messagesas well.★ You will surely like this Caller Name Announcer app.★ Phone Caller Name★ SMS Sender Name & Content★ Hear it all for Free, without the necessity of touching thephone.★ Set the pitch and tone of the calling voice★ Set the message to read before and after the callers name.Caller Name Speaker Make your mobile interact with you when anycall rings ,any message received and it reminds you the particularevent like birthday ,meeting etc.Caller Name Speaker An App that lets you forget to see who iscalling... Just let "Caller Name Speaker" say aloud who is callingyou.Caller Name Speaker The ultimate speaker app for any hands-freeenvironment.The Best and Unique in the category.Running for the Phone when phone rings or SMS tweets is a thingof past.You can enable and disable to speak Caller/Sender Name. This appalso read the sender SMS content. You can change the speech rateand language and much more in settings given in this app.Now Caller Name Speaker allow you to set the Ring Volume and SpeechVolume in this app given in Sound Settings.Caller Name Speaker is simple app, which speaks out aloud nameof caller on incoming call. This app is very helpful in situationswhen Your hands are busy, and You can't touch phone, especiallywhen You driving a car, or Your phone is in other place. Speakerallows to identify who is calling, and speak aloud caller nameusing voice. You can customize speeching, for example you can allowspeaker to talk phrases before and after caller ID, also You canset lot more custom options when speaker is talking. Whith this appYou can easy find out who is calling to You without looking atphone screen.
Anti Theft Phone Alarm 3.0
Keep your hard earned smartphone safe by usingAnti Theft Alarm. If someone tries to unlock your mobile, anyfailed attempt will trigger this app to ring loud siren.Do you usually leave your phone unattended at home or whilecharging it in public places? If you do so, you have to try thisapp. With this alarm you can keep doing it with no worries."Anti Theft Alarm" will keep your phone safe from nosy peopleand burglars. Once you activate the alarm, no one could touch it,because a loud alarm will sound if they move or unplug thephone.Your phone won't be stolen or used without your permissionanymore. You can also use this app to avoid your children to useyour phone without you knowing. Leave your phone anywhere, no onewill dare to touch it!Anti-Theft Alarm makes the phone useless to the thief even if herestarts the phone by removing the battery.Anti-Theft Alarm may also be used to surprise your family andfriends, who like to spy when you're not around the phone.Theft alarm can also be used to prevent your kids and colleaguesfrom accessing your phone without your consent.Do you fear losing your phone?Do your friends misuse your phone (texts, Facebook and emails etc.)when you're not around؟Anti-Theft triggers an alarm when the phone is moved or thecharger is disconnected.Anti-Theft protects your phone battery by preventing it fromover charging (i.e. when you leave the charger connected to thephone all night for charging) and therefore extending the life spanof the battery.At work you may place the phone on your laptop and if someonetries to peek into your laptop, then if they move your phone,immediately an alarm will scare them away.Use Anti-Theft app when you don't want any one getting access toyour phone without your permission.Anti-theft Alarm is the new innovation keeping security of yourphone by setting loud continuous alarm and sending message to thenumber you selected.Ever best and secure anti-theft application for you.Do you want of save your phone from theft? Don't Touch Anti-Theftmakes the smartphone useless to thieve even he restarts the phoneby removing the battery. This app will also surprise your familyand friends, who wants to spy when you are not around your phone.Do you feel fear that someone will access your phone and steal yourpersonal information? Do not worry now we made it impossible forthem by customization of theft alarm and message service. It's thenew customization of sending message to your selected number. Ifyou don't want to give access your phone to kids or other personsthen Anti-Theft Alarm is the best way to solve your problems.Use this app to ensure that nobody touch your cellphone, it willplay an alarm when it happens. The interface is simple to reducethe memory and processor consumption. Prevents stolen or takenwithout permission your phone using the motion sensor (Anti TheftAlarm).The Anti Theft Alarm acts as a motion alarm and protects yourphone by sounding an alarm when someone moves your device orunplugs the charger from the outlet. When the alarm is triggered, aphoto is taken and sent to your email address. Awesome and fun wayto scare your friends, and secure your device at the act of beingtaken by a potential burglar, thief, or anybody intending to useyour phone without your authorization.Catch your friends and sneaky people trying to snoop on yourphone with Anti Theft Alarm! Do your friends hack your Facebookstatus when you leave the room? Does your girlfriend read all yourtexts when you take a shower? With Anti Theft Alarm, thieves andup-to-no-gooders are greeted with a loud car alarm! It is fun wayto catch friends, kids and family members accessing your devicewithout your consent, and, at the same time, prevent your cellphone or tablet from being stolen by a thief or burglar.
Archery Arrow Shooting Free 1.0
This is a bow and arrow game.The game play is to shoot a Target board with bow and arrow andmake a great high score.You can also submit score and compete with the world with ScoreloopHigh Score feature.The physics animation used in this game is very detailed andaccurate.Download and play this game, you will enjoy it very much.It is Kiip enabled, Get real rewards for making High score.Enjoy the most realistic Archery Shooter game with control. Shootarrows at the target and become archery master by clearing all thelevels. Get ready for the intense challenges, have control onarchery shooter simulation and become the master of archery game.This is not a simple archery game with the set of various distanceand task to complete. The archery game need loads of patience,accurate aiming at target and firm arrow shooting. Can you becomethe best archery shooter or bowman of this decade? Or Just let itgo? Make the choice wisely as you must be experiencing the mostrealistic archery simulation game of all time with excellent gameplay.The Archery Tournament challenge is the hottest and mostrealistic archery simulation game for you.Archery tournament delivers an amazing realistic physics experiencethat features stunning 3D graphics, awesome animations and simpleintuitive controls.An amazing Bow and Arrow game to make you thrill.Shoot arrows at targets generally set a various distance to earncoins for new bows,arrows and upgrades.Free archery game for mobile phone.archery best to satisfy you, bow, archer gamePrecise control and realistic graphics recreate an archery.Various advanced powerful bow items and get high score!Please to challenge the world champion put out the bestrecord!Addictive archer championEntertaining archer championYou do not miss the the ArcherChampion game If you like shooting,shooter, bow, gun game.Please experience the fun archery, archer Hunting mode in morerealisticLet's raise the bow that has been added, the highest scorebow, arrow, champion ,archery, shoot, archer,arrow,bows,Archery expert is a bow and arrow game where your goal is toshoot a target board and make a great score.This simple andaddictive game improve your shooting skills and increaseconcentration.Pull the string of your bow, aim towards the targetand release your finger to fire the arrow.You can get bonus arrowon completion of target.This is an interesting and fun to play,improve your shooting skills to become a great archer.Farm Archery is a very addictive archery shooting game!The goal is simple, take your bow and arrows to finish your finaltarget!Discover this completely free archery game with tournament mode,great performance, small install size, and amazing features!Intuitive controls, realistic physics, multiple archerylocations and play modes make this one of the best Archery games onmobile.Core Archery introduces an intuitive single touch gesture tosimulate the drawing, aiming and anchoring of the drawing arm. Itappears as easy and simple at first, but the depth is revealed asyou progress to longer distances.For consistent good scores you need to practice your drawing,aiming and release technique. Precision and focus is the key tosuccess in this game. Failed technique will lead to unalignedposture and you'll be surprised where the arrow flies after therelease!Rule of game is very simple:Shoot the arrow to the center of the target. More closer you hit,more scores you get. Each time you hit right to the middle of thetarget, you get a bonus arrows.A bow and arrows game, archery game puts your in the shoes ofthe best archer in the world.Pull the strings of your bow, aim towards the target, and let yourarrow fly as a legendary archer like you only knows!Can you aim and fire the arrow towards the bull's eye and scorethe maximum for each shot?
Ball Crush 1.0
Ball Crush is a matching game where you mustswipe to match three balls of the same type to remove them. Makemaximum number of crushes for a two minutes. Enjoy!sports balls crush is a very interesting game on Android.Tap on two or more adjacent sports balls to destroy them.Free Ballls crush is simple mind game wich you to line 3 sameitems (footballs, baseballs , basketballs) and try to gain bestscore only in two minutes.Free Ballls crush made to all aged people from kids to alderpeople with it's simple design and fun soundsDownload Free Ballls crush and enjoy free brain playBalls Game Crush is a funny and simple game that will pleasureyou, all you need is to match three tips of balls and you gotpoints for that you have a full two minutes to chow if you can beatyou own recordballs game crush is a three-matching game and itś the best suitabletime killer game for you and your children.because it's clean it's the right game for all ageyou can also use balls game crusher app to distract from yourchildren through playing our appballs game crusher is also a game to test the player'sreflexes.This app is very easy to play, you can make combination of atleast three balls to make them crushEasy to play, easy to use make fun.Swipe to make crush balls, more balls you eliminated, more scoreyou will get and game have many levels.Every level have time to make quick crush if it goes time out gameover.This exciting Balls Game Crush is similar to the famous CandyCrush or BeJeweled.Cartoon Crush is another classic Match-3 game launch on AndroidMarket.How to play:Crush and kill to end the saga of these cartoon charactersinstead of candy or jewel.1: Match 3 or more identical cartoon characters.2: Match the character until the board transparency,the characterwill appear.3: Make the Cartoons down to last line to pass the level.Feature# classic balls-matching game with many new excitingfeatures;#brand new and amazing zuma-style balls;#Attractive balls and Special efficiency;# balls crash capability;# Amazing HD High quality graphics;match 3 balls is a very addictive and most interestingmatch-three casual game .make a score by matching three or moreidentical balls.Ball Breaker Game is a hyper-addictive match 3 game for sportsfansSwitch and match the different types of balls as quickly aspossible and score the game winning points!This game is a smash hit with breaking balls!Fun and easy to pick up, but a rewarding challenge to master!Do you love football, baseball, basketball, soccer & tennis,then this game is for you!
Baby Photo Frames 1.0
"Baby Photo Frames" is best free applicationwith dream, school, cartoon photo frames for baby and kids, with asimple interface and easy to use, it will create wonderful babyphoto with high definitionEasy to use and quickly save and share..provides effects and design professional will give you the bestbaby photo collage for baby and kidsit is suitable for anyone? "Baby Photo Frames" is suitable foreveryone, especially for baby and kids want to create wonderfulbaby photo frames from their photoWith Baby Photo Frames, you can create amazing photo montageswith your favorite photos.Any picture will be perfect for such a great or romantic!Create beautiful and funny pictures with multiple templates,flowers, cartoons and more!Take a photo with your camera while you see the frame, so thatthe picture comes out perfect.Send the photo to your friends and family from within theapplication through email, whatsapp, line, skype, pinterest,facebook, twitter, flickr, etc.You can also set the picture as wallpaper on your phone.With "Baby Photo Frames", you can:★ Select one or more photos from the gallery or take a photo usingthe phone's camera.★ Wide range of styles and different templates and frames for anypicture.★ scale, zoom and move your gallery picture for a perfect fitwithin the template.★ crop the picture to have a better fit.★ navigate through your image gallery.★ HD quality templates with vivid colors.★ share your creation via whatsapp, instagram, facebook, twitter,flickr, picasa, skype and other social networks.★ No internet connection needed.
Flowers Photo Frames 1.0
✿ Flowers Photo Frames ✿ is the most romanticphoto editing app for your mobile. Wide section of floral framesfor your pictures! Download “Flowers Photo Frames” as soon aspossible and make someone smile. Put beautiful fresh flowers aroundyour photos and surprise your dearest person. Gorgeous flowersframes are perfect for birthdays, weddings and other specialoccasions.Select photo from your phone gallery or take photo by using thecamera.Zoom, rotate, scale and crop images to fit the frame.Save your framed photos to phone gallery.Share on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.Unlimited number of styles and different frames for anyphoto.Colorful and high quality HD picture frames.Turn your lovely photos into beautiful pictures by adding flowerframes and flower effects! Perfect flower vintage photo frames arethe best possible way to decorate your pictures! With ✿ FlowersPhoto Frames ✿ convert any image into an unforgettable memory withmany flower frames specially designed for you. Share with yourfriends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and enjoybeautiful pic frames on your phone!With ✿ Flowers Photo Frames ✿ app, you can now create wonderfuland charming photos by adding beautiful flower frames. This freephoto editor offers you all kinds of frames! Put your picture insquare frames, polygon frames, circle frames, heart frames, starframes and more “photo frames” of different sizes and shapes. Photoframes are designed for all users who like photo editing. You canalso apply cool “photo filters”. Capture a new image with yourcamera and apply a cool photo frame or photo effect!This beautiful high resolution ✿ Flowers Photo Frames ✿ willcover your photos with beautiful colorful flowers! Get one of thebest photo editing apps for Android™ device and start free pictureediting! Awesome free photo editor is waiting for you. Beautifyyour selfies and profile pictures! Pic frame app allows you tocreate amazing art using your photos, stickers, text and frames.Just select your favorite photos and get an awesome “photo frame”for your new Samsung Galaxy phone. Download image editing software✿ Flowers Photo Frames ✿ and use free photo frames.A photo is worth a thousand words and a stylish picture frameonly adds to that value. With all sizes, shapes and styles of“picture frames”, Look no further for the best options. PhotoFrames are a wonderful way to bring your treasured photos to lifeat the best quality resolutions. Whatever you choose from ourstunning photo frames, vintage picture frames, or any frames inbetween, you can be sure that your precious memories will be evenmore beautiful! Just select a photo effect template, upload yourpicture, edit the photo and enjoy the cool image result!Romantic photos of you and your beloved ones look much betterwith flowers around them. We have a lot of them among our freephoto frames. It doesn't matter which occasion you have for thepicture, it's sure that we have what you need. Just use ✿ FlowersPhoto Frames ✿ to add photo frames to your pictures and see howgreat they become. Our collection will satisfy just literally anytaste! Download ✿ Flowers Photo Frames ✿ for the biggest photoframe collection you can find! Love it? Frame it!
