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News Home: Breaking News, Local & World News Today 2.9.46-news-home
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2020 NEW & IMPROVED News Home is your go-to app for the mostaccurate headlines and local news. America’s favorite to stay up todate on breaking news and crime updates. We have your localneighborhood covered with News Home! Local updates are quick to getyou up to speed and in the known in your local community. News Homeis a launcher application, offering global news sources to choosefrom, making your news platform completely customizable to yourpersonal preference. Top news sources provide a variety of newscategories, choose what is important to you and stay informed withNews Home. Be the first to see top stories and events with NewsHomes live video option and share it with your local community.Stay up to date on all current updates, be on top of your localneighborhood news, know what is going on in the economy and thesporting world, all with News Home. News Home’s additional launcherfeatures include themes, weather and popular videos. Quick accessto the -1 screen with just one swipe will have your breaking newsupdates.
Weather Home - Live Radar Alerts & Widget 2.9.50-weather-home
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2020 NEW & IMPROVED WEATHER APP WITH STORM TRACKER! Get livelocal weather forecasts and storm alerts directly on your homescreen with the Weather Home – Live Radar Alerts & Widgetslauncher application. Our weather app is a launcher application,offering live radar, severe weather alerts, custom real time alertsettings, daily local weather snapshots, accurate hyper localweather forecast, severe live weather warnings, and storm tracker.Get immediate local and worldwide weather updates. Today’stemperature in detail provides important information on heat index,UV index, and tips to stay safe. Weather Feature Highlights: •Current weather conditions • Hour-by-hour and day-by-day forecast •Smart Notifications • Hyper-Local Forecast • Weather Visualization• Storm Tracker • Multi-level radar • Weather map layers • Clouds •Winds • Temperatures • Waves • And many more! • UV Index Always beone step ahead with our weather app’s accuracy and details, beprepared for any storm and weather forecast change. Launcher’sadditional features includes themes, news, popular videos, quickaccess -1 screen with detailed local weather report for yourconvenience. Download our Weather Home today for FREE!
Fitness Home - Healthy Living Companion 2.9.36-fit
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Burn fat, lose weight, and live your best healthy life with FitnessHome. With a variety of health and fitness-related features, fromgroup workouts to healthy recipes, you’ll be able to stay focusedon your fitness goals with a single app. • Check out the list offun and effective workouts so you can easily get your sweat on andburn fat in the comfort of your own home. • Keep your healthylifestyle learning journey on track with health and fitness-relatedarticles and blog posts. • Practice mindfulness daily with aneasy-to-use breathing feature. • Sync up your Google Fit account tokeep track of your steps and calories in one place. • Plan aheadand log your food and meals to stay locked in on your diet. • Finda plethora of healthy and specific diet recipes when you can’tfigure out what to fix. With all of these features and more,Fitness Home has everything you need to live your very best healthylife. Full-body Workout Videos Everyone knows the tremendous healthbenefits of getting your sweat on and getting a daily workout.Choose from an assortment of timed workout videos that you cansqueeze into any schedule. Videos cover a variety of topics: HIITworkouts, cardio workouts, boxing, strength training, muscle toningworkouts, and more videos are added regularly. No equipment neededto help you look your best! Nutrition & Fitness Articles Stayup-to-date with expertly curated nutrition and fitness articlessourced from legitimate sources. Learn things such as the bestexercises to tone muscle and burn fat, the benefits exercise has onstress and a healthy mind, and what supplements you can take tohelp enhance your workout. Guided Meditation Mindfulness andmeditation should be practiced daily. Studies show that gettingyour breath under control is one of the best ways to lower stressin the body. This is because when you breathe deeply, it sends amessage to your brain to calm down and relax. Choose your favoriteand most peaceful soundscape and begin. The soothing animationswill help you clear your mind and get into your focused headspace.Track Steps, Calories, and More Sign in with Google Fit to easilytrack your daily steps, calories, and workouts. View your activityhistory by day, week, or month and keep striving towards yourfitness goals and setting new personal workout records. CalorieCounting You can’t out-train a bad diet. When you have poornutrition habits, your exercise performance and weight loss suffer.By keeping track of your macronutrients, you'll be able to peak andget the most out of your workouts, which will also support youburning calories and body fat, because your body will be fueledcorrectly. Easily log your breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily tostay focused on what you’re fueling your body with. Diet SpecificRecipes Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Keto, or Whole30?Find an abundance of recipes geared to fit your healthy lifestyle.Each recipe has a quick breakdown of fat, protein, and carbs so youcan plan ahead and make sure they fit into your daily calories.After you’re done enjoying your meal, log it right in the app tokeep track of your calories consumed.
Recipes Home - Free Recipes and Shopping List 2.9.46-recipe
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Whether your goal is to cook like a pro or make a quick familymeal, Recipes Home has everything you need to improve life in thekitchen. Easily choose from thousands of free delicious food anddrink recipes, save your favorite recipes to cook again later, anduse the innovative search tool that allows you to filter by theingredients you already have in your pantry. Keep your confidencein the kitchen and discover the joy of home cooking with our easyto use recipes app. 380K+ FOOD AND DRINK RECIPES Choose from over380,000 recipes to fulfill your next cooking adventure. Easilybrowse meals based on the meal you are cooking, includingbreakfast, appetizers, dessert, alcoholic drinks, and many more.Have a craving for a specific cuisine? Choose between 25 differentfood origin categories, such as Thai, Southern, and Mexican, toeasily browse and whip up a recipe that will leave you feelingsatisfied. SAVE YOUR FAVORITE RECIPES Saving your favorite recipescouldn’t be easier. Your favorites are stashed for safekeeping in adigital recipe box. Once saved, create collections for easyorganization and viewing when cooking and grocery shopping. Asingle click lets you save and share your favorite recipes quicklyand easily to refer to again later. SEARCH RECIPES FOR INGREDIENTSYOU ALREADY HAVE Don’t have time to go to the store? Don’t wastetime browsing through the wrong recipes. Our impressive searchfilter allows you to search for recipes that include ingredientsyou already have in your pantry. EASILY ADD RECIPE INGREDIENTS TOYOUR SHOPPING LIST Add entire or single recipe ingredients to thein-app shopping list for quick reference while completing yourgrocery shopping. Go through the list and check off ingredients asyou shop. On a budget? Each recipe lets you know the cost perserving so you can plan before heading to the grocery store.NUTRITION INFO Are you tracking what you eat or have dietaryrestrictions or considerations? Each recipe has a list ofnutritional information and serving size. Recipes include specialdiets such as gluten-free, keto, vegetarian, and vegan. RECIPERECOMMENDATIONS Did you have a main course in mind but need adelicious dessert to go with it? Each recipe has recommendationsfor other recipes within the app that pair well with it. If youwant to make something specific but don’t like the recipe youfound, the app suggests similar recipes that you can browse throughright from that recipe card. CROSS DEVICE SYNCING Pick up on yourtablet where you left off on your phone with cross-device syncing.Sign in and add items to your shopping list and they will syncacross all your devices automatically. Share your account withfamily members or roommates to create a shared list that can bequickly referenced while shopping for recipe ingredients. Downloadthe free app today and have fun searching for and making your nextmeal.
Entertainment Home - Celebrity News & Gossip 2.9.46-enter
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Get updated celebrity and entertainment news directly on your homescreen with Entertainment Home: Celebrity News & Gossip - Alauncher application powered by the internet’s best and mostpopular entertainment news websites and blogs! You can useEntertainment Home: Celebrity News & Gossip to stay up to dateon breaking Hollywood news, celebrity gossip, celebrityrelationship news, celebrity fashion news, trending entertainmentvideos and everything else celebrity related. With convenient oneswipe access to your entertainment news feed, it’s a simple andconvenient upgrade to your boring, stock home screen! EntertainmentHome: Celebrity News & Gossip aggregates dozens of trustedcelebrity and entertainment news sources to create an easy tobrowse comprehensive endlessly scrolling feed of articles. All inone great home screen app & totally FREE. Are we missing yourfavorite entertainment news source? Submit a request through ourfeedback form and we’ll try to get it added in for you! ImportantFeatures Stay Informed - Never Miss Breaking News 📰 Don’t miss thenews on big events like breaking entertainment news and award shownews. 📰 Stay informed on fashion news, relationship news,television and movie news, and music news. 📰 You’ll always have thelatest entertainment news and gossip, delivered directly to yourphone. Stay Focused – News Spanning all Genres 📰 Dozens of newssources blended into one news feed help you can stay up to date onjust about any entertainment news topic that piques your interest!📰 Easily block entertainment news sources that you don’t care tofollow and create a more tailored, personalized browsingexperience. Entertainment Videos – Enjoy More Content 📰 When youwant to take a break from reading entertainment news switch to theentertainment videos feed, then just sit back, relax, and watch. 📰In addition to entertainment news videos, be sure to check outother hot trending videos from across the web, or search for avideo for any specific interest. Trusted Sources – Only the BestContent 📰 We’ve streamlined the entertainment news readingexperience to give you more content on the topics you follow,presented right on your easy to use Home screen. 📰 EntertainmentNews: Celebrity News & Gossip searches the web for all the bestcontent, so you don’t have to. Explore breaking entertainment news,watch viral celebrity videos, and enjoy a reading experience fullyoptimized for mobile devices! Stay in-the-loop all while followingthe latest news and gossip coming out of Hollywood streamingdirectly to Entertainment Home: Celebrity News & Gossip!Download today and stay informed on entertainment and celebritynews and gossip!
News Home Lite: Breaking Local News & US Headlines 2.9.46-news-lite
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News Home Lite is your go-to lightweight app for the most accurateheadlines and local news. America’s favorite to stay up to date onbreaking news and crime updates. We have your local neighborhoodcovered with News Home Lite! Local updates are quick to get you upto speed and in the known in your local community. News Home Liteis a lightweight version of our news application, offering globalnews sources to choose from, making your news platform completelycustomizable to your personal preference. Top news sources providea variety of news categories, choose what is important to you andstay informed with News Home Lite. Be the first to see top storiesand events with News Home Lite's live video option and share itwith your local community. Stay up to date on all current updates,be on top of your local neighborhood news, know what is going on inthe economy and the sporting world, all with News Home Lite.