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Food additives 3.0.1
Mr Schak
Food Additives is a free, ad-free application, which helps youidentify more than 650 additives (E numbers) that are present inmany everyday food products. Features: For each additive: ✦ Thelevel of danger ✦ The origin (animal, vegetable, chemical ...) ✦the type (Food coloring, emulsifier, preservative ...) ✦ The nameand all the possible names ✦ the status that lets you know if theadditive is halal / kosher / vegetarian or vegan. ✦ A highlyoptimized search mode (by number, eg 124 or by name, eg: CochinealRed) ✦ Integrated sorting mode to simplify navigation through ourdatabase ✦ A complete and up-to-date database (more than 650 foodadditives) ✦ A dictionary of the most used words in the world ofadditives ✦ Information on nanoparticles and ultra-processed foods✦ Sources for more details (using internet) A product scan option :Since version 2.0 the application offers a paid scan service. Morethan 500,000 international products available via the Open FoodFacts database, hence the following new permissions requests : -Permission to use the camera: to be able to scan a product theapplication uses the camera. Note: It is not possible to takepictures or record videos via the app. - Permission to use theinternet: as you can imagine, a database of more than 500 000products can not be downloaded to the device, therefore theapplication accesses the internet to collect the data of eachscanned product. What does the scan option offer? For each scannedproduct: ✦ List of food additives where each additive is clickableto display details ✦ List of ingredients with allergens in bold ✦Possible traces of gluten, nuts, milk ... etc. ✦ The origin of theingredients We are reachable by e-mail for any questions orsuggestions for the improvement of the application.
widget 99 names of allah 2.0
Mr Schak
In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, Learnthrough this application one of the 99 beautiful names of Allaheach day. May Allah help us learn and reward us for our efforts. Itis admitted that Allah has more than ninety-nine attributes ornames and some are known only by Himself. A hadeeth speaks of namesof which Allah has reserved for himself the knowledge. You willfind in this simple widget, which works without internetconnection, the meanings according to the majority of the scholars.Features : - Meaning and description for each name. - Automaticname change everyday. - Time display. - Date display. - Hijri datedisplay.
My food Intolerances 2.2
Mr Schak
A very useful application, to help all those who must follow arestricted diet due to food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) or allergies. ✹ A scan mode (for that we ask permission touse the device's camera) to track up to 14 allergens: Gluten, Milk,Fish, Crustaceans, Nuts, Peanuts, Eggs, Soybeans, Celery, Mustard,Sesame seeds, Lupin, Molluscs and Sulfites choose your allergiesand scan in an international database of more than 600 000 products(for that the app needs permission to access to internet). ✹ Aproduct search mode with filters to make your life easier: Forexample I am looking for mayonnaise without eggs, cheese withoutmilk, or ketchup without celery nor gluten ... This mode allows youto find products that are uncommon and tells you in which store youwill find them. ✹ The application contains a database withapproximately 800 foods that are commented and rated for thefollowing intolerances: lactose, sorbitol, fructose, gluten,histamine and salicylate intolerance. ✹ Foods are categorized forease of use, with a very efficient search system (in thisapplication we do not treat the category alcoholic beverage). ✹ Youwill also find all the information, explaining each intolerancewith diagnostics, symptoms, treatments and more... ✹ Theapplication also contains information on FODMAPS with adownloadable list for a low-FODMAPS diet. ✹ For histamineintolerance: you will find information on biogenic amines,Histamine liberators, DAO inhibitors… ✹For lactose intolerance anoption « Lactose-free (zero lactose) » ✹ For Carbohydratemalabsorption : fructose (with fructose ratio / glucose), sorbitoland other polyols, lactose (with a list for milk alternatives),problematic fibers (fructan for example). ✹All about gluten (withalternatives: buckwheat for example) and salicylates. All withrates and explanatory comments. Other Features : ✹ No internetconnection required. ✹Possibility to add labels ✹ Create yourcustom list. ✹ You can customize each food (colors, write apersonal note…) ✹ Sort the food list (in alphabetical order, bydangerousness ...). ✹ Nice and modern interface. ✹ A fact sheet foreach food. ✹… Feel free to contact us for any question orsuggestion at: [email protected].com The contents of thisapplication are for information purposes only and do not representmedical diagnosis, treatment recommendations or medication.Although the information provided here has been compiled for thebest knowledge of the author, errors occur, as this is a complexissue that depends on each individual. We assume no responsibilityfor the accuracy, completeness, balance and timeliness of thecontents of the application, and disclaims any liability to theextent permitted by law. We assume no responsibility for acts thatare or are not performed on the basis of the content of the app.Consequently, we are not liable for any direct or indirect damages,consequential damages or other obligations arising from the use ofthe contents of the application. The contents of the application donot in any way replace individual examination and advice by amedical specialist. In case of health problems, always consult aqualified specialist for an individual diagnosis and treatment.
My Food Allergies Scanner 1.0
Mr Schak
A very handy app, to help all those who must follow arestricteddiet due to food allergies or food intolerances. Peopleaffected byone or more food allergies spend a lot of time on theshelves tofind a product that they can consume safely! By scanningtheproducts, the application saves you a lot of time, helps youfindallergens hidden behind additives or other, but also todecodeingredients in other languages! Just scan the barcode oftheproduct or enter it manually and it will tell you if you canorcan’t consume it with the food allergies or intolerances youhave.The list of allergens: ✹ Gluten ✹ Milk ✹ Nuts ✹ Peanuts ✹ Eggs✹Soy ✹ Fish ✹ Crustaceans ✹ Celery ✹ Mustard ✹ Sesame seeds ✹Lupine✹ Molluscs ✹ sulphur dioxide and sulphites Other allergenswill becoming according to the demand of the users, do not hesitatetocontact us via e-mail : [email protected] Terms ofuse: The algorithm of the app is based on the list of ingredientsofeach product, since the application uses an open sourcedatabase(by everyone to everyone) that of OPEN FOOD FACTS, the datamaysometimes be incomplete or wrong! the only officialinformationremains the one on the physical packaging of theproduct. Thecontents of this application are for informationpurposes only anddo not represent medical diagnosis, treatmentrecommendations ormedication. Although the information providedhere has beencompiled for the best knowledge of the author, errorsoccur, asthis is a complex issue that depends on each individual.We assumeno responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, balanceandtimeliness of the contents of the application, and disclaimsanyliability to the extent permitted by law. We assumenoresponsibility for acts that are or are not performed on thebasisof the content of the app. Consequently, we are not liable foranydirect or indirect damages, consequential damages orotherobligations arising from the use of the contents oftheapplication. The contents of the application do not in anywayreplace individual examination and advice by a medicalspecialist.In case of health problems, always consult a qualifiedspecialistfor an individual diagnosis and treatment.