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Death Pit 1.0.1
Death pit is an Unique fantasy adventure game. Discoversurrealistic worlds of thrill, mystery & adventure. Explore allthe dark & beautiful environments of the Death Pit. Getyourself ready to face and overcome enemies like Vicious Snakes,Hungry Vampire Bats, spooky Giant Spiders, Creepy salamanders &Monster bees......WHAT MAKES THIS GAME SPECIAL -Unique Game playMechanics--First of its kind.Hand crafted fearsome levels .Simpleand intuitive touch controls.Stunningly detailed 3D Environmentswith dynamic camera system.Flawlessly integrated high quality 3Dsound effects and music tracks..STORY -Long ago, there was a fabledking named "Saka", who was known for his kindness. Under his rulethe people of the kingdom "Kikata" were very cheerful andflourishing.One evening, Evil king of Jaitra, attacked on Kikata.He killed Saka along with his people and the Prince "Kripalava" wasthrown into the Death Pit. Prince need to come out of the Death Pitand conquer his kingdom.GAME PLAYBegin a heroic journey, playing asthe smart and fearless prince where you climb out of the mostdangerous pit of ancient world. Prove you are the ultimate hero!Escape from the unfriendly world of the Death Pit.Death Pitfeatures spectacular visual effects,smooth controls, and immersivegameplay which would give you fantabulous gaming experienceever.Show your unusual skills and tactics. Climb the walls ofclosed worlds of the death pit using ropes, stones, ladders &bat holes and flee from the dangerous Pit of Death in thisthrilling adventure puzzle game.WATCH OUT FOR DEADLY CREATURESDodgethe dangers that are lurking in the depths of the pit. Avoidvicious snakes, evade hungry vampire bats, spooky giant spiders,dodge creepy salamanders & escape from the stings of monsterbees.CUTTING EDGE 3D GRAPHICSWith high end 3D graphics, death pitsets new standards for fantasy adventure puzzle games.Play the gamenow to experience cutting edge graphics as you explore thesurrealistic environments of Death Pit.EXTEND WITH SOCIALCONNECTIVITYAchievements - Mark Your accomplishments by unlockingachievements.Leaderboards - Compete with your friends to know whois the boss player!Challenge your Facebook friends for best levelcompletion time.DARE TO PLAY -This game has no less amounts ofexhilaration; Moreover it would be challenging to ultra-carefulplayers to complete the fearsome levels without dying even a singletime.INTUITIVE CONTROL FOR TOUCH SCREENS -Swipe Your Fingers on thescreen to move the character.Tap & hold on Right half of screento move character up on ropes and ladders. Tap & hold on Lefthalf of screen to move character down on ropes and ladders.Saveyour progression at checkpoints by double tapping on Flag.DownloadDeath Pit for free now !!! Enjoy one of the most immersiveadventure game ever made!!!
Racing Race 1.1
Strap yourself and start the engine to race in the most compulsivephysics based car racing game made for everyone. Tap on the nitrousand thrust full to experience the real speed of your car in theultimate arcade racing game. Build your racing career by completingall the challenging missions before you beat all the boss racers.Over 30 handcrafted missions laid in variety of races likeclassic,elimination,endurance challenges,knockdowns while youprogress in Racing Career. Over dozen of cars and diverse range ofupgrades to maximize your car’s performance. Given all this , GetReady to dominate the Boss Racers!Customize your Game play in QuickPlay Mode for Locations, race types, Cars,Traffic,Laps anddifficulty settings. Daily Bonus ! Go for it and play the mini slotgame. Great chance to win free coins daily.Daily Battle! A specialdaily event with high reward. Takes place multiple times in aday.Over 8 unique Racing Modes.Classic Race - Reach the finish linefirst.Beat ‘Em All - Knock down targeted racers or more before thetimer runs out.Elimination - After every certain time the slowestracer gets eliminated. Traffic Run - Avoid all the traffic andreach the finish line in time.Speed Trap - Get snapped at thetargeted speed to win the race. Time Trial- Achieve higher speedsand pass though each checkpoint before its timer runs out.Big Score- Stay in first position for maximum amount of time to be thewinner. Beat The Rank - Compete vs Boss Racer ! Reach the finishline first.Game Features:- Breathtaking visuals and detailedenvironments : Downtown, Construction-site, Mountainside and Snow.-Earn cash to unlock and upgrade 12 high-performance cars.- Easy tolearn 3 different controls for player interest.- Fast nitrous boostto speed up your race.- 30 events in Career mode before you claimto be the Boss of all the Ranks.- Smooth and realistic carhandling.- Realistic sound effects and best suited music tracks forlocations and races. - Knockdown, near misses, ramp jumps just giveextra thrill.- Customize your race with different combination ofevents,locations and cars in Quick Play mode.- Daily Bonus andDaily Battle are unique events to boost up your total coin counts.-Brag your friends through online Leader boards and Achievements.
