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Treble Booster 1.6
Treble volume booster, for all the treble lovers! There are a lotof bass booster apps out there, but what if you want to amplifyhigh tones? Just install this free treble booster and enjoy clearvocals, boosted high frequency sound and enhanced listeningexperience on your Android device.The app works by using equalizerto control the gain of high frequency sounds (treble volumeenhancement). This results in more exposed vocals in your music,better instrument hearing, and if you set treble boost to highlevels, louder volume of your Android media player. You will alsoenjoy a better quality sound and louder treble volume!NOTE: pleasetest this free treble booster using headphones or externalspeakers! The speakers in your phone will not be able to cope withtreble volume amplification and you will not enjoy a nice trebleboost.For best results, install this free Treble Boosterapplication and combine it with my Bass Booster. By doing so youwill be able to tune both bass and treble (low frequency tones andhigh frequency tones). Trust me, you won't believe how good yourAndroid phone can sound using both treble booster and bassbooster!How to use:1) Play some music using your favorite mediaplayer, it can also be a youtube video, internet radio, videostream, etc.2) Enter the free treble volume booster app, and usethe circular control to set the boost to a desired level. A levelof 50 means no boost, anything above that will result in trebleboost. If you are trying to decrease the treble volume, use a valuebelow 50.3) For best listening experience: use good qualityheadphones and don't forget to install Bass Booster!Features:✓treble booster by using an equalizer✓ volume booster (use a highlevel of treble boost)✓ exposed high frequency tones✓ clearervocals in music✓ more enjoyable music listening on your Androiddevice.If you enjoy using this free Treble Booster, then pleaseleave a nice rating and click that Google +1 button! Thanks!I'malso open to any suggestions on how to improve this treble volumebooster, so don't hesitate to contact me if you have some ideas.
Volume booster controller 1.8
Volume booster and volume controller gives you an opportunity tofine tune your volume levels all in one place.This volume booster /volume controller free Android app will make your sound listeningexperience more enjoyable by providing a fast and easy way toadjust:★ alarm volume★ dialer keys volume (dual-tonemulti-frequency signaling (DTMF))★ music volume★ notificationvolume★ ring volume★ system sounds volume★ voice call volume.Turnall the sliders to the max and enjoy maximum volume boost yourphone can handle or use moderate volume levels to just use thisfree volume booster / volume controller application as a shortcutto different system volume settings.If you are looking to furtherenhance your listening experience, try out my other app - a freebass booster which lets you enjoy a boosted level of nice, smoothbass on your phone.Features:volume booster✔ volume controller✔media volume control✔ system volume control✔ easy to use✔ alarmvolume control.Don't believe apps that say they can make yourvolume stronger by 30 or 50%, because this is no longer possible.The same thing goes for all sound quality enhancers. This app willnot boost your volume by 70% nor will it improve overall soundquality, but it will enable you to easily access volume controlsliders for all sound streams your phone has. This volume booster /volume controller app is free and works with any audio device:internal speaker, headphones, external speakers.Please contact meif you have any problems or suggestions regarding this application.I'm open to all ideas.If you like this volume controller / volumebooster app, please click the Google +1 button and rate nicely!Thanks!The speaker icon is made by IconLeak (
Volume Booster 1.5
Volume Booster will improve your android listening experiencesubstantially. This free volume boosting app uses sophisticatedmethods to really give you loud, enhanced sound.Volume Booster isreally able to make your sound louder - it's not a volumecontroller, not a music player, it's a free booster app thatenhances sound volume and enables you to experience as muchloudness as possible.If Volume Booster doesn't work on your device,make sure you don't have any other volume boosters or audioboosters, enhancers active. If that doesn't help, try using adifferent media player.Remember that Volume Booster works best withheadphones!Use at your own risk and enjoy the free Volume Booster!If you like Volume Booster, please rate and tell your Facebook,instagram and Google+ friends so they can also enjoy the loud,boosted sound.
Bass Booster 1.12
Bass booster will make your Android listening experience like neverbefore. Using this bass amp, you will be able to experience smooth,boosted bass with just one click of a button. There is no uselessequalizer, bass boost is set by using a specially crafted circularboost control. NOTE: you have to use headphones or externalspeakers to notice the boosted bass. Your phone speakers probablywon't be able to cope with the massive bass amplification. Apartfrom the bass enhancement, you'll also enjoy loudervolume.Features:✓ simple bass booster✓ tablet friendly layout✓ noequalizer - no hassle with custom presets ✓ runs in background -close the app and still enjoy the amplified bass✓ volume booster✓media volume controlHow to use:First, use your favorite musicplayer to turn on the music (it can even be a youtube video orinternet radio). Now, enter this free bass booster app, use thewheel to set the desired level of bass boost and enjoy! To disablethe bass boost, just set the value on the wheel to zero. If thereare other bass boosting apps or volume amps running, you'd probablywant to disable them for the best effect of this bass booster, thesame goes for equalizers. After enjoying the bass amp usage, pleaseclick the Google +1 button and rate the app nicely!Remember not tolisten the music at full volume for too long, as it might hurt yourears! And if you'd really like to have an eq, then stay tuned andI'll make one!If you have any suggestions on how to improve thisfree bass booster, then don't hesitate to contact me.The locationpermissions are for ad localization.