True Or False 1.7
True or False is fun game to testyourwitsChallenge yourself in single player or play with your friendinmultiplayerDecide whether the statements are true or false. But thinkfast,it's against the clock! Astounding facts on a whole rangeoftopics. Try out your general knowledge and test your wits!Butwatch out, tricky false statements are mixed in withtruefacts.1000'S OF INTERESTING FACTS – BUT ARE THEY TRUE OR FALSE?Put your knowledge to the test! Be it geography, science,film,music, sport or any of the many other topics.GUESS YOUR WAY THROUGH ALL THE LEVELS!Countless levels in single-player mode mean the fun never ends –andyou'll definitely learn something new along the way!EXCITING KNOWLEDGE DUELS IN SPLIT-SCREEN MODE!Challenge your friends! Two players can battle against each otheronthe same device.NO REGISTRATION NECESSARY, NO COMPLICATED RULES!Just go for it and have fun! :-)★ TRUE | FALSE ★You want to know a lot of facts that you did not know before? Doyoubelieve in the statement or doubt? True or false? Test yourselfonwhat you can do, begin an intellectual duel!TRUE or FALSE game is surprisingly simple and veryaddictive.This is a game where you have to guess whether thestatement istrue or not. No need to read boring instructions in thegame justtwo buttons, 20 seconds and a few lives. In the game therewere alot of different facts, mysteries and paradoxes from aroundtheworld. Throughout the game you will be presented with a varietyoflevels that need to go step by step. The game is also suitableforchildren, teaching in the form of the game allows you to developanabstract and logical thinking - this is a very effective waytodevelop logical thinking in the form of a puzzle game.If you like scrabble or even crosswords and word games,you'llenjoy this fantastic brain teaser.True or False is a brain teasing trivia quiz game. In thisgame,you need to decide whether the statements are true or false.Thereare many different categories of questions and severalinterestingand challenging game modes for 1-4 players. You canalways choosethe right quiz mode for you! Test your brain rightnow!The True or False quiz game features a few differentgamemodes.True or False can also be very helpful for the education ofyourchildren.True or False is without a doubt one of the best intellectualandfun trivia games on the market.♥TRUE or FALSE♥? Find out by playing! Lots of cool and funfactsabout various topics and general knowledge questions are heretotickle your mind and offer you never ending fun – all availableina top free app - TRUE OR FALSE GAME! Test your witswithinteresting facts and enjoy this awesome quiz test!✱➤Answer with 'true or false' to numerous questions fromsevencategories: urban culture, movie questions, animal facts,sportsinfo, geography data, popular series and random factsaboutanything;➤Think fast – your time is running out (but you can buy some ifyouhave enough coins);➤Test your knowledge by playing this free trivia game and learnsomeinteresting things along the way!You're looking for a quick and easy general knowledge quizwithquestions and answers to while away a long day toentertainyourself and learn something new? You think you know a lotaboutpop culture, sports, geography, animals? Your fields ofinterestinclude movies and series? If yes, this free trivia quizissomething you must download! ♥TRUE OR FALSE GAME♥ is thebestcollection of fun quiz questions for kids, teenagers or adults–absolute fun guaranteed for everyone!Playing this single player game is pretty simple: all you havetodo is answer "true or false" questions as soon as possiblebecausethe clock is ticking (you have eight seconds for eachquestion).Pass all questions from two categories to unlock thethird one; whenyou finish it, you can move to the nextcategory.
Zombie Run 1.0
Zombie Run - an exciting runner which won'tletyou get bored. The main hero of this fascinating game is hismajesty- the zombie, which was betrayed and banished from thekingdom ofthe dead. The only chance to get back to hell is coinswhich are onhis way. Our main hero needs to collect as many coinsas possible.This is the only currency he can exchange at the guardof darknesswho will let him return to his position in the kingdom.Run as fastas possible! Avoid obstacles, collect coins and enjoythe dynamicsof the game!Zombie Run : Jungle Adventure is a top of the line endlessrunnerjump game with an addictive gameplay. As the brain eatingzombie youwill climb out of your grave and run into the jungle.You must runjump as possible otherwise the humans will attackyou!Collect skulls on your way so you can unlock bigger andbetterzombies for your next run.Its time to stop being afraid and start preparing for thezombieApocalypse!Dash as fast as you can! Dodge the incoming zombies! Zombierun& jump is the most exhilarating and #1 stylish infiniterunneron Google Play.With crisp swipe controls, completely unpredictable courses,andan incredible sense of speed, Zombie run & jump ranks amongthebest the season has to offer. Play as a little boy or girl asyoudash, jump and spin your way across stunning environments inorderto get rid of the walking dead. You can not only dodge thezombiesbut also eliminate them using tiny knife!Arcade runner jump, our hero is horrible and nasty Zombiesthatjust got out of the grave, but he didn't need brains andhumanflesh, he need only emeralds, very many emeralds!Are you guys ready to join Freaky in his fight against thenastyghosts? Then get zombie racing with him now!In Jump Zombie you play as Freaky the zombie in a neverendingrun, jump and slide game. The game features manyachievements,unlockables, themes, characters and high-scores. Ifyou likerunning games then this zombie game is gonna be a blast toplay. Sowhat are you waiting for? Grab your phones and get in onthe actionnow!Zombie Run is a really addictive game. Simple control withnocomplicated rules. You just have to tilt the device to move leftorright. Keep jumping as high as you can. Pick up power-ups, theycanhelp the zombie getting higher! Don't let the zombie bumptheobstacles or fall, it's game over.What are you waiting for? Let's start zombie run thehighestscore!Super Zombie run is an exciting game where you can helpthezombie run through the ledges and feed it some delicioushumanbrain.The zombie run has to avoid fires so that it won'tgetburned.
Billboard Photo Frames 1.0
Become a star and impress your friends!Select your photo and place it on the billboards of themostemblematic places. Just choose your favorite picture andthedesired frame to create in seconds a original souvenir.With "Billboard Photo Frames", you can:★ Select a photo gallery or capture it with yourcameraphone.★ Wide range of styles and different frames for any picture.★ Multiple frames high definition ads.★ Share your creations via WhatsApp, Line, Facebook, Twitter,emailand other social networks.★ Easy to use: your photo composition in 2 steps!★ No internet connection is required.Perform amazing photo billboards, storefronts, marqueesandposters frames with a big variety of options at yourdisposal.You can get a photo, or retrieve any image from yourgallery(gallery phone, dropbox, whatsapp, picassa or any tool youhave onyour device). so that you can reach a professional photomontage.The photos you recover from your gallery are able to move,rotate,zoom, etc. so you can fit it perfectly with yourchosenphotomontage.Choose any of the availables 10 billboards, storefronts,marqueesand posters frames and make great collages using the fullpotentialof this application.Make as many pictures as you want, send it or share it withyourfriends through any of the available options (email, WhatsApp,etc-.). Fun and funny photo montages. Share your results withanyoneyou like. Create collages using predefined montages and beasoriginal as you want to be. The result is in your hands.Now decorate your pictures with high quality frames, whichmakesyou feel that your photos are hung up on the hoardings :)This app lets you add Hoarding frames to your favoritespicturesfrom gallery or take it from your camera.
