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Smart Battery Saver & Booster 2.1.9
Smart Battery Saver & Booster is a FREEbattery saving tool that makes your phone battery last longer, andcan help you get up to 2X more life for your Android cell ! Withthis tool you can saves your phone charging with power savingfeatures. It is the app that is specially designed for those whoare tired off with charging there phones again and again. Now thereis no need to take any tension because Power saver is ready foryour help. In this app you can avail many option that are may bebuilt in or to be customized. You can select a saving Mode yourselfand make any change in that mode.This provident is best for maintaining your charging percentage. itboosts the mobile active time and works perfect as charging saverfor android mobile long time. You will not need external powerbackups and fast charger anymore.This would be one of your worth using app for boosting up chargingtime and a good charging saver in 2017. The power boost up andoptimization for your device performance can be achieved by thisnew battery saver 2017.Why should you have Smart Battery Saver ( Booster & Charger)app?★ One-Tap Optimizer & Energy Saver ?Directly find and fix battery power drainage problems and get backto your phone energy savings;★ Smart Mode SelectionYou can choose or customize a mode that fits saves your energyusage. Modes can be selected or customize by time scheduling orPower scheduling;★ Multi Language SupportedNow here is a facility for the users to change the application inany language;★ Charging Monitor & App ManagerMonitor all those apps that uses more power but not in active stateand remind user about high consumption apps. It tells the User tomanage his apps that are draining more power and to optimize themin ONE-TAP;★ Beautiful ThemesOur Smart Saver & Booster has a unique and matchless quality tochange the theme.★ Smart & Efficient chargingOur Product Display charge status in real time, accurate timeremaining status and high drainage status;This Booster is the best thing that helps you to save you phonepower and can monitor the apps. It also can help you change yourphone efficiently and smartly. It has the simple and easy way touse this.WANT MORE?Our team of developers here at Muddy Apps Inc are constantlyworking hard to produce high quality mobile applications forAndroid devices. If you like our work then please give us a 5 starrating.VISIT US AT: Us On twitter:
Fitness Tracker - Health Coach 1.6
"Burn calorie to fit in with the bestworkout companion through this Fitness Tracker app for Android.Take your every step to a healthier and fitter you! Reach to thepremium level of fitness using an extensive fitness andbodybuilding kit containing easy to access feature to go along withyour training needs.Be Your Own Activity MakerFitness app helps to Keep a track of your day to day workout. Getinstant record of your activities like running, walking, cycling,bodybuilding and hiking according to custom sortable details. Getback into the shape having acute track of your every movingstep.Start your fitness and bodybuilding sheet with an automated data,where the app records and saves all your important stats in ananalytic table:> Set tracker for a custom activity> Set fitness goals you want to achieve> Set exercise and running perimeterView complete analysis in a day to day report and carry your ownportable training mate to a fitter you. Download Now!Inspirational UI, powered by Materiel DesignCatch up with every day fitness stats in an elegant interface tokeep an eye for calories burned, steps taken and much more toanalyses the effectiveness of your training.All new inspirational User Interface, based on the latest MaterialDesign from Google Android Lollipop 5.0 will provides users with afresh outlook of best Fitness and bodybuilding app. The ease of usemeets the elegance of design in a beautiful combination.Detailed History StatsView detailed user history stats categorized into duration,distance, speed, pace and calories. View daily or monthly statsaccording to your preferenceFeatures- Automated activity start or manually set custom activities- Map routing integrated with Google Maps- Polished Material Design user interface- Set and review personalized fitness data with daily and monthlytracker- Always on mode when recording an activity- Calorie, distance, duration, speed and pace counter"
Tiny Led Flashlight 1.1.4
Tiny Led Flashlight is the best ledflashlight and lighting tool for android. It is Very simple andfree of cost. The Tiny Led Flashlight app utilizes camera flash toget clearer & brighter view in dark. Tiny Led Flashlight isvery easy to use and it also has automatic control. Tiny Ledflashlight is providing you the best bright vision in dark. It isvery difficult to carry lights everywhere but, this light app isnow in your pocket. This Led Flashlight app helps you when you needlight to do anything in provides you the brightest ledlight.This app has an easy control widget to ON/OFF. This is also controlby shaking your mobile phone and app is designed for the users tofacilitate. This flashlight app is designed to save you batterylife while using this app.What’s New!!!Screen bright light feature has been added. Now your cell phone’sscreen is also best bright Led light. Screen brightness and screendimmer sliders options will soon be added with support for colorlight changer.Features• Screen led light feature added• Led Widget to turn On/Off Flashlight• Shake device to On/Off Flashlight quickly• Easy ON/OFF control with flashlight notification• Auto switch off Flashlight after 2 minutes Saving Batterylife• Display device current Battery lifeTake More Free android appsVISIT US AT : Us Ontwitter:
Wifi FTP Tunnel Sharing Portal 1.0
Get the easiest solution to a wire free andfast file transfer and sharing data capability for Androidsmartphones with Wifi FTP Tunnel a sharing portal.Pair up your laptop, desktop PCs to your smartphone without theneed for any USB cable, at the same time enjoying a lag free andfast file transfer.Follow Simple Steps to connect and setupTransfer any file between your Android and PC like a filetransfer through a USB cable. All you need is a Wifi networkconnection with both devices connected to the same IP, to get thisFTP tunnel genius do its work.In your PC file browser, simply write the FTP Client URL addressto access all data on your phone.FEATURES:Copy or Paste single or multiple files and share at onceTotal Read /Write access to your Android device data, like in a USBfile transfer connectionNear Lag free connectivity and fast transfer speed (dependent onthe Wifi network connection)
Zipper Locks: Jean Lock Screen 1.2
" Zipper Locks: Jean Lock Screen is thelocker that keepsafe your mobile and provide you a beautifulinterface for your screen. If you're a jeans lover and love to havethese extra ordinary jeans designs then take this jeans zipper lockapp on your lock screen. Jeans Zipper Lock Screen is a free andbeautiful locker app for your android mobile. A really amazingjeans designs are ready for your lock screen. When you unlock yourscreen you simply touch your jeans zip and unlock your phonescreen. Jeans Zipper Lock is the best zipper lock due to yourfavorite jeans zip themes. It also provides easy interface to theuser when they're unlocking their phone.A simple zipper, you just have to drag it downwards to unzip thebeautiful zipper jeans and your phone will be unlocked. It’s aquick, simple and easy way to unlock your phone. It has a facilityfor the user that there is no password required to unlock yourscreen you need to only unzip downwards. If you have used anypassword or pattern to unlock your android cell then that is retainas you want. So enjoy our app and give us better reviews andfeedback.How to Use• Download the Zip Locker app from Play Store• Install and Run the application• Enable Zip lock screen from the app• Drag the zipper down to unlock screen with cool animationsThemes Jeans Zipper Lock Leather Zipper Lock Dark Jeans Zipper Lock Cotton Texture Zipper LockFeatures Best zip unlock animations Easy to use Display battery stats, date and time on lock screen Number of color and theme combinations to choose from setting asper user's requirementsWANT MORE FOR FREE?You can also visit our social media channel to get the latestupdates on the company’s development. Your feedback is highlyappreciatedVISIT US AT: Us On twitter: Apps_Inc"
Borderlines Tank Battles Arena 1.1
✪ ✪ ✪ PLOT ✪ ✪ ✪Its year 2014, 3 years since the advent of the gigantic outbreakofthe SLEEPER CELLS outlaws. The outbreak was so intense, itnearlyleft the army headquarters devoid of all weapons artilleryandtanks on which they heavily relied on.The SLEEPER CELLS head, once an honorary member of the Army,ColonelMichael S. Cole, is now an outcast, emotionless and violentnaturedmonster. His army has overtaken the Desert and MountainArmyOutposts with brute force of tanks.This year, when all seems lost, the Army decides to throw insomeforce of their own. Project Charlie, which took nearly 6 yearsinthe making, is a tank that has the ultimate force todominateagainst the odds. When this tank is finally ready to raisehavoc onSLEEPER CELLS, Colonel Tagger S. Cole is called on tooperateProject Charlie and bring down the SLEEPER CELLS head.But the task is not as easy as it seems, even with ProjectCharlieat Tagger’s disposal. He will have to tear apart a massivearmy oftanks and enemies before he can get through to theArmyheadquarters. When Tagger finally gets through to the socalled‘COMBAT ARENA’, things will get more drastic when he findsout whathis brother, Michael, has got in store for him!!!✪ ✪ ✪ GAMEPLAY ✪ ✪ ✪Tank Battles – Combat Arena takes your player throughthetreacherous mountain valleys and depraving desert battlefield,asyou make your way to the COMBAT ARENA, where a bigger battlelines.All your battalion is lost and it’s up to you to get backyourright from the enemy forces.✪ ✪ ✪ HOW TO PLAY ✪ ✪ ✪➤ Navigate your tank with classic aim and movementcontrolpads➤ Play in either Ambush or Survival mode ofthegame➤ Take on hordes of enemy gunship troopers with standardpanzerbullets and power ups➤ Use the shield and guided missile power ups fordevastatingattacks➤ Fight against three epic and powerful Bosses inArenabattles➤ Survive through the warfare of Survival mode againstcommandertanks➤ Earn victory points in the time limit to unlock and advance tothenext levelWANT MORE ACTION?All characters and visuals created in the game are sole propertyofMuddy Apps©. Use and collection of any materials issubjectto the company’s Privacy Policy©Muddy Apps. All Rights ReservedIf You like our apps then please give us a rating. Your feedbackishighly appreciatedYou can also follow up on our latest works in progress:Visit us at orLike us: us on:
My Makeup Mirror Pro 1.0.5
" Now change your phone into the matchlessPocket mirror. My Makeup Mirror Pro is the best Mirror app that isespecially for those who care about their face looks. They need themirror all the day in their pocket or in bag to see their face ormakeup. Especially girls need the mirror for makeup their face orto see looks so don’t be worried, now you can enjoy the best makeupmirror in your pocket into your android phone. It can simply useyour phone front camera and provide you the facility to see yourface with fresh and beautiful themes.My Makeup Mirror Pro is the best app to use and this app has uniquequalities. Your phone cam is now your best mirror to see your sweetface with brighter visuals effects and beautiful wallpapers.My Makeup Mirror Pro is the best solution to makeup in the cameraof your, enjoy it!If you have used many of that apps but you are not satisfied, youshould try once My Makeup Mirror Pro. This is the app you shouldhave to installs in your device!Are you thinking that why this app is best then you must use youcell phone's cam?Now you feel the difference:• Brighter visual effects. (Check it yourself!)• Beautiful themes• Good GesturesImportant Features: Perfect view with zoom in & zoom out feature Works best in night with exposure adjustment Freeze image viewing Clean and clear look, better than the real pocket mirror Mirror with lights function for brightest view in darkareas Clean Design & easy to use. Very easy and simple to use Image visibility is incredible Best selfie Beautiful real Mirror Themes!Want more android apps?VISIT US AT: us ontwitter:"
Easy Uninstaller - App Remover 1.0.7
Simple, easy and perfect uninstaller systemapp for your android os. Easy Uninstaller expert gives you totalcontrol on almost all unwanted apps that you want to keep or removein a single click. Use multiple options to uninstall theapplications and free up system storage space on the device.Specify sorting of system apps by name, size and install date.Easily uninstall bloatware and unwanted multiple apps or quickuninstall from storage through batch uninstall.Easy Uninstaller is the best uninstaller in Google market for appsand programs. Get listed view of all installed apps in your devicesystem.Features- Shows installer apps list with app name and details from androidsystem- Displays phone and SD card free memory- Displays app sorted by size, name and install date- Batch uninstall files of your device apps with single click- Simple functions and design makes it easy to useWant More?VISIT US AT: Us Ontwitter:
Portable Hotspot - Wifi Tether 2.1.7
