My Action Replay Apps

My Action Replay 3.5
App for viewing reelplays that have been created and connecting tocameras at My Action Replay venues. Lets you search for and viewall the reelplays that have been created and sent online. Also letsyou view and download local reelplays. Currently able to: - Viewreelplays from all venues that have been sent online - Claim, favand share reelplays - Search for reelplays - Connect to and browseMy Action Replay cameras and view replays on them - Auto tag clipswith pre-configured useful tags - Use multi-dimensional tagging soyou can apply a tag for the session in addition to the replay tag -Download clips to your Action Gallery for viewing - Claim andFavourite clips - Upload clips to your own section for sharing online
MAR Cam 1.0
Just three simple steps to getting video replays of your game.1.Open the MAR Cam and point it at the cricket action - use a standfor the best result.2. Create a game in the CricHQ app on aseparate phone or tablet.3. Click on the 'Connect to Camera' iconin CricHQ and simply score.The MAR Cam will then create videoreplays of all the important plays and tag them up with every pieceof information about the ball - for example player who bowled,player who was batting, runs that were scored. These are availablefor you to view and share online at or via the CricHQapp. Everyone can follow along and you have a history of all yourbest and memorable moments, you also have an amazing video analysistool at your fingertips without any of the hassle that you normallyrequire.You can choose to auto upload replays as they are created,or turn the upload on later when you are back at home or theoffice. This is controlled with a simple set of controls in thesettings menu. You can also choose which type of balls to captureand which not to.If you are at a ground which has a wifi connectionjust make sure the MAR Cam phone or tablet and the CricHQ phone ortablet are connected to the wifi network. Even if there is no wifiavailable you can create a hotspot on one of the devices and jointo it with the other one - just make sure that you get the ownerspermission for connecting to the hotspot as a significant amount ofdata can be used for uploading replays from a game.
Pathways 1.11.5
Pathways by My Action Replay helps sports teams and their playersget the most out of their development programmes. - Create taggedplayer video - See player stats, and track improvement over time -Run directed coaching sessions - Pathway portal for announcementsand more - Integrate with My Action Replay cameras installd atspecial venues
MAR Companion 1.6
Your Companion for making the most of your My Action Replay system.Lets you: - Connect to the camera to position it. - Understandwhere the Live Stream and Replays are going so you can share them.- Update the score graphic on the live stream and provide acommentary. - Generate replays of the best moments - 🔥👏🏽😂 All donefrom a simple magic link sent to you by the organisationresponsible for the unit.