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Golf GPS Range Finder Free
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Simple, Accurate Golf GPS Range Finder. Calculate range/distance toany point on the golf course. No need to download course maps,works with Google maps and GPS technology to give you quick,accurate range finding. Easiest and most effective Golf GPS forAndroid! You Get: * A GPS Rangefinder with accuracy rivaling anyother app or $300 device. * A Birds-Eye view of the hole you areplaying on ANY COURSE IN THE WORLD. * Zoom in and touch anywhere toget distance from you to that point. * Easily plan multiple shotsby tapping more than once. * Saves battery by turning off GPS inbetween holes. * Press the bottom button to start measuring how faryou nailed that ball down the fairway! NO clutter or unnecessaryfeatures. This app gives you all the information you need to take afew strokes off your game. Uses advanced GPS distance algorithmsfor the most accurate range finding. Tried and tested on the golfcourse, this app will help you bring your game to the next levelwithout breaking the bank on an expensive rangefinder. All of theaccuracy without the cost. Google Maps will let you easily see allcourse markers and obstacles. Measure the distance from yourself toany point with only one tap. Tap again and measure the distancefrom that point. Easily plan out all of your shots and knock acouple strokes off your Golf game. Features * Measure multipledistances to plan out your shots * Zoom back to your location withone tap * Easily clear all measurements * Turns off GPS when inbackground to save battery * Switch between Yards, Feet, Meters,Miles, and Kilometers * Easily find how far you hit the Golf Ballwith the bottom button. This rangefinder uses GPS technology toquickly and accurately find the distances that you need to keepyour golf game on the fairway.
2048 + Flap - Hybrid 1.3
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What do you get when you mix the smashgames2048 and Flappy Bird? Loads of fun and hours ofaddictiveentertainment!Tap to flap your number tile towards the oncoming obstacles,andline up just right with your matching number to double yourtile.The further you go, the columns will start to move up anddownfaster and faster challenging your skill at all levels.This game is truly easy to pickup and difficult to master. Trytoearn the mastery achievement granted at 100 points!Find out how you match up on the global leaderboardsandchallenge your friends for the highest score.
Flippy Bird Battles 1.22
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Battle your friends in intense multiplayer matches in this birdflapping game. Alternatively play classic style and compete for thehigh score on the leaderboards, collect coins to upgrade your bird,and earn achievements.Meet the new Flippy bird! Tap to flap andavoid obstacles. Collect coins to buy exciting new birds andlevels. This game is one step above all those other flappy games.**NOT endorsed by the creators of the original Flappy Bird **GameFeatures:* Battle your friends in real time multiplayer for thehighest score* Save up your coins and buy two awesome Flippy Birds*Earn Medals: Bronze (easy), Silver (kind of hard), Gold (veryhard!)* Compete on the leaderboards for the top score and earnachievementsWith the new Store you can purchase:* Baby - A smallflippy bird which will help improve your score!* Flippy Fish - Asplashy fish with a surprise* Underwater Level - Beautiful scenerywhich comes alive with the Splashy Fish character* Snow Level -Breathtaking background and incredible play experienceSave up topurchase them all, or skip the line and buy coins in-game!
Emoji 2048 - Fun, Addicting Puzzle Game 1.0
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\(^O^)/- Emoji 2048 puts an addictive, fun twist on the classicpuzzle game 2048.- Awesome cute emojis make this game fun (somuch), addicting and keeps you entertained for hours.d(-_^)Musiccredit is to rezoner on opengameart.