قصص قبل النوم للأطفال 1.0
الأطفال هم مهج القلوب، وفلذات الكبد، فرحنامنفرحهم، وحزننا من حزنهم، نسعى دوماً أن نراهم سعداء، ونقوم دائماًفيتحقيق رغباتهم وطلباتهم، ضحكاتهم تملأ علينا دنيتنا، وأحاديثهمتبعثفينا السرور، وعند ذهابنا بهم إلى السرير للنوم، يطلبوا منا أننقصعليهم قصة ما قبل النوم ؛ ولهذا فإننا سنقدم لكم في هذا التطبيقحكايةممتعة وشيقة، ويحبها الصغار كثيراً، والتي تناسب سنهم وعمرهم.ويحبّالأطفال النوم على صوت والدتهم أو والدهم يقرؤون لهم بعضالقصصأو يدندنون لهم بعض أغانيهم المفضلة، وسنعرض لكم الكثير منالقصصالممتعة نتمنا أن تعجبكم وتكون مفيدة لاطفالكم ونتمنا للاطفالنوماهادئاً ملييء بالاحلام السعيدة وتصبحون ع الف خيريحتوي تطبيق قصص قبل النوم للأطفال على مجموعة من القصصالمفيدةندكر منها- قصة القطة المتحيرة- قصة علي بابا والأربعين حرامي- قصة الزرافة زوزو- قصة ليلى و الذئب- قصّة الذّئب ومالك الحزين- قصة الدقة و الشطة- الاميرة و زوجة الصياد- قصة بياض الثلج و الاقزام السبعة- قصة شجرة التفاح- قصة الغراب و الثعلب المكار- صانع الاختام و العشرون درهمقصص قبل النوم للأطفال يحتوي على مئات القصص التي يقصها الأهلاوالأجداد سابقا قبل النوم , حيث نعلم انه في ثراثنا القديميجتمعالأبناء حول الجد او الجدة لرواية القصص حتى ان ينامالأطفالالصغار.قم بتقيم التطبيق الآن حتى تساعدنا في تطويره نحو الأفضل . لنيأخذالأمر منك سوى دقيقةقصص قبل النوم للأطفال هو تطبيق عربي خاص للأطفال يتوفر علىمجموعةمن قصص قبل النوم و حكايات لفائدة اطفال صغار من اجل الاستفادةكماانه يتوفر على قصص روعة يمكن تصفحها بدون أنترنتفهذا التطبيق يحتوي على مجموعة من القصص المضحكة والمسلية في نفسالوقتتساعدهم على اخد العبر و تساعدهم على النوم كذلكتجد داخل تطبيق قصص اطفال روعة بدون انترنتChildren are Mahjhearts,and their loved liver, joy of joy, and sorrow of grief, weseekalways to see them happy, always and we are in achievingtheirdesires and demands, laughter fill Dnitna, and conversationsgivesus pleasure, and when their we went to bed to sleep, ask ustoshortage them a bedtime story; so we will give you inthisapplication tale fun and interesting, and very much loved byyoung,and that suit their age and age. Children and likes to sleepto thesound of their mother or their father read them somestoriesOr Adandanon them some their favorite songs, and we'll show youalot of interesting stories. We hope that appeal to you andbeuseful for your children and for children. We hope Numa quietMlaehappy dreams, and you become the best p thousandIt contains application before bedtime stories to children onarange of useful stories Ndkr them- Story bewildered Cat- The story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves- The story of the giraffe Zuzu- The story of Leila and the Wolf- Wolf and Heron story- The story of accuracy and chilli- Princess and wife fisherman- The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs- The story of an apple tree- The story of the crow and fox McCartney- Seals maker and twenty dirhamsBedtime Stories for children contain hundreds of stories wetellparents or grandparents before going to sleep earlier, whereweknow that in the old Tratna meet children about Grandma orGrandpato tell stories so that the young children slept.Then evaluates the application now even help us develop itforthe better. I will not take you only a minuteBedtime Stories for Children is the Arabic applicationforChildren is available on a range of bedtime stories and fairytalesfor small children in order to benefit as it is available onthesplendor of the stories can be browsed without InternetThis application contains a collection of funny storiesandentertaining at the same time help them discernible lessonsandhelp them sleep wellChildren find inside the application splendor storieswithoutInternet
Winter Photo Frames 1.0
Feel the magic of winter! Downloadbeautifulphoto frames with winter theme and embellish your holidayphotosand selfies the way you have always wanted. “Winter PhotoFrames”is the best photo editing software for you. Don't wait toolong,these pic frame effects are going to make your winter imageslovelyso you will never forget the beautiful moments fromyourpast.Deluxe photo editor app features:❅ Select a photo or a selfie from the gallery of your phoneanduse this luxury photo wrap to decorate it!❅ Capture a new image with your camera and apply a cool photoframeto it!❅ Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fitthewinter frame as you like!❅ Choose from fifteen amazing landscape frames in differentshapesand colors and try them all out!❅ Winter Photo Frame app supports all screen resolutions ofmobileand tablet devices.❅ Save your new picture and share it instantly on socialnetworkslike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!❅ Get this natural photo frames app and you'll have themostbeautiful pictures!Prepare for the winter season! Photofunia is here withtheseinsta nature frames and all the photo and selfie addicts arecrazyabout them. This photo montage maker consists of many amazingphotoframes with nature theme. There is something for everyone. Forallthe nature lovers, there are special snow photo frames thatwillmake all the pics and selfies fresh and new. Landscapepictureframes with amazing nature scenery will refresh your oldphotos andmake them look like they are new.Don't even try to resist this photo mania! Your new luxuryphotowrap will make your winter the best ever and you will alwaysfeelwonderful whenever you look at your pics! Take winter picframesand remember the days when you had a lot of fun. Landscapeandscenery pic frames are here to make you feel like you are onaholiday and remember the best moments from this winter season.Take a winter picture frame for the pics with yourfriendsplaying in snow and make a real photo art. Take a photo withasnowman you have just made, wrap it up in the amazing snowframeand share it on social networks. With these “insta pic frames”youwill always have so many likes that you will become more andmorepopular every day. You will be so proud with these snow globephotoframes that you will never leave any of your photos withoutthiswinter decoration.If winter is your favorite season, wrapping photos withwinterpic frames can be so fun whenever you want to personalizeyourpics! You can edit all the pictures you have with yourSamsungGalaxy phone or tablet and make them unique. Don't wait toolong,download now your “Winter Photo Frames” for Android™ anddecorateyour photos the way you like. This insta camera app is hereforyou. Have fun!
2048 - Girls Edition 2
Tired of playing 2048 in boringstandardcolors? Try out this beautiful Girl Edition and try toreach the2048tile!Very addictive game which never gets boring!Try to reach the 2048 tiles by pushing together two similartiles.When two similar tiles are pushed together, the values ofthem areadded up and a new tile with this value is created of them.Onevery move a new tile with the value two or four appears atarandom place.HOW TO PLAY:Swipe (Up, Down, Left, Right) to move the tiles. When two tileswiththe same number touch, they merge into one. When 2048 tileiscreated, the player wins!2 → 4 → 8 → 16 → 32 → 64 → 128 → 256 → 512 → 1024 → 2048Your feedback is important for us, we want to offer you thebest2048 game!+ Awesome design+Simple gameplay+ Relaxing colorsFun and addictive word of tile mobile version of 2048 gameandmost perfect original 2048 number puzzle game for Android!The 2048 app is a fun, addictive and a very simple puzzlegame.Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!2048 Puzzle Game, simple and very addictive game. This versionof2048 game supports most of android devices. Join the numbersandget to the 2048 tile, this is what you have to do. But it isnotthe limit, you can do more after reaching 2048 in a tile. Tinyappavailable for 2048 game and it is very similar to original2048game.Game is a free addicted gift for these who love NumberPuzzleGame and conceptually similar to Threes. You can make EndlessComboto 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536 and so on.Andthis is a game with math brain puzzles merge matching cellofnumbers. No special math skills are required!Move the tiles from top to bottom or from bottom to top andfromleft to right or vice versa. When two tiles containing thesamenumber touch, they merge becoming one single tile. The numbersareadded up automatically. When a tile is created with 2048,you'vewon!When you hit 2048, the party is just getting started!Keepgoing!The best 2048 number puzzle game optimized for Android.Superfast performance and super fun.2048 game - a simple logically, but difficult to passpuzzlerepresenting a something between "Fifteen" and the game "Fivein arow". Help you relax and have fun.
Mecca Qibla Compass Direction 2.1.2
Qibla Compass or Qibla Direction Finder isaSmart Phone app that helps you find the exact andaccuratedirection of Qibla ( Kaaba , Mecca ) at yourlocation.Dont worry about your salat if you are in the wild desertsorsahara? or Forests of Africa? or Shining city of New York?JustSelect your location and we will give you qibladirection.Beside Qibla Direction we also calculate the distance from Meccaandangle at your location.You Can Select your location either from database or let thedeviceautomatically Detect your locationThe Qiblah in Makkah (Mecca) is the direction a Muslim faceswhenpraying. If you are on a remote location and find it difficulttoidentify the Qibla direction to say your prayers, This Appwillautomatically find it based on your current location.QiblahDirection will be based on your current location. It will usebuiltin compass to locate Qiblah.A handy app to know the direction that should be facedduringprayer. It tells you the direction which points towards theKaabain Mecca.If you are at a place where you don't know the direction ofKaabaand you have to offer prayer, use this app to easily findtheQiblah. For example, if you are on a journey and it's the timeforprayer. But you don't know where you should face for praying.Youwill not need to worry if you have got this app. It is becausethisapp is so accurate and easy to use.You will not only need it before praying but alsowhileslaughtering your animal, because the head of that animal isalsoaligned with the Qiblah. Moreover, after death, Muslims areburiedwith their heads turned towards the Qiblah.You don't need to have access to the internet. It just usesgpsto tell you the direction.Please note that this app also uses the magnetometer of yourdevicefor processing. Your device MUST have magnetometer in orderto findthe direction. If your device does not have magnetometer,this appwill just give you the angle of Kaaba with respect to truenorthand your distance from Kaaba. You can then use that angle tofindQiblah.Qibla locator , Qiblah finder application. You can usethisapplication via GPS sensor anywhere in the World. Makkah andKaabafinder.This application uses both google maps method and classiccompassmethod. So it is too easy to solve the Qibla angle withthisapp.In our algortihm we measure also world deviaton. We getlatestdeviation calculation from NOAA National Geophysical DataCenter(NGDC) of US. internet is required calculation.Outside of Europe Middle East Region (EMEA) internetiscompulsory for correct compass calculation due to the deviationofour planet.Muslim prayers may use this compass algortihm with theirandroidphones and tablets. We are working hard to supportalllocation.Using gps sensors it is possible to calculate the correctqiblaangle especially for Europe and Middle East, but outside ofthisplaces are recommended to use google maps algorith or mayusepredefined city records.Qibla Direction shows you the pray direction, the directiontoKaaba in Mecca. It does not need GPS use, it use only theselectedcontinent, country and city from the menu. More than 144countriesand 771 cities are available, you have only to select oneswhereyou are.Most accurate compass and qiblah locator based on teststhroughover 800 thousands user. It uses your last know positiontocalculate qibla direction. You may update your positionbyconnecting to GPS or wifi. Alternatively you can also pickyourcurrent location from database. 3D Pusula holds more than23.000cities and towns in its memory.With Qibla Direction, you don’t need to worry about searchingthedirection of Qibla when you are at a new place or if youmove frequently. With this app you can offer all the fiveprayersin the right direction.Please Rate us and review to make us enable implementingnewfeatures in future thanks.
