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Pocket Catcher - Go Catch! 2.7
All trainers need some practice to perfecttheir craft. Play as a trainer and learn the ways, the catchingmonster ways. Hone your craft and catch as many monsters aspossible! Pave your way into intricate levels of pure monstercatching fun!
Flippy Bottle Extreme! 11.7
Wanna be the Master of Flip? Flip the Bottle to Extreme Victory! Goaround the house and outdoors as you play the latest craze ofFlipping those awesome bottles away! - 3D Flip Action - MostExtreme Flip Game Ever - Level Based and Endless Modes! - Collectall Bottles - Leaderboards Tons of new modes available! - ShootMode - Voice Mode - Stack Mode - Marker Flip Mode - Table Flip Mode- Tower Mode You will never run out of modes so lets go Flipping!Read Write access is needed for save files
Pen Apple Mania! 3.0
You have a Pen, you have an Apple andPineapple. The rest is history. Stick the Pen in the Fruits tocombine and create works of art!- Simple Tap Game- Lots of Fruits to Collect- Compete in Leaderboards- Rhythm game feels!The Mania is Here is here, are you ready to experience PPAP firsthand?
Quicky Charge Extreme! 3.4
Charge the Batteries. Make sure they have a good charge else youwill run out of juice!A very simple and fun addictinggame!Features- Game you can play anywhere- Over 400 Levels of purefun!- Surprise awaits you on later levels!Share to your friends!
Trump Hair Matters! 1.5
Play as Trump and drop your hair bombs over the rallyists and turnthem into your Trumplets! Trumplets will rule the world! Your hairis an epitome of greatness and each time they touch your hair, theymagically turn into your supporters!- Simple Gameplay- So pun-ny-Drop those Hair Bombs- Make your phone great again by downloading-Collect more Supporters- Win them all!Share to your friends anddownload now!
Make Tusok the Fishball 3.4
Pinaka conyo game in town is here! Make Tusok Tusok the Fishball,all day, everyday okay! Collect all the street food in town! Also,you are in for a lot of surprises. Download and play now! PrivacyPolicy:
GOAT Swim-ulator! - Rio 1.8
Play as Phelps the Greatest Of All Timeswimmerever! Go and clock in the fastest time in the world andwin! Beatyour opponents and unlock new characters like Trump,Hillary andPoke Characters!- Fast Tap to Win- Collect All Characters- Just keep Swim-ming- Share to your FriendsSounds easy? Can you reach Level 100? Give it a try!
No Bad Selfies! 1.0
SelfieA Selfie TakenOf a PersonBy That Person
Make Pana Blue Eagle 6.1
Be part of the Green vs Blue Classic Battle Fly your Green Arrowsto bring the High and Mighty Blue Eagles down Easy? Think again.Try it for yourself! Privacy Policy:
Make Tuka Green Archer 4.5
Be part of the Green vs Blue Classic Battle Make Tuka thepassionate Green Archers! Easy? Think again. Try it for yourself!Privacy Policy:
Play as your favorite character, and huntdownyour prey. Don't let him get away or the tides of war willchange!And wait for it... he zigzags...
Friend Zone Extreme! 1.9
Are you tired of just being friends? Doyouwant to move to the next level? Are you ready to score? Takeaphoto with your crush and get out of the friend zone withFriendZone Extreme, the extreme friend zone simulator!- Take a photo with your crush!- React fast, your crush is shy! And sometime you are the one whoisshy- Heart always wins!Are you ready to get out of the friend zone?
Salty Bae Extreme! 2.2
Feeling salty lately? Fire up your day withthe bae! Play with the salt bae and salt your way to victory!- Tons of levels to play- Several fun modes available- Play with your friends through leaderboards- Of course play with the bae!Are you ready for the bae-ry fun adventure!
Findy Emoji - Very Hard!!! 2.7
Tired of just typing Emojis in comments andletting your friends play? Let go of the past and start playing areal 'Find the Emoji'!Tap the different emoji, super simple right!Of course not!- Find the emojis- Lots of emojis to choose from- Very cute artLets find em all!
Kick the Can 2.1
The Can must be Kicked, but its not so easy. Play with the can andKick and Flip it to victory!- 100s of Levels to Play- MoreCharacters to Unlock- Nostalgia Machine- Fun fun fun!Chicken needsyou, lets play Kick the Can!
Throwy Phone Extreme! 1.6
Marvel in the exquisite game of throwing your phone high up*physically, IRL* to achieve new heights. Aim for the perfect airtime as you score and get levels up in our game of epicproportions. Throw up, throw to your friend, throw to the trash canfor all we care, but we care about is we throw it to extremeproportions. It has always been about the extreme!- Unique game ofthrowing your phone up- Hundreds of levels- Challenge your friendto do it!Are you ready for the new craze?!?!
