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Smart Battery Saver & Booster 2.1.9
Smart Battery Saver & Booster is a FREE battery saving toolthat makes your phone battery last longer, and can help you get upto 2X more life for your Android cell ! With this tool you cansaves your phone charging with power saving features. It is the appthat is specially designed for those who are tired off withcharging there phones again and again. Now there is no need to takeany tension because Power saver is ready for your help. In this appyou can avail many option that are may be built in or to becustomized. You can select a saving Mode yourself and make anychange in that mode. This provident is best for maintaining yourcharging percentage. it boosts the mobile active time and worksperfect as charging saver for android mobile long time. You willnot need external power backups and fast charger anymore.This wouldbe one of your worth using app for boosting up charging time and agood charging saver in 2017. The power boost up and optimizationfor your device performance can be achieved by this new batterysaver 2017.Why should you have Smart Battery Saver ( Booster &Charger) app? ★ One-Tap Optimizer & Energy Saver ?Directly findand fix battery power drainage problems and get back to your phoneenergy savings;★ Smart Mode Selection You can choose or customize amode that fits saves your energy usage. Modes can be selected orcustomize by time scheduling or Power scheduling;★ Multi LanguageSupported Now here is a facility for the users to change theapplication in any language;★ Charging Monitor & App ManagerMonitor all those apps that uses more power but not in active stateand remind user about high consumption apps. It tells the User tomanage his apps that are draining more power and to optimize themin ONE-TAP;★ Beautiful Themes Our Smart Saver & Booster has aunique and matchless quality to change the theme.★ Smart &Efficient charging Our Product Display charge status in real time,accurate time remaining status and high drainage status;ThisBooster is the best thing that helps you to save you phone powerand can monitor the apps. It also can help you change your phoneefficiently and smartly. It has the simple and easy way to usethis.WANT MORE?Our team of developers here at Muddy Apps Inc areconstantly working hard to produce high quality mobile applicationsfor Android devices. If you like our work then please give us a 5star rating.VISIT US AT: Follow Us Ontwitter:
Fitness Tracker - Health Coach 1.6
"Burn calorie to fit in with the best workout companion throughthis Fitness Tracker app for Android. Take your every step to ahealthier and fitter you! Reach to the premium level of fitnessusing an extensive fitness and bodybuilding kit containing easy toaccess feature to go along with your training needs.Be Your OwnActivity MakerFitness app helps to Keep a track of your day to dayworkout. Get instant record of your activities like running,walking, cycling, bodybuilding and hiking according to customsortable details. Get back into the shape having acute track ofyour every moving step. Start your fitness and bodybuilding sheetwith an automated data, where the app records and saves all yourimportant stats in an analytic table:> Set tracker for a customactivity> Set fitness goals you want to achieve> Set exerciseand running perimeterView complete analysis in a day to day reportand carry your own portable training mate to a fitter you. DownloadNow!Inspirational UI, powered by Materiel DesignCatch up with everyday fitness stats in an elegant interface to keep an eye forcalories burned, steps taken and much more to analyses theeffectiveness of your training.All new inspirational UserInterface, based on the latest Material Design from Google AndroidLollipop 5.0 will provides users with a fresh outlook of bestFitness and bodybuilding app. The ease of use meets the elegance ofdesign in a beautiful combination.Detailed History StatsViewdetailed user history stats categorized into duration, distance,speed, pace and calories. View daily or monthly stats according toyour preferenceFeatures- Automated activity start or manually setcustom activities- Map routing integrated with Google Maps-Polished Material Design user interface- Set and reviewpersonalized fitness data with daily and monthly tracker- Always onmode when recording an activity- Calorie, distance, duration, speedand pace counter"