Women Day SMS And texts 1.0
Women's Day is celebrated on 8th Marcheveryyear, originally this day was dedicated for working women.Sharingwomen's day greetings by sms messages, quotes, emailswithcolleagues for the celebration. We have gathered here women'sdaymessages, women's day wishes, women's day quotes, funny women'sdayjokes, women's day greetings for everyone. Happy Women's Day2016to All :-) keep sharing & keep liking.International Women's Day (IWD) It is a major day ofglobalcelebration for the economic, political and socialachievements ofwomen. International Women's Day became simply anoccasion for mento express their love to the women around them in away somewhatsimilar to Mother's Day and St Valentine's Day mixedtogether solets start to send Women's Day SMS or Women's DayMessages orWomen's Day Wishes to your family and to your belovedones. Allthese Women's Day SMS are collected all over the web andpossiblythe best Women's Day Messages collection.Celebrate Women’s Day by wishing her, greeting her, andmakingher feel how important and special she is. Send her yourwarmestgreetings and wishes and make her Women’s Day bright. Readon andchoose your wishes for this Women’s Day.Are you searching for the most better way to tell That yourloverhow much you loveJust try it out now with An extraordinary Love SMS Messages Ifyouwant to show your love withthe most meaningful messages. Hope that we LoveMessagesLove-Romance is a good tool to expressyour love and happiness always around you.Find the perfect Love SMS Messages to write, text, or say tothatspecial someone or to inspire you. Easily browse love messages.Find messages on how to say I love You by using romanticmessagesand flirty quotes to express your crush. Send Love poem& lovestory to your loves one with full of romance!Share the best romantic sms collection on romance andbeingromanced. Win over your sweetheart with these lovesayings.Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only bytheheart.Loves thoughts about what is love, falling in love feelings andsomewise loving quotes.
Calls Blacklist 1.0
This application both blocks unwanted callsandSMS, and helps manage a blacklist. Easy and lightweight, itdoes notconsume any of your device's battery power. If you arelooking for acall blocker or SMS spam filter, this application iswhat you need.You can either block any number from your contactslist, calls, andmessages logs, or add unwanted number manually.Numbers from theblacklist are blocked quietly and without anysigns of a call.Whatever you do, you will not be distracted byphone calls or SMS.Call Blacklist saves all blocked call and SMSin a journal. Don'tworry, you will never lose any important callor message. Thisapplication also boasts some convenient settingoptions, such as theability to block private numbers, or todisable notifications.Automatically intercept and reject calls and textsfromblacklisted, private or unknown numbersGizmoquip Call Blocker is an easy to use and full featuredcallblocker that has 5 blocking modes to choose fromincludingBlacklist, Whitelist, Contacts Only, Block All, and AcceptAll .Rejected Blocked calls are sent to voicemail.You can easily block annoying calls from people you don’t knoworpeople you know but do not want to talk to. Unwanted incomingcallsare automatically silently sent to voice mail when blocked.Anotification Icon is displayed when a call is blocked so youcanquickly see if any calls have been blocked.One of the very best call blocker apps for AndroidAutomatically intercept calls and texts from private andunknownnumbersStop telemarketers, debt collector and sales people fromwastingyour time.Add Spam Numbers to be blocked directly or with one click fromyourphone call historyAutomatically hangup on or send calls to voice mail.- Block unwanted calls with a Black list- Block Individual numbers from Contacts- Block Individual phone numbers from Android call log- Block Custom phone numbers by range- Block all unknown number (not in your Androidphonecontacts)- Block all calls- Block no callsCall blocker. Calls blocking is now simple and effective!Blacklist Plus is an easy to use call blocker. You can add totheblacklist not only any contact or number from the callsandmessages logs, but also the whole range of any phone numbersthatbegin with certain digits. Any numbers in any format, can beaddedto both the black and the white lists.Blacklist Plus is a powerful call blocker. By using thewhitelistand the various modes of blocking, you will have theopportunity todefine precisely the circle of people who can getaccess to you. Thescheduling option will also let you set thehours you want blockingactivated and will prevent unexpected nightcalls from botheringyou.Blacklist Plus is a perfect call blocker that can instantlyhangup unwanted calls or simply turn off their sound, depending onwhatblock method you have selected. No matter what your choice is,yourphone’s call log will be cleared of all traces of theblockedcalls.All the information regarding blocked calls is saved in theapp’slog. You will be able to make calls without leaving theprogram. Youcan also turn off the calls blocking at any time, byselecting theappropriate block mode.Block call and block SMS blocks unwanted calls & textsandprotects your privacy.This app blocks unwanted SMS and calls from blacklist andalsoprivate numbers which most of time come.Call Blocker blocks unwanted calls and protect your privacy.Nowwith better developed features, you don’t have to worryaboutprivacy leakage. Protect your private info.
