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Outlaw Biker X: Violent Racing 1.1
Do you fantasize about to be a superstreetbiker???In our new wild moto racing game you could be the next RoadBikeMaster. Feel the motor blast, be the badass racer you'vealwayswanted. In this intriguing racing underground game you willfindthat, this chaotic world is very fast even for a wild speedyrider.So hurry up! Saddle up your confidence & get yourselfinto thiscrazy & violent bike gang war. It is not just anyracing game,it's a biker's war & you are the ultimate BikerX.Do you like violent racing??? Then it's perfect for you to havethewild moto rider experience of lifetime. Be the badass outlawbiker& beat the hell out of the opponent bike fighters in arecklessunderground war. Our super animated street graphics willamuse you.You will feel the thrill of an real street racer. Thisgame hasheavy gunfight, missiles, explosion, nitro motor blast& mostcrazy of them all speedy bikes.Special Features--Cool collection of super bikes-Customization privilege includes upgrade of motorengines,ammunition, torpedo etc.-All badass character collection for biker X-Different stages, different reckless missions-Game life upgrade advantage-Crazy NOS acceleration & excellent control-Wild motor blast, frequent explosion & speedy streetbikerswill get you the daring outlaw feelings-You can beat your opponent road fighters by shooting themtodeath-Use torpedo to blow up trucks, obstacles & speedyracers-Violent gang war experience-Master the smoothness of nice curve while doing a nicespeedyturn on underground road during moto racingRoad to badass underground master racer--Open the game play, get the ride & select a mission-You've to complete each reckless mission to unlock another-After successful completion of all the crazy motofighterobjectives in a single stage you can move on to the next-You've to master the art of violent gang war to earnfullpoints-This game is gravity sensitive, so you just have to controlthebiker's & motorcycle body balance-Shoot the opponent gang fighter, enjoy wild moto blast&collect more points-You are an violent outlaw so charge the super torpedo todestroyvehicles & objects on road & collect bonuspoints-Collect ammunition, torpedo & NOS from the street,otherwiseyour day as reckless rider is over-Be the badass racer kill all the gang riders, blast awaytheobjects, win each of the crazy races & keep your outlawtitle"X"If you like underground reckless racing, furious motor blasts&prefer to master the skill of an super outlaw to defeat alltheroad fighters, you shouldn't miss this game. You should be thenextrider "X".
Brutal Fighter : Gods of War
“If you're an ardent gamer, you'll find an electrifying choice ofgame to play. Brutal Fighter: Gods of War will lead gamer throughan extraordinary expedition as they engage in mythical battlesagainst powerful gods warrior. An adventure game has incrediblevisuals to test human mortal skills against old aged immortalwarrior.” The game revolves around fighting legends in Championshipof Brutal warriors. Users need explosive firearms which arerequired to compete in an epic fighting. The game has got 16 levelswhere crystal fighter engages in fantasy battle. You can enjoy eachlevel by beating 16 rivals in a justice battle in the land ofshadow fighters. Besides, users can win a new character or updatethe old fighters at each level of the game. How to play: Tocomplete your mission, you have to engage mythical warriors in abrutal combat. Brutal Fighter has very lethal and justice battlesystem. The fighting game is up to the expectations and has gotsome incredible fighting visual expectations. As you win thematches you move to the top on ladder before you reach the peak forbrutal conquest where you climax in brutal combat with the boss. Inthe ladder structure which is an exciting feature in a singleplayer game mode, the player tests human mortal skills against oldaged immortal warrior. Also, the player goes through a treacherousLand of Immortal Warrior to face up the ultimate boss. The playerchooses their heroic ⚔ ninja warriors⚔ in fighting between theJapanese Ninja, the barbarian, gods of war and roman knights. Theplayer’s background in the ladder animation depicts the gods arenawhere the fighting takes place. Features of Brutal Fighter:Following are the main features of Brutal Fighter that you will beable to experience after the first install on your OperatingSystem. Features: 👊 Awesome action and adventure game. ⚔ Revolvesaround Brutal fighter a feared warrior with astounding fighterdefense. 👊 Has battery of infinity blade fighting and explosivefirearms. ⚔ Have 16 characters with Semi RPG upgrades for eachplayer . 👊 Unique Combos, Throw, Grapple and magic fighting movesfor each ninja characters. ⚔ Has brutal battle system. 👊 Hasincredible visuals ⚔ Has Ladder structure with 24 rivals to beat 👊Unique lethal weapons for each ninja warrior. Its exciting featureto test human mortal skills against old aged Immortal Warrior.There is so much to experience when you play Brutal Fighter. Themost important part is the brutal street fight. The assortedfighting styles to get to use gives you the abundance to playaround with. The gruesome creativity based on brutal attackentertains for its absurdity though shocking! Brutal Fighter: Godsof War is mechanically clean and visually shocking. You think I amexaggerating. It has next-gen graphics with a revamped fighterassault in the legendary battle against powerful assassin warrior.Stay Tune with us on Google Plus Follow us onFacebook: 4b715c36b8