Tiny Led Flashlight 1.1.4
Tiny Led Flashlight is the best led flashlight and lighting toolfor android. It is Very simple and free of cost. The Tiny LedFlashlight app utilizes camera flash to get clearer & brighterview in dark. Tiny Led Flashlight is very easy to use and it alsohas automatic control. Tiny Led flashlight is providing you thebest bright vision in dark. It is very difficult to carry lightseverywhere but, this light app is now in your pocket. This LedFlashlight app helps you when you need light to do anything provides you the brightest led light.This app has an easycontrol widget to ON/OFF. This is also control by shaking yourmobile phone and app is designed for the users to facilitate. Thisflashlight app is designed to save you battery life while usingthis app.What’s New!!! Screen bright light feature has been added.Now your cell phone’s screen is also best bright Led light. Screenbrightness and screen dimmer sliders options will soon be addedwith support for color light changer.Features• Screen led lightfeature added• Led Widget to turn On/Off Flashlight • Shake deviceto On/Off Flashlight quickly • Easy ON/OFF control with flashlightnotification• Auto switch off Flashlight after 2 minutes SavingBattery life• Display device current Battery lifeTake More Freeandroid appsVISIT US AT : Follow Us Ontwitter:
Wifi FTP Tunnel Sharing Portal 1.0
Get the easiest solution to a wire free andfast file transfer and sharing data capability for Androidsmartphones with Wifi FTP Tunnel a sharing portal.Pair up your laptop, desktop PCs to your smartphone without theneed for any USB cable, at the same time enjoying a lag free andfast file transfer.Follow Simple Steps to connect and setupTransfer any file between your Android and PC like a filetransfer through a USB cable. All you need is a Wifi networkconnection with both devices connected to the same IP, to get thisFTP tunnel genius do its work.In your PC file browser, simply write the FTP Client URL addressto access all data on your phone.FEATURES:Copy or Paste single or multiple files and share at onceTotal Read /Write access to your Android device data, like in a USBfile transfer connectionNear Lag free connectivity and fast transfer speed (dependent onthe Wifi network connection)
Zipper Locks: Jean Lock Screen 1.2
" Zipper Locks: Jean Lock Screen is the locker that keepsafe yourmobile and provide you a beautiful interface for your screen. Ifyou're a jeans lover and love to have these extra ordinary jeansdesigns then take this jeans zipper lock app on your lock screen.Jeans Zipper Lock Screen is a free and beautiful locker app foryour android mobile. A really amazing jeans designs are ready foryour lock screen. When you unlock your screen you simply touch yourjeans zip and unlock your phone screen. Jeans Zipper Lock is thebest zipper lock due to your favorite jeans zip themes. It alsoprovides easy interface to the user when they're unlocking theirphone. A simple zipper, you just have to drag it downwards to unzipthe beautiful zipper jeans and your phone will be unlocked. It’s aquick, simple and easy way to unlock your phone. It has a facilityfor the user that there is no password required to unlock yourscreen you need to only unzip downwards. If you have used anypassword or pattern to unlock your android cell then that is retainas you want. So enjoy our app and give us better reviews andfeedback. How to Use • Download the Zip Locker app from Play Store•Install and Run the application • Enable Zip lock screen from theapp • Drag the zipper down to unlock screen with cool animationsThemes  Jeans Zipper Lock Leather Zipper Lock Dark Jeans ZipperLock Cotton Texture Zipper Lock Features  Best zip unlockanimations  Easy to use  Display battery stats, date and time onlock screen Number of color and theme combinations to choose fromsetting as per user's requirementsWANT MORE FOR FREE? You can alsovisit our social media channel to get the latest updates on thecompany’s development. Your feedback is highly appreciatedVISIT USAT: Follow Us Ontwitter: Apps_Inc"
Borderlines Tank Battles Arena 1.1
