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Tap Tap 1.0.1
Tap as fast as possible all the colors that matches the color ofthe square above. Try to get high scores and earn XP points.-Highly addictive game to play when you are bored.- Good lookingdesign- Fun to play
Point travel 1.2
The goal of this game is to shoot the ball from planet to planet.There is only one problem, the time is running !! Be as fast aspossible and try to reach high scores and share it with yourfriends. Enjoy !!
Gezgin nokta 1.0
Bu oyunun amacı gezegenden gezegene topu ateş etmektir. Tek birsorun var, zamanınız gittikce azalıyor !!mümkün olduğu kadar çabukolunuz ve yüksek puan alıp arkadaşlarınızla paylaşın.iyi eğlenceler!!The aim of this game is to shoot the ball from planet to planet.There's only one problem, when you are running low on becoming more!!Be as quickly as possible and share them with friends and receivea high score.Have fun !!
Fire Walk 1.2.4
Fire Walk is a fun game to play, especially if you're bored.The aimof this game is to achieve the highest possible scores. This can bedone by collecting the coins. In Fire Walk game you play as aplayer the role of a running man that jumps on metal plates.If youlet reacts with jumping you can fall into the lava, so beware. Thefinal score is calculated by the number of coins collected. InFireWalk game, there is also another problem. The time decreases,but this can be increased by collecting the timers. The game isover when you have no more time and / or if you fall into thelava.Have fun with playing !!!