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Rubber bracelets 1.0.0
Bracelets with rubber bands, also known as rainbow loom and macramébracelets fashion is worldwide, both children young and old. Withthis application you can learn by video tutorials as rubber bandsbracelets are made.You can amaze your friends with the mostspectacular rubber bracelets with and share with them the rubberbracelets videos in Spanish. Moreover you can also share thecomplete application by Whatsapp, Facebook, Tuenti, Twitter, Google+Here you will find a selection of rubber bands bracelets,bracelets and keychains most striking figures for. Do not worry ifyou do not have the rainbow loom weaving, as many rubber braceletscan be made with forks.Some of these videos are:- 6 pin braceletwith forks- Gummy bracelets explosion of stars- DragonscaleBracelet- Bracelet trisingle with forks- Bracelet triple rainbowloom- Bracelet loom- Bracelet flowers- Heart of jelly beans- Symbolof peace gomitas- Treble Clef with gumdrops- Bracelet names (4forks)- Snake gomitas- Ball gomitas- Rainbow loom fishtail- TaffyTwist without loom- Bracelet with name- Butterfly Flower- DoubleCapped dragon- Triple fishtail with two forks- Rainbow loomfishtail- Taffy Twist without loom- Bracelet with name- ButterflyFlower- Double Capped dragon- Triple fishtail with two forks-Quadruple with loom- Ring lily flower- Quadruple with loom-Hexafish (6pins) with loom- Zippy chain with two forksPeriodicallyyou will receive videos with new bracelets and all for free. Youcan also receive notifications in real time with the most importantchanges in the application.
Children Audio Books 1.0.0
Free children's stories is the best application of video storiesfor children in Spanish. Do not worry if your kids are stilllearning to read, as these video stories are for all ages and willbe your best entertainment.In addition to the children's story appthe best known children's songs are also included, with whichchildren will be entertained singing.If they have trouble fallingasleep it is also your application because it contains the bestchildren's bedtime stories. Do not let your children this wonderfulcompilation of fairy tales, folk tales, classic and modern taleslost.If you're not so young and you want to remember your childhoodyou will also find many small stories that dress.Are you ready toenjoy the best free children's stories?Some of these fairy talesare.- Little Red Riding Hood- The wolf and the seven little goats-Puss in Boots- The red ogre who cried- The castle you'll never go-The Milkmaid- The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf- The chickLito- The mysterious drop of water- The ugly Duckling- The lionlamb- Sinfonia at the farm- The hare and the tortoise- The Ant andthe Grasshopper- Hamelin's futist- The buff wise- Peter and theWolf- The presumed rat- Songs on the farm- Music and nursery rhymesrounds- Clowns on TV- Let's play in the field- Other ..Use theshare button to share the application or stories. You can shareWhatsapp, Facebook.
Makeup step by step 1.0.0
The best and simple tricks for makeup professionally. With freemakeup tips you'll learn the best makeup tricks used byprofessional beauticians. The application includes makeup tips forall levels and needs. Some of these tips include:Some of the tipsyou'll find in the application are- Makeup Course- Painting smokyeyes- Celebrity makeup- Smoky eyes- Dark eyes and lips Makeup- Redlips with diamond- Lip Makeup step by step- Lip Care- Paintingeyelashes- How to make your lashes- Makeup for a night out- MakeupTutorial night- My daily makeup routine- The 10 worst mistakesmakeup- Errors committed with makeup- Recommended economicCosmetics- Products ELF cosmetics favorites- Makeup for halloweenIEnhances the beauty of your facial features and those of thepeople closest to you with what you learn in this application.Besides all makeup tips are free and can learn the latest makeupartists .. You'll become a professional makeup !!!!
Maintenance vehicles 1.0.0
Vehicle Maintenance is an application that allows you to learn thebasic knowledge of mechanics. The purpose of this application is toprovide the best tips for a perfect maintenance of your car andcarry it out yourself. With instructional videos that we present,your frequent and traditional questions about the preventivemaintenance of your vehicle will find the best answer possible. Theprocess of making all this can observe and learn step bystep. Some of the contents in the application are- Changingthe oil- Change oil, oil filter and fuel filter- When and why didyou have to change the filter- Change the windshield- Changingfeathers wipers- Changing the wheel of a car easily- Change wheelpichada- How to install a PL Vehicle Dock- Cleaning clothupholstery- Changing bulbs car- Cleaning the engine- Changing thebrake pads- Change the brake fluid- Why the engine How to avoidheat up?- Water pumps: how they work- Changing the battery of acar- Change the battery- Tutorial timing belt changeThe selectionof videos was carried out with such an approach that covers everyaspect of your car that should be subject to proper maintenance andupdating. In addition, you will learn key things as when to changethe timing belt in your car or how to keep the engine warm.Extendsthe life of your car with the installation on your mobile of thisfree application.