✪ ✪ ✪ PLOT ✪ ✪ ✪Its year 2014, 3 years since the advent of the gigantic outbreakofthe SLEEPER CELLS outlaws. The outbreak was so intense, itnearlyleft the army headquarters devoid of all weapons artilleryandtanks on which they heavily relied on.The SLEEPER CELLS head, once an honorary member of the Army,ColonelMichael S. Cole, is now an outcast, emotionless and violentnaturedmonster. His army has overtaken the Desert and MountainArmyOutposts with brute force of tanks.This year, when all seems lost, the Army decides to throw insomeforce of their own. Project Charlie, which took nearly 6 yearsinthe making, is a tank that has the ultimate force todominateagainst the odds. When this tank is finally ready to raisehavoc onSLEEPER CELLS, Colonel Tagger S. Cole is called on tooperateProject Charlie and bring down the SLEEPER CELLS head.But the task is not as easy as it seems, even with ProjectCharlieat Tagger’s disposal. He will have to tear apart a massivearmy oftanks and enemies before he can get through to theArmyheadquarters. When Tagger finally gets through to the socalled‘COMBAT ARENA’, things will get more drastic when he findsout whathis brother, Michael, has got in store for him!!!✪ ✪ ✪ GAMEPLAY ✪ ✪ ✪Tank Battles – Combat Arena takes your player throughthetreacherous mountain valleys and depraving desert battlefield,asyou make your way to the COMBAT ARENA, where a bigger battlelines.All your battalion is lost and it’s up to you to get backyourright from the enemy forces.✪ ✪ ✪ HOW TO PLAY ✪ ✪ ✪➤ Navigate your tank with classic aim and movementcontrolpads➤ Play in either Ambush or Survival mode ofthegame➤ Take on hordes of enemy gunship troopers with standardpanzerbullets and power ups➤ Use the shield and guided missile power ups fordevastatingattacks➤ Fight against three epic and powerful Bosses inArenabattles➤ Survive through the warfare of Survival mode againstcommandertanks➤ Earn victory points in the time limit to unlock and advance tothenext levelWANT MORE ACTION?All characters and visuals created in the game are sole propertyofMuddy Apps©. Use and collection of any materials issubjectto the company’s Privacy Policy©Muddy Apps. All Rights ReservedIf You like our apps then please give us a rating. Your feedbackishighly appreciatedYou can also follow up on our latest works in progress:Visit us at orLike us: us on:
My Makeup Mirror Pro 1.0.5
" Now change your phone into the matchless Pocket mirror. My MakeupMirror Pro is the best Mirror app that is especially for those whocare about their face looks. They need the mirror all the day intheir pocket or in bag to see their face or makeup. Especiallygirls need the mirror for makeup their face or to see looks sodon’t be worried, now you can enjoy the best makeup mirror in yourpocket into your android phone. It can simply use your phone frontcamera and provide you the facility to see your face with fresh andbeautiful themes. My Makeup Mirror Pro is the best app to use andthis app has unique qualities. Your phone cam is now your bestmirror to see your sweet face with brighter visuals effects andbeautiful wallpapers.My Makeup Mirror Pro is the best solution tomakeup in the camera of your, enjoy it!If you have usedmany of that apps but you are not satisfied, you should try once MyMakeup Mirror Pro. This is the app you should have to installs inyour device!Are you thinking that why this app is best then youmust use you cell phone's cam? Now you feel the difference: •Brighter visual effects. (Check it yourself!)• Beautiful themes •Good Gestures Important Features:  Perfect view with zoom in &zoom out feature Works best in night with exposure adjustmentFreeze image viewing  Clean and clear look, better than the realpocket mirror Mirror with lights function for brightest view indark areas Clean Design & easy to use. Very easy and simpleto use Image visibility is incredible  Best selfie Beautifulreal Mirror Themes! Want more android apps? VISIT US AT: Follow us ontwitter: "
Easy Uninstaller - App Remover 1.0.7
