MrDomDomz Apps

Charades! 2.0
A party game for 2+ people, the more the merrier! Features:•Anumber of Decks including Movies, TV Shows, Video Games and one forthe Kids!•Tilt your phone up or down to draw a new card!•Guess asmany words as you can in 60 seconds!•Future Decks will always befree!•No need for an internet connection!
Jump! for Fortnite 3.1
Tap the Jump! button and get given a random coordinate on theMap.Location Roulette - Spin the wheel to get a random namedlocation.Challenge yourself with the new Forfeit cards! Choose 2Forfeit cards and a Penalty card to mix it up and change how youplay the game!Weapon Stats now available!What would you like to seein the next update? Email and let me know!
Tap The Tiles 1.2
Only tap the black tiles and make sure you don't miss any! Twoblack tiles on the same row must be tapped at the same time. Havefun!
Baseball Hit! 1.6
Hit the ball as far as you can to earn coins and use those coinstoupgrade the power of your bat and to improve your GravityUpgrade.When you earn enough coins you can purchase a new bat.There arecurrently 9 different bats available. The only time youwill seeads is when you choose to view one. After each hit you haveanoption to collect your coins or watch an ad and receive a spinonthe multiplier wheel, offering a 1.5x, 2x or 2.5x multiplierwin.How To Play: Tap the screen once to drop the ball. Tap thesceenagain to swing your bat. Time it correctly to hit the ballevenfurther