Musica Reggaeton gratis 1.0.0
Musica reggaeton gratis es un recopilatorio demúsica reggaeton, por un lado encontraras un recopilatorio de lascanciones de reggaeton mas populares y por otro un recopilatorio delas mejores radios de música reggaeton.El recopilatorio de canciones reggaeton se actualizaperiódicamente, por lo que no te preocupes cuando lo hayasescuchado entero, ya que pronto tendrás nuevas canciones dereggaeton.En música reggaetón también hemos pensado en quien le gusta cantarreggaetón por lo que hemos incluido las letras de las canciones dekaraoke reggaetón mas conocidas.Y para los que el reggaetón es una forma de vida, hemos incluido unrecopilatorio de fondos de pantalla de reggaetón de forma quepodrás personalizar tu móvil.El contenido de música reggaetón es el siguiente:• Videoclips de reggaeton: donde tendrás acceso a la más completa ymejor recopilación de los videos de reggaeton del mercado.• Emisoras de radio de reggaeton. Un recopilatorio con las mejoresemisoras de radio de reggaeton que te permitiran escuchar lasnovedades de reggaeton.• Letras de reggaeton: donde podrás leer algunos de los temas másconocidos. .• Wallpapers reggaeton, un recopilatorio de imágenes de reggaetonpara personalizar tu movilLa era de descargar música ha pasado a la historia. Con instalaresta aplicación en tu móvil podrás escuchar la mejor música dereggaeton gratis. Una App que es actualizada mensualmente paraincluir las últimas novedades.Algunos de los artistas que puedes escuchar son: Daddy Yankee, JBalvin, Maluma, Nicky Jam, Calle 13, Kevin Roldan, Alexis y fido,Teo Calderon, Tony Dize, Farruko, Arcangel, Don Omar, Wisin YYandel, J Alvarez, Ñengo Flow, Jowell Y Randy, Baby Rasta Y Gringo,De La Ghetto y muchos más. Una aplicación realizada para losamantes del reggaeton totalmente gratis.Free reggaeton music is acompilation of reggaeton music, on the one hand you will find acompilation of songs popular reggaeton and the other a compilationof the best radios reggaeton music.The compilation of reggaeton songs are regularly updated, so do notworry if you've heard the whole, as you will soon have new songs ofreggaeton.In reggaeton music we have also thought about who would like tosing reggaeton so we've included the lyrics of reggaeton karaokesongs more known.And for that reggaeton is a way of life, we have included acompilation of reggaeton wallpapers so you can customize yourmobile. Reggaeton music content is as follows:• Video clips of reggaeton: where you have the most complete andbest collection of videos of reggaeton market access.• reggaeton radio stations. A compilation of the best reggaetonradio stations that allow you to hear the news of reggaeton.• reggaeton lyrics: where you can read some of the best-knownsongs. .• Wallpapers reggaeton, a compilation of images from reggaeton tocustomize your mobileThe era of downloading music has become history. To install thisapplication on your mobile you can listen to the best music ofreggaeton free. An app that is updated monthly to include thelatest developments.Some of the artists you can hear are: Daddy Yankee, J Balvin,Maluma, Nicky Jam, Street 13, Kevin Roldan, Alexis y Fido, TeoCalderon, Tony Dize, Farruko, Arcangel, Don Omar, Wisin Y Yandel, JAlvarez, Ñengo Flow, Jowell Y Randy, Baby Rasta Y Gringo, De LaGhetto and many more. An application made for lovers of reggaetonfree.