Ninja Adventure Jungle Island Run
Ninja Adventure Jungle Island run is abeautiful & fun jungle adventure runner game in which you playas the Superhero Ninja.Game can be played without internet and wifi and completelyoffline.A cruel hunter has caged all animals on a jungle island to sellthem in black market. Superhero Ninja is a great friend of natureand will do his best to help the innocent animals.Once mighty Ninja enters the legendary jungle, he can start freeingthem but beware the hunter will always be just behind him. So, run& get through the danger of the forest with Ninja’s mighty dashin this epic Himalayan jungle run and jump game.In Jungle Island Run, Hero is in a rush to save all animal friendsso he’ll keep on running as fast as he can, you have to guide himthrough several obstacles by moving up, down, jumping, dashing andgliding with a parachute. You must ensure that the hunter doesn’tcatch your ninja, otherwise you won’t be able to save the animalsfrom being sold at the black market.As you save animal friends they will start helping you on yourquest to save their friends. Run and save Benji the banana monkey,Raju the mouse, Kong the elephant hero, and all the otheranimals.Ninja Adventure Jungle Island Run features:• FREE TO PLAY, lifelong!• Classical 2D game style with stunning visuals• Unique power ups and animal allies• Simple, intuitive and addictive game play• Optimized for family play• Lots of achievements to get• Highly competitive leader board system• Small size game , less than 25 mb• if you love small game , this little game is reallyaddictive• Unlock Various Run and Save Animal Achievements• Get Highest Score of saved animal in Play Store LeaderboardHow to play?Run as far as you can from the hunter.Single Tap to Jump over obstacles.Long Tap to fly using a parachute.Swipe to Dash and break obstacles.Tap on Animal Friend’s Face to Ride them.Start an Epic Adventure with Super Hero Ninja and experience thisfast retro endless running game! For FREE!
Crash Go Kart Racing 3d 🏎
Get ready for some intense racing action withCrash Go Kart Racing 3d 🏎Prepare for the off-road rush as you soar forward into a kart racerlike no other. A bumpy ride awaits filled with unmatched featuresto enjoy!PLAY AS FAMOUS PANDA character with different Skin Styles!Featuring a unique cast of character Cute Panda in Racing Style.You will have plenty of flavors to match your choice. Witness yourfavorite characters burst into life in off-road driving adventurefun.Gather the two currencies on offer to enhance your progressin-game. Use your coins to upgrade your vehicles, whilst collectinggems gains new characters. Improve the speed, accuracy and power toget that advantage over your friends and foes! Karts have powers todestroy other players, so use them well.Rank up to gain new goodies throughout your adventure. Super racingrivals await you in a car racing stunt bonanza.FUN FOR ALLTake part in the action that everyone can enjoy with ease. Filledwith challenge and enough simplicity to give everyone a chance tohave fun. Even beginners can join in with modes available to helpthose in search of toddlers car racing. For all skill levels, thereis something to keep the content enjoyable so that nobody missesout.Racing Features of Crash Go Kart Racing 3d 🏎🏎 Time Race Mission🏎 Air Ride Mission🏎 Nitro Booster Travel Mission🏎 Elimination Mission🏎 Ranking Mission🏎 Candy Collection Mission-12 DIFFERENT GAME MODES IN ALL TO TRY OUT!FUN FOR ALLTest your abilities in the varied choices and battle for braggingrights. An off-road rush awaits to race to the top of the leaderboards.OFF-ROAD STUNTSDive into the easy to pick up controls, and venture off into themany available tracks. Plenty off off-road fun awaits you in abumpy adventure full of stunts to pull. The off-road car racingwill allow for many unique and flashy tricks to try out!CHALLENGE MODESChallenge yourself with the many different modes that vary indifficulty. Steer your way to victory and prove you're the masterof the tracks. Amazing kart driving is key to passing the manyobstacles ahead in this car racing challenge.Follow us on Facebook: Go Kart Racing 3d 🏎 will be updated constantly. Please rateand give your feedback for further improvement of the game.DOWNLOAD NOW!