ِAutomatic Call Record 1.1.1
Record any phone call you want and choosewhich calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recordedand which are ignored. Listen to the recording, add notes and shareit.Please note that call recording does not work on certain handsetsand can result in inferior quality recordings.If you encounter any recording issues or wish to improve voicequality, try recording from a different audio source, or useauto-on speaker mode.Automatic Call Recorder is an app that lets you automaticallyrecord the contents of calls on your phone and listen to them againany time.Record incoming/outgoing calls easily and listen to them again atany time.Listen again to what your contacts have saidGo over important phone callsRelive forgotten memoriesCover up your mistakesAvoid having to take notes on day-to-day informationListen again to all that's important to you at any time!Call recorder Automatic is a free call recorder application. Itis one of the best call recorders in the Play Store and offers tonsof features .Have you ever had an important phone call and needed to take amemo?Call Recorder Automatic offers unique set of features which willallow you to record any call automatically. You can listen to therecorded call at any time in MP3 High Audio Quality or sync it withlinked Dropbox account automatically.Welcome to Automatic Call Recorder the #1 Call Recorder app onGoogle Play.Have you ever had an important phone call and needed to take amemo? Or you had to memorize a phone number or street address? Youwere in a traffic jam while receiving an important order from aclient? Maybe you had to write down a shopping list and forgotsomething? Or simply wanted to hold on to some sweet memories andtender words from your soul mate?Automatic Call Recorder 2016 it's free now , its like aAutomatic Call Recorder 2015 ProRecord any incoming and outgoing phone call you want and choosewhich calls you want to save. You can set which calls are recordedand which are ignored. Listen to the recording.You can listen to the recorded call at your convenience in MP3High Audio QualityYou can also sync your phone calls with your Dropbox accountautomaticallyIt's difficult to predict if your next call will be important,making it difficult to record these important callsFrom now on, automatically record your phone calls.Do you still press the record button when you want to record acall?Now, you can do smart recording automatically.What to do when you cannot remember what the other person saidduring a call?Now, you can do smart recording automatically.Does someone not keep their promises made on the phone? Now, youcan do smart recording automatically.Use it when you cannot remember what was said on a call; whenyou want to know exactly what was said; or when you want to hearthe voice of a loved one.Auto call recorder allows you to record phone calls while onphone,This automatic Call Recorder is a great Telephone Recording app forandroid,Record any phone call you want, Choose which users orincoming\outgoing phone calls to recordand choose which calls you want to save or share.Auto Call Recorder gives you the easiest way to record all yourphone conversations and manage them.If you are facing any recording issues or wish to improve voicequality, try recording from a different audio source, or usespeaker mode.Recorded calls are automatically stored in recordings folder toan external SD card.The number of saved calls is limited only by memory of yourdevice. If you think that a conversation is important, you canshare it by emailing or any other social platforms like what’s appand more. If not, old recordings will automatically be deleted whennew calls fill up the inbox.Recordings are automatically sorted as well. Please note thatautomatic call recording does not work on certain devices and canresult in inferior quality recordings.
Pattern Wallpapers HD 1.0
Hello, luxury lovers! Download thiscollectionof elegant wallpapers and beautify your phone in a classymanner.If you like everything that shines and glitters, you're attheright place. Download Patterns Wallpapers HD and apply all ofthe“beautiful wallpapers”!Do you like a pattern as wallpaper for your phone withjustenough eye candy ?Patterns wallpapers HD helps you make a free wallpaper from asimplepattern.Pattern Wallpaper HD containing basically many colored andgraytype of wallpaper. You can set these type of wallpaper onyourscreen.Humans love patterns, both mathematical and artistic, whichiswhy they make the perfect background!As a decorative feature, patterns use repeating shapes, linesandcolors to create visually attractive designs. Patterns haveappearedin art and textiles for thousands of years, and continueto evolveinto new and interesting themes and styles as artisticpreferencesshift. The wallpapers in this app feature all types ofmodernsimplicity patterns. These recurring designs are orderlyandrepetitive, often featuring geometric shapes such as squaresorcircles, carefully ordered in a never-ending pattern. Somepatternscreate simplicity with their geometric shapes, while othersboastcomplexity and intricacy you could study for hours.Thesedecorative motifs come in a range of colors from pink to tealtogrey.Pattern wallpapers HD create a visually appealingbackgroundwithout distracting from your apps. See for yourselftoday!This Android application lets you change the wallpaper withabeautiful pattern.Whether you shake your phone for random inspiring results oryousearch by keywords / hex colour code or by a specific usernameyouare guaranteed to find a pattern that fits you from more then1million lovely patterns. All patterns simplicity patterns to favorites by clicking theheart.Share on email your favorite patterns with friends or save themtoyour gallery.Enjoy auto-changing your wallpaper with one of yourheartpatterns.And to be fully connected to the patterns world just addthe"Pattern of the Day" widget to your home screen.* set wallpaper* save wallpaper* favourite wallpaperFree! This is a sophisticated collection of fashionprintpatterns! The gallery contains twenty to choose from.If you enjoy vintage fashion, retro patterns, tie die, and botehorbuta wallpapers, you are going to love this collection.There are lots of colorful paisley fashion printpatternwallpapers to choose to enjoy. You can set them as yourbackgroundwallpaper! Or use in social media!This easy application has been made very simple for you. Injusta couple of taps, you will have your awesome paisley pattern touseas a background wallpaper, theme, or enjoy in other ways.We will always keep my apps of drawings, photos, fashionpatternsand art free for you to enjoy. Please support us to helpus find,buy and create more images to share with you and make evenmoreapps.Some of the featured images are Summer of Love,psychedelia,bandanna print and textile fashion pattern forbackground wallpaperand theme.
Jungle Photo Frames 1.0
Jungle photo frames has wild photographsofmagnificent animals and other wild creatures in theirnaturalhabitat. Enriched with lush vegetation of serene foreststhese HDphoto frames take you deep into the jungle giving you awonderfulfeeling. Apply jungle photo frames to your favouritephotos on yourandroid phone and create your own wild photo album.The fantasticart on the Jungle photo frames would simply blow yourmind.✽Select a photo from your phone's gallery and easily decorateitwith wild photo frames.✽Click a Selfie, or take a photo with your camera and applyanamazing forest photo frame to it.✽Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the photo to fittheframe with touch gestures.✽Save the photo to your mobile and set it as yourphone'swallpaper.✽You can instantly share your images on Facebook using thesocialfeature.✽Choose from best wild photo frames in different backgroundswithvivid themes, and colours.✽Jungle Photo Frame application supports both mobiles phonesandtablet devices.✽The amazing photo frame application for android is freetouse.New Jungle Photo Frames✽An awesome collection of HD jungle life photographs thatwouldremind you of a jungle safari.✽specially designed photo frames with beautifulanimals,wonderful artwork, natural exotic environments, lushforests,scenic landscapes teemed with HD clarity. Try them all!✽The most beautiful photo frames of Jungle habitatwithmagnificent wild animals in it!Best Photo Editing app✽Welcome to the Jungle! Experience the wildlife adventurewiththe rich natural habitat of the nature with exciting photoframesthat are fully abudant with wilderness, art, aweinspiringlandscapes, and truly magnificent animals like leopards,lions,deers, giraffes, chimpanzees and many more. Add your photostothese stunningly beautiful artwork. Choose your favourite frameandapply it to your photos to amaze yourself with wild lifewithfantastic art and brag about your photo editing skills withyourfriends!
Wifi Walkie Talkie 1.0
Talkie Walkie On Air is aPush-to-Talkapplication which allows you to talk for free overwirelessnetworks's High Quality TTS VoicesWith this application, you can transmit your voice data toalldevices which are on the same networkWi-Fi Walkie Talkie is the best application to communicate inthesame free wi-fi network to all devices connected tothenerwork.The main features of Walkie Talkie:- Broadcast Audio on all devices.- Multi Cast Audio on a device that is registered on aspecificIP address that you have chosen.- Unicast Address that will get audio only for one device- Touch to Talk or Just Tap on the walkie.- Free to use.WiFi Walkie Talkie is a Push-to-Talk application which allowsyouto talk for free over wireless networks.With this application, you can transmit your voice data toalldevices which are on the same network or to any device whichyouknow its IP address.How can you use this app?If you want to send voice message to a single user, presstheUnicast button and insert the IP address that you want totalkwith.Push to speak button, hold and speak.If you want to talk Broadcast, use the Broadcast buttonandbroadcast domain IP address.Use your Android devices as Walkie Talkie. If you connect twoormore devices in same wifi hotspot, you can use your androiddevicesas Walkie Talkie. It is really good app for home or officetocommunicate one room to another or play with your kids.User guide:You need two android devices to use this app. Both androiddeviceneed to install this app. Open the app, connect to WiFi, thenuse.Make fun!Advantage:You can use android hotspot to make WiFi and then connecttwoandroid device to use this app. If you like this app, don'tforgotto give a review. Any suggestions are welcome.WiFi Walkie Talkie app is a best solution to communicate freeonsame WIFI network.Multiple people can download and use it same time as realWalkieTalkie with in the same WIFI zone.With this WiFi Walkie Talkie app, you can transmit yourvoicedata to all devices which are on the same network.WiFi Walkie Talkie will works without internet connectionbutshould be connected in same Wi-Fi network.WiFi Walkie Talkie is a broadcast utility when you are inasingle Wi-Fi Network, truly amazing.How amazing if you can communicate freely with your familyandfriends or with colleagues who are connected with sameWi-Finetwork who are in different floors? WiFi Walkie Talkie willhelpyou communicate with them with out any phone charges,With this application "Wifi Walkie Talkie Free" , youcantransfer your voice data to all devices that are on thesamenetwork or to any device you know its IP address.walkie talkie voip wifi: Real-time streaming, highqualityvoicewalkie talkie voip wifi: Contacts availability and textstatuswalkie talkie voip wifi: Public and private channels for uptouserswalkie talkie : Option to map hardware PTT (Push To Talk)button
Animal Face Changer Stickers 1.0
Ever wanted to try to express your angerorhumor in a different way?? Bored of using stickers toportrait your emotions?? Animal Face Changer Stickers is aphotoeditor specifically made for those moments whereyou want to express your inner emotions and funny thoughts usingananimals face.someone get out of their worries is to contort the picturewiththe animal faces showing differentIf your friend is angry with someone, morph the picture withanimalface and let their agony flyaway letting a smile on their face. If you are not in a moodtospeak to anyone, just explicit bymutating your image with an aggressive tiger or lion face.Do you miss all the monkey acts done you along with your groupoffriends? Now find the oldpicture of your friends group and start morphing the faceswithdifferent animal's face which suitstheir character. Make a funny conversation on it byaddingdifferent Tag Lines.You can make your kids laugh by changing a person's face intoananimal.Create a hilarious pictures! Make your playful group pictureswithWild & Pet Animal Faces.This app is made for all the people out there who have a bitofa... wild side.Included are a handpicked selection of real animal stickerstoplace over your photos, custom hand drawn frames invariousdifferent styles, and finally a nice selection of filterstobasically make unlimited possibilities for creativity.We even included an Eraser and Draw tool to either blendyourface into the animals, or have objects in front of thestickers, togive it that extra realistic vibe.Thanks to all the Tumblr photographers and photo editorsthatinspired this app, we hope you enjoy it!Whats your Spirit Animal?!♞ Animal Face Changer Stickers ♞ is funny photo editor appwhichwill help you create hilarious photo montages. Have you everwantedto look like an animal? Now you can put an animal faceinstead ofyours. You just have to download "Animal Face PhotoMontage" uploadyour photo and you can easily replace human facewith animal face.Which animal is your favorite? And which matchesyour character thebest? Is it gorgeous lion, dangerous wolf, prettyfox, great tiger,funny monkey, cute bunny or your favorite kind ofdog? Make yourphotos look funny with cool animal swap photo boothapp.Choose the head of an animal to make a face swap. Take a newpicby using your insta camera with an animal face sticker and makeafantastic photo montage. You can also use your or yourfriends'pics from the gallery to make a fantastic photo makeover.Thenshare your pics on social network and make all the people laughfordays!The best and fully FREE animal face changer photoeditorapp.animal face changer is a photo editor specifically created forthosemoments wherever you would like to let your inner animalout.animal face photo changer editor is that the wonderful facechangerapp that you simply may notice.Animal Faces - Face Changer Includes a range of a lot ofqualitystickers:Animal Face made for those moments where you need to letyourinner animal out.This is a best photo editing app that let you choose animalheadfrom its collection and replace with any character in photo.Whenyou select any animal head it automatically place over the oneofthe character in photo using face detection it also let youchangesize and position of head using just one finger.Animal Face Changer application can make fun with yourphotos,you can put the photos you take pictures of animals you canshareit on social media.
Adult Short Stories 1.0.1
Adult Short Stories App, it works offline (nointernet is required).Very good collection of Adult Short Stories for every one, whereyou can enjoy with them. Every moral story is also having sourcelink that will help you to open the source URL directly from theApp.The more feed back either positive or negative inspirational story,will help us to deliver better App and it will also encourage us toadd more and more Adult Short Stories collection here.Improve your English with Adult short stories. This is the funway.Adult Short stories is an interesting way to teach your childrenabout good morals story and right conduct story. Give good moral toyour kids as they are at their formative years and that is why theyneed to be taught good values to make them good for society andfamily.By reading a short story from this app every day, you can helpeveryone build values, as well as improve their readingcomprehension skills.It's for every one, which you can enjoy adult short storieswhile travelling, in short breaks and in free time.If you always wonder what to do in those 5-minute wait breaks, nowyou have the answer. Thought provoking adult short stories thatwill inspire you, enable better visualization and will allow you toexplore hidden corners of your brain.This is also perfect you want to develop reading story habit (therecannot be a better start than with inspirational short stories),but at the same time it's for everyone from intense to casualreaders.Share adult short stories with family and friends. Share onWhatsapp, Facebook or Gmail.Collection of several moral and inspirational adult short stories.Start your day with great moral short stories for adult to upliftyour moral. Learn the true human values with interesting adultstory. Use the lessons learned by these inspirational short storiesto change your short stories includes famous fables from around theworld.Several funny and humorous short stories to teach you lesson with alaugh story.inspirational Short stories about love, righteousness, trust,unity, religious and well being for adult .Features+ Bog collection of inspirational short stories+ From main menu you can navigate to any story+ New adult short stories will be added soonPlease rate this application.Share adult short stories with your friends.Adult Short Stories app have all kinds of moral short storieslike inspirational, funny stories, witty stories, motivationalstories, spiritual stories, inspirational short stories and lotmore. We have create this app with lot of passion and love, pleaserate this app if you like it..I hope you will enjoy and have a fun with this App.
Easy RAM Booster 2.0
Easy RAM Booster is a powerful memorycleaningapp designed for Android devices which will make yourdevice workfaster.The application uses a sophisticated technology to optimizetheperformance of your device. It automatically kills lowprioritytasks every 2 hours. For maximum results you should do amanualboost once a day.Features:* AUTO- Auto boost allows Easy RAM Booster to run in the backgroundandautomatically reclaims memory for your device at interval.* Notices- You receive notifications ones your phone runs outofmemory.* Running programs- Lets you decide which programs you want to kill.* Boost logIf you like our RAM booster, please reward us with a 5starrating and click the +1 button, thus supporting thefuturedevelopment of this app.Recommended by AddictiveTips. Hotest Apps by AppBrain.Smart RAM BoosterThe most beautiful part of this app is a small, configurablewidgetthat places on top of any app and one-click to RAMboost.Most of Android devices bundle with limited memory. Androidtaskmanager will selectively kill low priority tasks in ordertoreserve memory to higher priority task. That’s not always run atanappropriate time, causing low responsive apps, lagging,especially when you launch a new app after heavily browsingwebpages. It causes a worse experience.RAM Booster comes with auto-boost in 4 levels:aggressive,strong, medium, gentle.RAM Booster is a utility app that speeds up your androidphonesperformance just by the click of a button.It aims to takeaway thecomplexity of other task manager apps and provide the userwith aneasy to use and convenient interface.By killing all unwanted background processes that use up memoryandalso clears cache for all apps not in use RAM Booster freesupprecious memory(RAM) for use.if you have tones of apps openandyour device is lagging ,this app will greatly improve yourspeedand performance.RAM booster also has a nifty feature for letting you know whenyourphone is running out of memory so you can free up memorybeforethings get worse.If you have any suggestions on improvements please leave them ontheratings and reviews section.The best part is that you can enjoy Ram Booster for FREE!!This application is an acceleration and optimizer toolforAndroid Phones and tablets (our tool is compatible withallversions of android system and the compatibility is beingimprovedevery update)Let's make your cell stop catch with this "Accelerator forAndroid",you should only download this app and clickbutton ("Accelerating now")As explained in the picture above!RAM Booster is an app that every Android device shouldhaveinstalled. RAM booster goes through your phone and cleans upyoursystem memory, increasing the performance of your phone ortablet,and improving your battery life. And the best part is, itistotally free!There are other memory management apps out there, but they oftenaddlayers of complication to a process that most users simplydon'tneed. You aren't a power user, you just want a one tapsolution tospeed up your phone. RAM Booster is exactly that. Justfire up theapp and tap on Boost. Let the software do the rest.RAM Booster can make games on your phone run faster byclearingup resource draining applications. Is your Android devicestartingto feel sluggish? Then slug some power back into it withRAMBooster! You should always keep your system memory clean.RAM Booster can also improve your battery life by up to 15%ormore just by nuking power hungry processes. The app really isalife saver!Please let me know if you have any suggestions on how to maketheapp better. This free memory boosting app is for you guys!Thanksfor trying RAM Booster 2016
Horoscope Photo Frames 1.0
Are you a big fan of monthly horoscopes? Doyoubelieve that all "zodiac signs"have unique characteristics?Thenthis brand new photo editor is a must-have for yourAndroid™device!Download 'Horoscope Photo Frames' now and beautifyyour favoritephotographs with magnificent horoscope "pictureframes".♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓➤Select a photo from the gallery of your phone and usethisimageeditor to decorate it!➤Capture a new image with your camera and apply one ofspecialeffects to it!➤Rotate, scale, zoom, unzoom or drag the photo to fit the frameasyou like!➤Choose from many photo templates inspired by astrologyandstarsigns and try them all out!➤Enjoy excellent design with simple and intuitivetouchcontrols!➤Save your new pictureand share it instantly on FacebookorTwitter!♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓'Horoscope Signs -Photo Frames'is afree app whichcontainspicture effectswith all your favourite astrology signs.Whether youare a Scorpio, aCanceror a Gemini, we guarantee that youare goingto love this new photo editingtool. If you lovehoroscopeand alsobelieve in the great power of the universe thatconnects all livingthings, this cool photo editing softwarewillmake your day!Ariesare known to be eager, dynamic and competitiveindividualswho love pioneering everything from work-relatedprojects toparties with friends. Taureans, on the other hand,surroundthemselves with material gains. Things are never boringwith aGeminion the scene, while deeply intuitive andsentimentalCancerians are 'mothers of the Zodiac'. Fiery andself-assuredLeosare almost impossible to resist whereas Virgo'smethodicalapproach to life ensures that nothing is missed. FlexibleLibrasmake excellent friends since they love to party andinitiategatherings.When it comes to other astrological signs, Scorpiosaregenerallyconsidered to be passionate, penetrating, and determined,with anability to probe until they reach the truth. On thecontrary,Saggateriusare philisophical, broad-minded andenthusiastic intheir eternal search for the meaning of life.Capricornisindependent and serious whereas Aquariuscan beboisterous,eccentric amd energetic. Piscesare, however, consideredto be themost compassionate sign of the zodiac as they combinetraits of alltwelve sun signs.So, if you are a lover of Chineseand Indian astrology, tarotandnumerology, 'Horoscope Signs -Photo Frames'is theperfectapplication for your mobile phone. We have created anamazingcollection of beautiful photo frames in order for you todesignyour own cute pictureswith zodiac signs. Therefore, youshoulddefinitely get this awesome mobile appfrom the market today,andenjoy an innovative photo manipulation experience. Try it nowbutdon't forget to check your horoscope for todayfirst!Whether you are in a nostalgic mood or you just lovecreatingfunny images,frames for picturesthat our designers havecreatedjust for you are the best you can get. Here is animaginative wayfor you to experiment withfree astrologyspecialeffects. Moreover,you can suprise your friends for their birthdaywith pictureframesof their astrologie sign. All you have to do isapply aspecial effect to a photo and send it in a message or shareit onyour social network. Get one of our best picture appsnow andenjoyhours of fun!
Face Stickers Maker 1.0
Ultimate Face Stickers Maker app forfree!Create great funny emoji face and smillies photos and you canshareinstantly to other app or save to your photo gallery orlibrary foroffline view.This emoticon creator app is so easy to create and use yetit'salso free and full of fun.Snap photo with the built in camera and pop your photo toyourloved friends and love ones or anyone you like by usingandapplying many free beautiful emojis images andsmileyspictures.Choose the types emoticon symbols (smily faces, nature,objects,places, symbols) from gallery and send the photosimmediatelyonline or offline.Try the new super funny and creative smiley emojistickers!Add smiley emoji stickers to your selfie in just afewseconds!Emoji Photo Camera is best free alternative to Emoji CameraStickerMaker applicationEmoji Photo Camera emoticon creator free application is thebestway to create very funny and epic pictures using more than 400freeemojis images and smileys pictures.Face Stickers Maker is very easy to use:1. Take a new photo or select it from your gallery2. Select the types emoticon symbols3. Add emotic sticker to your photo4. Share the photo with Facebook, Instagram, Watsapp, Twitterandother social networks5. Enjoy!We will keep update "Face Stickers Maker" with newfreeemoticons,stickers and smileys. More and more emoticons,stickersand smileys from different categories will be added in thefutureversion.If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or any emoticonorsmiley that want to recommend to us, you're welcome to contactus.Thank you!!Its absolutely free!Enjoy!
Hangman Game Free 1.0
Is your vocabulary big enough to save thepoorstick man? Play Hangman Free and find out!Hangman Free brings the classic game Hangman to your Androiddevicewith graphics and gameplay that will keep you playing forhours tohangman.So what is so special about our Hangman word game free?! Readonto find out…Take on your Android device or challenge a friend to a battleofwords in this hangman game free.Complete the secret word before you run out of guesses or thestickman gets it.With awesome graphics and realistic sound effects, Hangman hasneverbeen this cool!Hangman Free supports one player and two player gameplay, so youcanlet a friend choose a word or have your phone select a wordfrom abroad range of categories.Hangman game free is a totally addictive way to kill sometimeand build your vocabulary. Download Hangman game Free todayandjoin the fun!How to Play Hangman Game FreeSave the good old Hangman by correctly guessing the answer onthebasis of the given hint. Each incorrect attempt costs you achance.You lose when you run out of chances. So put on yourthinking capand get cracking! It's not a simple hangman word game;you hold alife in your hands, Mate :)!Hangman game free, is a simple and fun game that lets youlearnnew vocabulary while having fun.It is also recommended for those who are studying orlearningEnglish since all words are spelled correctly and can beverifiedwith the online dictionary.If you like mind games such as crossword puzzles, scrabble,wordsearch, sudoku, riddles, brainteasers and puzzles you willsurelyenjoy this game!With us, it's always app users first. We make specialregionspecific packs keeping in mind the tastes and preferences ofthegamers from a particular region.Enjoy gorgeous graphics hangman that give the users themostawesome gaming experience! The scoring system keeps thecompetitionon, and keeps gamers addicted and coming back formore!Engaging ContentFor word puzzle junkies there is a treat of almost 10,000words!Plus there are regular word additions and updating ofoldhints.Take up the Challenge"Challenge puzzles" are a major feature of the Hangman gamefree.New challenges cater to the adrenaline junkie, who seeksoutadversity and wants to beat it in the shortest possible time.Andif you happen to like things easy, you can always play the oldwayand take your own time.Play Hangman & Get RewardsBonus, Bonus! : Facebook ModeAn amazing feature of this Hangman! You can sync thisAndroidapplication with your Facebook page and play word puzzlesbased onyour friends!If you haven't already downloaded this wonderful (did wementionit's FREE :) application then don't lose a second more andget itright now!!Now you can play "Hangman game free"in your mobile and enjoyitwith your friends and family. Guess words from differentcategoryand some very rare words to make it more excited to play.You haveto guess the word before your character is hanged. All youhave todo is safe your character from being hanged.-FREEHANGMAN game is completely free to try! The arcade versioncontainshundreds of free questions—how many can you solve?