Karaoke Canciones Cantar 2.0.0
Karaoke canciones gratiskaraoke canciones es la aplicación dekaraoke que te asegura horas y horas de diversion. Por un ladoporque contiene las canciones para karaoke más famosas de todos lostiempos y por otro porque también contiene exitos de 2014 paraKaraoke. Otra gran ventaja que te presenta Karaoke canciones es quecuenta con canciones de karaoke en español , en portugues y enIngles. Además la aplicación se irá actualizando periódicamente connovedades en canciones para Karaoke o con canciones en nuevosidiomás. Podeis hacer sugerencias en los comentarios !!!Tendrás lasmejores pistas de karaoke totalmente gratis, y podrás escucharKaraoke todas las veces que quieras. Si te gusta cantar con estaaplicación disfrutaras mucho, ya sea solo, con tus amigos, con losniños o con tu pareja. Mejoraras tus habilidades de canto y tesorprenderás de lo fácil que es cantar con una buena aplicación dekaraokeAlgunas de las canciones incluidas son:* En español - Vivirmi vida - Marck Anthony - Karaoke MIX - Karaoke en español - Darteun Beso Prince Royce - La la la - Shakira - Me dedique a perderte -Prince Royce - Darte Un Beso - Dj Turbo bachata 2014 - Travesuras -nicky jam karaoke - Invisible (prince royce) 2014 - Mi Corazón esun Gintano* En Ingles - Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man - HotelCalifornia - John Legend - All Of Me - Karaoke Just Give Me AReason - Adele - Someone Like You Karaoke - Enrique IglesiasBailando - Titanic - I love you - My Immortal-Evanescence -Radiohead - Creep - John Lennon * En portugues - Confio em Ti -Davi Sacer - Chora me liga - Llorame - Roberto Leal - CasaPortuguesa - Julio Iglesias Nathalie No te preocupes cuando hayascantado todas las canciones de Karaoke, periódicamente iremosactualizando la aplicación con nuevas canciones. Si conoces genteque le guste cantar canciones de karaoke puedes compartirle la apppor facebook o whatsapp.Monta fiestas de karaoke, mejora tushabilidades de canto, canta tus canciones favoritas y disfrutatotalmente gratis.Karaoke cantar español, ingles y portuguésgratis. Las mejores canciones karaokeFree karaoke songskaraokesongs Karaoke is an application that ensures you hours and hours offun. On the one hand it contains the most famous karaoke songs ofall time and secondly because it also contains successes of 2014 toKaraoke.Another great advantage that presents Karaoke songs is thatit has karaoke songs in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Also, theapplication will be updated regularly with news in Karaoke songs orsongs in new languages. You can make suggestions in the comments!!!You'll have the best totally free karaoke tracks, and you canlisten Karaoke every time you want. If you like to sing with thisapplication you will enjoy much, either alone, with friends, withchildren or with your partner. Improve your singing skills and youwill be surprised how easy it is to sing with a good karaokeapplicationSome of the songs included are:* In Spanish- Live mylife - Marck Anthony- MIX Karaoke - Karaoke in Spanish- Kiss PrinceRoyce- La la la - Shakira - I set out to lose you- Prince Royce -kiss- Dj Turbo bachata 2014- Mischief - nicky jam karaoke-Invisible (Prince Royce) 2014- My Heart is a Gintano* In English-Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man - Hotel California- John Legend -All Of Me- Karaoke Just Give Me A Reason- Adele - Someone Like YouKaraoke- Enrique Iglesias Dancing- Titanic- I love you- MyImmortal-Evanescence- Radiohead - Creep - John Lennon* InPortuguese- I trust em Ti - Davi Sacer- Chora me liga- Cry- RobertoLeal - Casa Portuguesa- Julio Iglesias NathalieDo not worry whenyou have sung all the songs in Karaoke, we will periodically updatethe application with new songs. If you know people who like singingkaraoke songs you can share with the app for facebook orWhatsApp.Monta karaoke parties, improving your singing skills,singing your favorite songs and enjoy free.Karaoke singing Spanish,English and Portuguese free. Best Karaoke
Restore Furniture 1.0.0