Simple, easy and perfect uninstaller system app for your androidos. Easy Uninstaller expert gives you total control on almost allunwanted apps that you want to keep or remove in a single click.Use multiple options to uninstall the applications and free upsystem storage space on the device. Specify sorting of system appsby name, size and install date. Easily uninstall bloatware andunwanted multiple apps or quick uninstall from storage throughbatch uninstall.Easy Uninstaller is the best uninstaller in Googlemarket for apps and programs. Get listed view of all installed appsin your device system.Features- Shows installer apps list with appname and details from android system- Displays phone and SD cardfree memory- Displays app sorted by size, name and install date-Batch uninstall files of your device apps with single click -Simple functions and design makes it easy to useWant More?VISIT USAT: Follow Us Ontwitter:
Portable Hotspot - Wifi Tether 2.1.7
Portable Hotspot - WiFi Tether is the best Wi-Fi proxy for Surfingthe web by tapping the Hotspot only once. Now you can enjoy thefree Wi-Fi hotspot app without any setting. The app is purelydesigned for the user to enjoy the free Wi-Fi hotspot. To accessanother Wi-Fi networks with the users permission or the networkswhich are not secured with any password. Portable Hotspot Wi-FiTether is there for need and internet browsing requirements. Youcan change the phone's Wi-Fi network name and secure its Wi-Finetwork when it is acting as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Turn yourAndroid device into free Wi-Fi hotspot that is portable as well,This App is very simple and easy to use. Connect your phone's Wi-Fito your network, make it Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and share mobile 3Gor 4G internet data.Key Features ON/OFF BUTTON ✔ 1 tap solution toturn on free Wi-Fi hotspots without any settings.✔ N setting isrequired to set up Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi DEVICES ✔ Run free mobiledata now on all Galaxy devices and enjoy the Wi-Fi hotspot. ✔ Shareyour Wi-Fi network with other devices which are Wi-Fi enable intoportable hotspot. DATA SECURITY AND MONITORING ✔Complete mobilesecurity of in App data traffic monitoring.✔Data of your mobilephone will remain protected it has ha key feature to secure yourimportant data on mobile. IMPROVE YOUR NETWORK SPEED BY REMOVINGBACKGROUND APPS ✔This app has a feature to speed YOUR NETWORK tomake your browsing fast. SPEED UP YOUR PHONE FOR GAMES AND VIDEOS ✔Wi-Fi tether can maximize your internet speed by managing your datausage OTHER FEATURES ✔ Tether link your Galaxy devices, laptop,tablet & other phones string in one network. ✔ Allows you tocustomize your network thru set name and password feature as yourown choice.This free network tethering app protected with Wi-Fipassword. Makes your file sharing experience secure and efficient.Experience the simplest and easiest Internet Wi-Fi hotspot aroundGoogle Play Store so you can use your laptop, tablet and phoneswith a remote security network. No root no data plan required!WHATS NEW!!!! ✔ Material design UI with latest tethering features✔Wi-Fi Password protection for secure network communication✔ Monitordata traffic transitory through contiguous stats✔ Customized Wi-Ficonfiguration via set Name and Password✔ Instantly get connectedwith as many devices as you want✔ Share and access data just in onetouch✔ Feedback section added HOW TO USE ??? Launch app > Togglebutton ON > Go free wifi tethering Want More? VISIT US AT: Follow Us Ontwitter:
Device Cleaner - Cache Clean 2.0.11
Device Cleaner is the master of cleaning your device from junkfiles & apps, music & video, media and cache for free. Theapp is brilliantly designed to speedup your phone and boost phone'smemory plus battery life as well. This app is a cache cleaner andunwanted history cleaner & residual files including apps,music, video and media files to speedup your phone.If you say thatclean my phone then Device Cleaner-Speedup Booster du cleaning yourphone memory cache and search history. The app is designed for Ramcleaning and boost up your mobile phone speed including that itperform a task as Battery Saver.Test your phone after cleaningthrough this master app. It is packed with memory cleaner andbooster features to speedup device. Run speed test on your androidcell phone and tablets and you will see the real difference. Thisis an android device cleaner and booster app which is used tocleaning your mobile.Device cleaner is the only app that provideboth facilities in one package for protect and clean yourdevice with a single tap. LATEST ADDED FEATURES - Advanced Userinteractive Interface with latest menu designs, RAM Cleaneranimations and redesigned elements.