Portable Hotspot - WiFi Tether is the bestWi-Fi proxy for Surfing the web by tapping the Hotspot only once.Now you can enjoy the free Wi-Fi hotspot app without any setting.The app is purely designed for the user to enjoy the free Wi-Fihotspot. To access another Wi-Fi networks with the users permissionor the networks which are not secured with any password. PortableHotspot Wi-Fi Tether is there for need and internet browsingrequirements.You can change the phone's Wi-Fi network name and secure its Wi-Finetwork when it is acting as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Turn yourAndroid device into free Wi-Fi hotspot that is portable as well,This App is very simple and easy to use. Connect your phone's Wi-Fito your network, make it Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and share mobile 3Gor 4G internet data.Key FeaturesON/OFF BUTTON✔ 1 tap solution to turn on free Wi-Fi hotspots without anysettings.✔ N setting is required to set up Wi-Fi hotspot.Wi-Fi DEVICES✔ Run free mobile data now on all Galaxy devices and enjoy theWi-Fi hotspot.✔ Share your Wi-Fi network with other devices which are Wi-Fienable into portable hotspot.DATA SECURITY AND MONITORING✔Complete mobile security of in App data traffic monitoring.✔Data of your mobile phone will remain protected it has ha keyfeature to secure your important data on mobile.IMPROVE YOUR NETWORK SPEED BY REMOVING BACKGROUND APPS✔This app has a feature to speed YOUR NETWORK to make your browsingfast.SPEED UP YOUR PHONE FOR GAMES AND VIDEOS✔ Wi-Fi tether can maximize your internet speed by managing yourdata usageOTHER FEATURES✔ Tether link your Galaxy devices, laptop, tablet & otherphones string in one network.✔ Allows you to customize your network thru set name and passwordfeature as your own choice.This free network tethering app protected with Wi-Fi password.Makes your file sharing experience secure and efficient. Experiencethe simplest and easiest Internet Wi-Fi hotspot around Google PlayStore so you can use your laptop, tablet and phones with a remotesecurity network.No root no data plan required!WHATS NEW!!!!✔ Material design UI with latest tethering features✔ Wi-Fi Password protection for secure network communication✔ Monitor data traffic transitory through contiguous stats✔ Customized Wi-Fi configuration via set Name and Password✔ Instantly get connected with as many devices as you want✔ Share and access data just in one touch✔ Feedback section addedHOW TO USE ???Launch app > Toggle button ON > Go free wifi tetheringWant More?VISIT US AT: Us Ontwitter:
Device Cleaner - Cache Clean 2.0.11
Device Cleaner is the master of cleaningyour device from junk files & apps, music & video, mediaand cache for free. The app is brilliantly designed to speedup yourphone and boost phone's memory plus battery life as well. This appis a cache cleaner and unwanted history cleaner & residualfiles including apps, music, video and media files to speedup yourphone.If you say that clean my phone then Device Cleaner-Speedup Boosterdu cleaning your phone memory cache and search history. The app isdesigned for Ram cleaning and boost up your mobile phone speedincluding that it perform a task as Battery Saver.Test your phone after cleaning through this master app. It ispacked with memory cleaner and booster features to speedup device.Run speed test on your android cell phone and tablets and you willsee the real difference.This is an android device cleaner and booster app which is used tocleaning your mobile.Device cleaner is the only app that provideboth facilities in one package for protect and clean yourdevice with a single tap.LATEST ADDED FEATURES- Advanced User interactive Interface with latest menu designs, RAMCleaner animations and redesigned elements.- SPEEDUP BOOSTER features and all new design with added ability torestart system processes to release memory and app cache.- An all new JUNK FILES MANAGER to sort and clean app cache, emptyfolders, different media file types (music and video) and apkfiles. Additionally Junk file Reminder options and an Ignore Listto automatically exempt cleaning each time you perform ascan.- HISTORY CLEANER gets an extensive categorization of call logsinto Missed, Received and Dialed Calls. Also added categories areDefault System Browser, Play Store, Google Search and Clipboardhistory.- APP AND FILE MANAGER now provides details of all installed andsystem apps and their memory consumption. All apps can becategorized according to Name, Date and Size to perform single orbatch uninstall.FEATURES:MEMORY BOOSTERClear background apps and releases memory.An Auto clean cache cleaner, through scheduled timeHISTORY CLEANERRemove call log details with choice of all or selected logClear browsing history and multiple privacy history to free up thememoryWANT MORE?Our team of developers here at Muddy Apps Inc are constantlyworking hard to produce high quality mobile applications forAndroid devices for free. If you like our work then please give usa 5 star rating.You can also visit our social media channel to get the latestupdates on the company’s development. Your feedback is highlyappreciatedVISIT US AT: Us On twitter: