Muhammad Saeed Apps

TapTapFlap 1.1
TapTapFlap is a Flappy Adventure withcoolColours and effects. Test your brain by competing ontheleaderboard and have Fun!
Gold Mine 5
Gold Mine is a highly addictive game with cool graphicsandgameplay. Download for free and have fun! All the levels aretestedand achieved with three stars so have fun! Let startDigging!!!
Balls Blast 5.0
Balls Blast is uniquely designed to release your stress. Youronlytarget is to shoot the balls before they get to the bottom ofthescreen. Controls are super smooth and easy, just drag left righttoaim, tap for bomb and swipe up for a wipeout. That's it.Thedefault is one bullet but you can pick up 2 and 3 bulletpowerupswhich will last for 5 seconds but there will be plenty ofthem tokeep you entertained. Try to top the leaderboard. Have Funandshare with your friends. Thank you!
Rapid Fall 4.2
Rapid Fall is an addictive game designed to kill your sparetime.Just drag your finger left and right to rotate the Redplatformsout of the way. Let's see if you can top the leaderboard.
Color Balls 1
Color Balls is a very addictive and relaxing game to playpackedwith amazing levels and satisfying gameplay. 🤸🤸🤸 ⭐ ColorBalls isthe best game to kill your spare time. ⭐ Harder than itlooks ⭐ Areyou ready for the challenge Try it yourself! Competewith yourfriends on the leaderboard and have FUN!