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VidTV App 1.0.22
Motaso Inc
Simple and easy to use, VidTv gives you more choice and conveniencein one place on the go.You can instantly stream Live Televisionchannels straight to your Android tablet and smartphone! Enjoyselecting from a great range of Television channels, entire seasonsof popular TV shows, Luganda shows, blockbuster movies, kids andfamily favourites all within your application. Requires acompatible Android device running operating system 4.4 and above.Recommended Internet connection minimum speed is at least 3Mbps.VidTv App is available over 3G/4G networks and WiFi compatibleAndroid tablets. Video quality may vary according to connectiontype.
ITV Tanzania App 1.0.22
Motaso Inc
Take control of your viewing experience with ITV Tanzania App.It isthe easiest way to catch up on your favourite TV channels on thego.Never miss a moment of your favourite TV channels.It's easy touse and it's free from wherever you are on your Android device andenjoy watching from a wide range of popular television shows, bongomovies, comedy, kids and family favourites all within yourapplication. The app requires a compatible Android device runningoperating system 4.4 and above. Recommended Internet speeds apply.Internet connection with minimum speed of at least 3Mbps requiredto view ITV Tanzania app.The app is available over 3G/4G networksand WiFi compatible Android device. Data and ISP charges may apply.Video quality may vary according to connection type. Available foruse in and outside United Republic of Tanzania.
Tracking Demo
Motaso Inc
This application is built for reporting by field force and theirGPStracking by the company admin.