JOIN THE SWORD FIGHT BATTLE ZONE Medieval War Fighting Fantasy:Battle Scars is a sword fighting game with cool combo and realisticfighting physics. Join the epic fight of Shaolin monk, barbarian,knight, or ninja warrior battle nations using martial arts, magicskills and lethal weapon. BEST BATTLE SIMULATOR OF MEDIEVALFIGHTING GAMES Stop searching for epic fight battle games with coolfighting physics! Medieval War Fighting Fantasy: Battle Scars isthe best battle zone for a sword fighting of battle nations. Jointhe fighting club of warrior legends and battle masters! Enter thewar room of medieval battle sword fighting. Fight or die in awarrior tales medieval battle epic fight. Perform combo strike witha battle cry to a critical annihilation of everyone in your warroom. Enjoy the best battle simulator of medieval fighting games!HOW TO FIGHT: MORE TAP, LONGER COMBO Combine martial arts withusing a medieval war scuffle lethal weapon. The more you tap - themore critical annihilation your warrior king performs at combo inan epic fight. Rush into a war room with a battle cry and hitrivals of fight list by heavy hammer, axe or cudgel. Slay opponentsby an warrior blade, annihilate rivals by naginata, polearm, vikingsword, quarterstaff, flail, carrack, barbican, drawbridge,palisade, glaive, kunai, falchion, bludgeon, battlement in a battlezone. Defeat opponents by katana and wakizashi in a warrior talesepic fight. Tap every button to unleash fighting fury to everyonein a fight list of medieval war battle masters and enjoy thefighting physics! FIGHT OR DIE FOR A MEDIEVAL WAR GLORY Take partin the epic fight of sword fighting battle zone! Choose a fightmaster from Shaolin monk, ninja, barbarian or knight battlenations. Plunge into a sword fighting: take the warrior blade, roarthe battle cry and rush into a war room! Bring a criticalannihilation to every rival in a battle zone. Rush the fight listand become the fight master of medieval war! Show a criticalannihilation to the barbarian king in an epic fight to become asword fighting legend! HANDLE LETHAL WEAPON OF A MEDIEVAL WAR Allbattle masters of Medieval War Fighting Fantasy: Battle Scars areusing lethal weapon. Warrior Legends of barbarian, knight, Shaolinmonk or ninja warrior battle nations are using scuffle lethalweapon types: quarterstaff, falchion, bludgeon, battlement, flail,carrack, barbican, drawbridge, palisade, glaive, kunai, vikingsword, naginata, wakizashi, to cudgel, polearm, axe and manyothers. In an epic fight of battle masters naginata is used by aclan of Shaolin monk warrior legends, wakizashi by ninjas, warriorblades for knights, and for critical annihilation barbarian kingfight masters are using cudgel and polearm! Medieval War FightingFantasy: Battle Scars features: - Real lethal weapon sounds andbattle cry of every fight master; - Cool combination of greatfighting physics with bright graphics; - Various battle nations infight list: barbarian, knight, Shaolin monk, ninja; - Lots oflethal weapon types related to medieval war: naginata, wakizashi,axe, cudgel, polearm, warrior blade, barbican, kunai, falchion,drawbridge, palisade, viking sword, quarterstaff, flail, carrack,glaive, bludgeon, battlement etc. - Unstoppable fighting combo forevery fighting master: barbarian, Shaolin monk, knight and ninja.TEST YOURSELF IN A MEDIEVAL WAR Participate in sword fighting ofbattle nations! Take a step into a war room with a battle cry:become the top warrior king and make a critical annihilation toeveryone in fight list even to the mighty barbarian king by anwarrior blade in a ruthless scuffle using various types of medievalwar lethal weapon! Unblock the barbarian king: repeat your swordfighting, enter the war room again, take part in a fightingfantasy, return his leadership in a war of crown of Medieval WarFighting Fantasy: Battle Scars!