If you have antique furniture and help restore them, if you likeyourself, and if you have time and desire we present 'Restorefurniture', the application where the information needed to findthis wonderful world of furniture restoration.In this applicationas well as restoring furniture also find tutorials on how to buildfurniture with pallet. If you want to build furniture pallet easilyand cheaply, this is your application. Besides furniture palletsare hot.Restores those furniture lifetime for you to have a specialsentimental value and discover the beautiful things you can do withan old furniture.With this app you will learn to paint, strippingand renovating antique furniture. Restore ideas that are presentedhave been carried out by some of the best known restaurateurs, withmany years of experience.Your furniture lost years with some of thetricks you learn in these videos. The question how to restorefurniture has an easy solution: the installation of thisapplication, which is also free.All processes of restoration offurniture that can be easily displayed, so that can quicklyimplement. Take off the furniture years have seen you grow yourdescendants also can enjoy.Some DIY tips containing the applicationare:-Table With pallet-Chairs Palletized- Sofa with pallet-Restoring furniture- How to restore wood furniture- How oldfurniture restauar- Restoration of furniture, Cocobolo- How todecorate a piece of furniture with paper step by step- Restoringwood furniture Dyeing- How to renovate a wooden cabinet- Removingold and deteriorated paint- Recovery of an old sideboard- Restoreold table- Make table with cabinet- To make a sofa with a trunk-Restore a kitchen mubles- How to repair holes in wood- RestorationDIY table- Restoring scratches on wood
Funny Baby Videos 1.0.0
You like babies? Videos you like laughing? If so then this is yourapp. Funny videos of babies is a compilation of the best funnyvideos of babies with whom you can not stop laughing. You can findvideos of newborn babies, naughty children, twins surprised babyplaying with dogs, children playing with cats, jokes, virtualbabies ...All funny videos have been meticulously selected and theywill not stop laughing either alone, with friends, family ... Alsofunny videos of babies free forever.Our favorite videos are thebest combination baby, father alone with baby, the dog protects thechild, child care dog, jokes, child humor, falling babies, funnyvideos, is excited to hear his mother sing .. ¿What are yours?Theapplication has the following characteristics:- The content isupdated regularly, do not worry when you have seen all the funnyvideos for babies, as more will be added soon.- You can givefeedback on the application, we examine all suggestions- You willfind the best funny videos for whatsapp- The application is freeand not have to pay anything for it. Laughing is free ☺- You canshare any video on social networks- The application records yourvideos and marks you seen that have been updated since your lastlogin.- Videos shared more and more seen- Updated with the mostwatched videos and social networks shared by whatsappINFOAll videoscontained in this application are public and are hosted on Youtube.The videos can not be downloaded, even if shared by the majorsocial networks or whatspap
Take care of babies 1.0.0
Baby care is an educational application for mothers who need tosolve some doubts how to care for your baby. The application ismade up of a compilation of the best ways to take your baby.ThisApp will help you solve common doubts in the care of your baby. Ifthis is your first baby and have some doubts about how to providethe most appropriate care, do not worry, there are many mothers whohave faced this situation. Hence the idea by a group of them tocreate this application.With this application you can solve some ofthe most common questions on infant care:- How to dress your baby-Caring for Your Skin- What is the most appropriate footwear- How tobathe a baby- How to place your back when they behave- How tostimulate learning-Some of the lessons included in baby care are:-First newborn care- Your baby sleep safely- How to wash your baby'steeth- Caring for your baby's gums- Prevent defects in the foot-Lullaby for babies to sleep- The Oompa Loompa method sleepingbabies- How to make my baby to sleep- How to dress my baby- Tipsfor buying clothes- Arrive home baby- To stimulate Games Babies-Videos for newborns- Tips pediatrician for your child eat- Baby onthe back with elastic fulazMonthly application with new tips foryour baby, so do not worry be updated when you have seen allcontent and soon to be updated. We also give the possibility to allusers involved in the development of the application, through yourcomments.We hope this application will help in the proper growth ofyour baby and allows you to be more relaxed in those early monthsin which any gesture or is a strange sound you start.
