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MuscleMatics 3.13
At MuscleMatics, our goal is to provide simple and beautiful visualrepresentations of the human anatomy when performing various formsof exercise, with emphasis on technique and muscles utilized.SAVETIMEEnjoy more time focused on your workouts. No more searching forexercise videos only to have to wait dreadfully through ads,promos, and requests to sign up, subscribe, share, like, tweet,etc.KEEP FOCUSEDGet what you need when you need it. Use simplefilters to find the exercises you need. Save them to your favoritesfor quick access to your mostly used exercises for futurereference.DISCOVER PROPER MUSCLE-MOVEMENT SYNTHESISSee your musclesin action. These state-of-the-art animations illustrate theactivated muscles, while multiple angles demonstrate exactly how toperform the movements. Watch them looping continuously withoutinterruption.AVOID INJURYImagine yourself succeeding. By followingcorrect form and activating the right muscles, you will reduceinjuries and progressively see quicker results. SELECT FROM AVARIETY OF EXERCISESHave some fun! Choose exercises from our uniquedatabase containing isolated movements to full-body-activationmovements. Science has proven that variety promotes adherence, sobrowse, choose, and FOLLOW THE MOVEMENT!