Zombie Little 1.0.2
Zombies!! entitled as cannibals, have always remained as the badguys ever since the existence of video games.So aren't you bored ofkilling these Zombies?? Don't you feel pity on them??Time to turnup the heat, Time for an ultimate revenge....YEAH!!! you heardit..Its REVENGE...Zombies...Revenge!! Zombie Little is anexhilarating shooter game stuffed with explosive action, stunning3D graphics and refreshing gameplay.Enter a whole new world ofPlants holocaust and experience the thrill of different carnivorousplants..RUN!!SHOOT!! KABOOM!!.....This game certainly gives you themost immersive gameplay experience.So get ready to face viciousMini Mushrooms, Gobinators Blitz, Flying Calabs, Haloween pumpkinsetc.ZOMBIE LITTLE STORYThe creepy Plants have invaded Chronia, oncethe land for playful zombies. These plants destroyed the entirecity and massacred all the little zombies, but one survives theapocalypse.Andy was the lone survivor during this brutal invasion.Andy must exterminate all the Plants in Chronia to compensate forthe damage.RICH GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCEExperience the ultimate horrorsof a plant holocaust through this third person shooter.ZombieLittle is certainly a fun packed thrill ride of mass destructionwith 2 unique gameplay modes.So keep calm and kill plants or getkilled!!CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATIONPassionate about being trendy???Then checkout some really cool funky outfits for Andy in the store.Unlock some really cool hats,stylish bags and many moreapparel's.ULTIMATE GRAPHICSStunning 3D game environments and highlydetailed crispy characters with creamy animations. Handcraftedlevels and beautifully textured game assets.DAILYCHALLENGESChallenge your gameplay skills and win exciting gifts andmore in game currency.EXTEND WITH SOCIAL CONNECTIVITY​Achievements: Level up by accomplishingachievements.Leaderboards:Compete with friends to know who is theboss player.Challenge your facebook friends and boost your gameplayskills.CONTROLS​The implementation of Dual stick controls certainlydelivers a joyful and exciting gameplay moments.ZOMBIE LITTLEFEATURESSizzling shooting game with dual stick controls.A grippingstoryline and Refreshing Gameplay.Stunning Sound Effects.A widevariety of Deadly Plants.2 unique gameplay modes.HandcraftedLevels.Challenging missions.Unlock deadly weapons.Watch Videos toearn rewards.Zombie Little supports wide range of very useful Ingame purchases.
Bad Light
Bad Light brings you a Puzzle Game Experience that Puts your Brainto the Ultimate Test.Use the Magical Crystal Power to Free theMedieval Kingdom from the Bad Light.Difficulty Progresses withWorlds. It’s time for you to help the Needy and Prove yourAbilities.An amazing adventure awaits you! Solve the quests andrescue Oldham from the Evil curse of Darkmore. Features : - Easy toPlay Game Mechanics. - Simple Tap & Swipe Controls. - Over 100Handcrafted Puzzles to Solve. - Outstanding Graphics - InteractiveHints to Help you in your Quests. - Various Obstacles to Overcomein your Quest. - Brag about your Achievements on Social Platforms.Challenge : Leaderboards to compete against your friends throughFacebook. Earn Achievements throughout the Gameplay. Solve morethan 100 Quests across 100+ Levels.
Left R Right 1.0.1
'Left R Right' brings you a simple yet challenging game play.Experience the twist and turns in the world of Zig Zag. The rulesare simple.> Take quick turns with simple swipe controls toprogress in the Zig Zag.> Control the ball in sync with neon litplatforms. > Survive against all odds and keep calm. >Collect Diamonds and continue your Journey through various neon litZig Zag.Features> Easy to play game mechanics.> Simple swipecontrols.> Six different visual styles to experience. > Freeto play game with in-app purchases. Get ready to dominate yourfriends and see where can you stack-up in the google play leaderboard. Good Luck !
Swift Plane 1.0
Do you like to challenge your reflexes ? If Yes ,Try Swift Plane -Easy but fun to play game. Swift Plane is an endless flight runnergame.Control the plane in air by performing well timed JUMP, DROPand TILT with easy swipe controls.Keep collecting gems on the wayto continue flying even after crashing into obstacles.Choose amongplenty of planes and experience flying through various beautifullocations.Challenges are endless with extremely engaging dynamicleader boards designed for each endless location. Now ,You get tosee your next opponent while you just concentrate on dodgingvarious obstacles in air. Grab FREE gems every day by just steppinginto the game !Complete special tasks to unlock achievements andclaim your reward.Features- Play for free - Responsive and easyswipe controls.- Choose among various planes .- Multiple colourfullocations designed in LOW POLY ART style.- Climb leader boards invery engaging way.- Free gems everyday.- Brag your achievements onvarious social platforms.Game requires internet connectivity andsubsequent data transfer if you wish to save game data onCloud.Cloud Save ! Enables saving and syncing of game progress onmultiple devices.No loss of game progress even after reinstallingthe game.Enjoy Swift Plane.
KAABIL: Hrithik Official Game 1.2
Play KAABIL: THE OFFICIAL GAME based on the ROMANTIC THRILLER OFyear 2017 'KAABIL' STARRING HRITHIK ROSHAN and Yami Gautam- BYFILMKRAFT PRODUCTIONS (INDIA) PVT. LTD. KAABIL:The Official Game isa STORY DRIVEN turn-based tactical puzzle game. Game challenges youto utilize a mixture of stealth and intelligence as you guide blindRohan and Supriya to complete various objectives. KAABIL is storyof LOVE, LOSS and REVENGE and game delivers that experience in mostinteractive way. Game Features - 1. Interact with Rohan and Supriyawith intuitive TAP and SWIPE controls to complete variouschallenging objectives. 2. Experience CO-OP game play bycontrolling both Hrithik and Yami in turns to complete objectives.3. Unfold the story by completing 28 handcrafted levels. 4. Tapover the hidden coins in levels to collect them. 5. High qualityrealistic models of Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam and other starcasts of movie. Beautiful visuals for locations from KAABIL movie.6. Plan your action against 4 powerful bosses with differentweapons and abilities. Avoid innocent people, overcome dangerousguards and police and use traps for your benefit to succeed ingame.. 7. Rohan & Supriya are customizable for variouscostumes, Shoes, watches etc. 8. 15 high XP-Value Achievements tounlock.Get rewarded with in game coins after unlocking eachachievement. 9. Various captivating soundtracks based on gamemissions. KAABIL is Free-to-Play, but some items like virtualcurrency-coins can be purchased with real money. Game requiresinternet connectivity and subsequent data transfer if you wish tosave game data on cloud. Game stores your progression and otherimportant game data on cloud. End user license agreement - Facing issues while playing KAABIL orhave any suggestions/feedback? Email us at - suppor[email protected] Intellectual Property in KAABIL Movie and it's trademarks,associated artwork and designs are exclusively owned by FILMKRAFTPRODUCTIONS ( INDIA )Pvt. Ltd. © 2017. All Rights Reserved. AllIntellectual Property in KAABIL: The Official Game are exclusivelyowned by MUSTPLAY GAMES PVT LTD. © 2017. All Rights Reserved.Download the Game now and Prove that you are WORTHY of KAABIL Quest!!! Enjoy.
INTRUDERS: Real Robot War 1.1
Must Play Games, brings you an action packed 3D mobile game thatrequires the best of game plan. Race against time to protect yourbase and keep enemies at bay. Rogue forces are on the offensive,quick thinking and strategic planning can save the day! Herosoldier armed with - Dual shooter, Jetpack, Missile launcher andDrone is at your help. Command him to take down enemies whereturrets can’t reach. Arsenal includes: Mighty Turrets that willdestroy enemies in auto mode. Auxiliary Reinforcements consistingelectronic barrier and airstrikes. Rush to resist invasion, timeyour defense and plan attacks with the available armory to combatthrough 80 extremely challenging levels. Get ready to command anddeploy your soldiers to take the intruders down, upgrade theirdefense system through a simple tap. Reflexive tapping can increasethe body count. Step it up to the next level with Intruders. Thisfree to play game is equipped with: 16 unique towers. 4 differentgame play modes Rush Time-Attack Selected turrets Max-Turrets 80different missions. 4 amazing war locations Ferric lands AbysmalRocks Blizzard Strife Decayed Rocks 50+ distinct enemies to faceon. 20+ hours of addictive gameplay. 2 special reinforcements.Reflexive tapping. Multiple achievements. Tower defense (orinformally TD) is a subgenre of strategy game where the goal is todefend a player's territories or possessions by obstructing theenemy attackers, usually achieved by placing defensive structureson or along their path of attack. This typically means building avariety of different structures that serve to automatically block,impede, attack or destroy enemies.. The game is made by people andfor the people who love tower defense games. We sincerely hope youenjoy our work! Like and Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:
12 O' Clock
12 O'clock is a simple and free to play puzzle game. Simplisticartstyle and easy game play mechanics, makes the puzzlegameexperience impeccable. Just Single Objective - Make 12’O Clock! 12O'clock comprises of over 50 hand crafted levels with easytochallenging game progression.Taking Puzzle games to the nextlevel,12 ‘O Clock is a perfect entertainer. What to expect: +Easygamemechanics - Just turn the clock hand ! + Simplistic Artstylethat’s perfect for the Puzzle. No Jazz ! + 50 Unique andinnovativelevel designs. + Integrated hint system designed for eachlevel.+Easy Tap controls to switch your moves in the game. +Perfectbrain stimulating ambience with soothing music tracks! +Free toPlay! + Brag your Best Score and Rank up in the Leaderboards. +Outright 15+ Achievements throughout the Game play. +Master yourskill from the easiest to the most challenging levels inthe game..So Do Not Wait Anymore! Hit the Install Button now andexperiencethe unique and challenging puzzle game you have everplayed.