Musica cristiana 1.0.0
Musica cristiana Musica Cristiana es un recopilatorio de cancionescristianas para disfrutar en tu dia a día. Con musica Cristianasentirás de cerca la presencia de nuestro señor. En esta aplicacionencontrarás alabanzas cristianas, coros pentecostales , alabanza yadoración, balada Cristiana, bachata Cristiana, salsa cristiana,reggaeton cristiano, hip hop cristiano, Gospel…También encontrarásen música cristiana adoraciones para orar a Dios, música paracristo, música para orar, alabanzas cristianas… y otros géneroscomo country cristiano , contemporánea cristiano, pop cristiano,rap cristianano reggae cristiano , jazz cristiano , rockcristiano…De la mano de artistas como - Musica de Marcela Gandara-Musica de Tercer Cielo- Musica de Miel San Marcos- Musica de JesúsAdrian Romero- Musica de Lilly Goodman- Musica de Hermana Glenda-Musica de Roberto Orellana- Musica de Hillsong- Musica de MarcosWitt- Musica de Alex Campos- Musica de Matt RedmanDisfruta delmejor recopilatorio de canciones cristianasChristianmusic  Christian music is a compilation of Christiansongs to enjoy your day to day. With Christian music you will feelclosely the presence of our Lord. In this app you will findChristian praise, Pentecostal choruses, praise and worship,Christian ballad, Christian bachata, salsa Christian, Christianreggaeton, hip hop Christian, Gospel ...You also find Christianmusic worship to pray to God, to Christ music, music for prayer,Christian praise ... and other genres as a Christian country,contemporary Christian, Christian pop, rap cristianano Christianreggae, jazz Christian, Christian rock ...From artists such as-Music Marcela Gandara- Third Heaven Music- Musica de Miel SanMarcos- Music Jesus Adrian Romero- Music Lilly Goodman- MusicHermana Glenda- Music Roberto Orellana- Hillsong Music- Musica deMarcos Witt- Music Alex Campos- Matt Redman MusicEnjoy the bestcompilation of Christian songs
Recetas de dietas adelgazar 1.0.0
Recetas para adelgazar es un recopilatorio de recetas bajas encalorías, que te permitirán perder peso prácticamente sin dartecuenta, ya que el principal objetivo además de perder peso es noquedarse con hambre.Divierte comiendo con estas recetas light, conlas que no echaras de menos ninguna comida. Además de recetas paraadelgazar, esta aplicación también contiene recetas vegetarianasseleccionadas para que la dieta sea rica y equilibrada.Si tuobjetivo es perder unos kilos después de las vacaciones en Recetaspara adelgazar encontrarás 50 recetas bajas en calorías. Lacaracterística principal de estos didácticos videos es que nopretenden habituarte a una dieta “agresiva”, sino una dieta quepuedes mantener a lo largo de toda una vida, al tiempo quedisfrutas del placer de comer. Ha llegado el momento de conocer unadieta de adelgazamiento saludable, en la que no perderás peso deforma radical, sino de manera progresiva. Pero lo importante es queno recuperarás esos kilos perdidos. Podrás conocer recetasvegetarianas, recetas de pollo, pescado, carne, arroz y pasta,recetas de pizzas bajas en calorías, recetas de ensaladas… Ponespecial atención en la receta del “spagueti squash”. Siemprecumpliendo el objetivo máximo de esta App de dar a conocer comidassanas, que te permitan llevar a cabo una dieta de adelgazamientopara toda la vida. Si te gusta cuidarte, con una dieta baja encalorías sin renunciar al placer de comer bien esta es tuaplicación. En ella encontraras una gran cantidad de recetassaludables bajas en calorías.Disfruta de desayunos bajos en grasa,meriendas equilibradas, y cenas bajas en calorías totalmente gratis.Algunas de las recetas en grasa que encontraras en la aplicaciónson :- Delicioso pastel de verduras. - Delicioso pastel de verdurasII - Hamburguesas de lentejas - Lasaña de verduras - Tomatesrellenos de atún - Filete de pescado al mojo de ajo- Receta pizzalight - Dieta de la piña natural - Pollo en salsa con champiñones.- Receta para pollo y pescado light. - Cómo hacer snack saludableestilo papa frita. - Patatas asadas ligeras y fáciles. - Pescadoempapelado con vegetales. - Pechugas de pollo de dieta almicroondas. - Cómo preparar un sandwich sin pan y sin hidratos decarbono. - Barritas de proteinas caseras sin hidratos de carbono. -Receta Bizcocho Fitness de avena con chocolate. - Receta BizcochoFitness de avena a la piña. - Ensalada de garbarzos. - Recetas decoliflor horneada - Tortilla de coliflor - Croquetas de coliflor -Desayuno nutritivo rápido y bajo en calorías - Desayunos FITpancakes waffles crepes y bowl - Desayunos sanos ricos y fáciles -Sandwiches bajos en calorias como almuerzo o cena - Cena ricaligera y nutritiva - Cenas saludables- Ensalada de atún fácil yrápida. - Ensalada quemagrasa. - Receta de spagueti squash bajo encalorias - Receta de spagueti squash - Pasta integral conchampiñones para adelgazar- Ensalada de pasta integral al estilogriegoRecipes for weight loss is a compilation of recipes low incalories, allowing you to lose weight almost without realizing it,since the main objective in addition to losing weight is not goinghungry.Fun eating with these light recipes, with whom will not missany meals. In addition to recipes for weight loss, this applicationalso contains vegetarian recipes selected so that the diet is richand balanced.If your goal is to lose a few kilos after the holidayon recipes slimming find 50 low-calorie recipes. The main featureof these instructional videos do not intend to get used to an"aggressive" diet, but a diet that can maintain over a lifetime,while enjoying the pleasure of eating.It's time to experience ahealthy weight loss diet, which will not lose weight dramatically,but gradually. But the point is that not recover those lostkilos.You can find vegetarian recipes, recipes for chicken, fish,meat, rice and pasta, pizza recipes low calorie salad recipes ...Pay special attention to the recipe of "spagueti squash". Alwaysfulfilling the ultimate goal of this app to publicize healthymeals, allowing you to carry out a diet for life.If you like totake care of, with a low calorie diet without sacrificing thepleasure of eating well this is your application. Here you willfind a lot of healthy recipes low in calories.Enjoy low-fatbreakfast, snacks balanced, low calorie and totally freedinners.Some fat recipes you will find in the application are:-Delicious vegetable pie.- Delicious vegetable pie II- LentilBurgers- Vegetable lasagna- Tomatoes stuffed with tuna- Fish filletwith garlic- Recipe pizza light- Diet fresh pineapple- Chicken withmushroom sauce.- Recipe for chicken and fish light.- Making healthysnack style fried potatoes.- Roasted potatoes light and easy.- Fishwallpaper with vegetables.- Diet chicken breasts in the microwave.-How to prepare a sandwich without bread and without carbohydrates.-Homemade protein bars without carbohydrates.- Fitness oat cakerecipe with chocolate.- Fitness oat cake recipe for pineapple.-Garbarzos salad.- Recipes Baked Cauliflower- Tortilla cauliflower-Cauliflower croquettes- Fast and low-calorie nutritious breakfast-Breakfast FIT crepe pancakes and waffles bowl- Rich and easyhealthy breakfasts- Low-calorie sandwiches for lunch or dinner-Dinner rich light and nutritious- Healthy Dinners- Quick and easysalad tuna.- Fat-burning salad.- Recipe low calorie squashspagueti- Recipe squash spagueti- Wheat pasta with mushroomsslimming- Wheat pasta salad Greek style
Children Bible 1.0.0
Children's Bible in Spanish for free is the best way to keepchildren entertained and not so young :) listening to God'smessage. This wonderful application contains educational videos forchildren Bible stories most fabulous, Bible passages, Bible lessonsfor children, biblical reflections ...If you like Douay Babiera,you are looking for an online biblioa or want the Bible in audio orvideo, this is the application you need. With it you have God'smessage on your mobile device whenever you need it.Moreover spokenChildren Bible also contains Christian songs to sing God's word.And Christian radio allowing you to listen to Christian speakersand free Christian songs.Prayers to God is a way to feel closer toHim, read passages from the King James another well, but if youwant a bible for children in the form of videos we recommend'children's Bible in Spanish' will be the best children bibleyou've seen. It also contains Christian music for children.Webelieve that the Catholic Bible (Holy Bible King James 1960 BibleGod speaks today ...) should be close to everyone, so it is basedon application is free. Do not miss this opportunity to get thebest videos of the Christian Bible in Spanish.Share this app withyour friends by WhatsApp or Facebook and make God's message reacheseveryone. The best biblical sketches are free.
Canciones Cristianas 1.0.0
Canciones Cristianas Evangélicas es un recopilatorio de musicacristiana para disfrutar en tu dia a día. Con canciones Cristianasevangelicas sentirás de cerca la presencia de nuestro señor. Enesta aplicación encontrarás coros pentecostales , alabanzascristianas , adoración, balada Cristiana, salsa cristiana, bachataCristiana, reggaeton cristiano, Gospel y muchos más …Tambiénencontrarás en canciones cristianas adoraciones para orar a Dios,música para cristo, música para orar, alabanzas cristianas… y otrosgéneros como country cristiano , contemporánea cristiano, popcristiano, rock cristianano reggae cristiano , jazz cristiano ,rock cristiano…De la mano de artistas como - Lilly Goodman- HermanaGlenda- Roberto Orellana- Marcela Gandara- Tercer Cielo- Miel SanMarcos- Jesús Adrian Romero- Hillsong- Marcos Witt- Alex Campos-Matt RedmanEvangelical Christian songs is a compilation ofChristian music to enjoy in your day to day. With evangelicalChristian songs you feel about the presence of our Lord. In thisapplication you will find Pentecostal choruses, Christian praise,worship, Christian ballad, Christian salsa, Christian bachata,reggaeton Christian, Gospel and many more ...Also you find inChristian worship songs to pray to God, to Christ music, music forprayer, Christian praise ... and other genres as a Christiancountry, contemporary Christian, Christian pop, rock cristiananoChristian reggae, jazz Christian, Christian rock ...From artistssuch as- Lilly Goodman- Hermana Glenda- Roberto Orellana- MarcelaGandara- Third heaven- Honey San Marcos- Jesus Adrian Romero-Hillsong- Marcos Witt- Alex Campos- Matt Redman
Learn to read 1.0.0
Learning to read for android, it is an educational application thatwants its children to learn to read easily and simply. With theapplication of learning to read your kids will be entertained andhave fun learning.In addition the application also containslearning to read tips on how to teach reading. Discover the bestmethodology for teaching reading.With the methods for learning toread included in the application better know the alphabet andsyllables and, thus, they may also begin to become fluent withwriting. Some of the lessons included in learning to read.- Tipsfor teaching reading- Colors for children- Learn to read inmonosyllables- The alphabet- Children Alphabet Song- Song of thesyllablesIn this application you will find educational audiovisualmaterial for your children / as complete learning of readinglearned in school in a fun and entertaining way, and all this forfree. This app is developed by early childhood teachers withexperience in the field of education that have carefully selectedthe best videos for learning to read. Moreover, using thisapplication familiarize your children with new technologies ofeducation, as currently present in all schools.Another feature thatmakes this very interesting application is to include videos oflearning to read in three languages: Spanish, English andPortuguese. So you can start your children on the knowledge ofother languages, such as English, so necessary today. And rememberthat this application can learn to read free and be entertainedwhile having fun.
Children Karaoke 1.0.0
Like the music Like nursery rhymes? Then you'll like child freekaraoke in Spanish. Karaoke is a karaoke child of nursery rhymesfor children and not so young. Because on one side it includescurrent nursery rhymes but you can also find children's songsever.Enjoy free family singing karaoke in Spanish Child, a greatcompilation with the best children's songs. With this application,children and adults can enjoy together singing, since the songsinclude lyrics and cartoons for viewing and sing at the sametime.The best karaoke party with the letters of the most popularchildren's songs in Spanish, songs like Pepe brings the broom,Turuleta chicken farm songs, self potato, chick pio ... and manymore for free.Enjoyed by a karaoke party for children with popularsongs. Children with this free karaoke, you can improve the voiceand you can listen to free songs and all the time you want. Youwill not regret, fun is assured.The application has the followingcharacteristics:- The content is updated regularly, do not worrywhen you have sung all the songs, because more will be added soon.-You can give feedback on the application, we examine allsuggestions- You will find the best children's songs to share bestby whatsapp. Share free nursery rhymes.- The application is freeand not have to pay anything for it. Enjoy singing is free ☺- Youcan share any karaoke song to social networks- The applicationrecords your views and you mark songs that have been updated sinceyour last login.- Karaoke songs sung more- Updated with the mostwatched videos and social networks shared by whatsapp- Theapplication also includes nursery rhymes cantajuegos- Vote it Ifyou like the application, thanks to that we can continue free apps-The application is not downloading music, so you will not spendyour battery!INFOAll videos contained in this application arepublic and are hosted on Youtube. The videos can not be downloaded,even if shared by the major social networks or whatspap
Videos Risa 1.0.0
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