Fidget Spinner Extreme! 3.4
From the makers of Flippy Bottle Extreme,comes this summer, a new epic most request game ever, FidgetSpinner Extreme! Do the most epic trickshots with fidget spinnerand pave your way to victory.- Addicting gameplay with several modes- Lots of collectible fidgetables- Level based, endless modes available- Cute fun graphics,- Simple but funAre you game to play the game? Think again!
SkyPhone - The Game 3.2
Skyphone is the ultimate phone. It upgrades every year, morefeatures and all, so you need to buy every year. Find out what eachmodel looks like with an action packed super challenging game. -Make the next Skyphone model - Watch out what happens on higherlevels - Endless mode lots of fun Skyphone is the best ever, trulymagical!
Tricky Pong Arena! 3.7
Want to be the ping pong trick shots master? Embark on an epicjourney inside the Ultimate Trickshot Arena and emerge the championof them balls! - 100+ Levels of Pure Awesome Tricky Levels - Somany balls to choose from, collect collect - Easter eggs inside (shhh, dont tell your friend ) - Leaderboards for the Champs -Achievements for only the Best - And just lots of fans waiting foryou The limelight is yours! Become the champ! Enter the battle!
Master Shaker! 3.0
Are you ready for the most HEART PUMPING game on your mobile phoneyet? Its now here with Shake Master, a game where you have to SHAKEyour PHONE the fastest to POP those cans and win! - Nonstop shakingaction, shake your phone! - Many modes available so you can shakeall you want, any day, all day - Lots of cans to collect! You needa change once in a while! - Online leaderboard to play togetherwith your friends The time has come to put that right hand to gooduse. Drink those energy drinks, do your warmups, and become thenext MASTER SHAKER!
Shooty Basketball! 3.2
Are you ready for some EPIC basketball action?! Be a Champion andshoot the most balls ever with the most action packed game in town.- Infinitely fun shooting action!- Many modes to choose from!-Collect fun balls!- Leaderboards!Modes- Level Mode- Shootout Mode-Half Court ModeAnother classic from Most Played Games and the firstbasketball game where you won't stop shooting. You in?!
Impossible Soccer! 5.4
Are you ready to be the World Football Cup champion? Kick, bump andhit your way to the goal. - Next level kicking! - 3 kicking modesto choose from - Many FOOTBALL players to collect! - LeaderboardsTons of new modes available! - Level Mode - Head Mode - EndlessMode You cannot stop kicking with this one promise! Read Writeaccess is needed for save files
Flippy Bird Extreme! 3.6
Are you ready to flip to the extreme in 3D? Flipping goes flyingthe flapping in a new epic adventure in our FASTEST game yet! -Next level flapping! - 3D mode! - 4 epic modes to choose from -Many flipping birds to collect! - Leaderboards Tons of new modesavailable! - Classic Mode - 3D Mode - Impossible Mode - Level Mode!You cannot stop flipping with this one promise! Read Write accessis needed for save files Privacy Policy:
Chicks Dig It 0.15
They need your help! Whether it's in search of adventure,losttreasure, romance, or for no reason at all, the chicks need youtohelp them steer their drills in the tightest, clutchest,mostchallenging cave spelunking game yet! All they know is theygottadig, dig, dig! We need to go deeper! - Many differentobstacles andenemies to face! - 10+ Chicks to try out and collect!- Dig deeperthan your friends! Get to the top of the Leaderboards!No twochicks are the same! - Take sharper turns, face harderobstacles,and go really fast as Edge! - Rightwing has lessobstacles but moreenemies to fight! - Find lots of buried treasurewith Pyrite! Cold,hard, coins! You're gonna dig this one. ReadWrite access is neededfor save files
Basketbowl! 1.3
Are you hungry for some EPIC basketball action?! Be a Championandshoot the most balls ever with the most action packed game intown.Infinitely fun shooting action! Many modes to choose from!Collectfun balls! Be an All-Star in the Leaderboards! Become thebestshooter ever! Let's go! Read Write access is needed for savefiles
Most Downloaded Egg 1.1
Let's come together to be become the Most Downloaded Game! We candothis!
Papi Bird - Ang Alamat ng Pogi 1.5
Ready ka na ba kay Papi Bird? - Lipad tayo kasama si Papi! - Iponkang Pogi Points! Para mahalin ka ng mama mo! - Pili ka ng Papinapara sayo! LIPAD NA! MAKE YOUR PAPI PROUD#Papinatics#SolidPapinatics #PapiBird #Oppa-pi #LilPapi