Stickman Kung Fu Fighting: Middle Ages Warriors 3D
Plunge into an ultimate action fighting gameand feel the atmosphere of fantasy medieval war! Use various kungfu combos , weapon attacks, battle magic spells to defeat allwarriors stickmen on your fight list! Be the fighter legend ofheroic battles using sword series of attacks and specialpowers.FANTASY PREHISTORY OF HEROES FIGHTOnce upon a time middle ages stickman empires were in a clash,kings of every kingdom from the world gathered the best fightersfrom every kingdom and created an epic battle league. Battlenations from the whole Earth even from underworld empire sent thebest fighters to battle ring. Eastern countries sent there Chinesewarrior Shaolin monk, Japanese ninja and samurai. Western -barbarian, and knight hero. The epic battle started! Champion ofthe tournament gets a legacy in a hall of fantasy legends fightingglory.JOIN THE RAGE FIGHT TOURNAMENTRealistic fighting physics and awesome adventure world wouldn'tleave you disappointed. Like other stickman games you will face thefront of mighty opponents and will plunge in legacy heroic battle.Unleash your primal fury and perform unlimited combo strikes onyour enemies combining heavy attacks with light punches in air andkicks.NO ONE CAN RESIST YOUR COMBO STRIKELearn ultimate combos and techniques in this sword fighting game.Punch, slash and blaze everyone on your way! Use agility, findapproaches and tactics to every rival to annihilate rival usingseries of attacks by fatal sword blade in the end of yourway.HANDLE BATTLE MAGICBlaze your rivals by using battle magic spells in a combination ofninja master martial arts in this battle simulator! Burn warriorsof darkness world by crazy and powerful magic, fire attacks andother magic spells. Every brave warrior stickman performs variousbattle projectiles on a fight arena like casting fireballs,lightnings, freezing, explosion spells or even a rain of ironthings on a heads of rivals! Have the best gaming experience andenjoy beautiful special effects of particles power!MAKE ULTIMATE WEAPON ATTACKS.Deep inside the atmosphere of fantasy historical battles withStickman Kung Fu Fighting: Middle Ages Warriors 3D. Use realweapons like hammer, broadsword, truncheon, wraith, scimitar,decapitator, lancelot, lance, spear, javelin and other weaponry tobeat your rivals, the final boss and win this legendary warriorschallenge.CRUSH THE FIGHT LIST OF ENEMIESJoin forces of 16 warriors of stickmen and start your fight againstothers. No matter what fighter and weapon you will choose fromJapanese ninja, Shaolin monk, knight or gladiator warrior, yourstruggle wouldn't be easy - your enemies will become faster andsmarter! Unlock new heroes, improve your abilities, use differentfighting styles and tactics while playing and unleash your anger toeveryone in front of you!Stickman Kung Fu Fighting: Middle Ages Warriors 3DFeatures:- Various combo for every martial arts ninja masters;- The coolest of battle games fight physics;- 16 Characters to choose;- Ultimate ancient weapons;- Bright graphics of locations.TAKE A STEP ON BATTLE ARENAThis action packed battle game gives you an opportunity to showyour skills in a fantasy medieval combat playing as a stickmanmiddle ages warrior. Participate in a tournament using differentweapons from axe and cudgel to broadsword and heavy hammer, makefire attacks in a fast and intense brawl. Overcome all the rivalsin different slash arenas: from the underworld to snowy mountains.Slash the demon king and become warrior legend champion of anultimate battle sword fight. Prove that you are the best stickmanmaster of all medieval warriors, win the battle league and takeyour place near fighting legends!