- SPEEDUP BOOSTER features andall new design with added ability to restart system processes torelease memory and app cache.- An all new JUNK FILES MANAGER tosort and clean app cache, empty folders, different media file types(music and video) and apk files. Additionally Junk file Reminderoptions and an Ignore List to automatically exempt cleaning eachtime you perform a scan.- HISTORY CLEANER gets an extensivecategorization of call logs into Missed, Received and Dialed Calls.Also added categories are Default System Browser, Play Store,Google Search and Clipboard history.- APP AND FILE MANAGER nowprovides details of all installed and system apps and their memoryconsumption. All apps can be categorized according to Name, Dateand Size to perform single or batch uninstall.FEATURES: MEMORYBOOSTERClear background apps and releases memory.An Auto cleancache cleaner, through scheduled time HISTORY CLEANERRemove calllog details with choice of all or selected log Clear browsinghistory and multiple privacy history to free up the memory WANTMORE? Our team of developers here at Muddy Apps Inc are constantlyworking hard to produce high quality mobile applications forAndroid devices for free. If you like our work then please give usa 5 star rating.You can also visit our social media channel to getthe latest updates on the company’s development. Your feedback ishighly appreciatedVISIT US AT: Follow UsOn twitter:
My Budget Planner Pro 1.3
My Budget Planner Pro is a perfect Income Coordinator and plannerfor your Monthly, Weekly and Daily Expenditures. It’s freefinancing Management android app, tracker and calculator for yourexpense management and an accountant also. Plan your Income flowusing the best app, by using best features of Money Tracking andloading administration. Keep a record of your Debts and see historyof charging and Savings. My Budget Planner Pro is the #1 managerwith a reliable and easy interface having best management and anaccountant features to keep saved and check record of your Daily,weekly and Monthly charging and savings.You can deposit yourearnings and manage your debts, keeping a FREE record of thereceipts and your history Money usage. Even if you lend any amountyou can save data. Lend capital can simply be tracked because itprovide you simplicity.This means simplicity in the sense to usethis tool. You can check your previous month’s payments usage withdetails, you can keep your extra money in Savings for the bestearning Management. You can withdraw Money and Deposit amount forkeeping your money on track. Budget and bills Manager is #1 Incomeplanner for personal Monthly, Weekly and Daily expenditureCalculation and Administration.The app is a perfect tool forliabilities calculation and your home expenditure development.Managing your home spending is easy from now. The app is actuallydesigned for the users who want to manage their Capital. This appis now provided to you for free so you can enter your receipt intothis app and manage your daily, weekly and monthly funds. Thisproduct is a wonderful spending calculating machine that manageyour bills and earnings. It is also a personal assistant thatmanage your personal bills and earning. Bill and liabilitiescalculator is a type of payment tracker that track out yourpayments.why you should have this app??? Key Features of financeand bills coordinator : ✶ Make customized your total finance planthat serve you ✶ Add costs with different categories and takebenefits from your personal accountant. ✶ Delete and Update costswith latest features ✶ Add new category of expenditures by yourself✶ Manage your spending because it is a calc as well✶ Handle yourSavings by creating a full month bills and finance plan ✶ Deposityour earnings more than one time, make your revenue perfect ✶Deposit saving other than monthly cash, spend on your events ✶Multiple Currency selection ✶ Intrinsic Calculator is there tocalculate earnings and costs incurred by the users ✶ Capture yourreceipt and track record of your expenditures ✶ Revenue andpayments coordinator provide offline availability anywhere WANTMORE? Our team of developers here at Muddy Apps Inc are constantlyworking hard to produce high quality mobile applications forAndroid devices. If you like our work then please give us a 5 starrating.VISIT US AT: Follow Us Ontwitter: