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Power Rangers Dash 1.6.4
= Game Features = ◆Over 50 different Power Rangers with uniqueskills◆ Choose 3 of your favorite Rangers from our growing libraryof Power Rangers and do battle with minions and monsters, in thisendless running action app! Play as one of 3 Rangers, even Morphinto a Megazord using special coins found during gameplay◆Easy andsimple controls◆ Control three Power Rangers at once! Jump, doublejump, even attack ◆Choose three available Rangers and RUN!, RUN!,RUN!◆ All three Rangers run and attack simultaneously, control allthree with the push of a button. ◆ Play again in a snap!◆ Earn“E-Coins” by defeating minions and monsters alike! Power up andupgrade your Ranger with E-Coins! ◆Team up! ◆ Choose 3 Rangers fromthe same Ranger team and unlock bonus secret attacks! Upgrade thoseRangers to “A-grade Rangers” and experience even more powerfulaction!◆ Summon your Megazord!◆ Summon a Megazord for excitingattacks◆Bonus Stage!◆ New bonus levels open daily! ◆Sound◆Background audio track adds excitement to the gameplay!We lovehearing your thoughts! Contact : [PowerRangers fan Page][PersonalInformation Protection Policy]
Power Rangers Dash (Asia) 1.6.4
This Version of Power Rangers Dash is available only in Taiwan,Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia,Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau. Please use below URL to downloadPower Rangers Dash in othercountry. hero! Power Rangers!But we have one of understaffedhero, 3 rangers will protect to the earth!Let's play with daintyranger characters.Running action game Power Rangers Dash = GameFeature =◆66 different heroes with unique skills◆Just got apprearedpersonality characters of Power Rangers Dino Charge,SuperMegaforce,Samurai,R.P.M,Operation Overdrive,Mystic Force,S.P.D,WildForce,Mighty Morphin and Freshmen.◆Easy and simple control◆At thesame time, once in three Ranger jump, double jump, attack ispossible to control!◆Choose your own cute three Rangers and RUN!RUN!◆At same time, your three different cute characters runtogether!◆Easy and Fast reinforce system◆To gain E-coin with defeatthe badguys, E-coin can strengthen the Rangers.Even more powerfulwhen equipped Gem to rangers◆Team Skill System◆If meet 3 rangers ofsame force, they will have a powerful passive skill!Make you ownA-grade forces and use there fantastic passive skill!◆Heart shakingsummon system◆Intersting pick for get a desired rangers or Gem.Itwill help you to most powerful ranger in the world.◆The UltimateMegazord!◆Summon a megazord and enjoy your fever time!◆BonusStage!◆Can open a bonus gate once a day! Get enormous E-coin andG-coin by your maddening fist.◆Addictive Game Sound◆Exciting gamesound makes you fun!We love hearing your thoughts!Contact[Power Rangers DashPage][PersonalInformation ProtectionPolicy]ⓒTOEICOMPANY, LTD ⓒDAEWON MEDIA / movegames / ironnos
파워레인저 Dash (파워레인저 대시) 1.6.4
◈ 나만의 귀여운 3명의 레인저를 선택하여 RUN! RUN! ◈ 나만의 레인저 팀을 구성하여 악당을 물리치는 런 게임!◈10개 시리즈, 66명의 레인저 캐릭터 총 출동 ◈ 레인저의 특성에 따라 근거리, 장거리, 원거리등 특색있는 공격 패턴다이노포스, 캡틴포스, 블레이드포스, 엔진포스, 트레저포스, 매직포스, S.P.D, 정글포스, 다이노 레인저,후레쉬맨등추억의 히어로 전대 등장!◈ 쉽고 간단한 컨트롤 ◈ 간단하고 심플한 컨트롤로 3명의 레인저들이 동시에 점프, 공격,체인지 컨트롤 가능 ◈ 재미있는 소환&강화 시스템 ◈ 다양한 스킬 추가를 위한 강화 구슬 뽑기! 레인저 소환시스템을 통한 강력한 등급의 레인저 습득! 게임 내 습득 가능한 E코인을 통해 내 레인저를 우주 최강의 레인저로 강화!◈ 스테이지 클리어에 따른 몬스터 난이도 상승 ◈ 각 스테이지별 개성있는 몬스터와 위험한 오브젝트들 파괴된 도시, 폐허가된 마을, 끝없는 사막, 전설의 숲 등 다채로운 스테이지 ◈ 원작에 충실한 게임 시스템 ◈ 각 전대별 레인저 및 메가조드로봇 구현 단일 전대 레인저로 팀 구성 시, 강력한 패시브 스킬 발동! ◈ 궁극의 메가조드 등장! ◈ 거대 몬스터를날려버리는 보너스 스테이지 피버모드로 스트레스도 팍팍! 보너스 스테이지 이 후, 깜짝놀랄 만한 뽑기 선물이 와르르르 ◈호쾌한 사운드로 중독성 UP! UP! ◈ 파워레인즈 특유의 호쾌한 효과음과 배경음악! ◈ 공식카페와 페이스북 이벤트 ◈파워레인저 Dash 공식 카페와 페이스북을 통해 즐거운 이벤트 상시 진행 - 공식카페 : - 페이스북 : - 고객센터 ※ 불법적인 해킹 툴(럭키패처 등) 사용 시, 게임 이용이 제한될 수있습니다.ⓒ TOEI COMPANY, LTD / ⓒ DAEWON MEDIA / movegames /----개발자 연락처:경기도 파주시 문발동 파주출판산업단지 507-14번지 2층070-7609-8008◈ RUN Choose Your OwnCute three Ranger! RUN! ◈Own Rangers as a team to take on the badguys run the game!◈ 10 dog series, 66 characters total mobilization◈ RangerNear depending on the nature of the Ranger, long-distance,distance, etc. Distinctive patterns of attacksDyno Force, Forcecaptain, blade force, engine force, Treasure Force, Magic Force,SPD, Jungle Force, Dino Ranger, memories, etc. hureswimaen Herosublease it!◈ ◈ simple and easy controlEasy and simple control withthree rangers are jumping at the same time, attacks, changes can becontrolled◈ ◈ interesting summons and strengthen thesystemStrengthening the draw bead for added variety ofskills!Rangers acquire a strong rating by the Rangers summonsystem!Ranger Space Ranger to strengthen my best learned throughthe game as E coin!◈ ◈ Monster difficulty rising due to clear thestageMonsters and dangerous objects in each stage personalityThedestruction of the city, the ruins of the village, endless deserts,forests of legends colorful stage◈ ◈ faithful to the original gamesystemEach pre-classified megajodeu Robot Rangers andimplementationWhen configured as a single first-team Rangers,triggered a powerful passive skill!◈ appeared Ultimate megajodeu!◈Blow up huge bonus monster Stage Fever mode to stress up!After thebonus stage, drawing surprise gift clattering Le◈ addictive soundas exciting UP! UP! ◈Power Rains unique and exciting sound effectsand background music!◈ ◈ official cafe and a Facebook EventAlwaysfun events going through the official Power Rangers Dash Cafe andFacebook- Official Cafe: Facebook:※ illegal hacking tools (Lucky paecheo,etc.) can be used, the game use is limited.Ⓒ TOEI COMPANY, LTD / ⓒDAEWON MEDIA / movegames /
超スーパー戦隊ダッシュ 1.1.0
◆自分だけのヒーローの組み合わせで敵を倒せ!アクションランニング「超スーパー戦隊ダッシュ」!!◆6シリーズのスーパー戦隊ヒーローが登場ヒーローの特性によって特徴ある攻撃パターンを使い攻撃可能思い出のスーパー戦隊が登場!「手裏剣戦隊ニンニンジャー」「獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー」「海賊戦隊ゴーカイジャー」「魔法戦隊マジレンジャー」「特捜戦隊デカレンジャー」「恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー」その他のシリーズも続々登場予定!◆簡単操作簡単操作で3人のヒーローのジャンプ、攻撃、キャラクターチェンジ操作が可能◆召喚&強化システム召喚システムで強力なヒーローと様々なスキルパワーボールを獲得せよ!Eコインで宇宙最強ヒーローをめざせ!◆多様なステージとボス戦個性あるモンスターと危険な障害物5ステージ毎に登場するボスを倒すと、好きな戦隊を選べるポイントを獲得◆究極の巨大ロボ登場!モンスターを吹っ飛ばすフィーバーモード!巨大ロボのミニゲームのモード!、ミニゲームの後にはランダムでアイテムを獲得!Twitter:お間に合わせ :※不法的にゲームを利用する場合、アカウントの利用が制限される場合もありますので ご注意お願い致します。©東映©テレビ朝日・東映AG・東映©石森プロ・東映◆Defeat the enemy with a combination of your own hero!Action Running"Ultra Super Sentai Dash"! !◆ 6 series Super Sentai heroesappearedAttack can use a characteristic attack pattern depending onthe characteristics of the heroSuper Sentai of memoriesappeared!"Shuriken Sentai Ninninger" "Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger""pirate squadron Gokaiger""Mahou Sentai Magiranger" "Tokusousquadron Dekaranger""Kyoryu Sentai Jurenja"Other series alsoappeared one after another plan!◆ easy operationEasy operation withthree of the hero of the jump, attack, character change operationis possible◆ summons & enhancement systemWhether winning avariety of skill power ball and a powerful hero in the summoningsystem!Aim the universe strongest hero in E coin!◆ a variety ofstages and boss battlesIndividuality some monsters and dangerousobstaclesWhen the defeat 5 bosses to appear in every stage, earnpoints to choose a favorite squadron◆ ultimate giant robotappeared!Fever mode to blow the monsters!Giant robot mini gamemodes! , Won the item at random after the mini-game!Twitter:※ If you want to use illegally to the game,because there is the case the use of the account islimitedAttention please.© Toei© TV Asahi Toei AG · Toei© IshimoriPro Toei
Power Rangers: All Stars 1.0.5
Oh no! The boss has been resurrected. Only Megazord can defendagainst its attack! Join the epic battle with Megazord! RangerOperators Red, Yellow, and Blue (from Power Rangers RPM) are sentto Corinth, the last inhabited city on Earth, to investigate Venjixactivity inside Professor Q's research laboratory. There, they findthat Professor Q has opened a dimensional portal in hopes ofhelping the people of Corinth escape from the incoming Venjixthreat. When Doctor K investigates the lab, she finds that the"quantum anchored" portal there leads to parallel dimensions fullof monsters! Ally with Power Ranger from throughout history, createthe ultimate Ranger team, and thwart the monsters and their evilmachinations! ▶ Features - From MMPR to Samurai, join over 60Rangers in your quest to vanquish evil! - Pilot mighty Megazords todefeat your foes! - Create tactical Ranger teams for DimensionalRift and Dimensional Exploration! - Engage in 5-vs-5 PvP battles inthe Dimensional Arena! - Form Alliances and conquer dramatic,large-scale Raids! - Defend against the boss' attack using Megazordin the Epic Mission Stage! [Support] Experiencing issues? pleasesend us an email - Terms of Service: PrivacyPolicy:[Recommended Specifications] The game is optimized for devices withOS 4.0.3 / 2.0 GB of RAM or higher / Samsung Galaxy S4 or newer.Devices with lower specs may experience performance issues. Networkconnection required. Wi-Fi or cellular connection required. [AppPermissions Information] Power Rangers: All Stars requires thefollowing permissions: [Mandatory Access Rights] Saving media todevices, including game data, save files, and screenshotattachments for customer service. [Optional Permission] Phoneinformation will be gathered after authentication for marketingpurposes. [Permission Management] - Android 6.0 and higher:Settings > Applications > Select App > Permissions -Android 6.0 or below: Update OS to retract permissions, thenuninstall app. ※ If the app does not ask you to grant permission,manage your permissions by following the above steps. ※ This appoffers in-app purchases. You can disable this feature by adjustingyour device settings.