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Hero's Quest: Automatic Roguelite RPG 0.16.33
Hero's Quest is an Automatic Roguelite RPG with steadyprogression.Explore the world and challenge yourself to reach thehighestlevels within limited energy! Your goal is to reach thehighestlevel and get as far as you can with a limited number ofbattles.You'll start every journey with 20 Energy Points (EP). Youcan earnlots of gold by defeating your enemies and Bosses. Tons ofweaponsand equipment to choose from and improve your stats.Features -Diverse world with multiple enemies and maps -Infiniteprogression, the sky is the limit - Roguelite, you'llalways getstronger every time you start a new adventure - Automaticbattle -Portrait orientation, play anywhere with one hand. Music byAaronKrogh: Character ArtbyÆkashics: