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Koi Fish Live Wallpaper 6.0
Koi Fish Live Wallpaper is one of the mostserene “HD wallpapers” that is fierce and inspirational at the sametime. Are you searching for new motivational cool wallpapers? Ifso, “Koi Wallpaper” is the right choice for you! Swim upstream,just like this powerful “water dragon” and be reminded to standyour ground whenever you glance at this beautiful white and orange“koi fish”. Make your phone or tablet screen the embodiment ofstrength, perseverance and good luck. The coolest “pond fish” ofsurreal beauty can make your smartphone breathtaking. Just imaginethe serene energy of a calm zen garden with a cool pond full ofJapanese koi fish and experience bliss with “Koi Live Wallpaper”!★The sweetest fish wallpaper will be ideal for your newsmartphone!★ Turn your your screen into loveliest underwater garden!★Choose one of the cool backgrounds inspired by the surreal koifish pond!★This high definition fish tank will enchant you!★ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!★Enjoy this free and fun water dragon wallpaper!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ You can choose from several different themes.★HD graphics and open GL.★Optimized Battery Usage.★Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.★The phone wallpaper will sleep when your smartphone is inactive,so this “live wallpaper” will not drain your battery.★“Koi Fish Live Wallpaper” fully supports horizontal orientationand looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobilephones.Have you always wanted to go Japan, China or Korea to see thesemagnificent creatures from up close? No worries, “Koi Fish LiveWallpaper” comes to the rescue! Just download one of the best coolapps for Android™ and enjoy in the sight of the most inspirationalanimals in the “underwater world” on your smartphone. Did you knowthat the amazing and fearless koi is able to swim upstream until itreaches the waterfall? According to the legend, it is there wherethis gorgeous creature is transformed into a powerful water dragon– this Live Wallpaper is a unique free download that can inspireyou to be as strong as this freshwater fish. “Koi Free LiveWallpaper” captures the lovely koi fish swimming in the mostbeautiful fish tank, river, or a calm ornamental pond – the choiceis yours! This powerful application allows you to discover thebeauty of this oriental carp and lets the water ripples calm youwhile the energy of the water world washes all your troubles away!No other desktop wallpaper can inspire serenity and be the energyboost you have been craving for at the same time like “Koi FishWallpaper”! Pick your favorite from the ten “Koi Fish Backgrounds”and let these beautiful pictures mesmerize you. Feel the magictouch - Koi Fish can make a splash on your new smartphones andcharm you with the amazing colors and hues. This cool “AquariumLive Wallpaper” offers these majestic creatures in gold, orange andwhite shades. Thus, there is no need to go to Japan to witnesstheir beauty. Instead, get one of the best free live wallpapers andadmire the unique fish pictures of the lovely koi fish also knownas the water dragon or a dragon fish in Japan. This Androidwallpaper for both boys and girls has it all! The scale armor ofthis strong carp is regarded as a martial attribute of the warrior– discover the true koi fish beauty, while it is calmly swimming ina pond, in a “fish aquarium” or a mighty and winding river. Did youknow that Koi developed from a common carp in ancient China, whereit still stands for love, friendship and good luck? Have your ownlucky koi pond on your new mobile phone, completely FREE of charge.These koi fish pictures can be your new favorite HD Backgrounds –just pick your favorite “Koi Fish Background” and admire this highresolution aquarium wallpaper.* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Glitter Live Wallpaper 1.0
Get ready for the eruption of sparkles becausewe present you ''Glitter Live Wallpaper''! This is the mostwonderful girly app on the market! You have the unique opportunityto download it completely free and make your Android™ phone shinebright like a diamond! Illuminate your screen with prettyglittering themes in all colors! The shimmering ''HD wallpapers''will put a smile on your face and turn the space around you into aluminous and glistening paradise! Choose from numerous beautifulpictures and you will sparkle and glow wherever you go! Get thesefree images and bath your phone with shiny particles!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Would you like to enjoy glamour and high fashion every day? Ofcourse you would! And that is exactly why ''Glitter LiveWallpaper'' was created! You will be enchanted by the shinygemstones scattered across the glitter backgrounds! Sparkly dustspilled all over crystals make our ''diamond live wallpaper'' evenmore magical! Ladies, prepare for the most amazing jewelry ever!Pick a jewel in your favorite color! Red, pink, blue, green orpurple - it's up to you! Do you prefer golden earrings? Or perhapsa silver bracelet? Just tap on the screen of your tablet device ormobile phone and it's yours!If you are not fond of gloomy and dark nights, don't worry!''Glitter wallpaper'' brings bright light into darkness! With thehelp of these HD background images, you will see the most beautifulnight fall ever! ''Glitter stars'' scattered across the blue skywill enchant you! The moonlight beach on such an evening is anamazing sight! You will be mesmerized by the crystal clear moonlitwater of the sea and the shimmering jewels in the night sky!Galactic meteoroids and asteroids that come from outer space createa dazzling meteor shower! Glittery shooting stars are everywherearound you! Find your lucky star and make a wish! The glitter offireflies makes this natural landscape even more perfect! It feelsas though you were standing in front of the original painting'Starry Night' by Van Gogh!Download our ''crystal wallpaper'' and prepare to party incities that never sleep! City lights will make you feel alive andhappy! Put a pink diamond on your finger and a glittery necklacearound your neck and you are ready to glow in the dark! Go to thecoolest club in every city and have the time of your life whiledancing under a shiny disco ball! All party people are leaving theclubs in order to see the most spectacular scenery in the sky! Theglitter of the fireworks makes the cities even brighter! It feelsas though it was a sunny day and the Sun spilled its glitters allover you! The fire in the sky slowly declines but our shiny ''cutewallpapers'' will remain with you to light your evenings!Boys, listen carefully! The perfect gift for your girlfriends ishere! And it's free! Download this glittery live wallpaper and theywill love it! Girls will prettify their phones with shiny pinkhearts and ladies will adore the glittering of crystals anddiamonds! This pink wallpaper is something every girl musthave!Wait no more! Download ''Glitter Live Wallpaper'' completely freeand share it with your friends and family! It's time to have funand enjoy the sparkles of diamonds! Relax and frost yourself withglitters!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Broken Glass Live Wallpaper 6.0
Get ready for the coolest HD wallpaper thatwill make your phone look awesome - Broken Glass Live Wallpaper. Doyou enjoy pulling pranks on your friends? See what happens when youdecorate your new smartphone with broken glass pieces and someoneto hold on to it. Beautify your screen with free live wallpapersthat look cool and powerful and some of the coolest HD broken glasspictures! If you are bored with old cute backgrounds on the market,try something completely different - broken screen pictures willkeep you entertained for days. Boys and girls, get one of the bestcool wallpapers,completely free of charge!★ Fierce broken glass wallpapers will be ideal for your newsmartphone!★ Choose the best broken glass background!★ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ Choose from several different themes.★ Broken glass LWP is compatible with 99% mobile phonedevices.★ The application will sleep when your phone is inactive.★ Broken glass Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientationand looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobilephones.Enjoy this free and fun live wallpaper inspired by cool brokenglass backgrounds. Try it yourself and see that it will really looklike your mobile phone screen is cracked since the Hd images are ofunparalleled quality. Cool backgrounds of cracked screen will foolall your friends and family. Even if you know that your screencannot break easily, your friends don't. Broken glass wall paperwill have you laughing for hours, pranksters. So, go ahead, getthis free download, and see for yourself that these shards of glasslook extremely realistic. This desktop wallpaper is equallyappealing both to boys and girls! Have fun!* This app is ad-supported.
Sea Live Wallpaper 6.0
Sea Live Wallpaper is the underwater paradiseinspired by the exotic sealife. The gates of the sea world areopening just for you! A myriad of tiny bubbles can fill your newsweet fish aquarium – make your phone or tablet screen beautifulwith this HD water wallpaper. Explore the coral reefs of one of themost exquisite marine aquariums with “Sea Wallpaper” and meet thegiant sea turtle, a bottlenose dolphin or a blood-chilling tigershark. Whenever you gaze at this “live wallpaper” beautified by thetropical fish, you will be overwhelmed by the feeling of serenity.Let the gentle waves wash all your worries away - “Sea LiveWallpaper” allows you to go snorkeling whenever you desire. Embarkon the adventure in the “deep blue sea”!♥ A magical “fish tank” with the most exotic sea animals and coralreefs!♥ Go “under the sea” with one of the best apps for Android™!♥ There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!♥ These fun, free and cute backgrounds are waiting for you!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers♥ You can choose from ten different themes.★ New “Sea Backgrounds” added daily – collect them all!♥ HD graphics and open GL.♥ Optimized Battery Usage.♥ This app is compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.♥ Sea Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on phones.Have you always wanted to have your very own fish tank on the phonescreen? If so, you need to see how gorgeous your smartphone canlook beautified by deep sea backgrounds! All ten of the amazingcute backgrounds will take your breath away. Can you believe thatthese free screensavers can be yours right now?See all the stunning corals, clown fish, starfish or the delicateseahorse and make your mobile phone prettier than ever before. This“free download” is your ticket to the underwater city! Immerseyourself in the fresh water - this high definition nature wallpapercan be your very own saltwater aquarium. Explore the crystal clear“water world” and meet the jellyfish or the squid with highresolution “Sea LWP”. This magical live application offers tendifferent cool backgrounds, completely free of charge – see a tigershark, a manatee or a walrus and find pick one of the cool “SeaBackgrounds”. Swim with the aquarium fish across your phone screenand have fun with the interactive features of your new desktopwallpaper. This is one of those cool wallpapers that has theincredible marine life, seashells colorful seaweed and cute corals.Get this seabed live wallpaper and discover the exciting worldunder the sea in a heartbeat! Discover the cool realm of the mostexotic wild animals and enjoy this amazing fish wallpaper while youlet the gentle waves caress your screen and soothe all your senses.By downloading this app you get to dive into the mysterious seabubbles and swim with the exotic fish. Feel the magic of thecrystal clear water world - meet the colorful angelfish, butterflyfish and the blue tang, or the huge killer whale, all completelyfree of charge. Feast your eyes on this free wallpaper andenjoy!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Ashura Live Wallpaper 6.0
Commemorate one of the most important eventsin Muslim culture with our brand new app Ashura Live Wallpaper! Webring you many breath taking back ground images of the Battle ofKarbala! Witness the heroism of Husayni bnAli on 10 Muharram manycenturies ago! If you are looking for the ‘’best Islamicwallpapers’’ to decorate the screen of your phone for Android™,Ashura screen saver is the perfect solution for you! Get the freedownload of Hussain HD pictures and embellish your tablet devicewith the photos from the most significant date in Islamic history!After a lot of reading and listening to the ‘’Karbala story’’, youhave a unique opportunity to see the vivid Ashura pictures of thebattle! Use this once-in-a-lifetime chance and step into the cityof Karbala during the greatest battle in history! Remember Husaynand all his supporters in your prayers and celebrate their livesand heroism with ‘’Ashura Live Wallpaper’’!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different Ashurabackground wallpapersinspired by Islamic religion!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Would you like to see the historical battle at Karbala thathappened ages ago? With the help of ‘’Ashura wallpaper’’ everythingis possible! The freeAshura images depicting the martyrdom of Husayn and the bravery ofother fighters will make you proud of being a Muslim! Celebratethis national holiday and dedicate the recitation of Quran quotesto all brave people who lost their lives during the battle! Set theAshura photos on the background of your phone and show everyonethat this event will never be forgotten! Invite all other Muslimbrothers and sisters to download this free Android app and theywill love it, for sure! As soon as you look at this religionwallpaper, you will immediately feel closer to God! This ‘’Allahlive wallpaper’’ will connect you with your ancestors – the Islamicprophet Muhammad and his grandson Hussain!If you cannot afford to visit the Husayn Mosque in Karbala on theday of Ashura, don’t worry! We give you a chance to download thesebeautiful mosques images completely free of charges and enjoy oneof the oldest mosques in the world! You like Mecca Madina livewallpaper? If so, you will be enchanted by these ‘’Shia Islamicwallpapers’’! Visit the holiest site of Shiism and make apilgrimage to the Shrine of Husayn outside Makkah andMasjidal-Haram! Respect traditions and fast not only during Ramadanbut also during the sacredmonth of Muharram! Allah backgroundimages on your Android mobile will inspire you to pray and to readthe Quran! You don’t have to carry a history book with you – setthe Ashura HD wallpapers on the display and you will be fascinatedby the history of Islamic culture!‘’Muharram live wallpaper’’ is a must for all people who respectIslam and live according to the Quran! Check out your Islamic lunarcalendar and don’t miss the Mourning of Muharram! Remember all thegreat deeds of your ancestors and be proud of your religion! Lookat 99 names of Allah written in exquisite Arabiccall igraphy andremember that the Lord is always with you! Be a true believer – goon the Hajj, pray and fast and Allah will offer you his spiritualguidance!We bring you the astonishing Muslim images depicting one of themost heroic battle in history! Be among the first ones to get thebest free app for Android! Remember the tenth day of Muharram inIslamic calendar and celebrate this important historical event withthe most beautiful Muslim application ever – Ashura LiveWallpaper!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Plasma Live Wallpaper 6.0
''Plasma Live Wallpaper'' is a brand new appwhich gives you the unique opportunity to create your own lightshow! Shower the screen of your phone with rainbow colors! Amiracle of science is now within your reach! Take a closer look atthe amazing ''plasma ball'' and find out what it is made of! Revealthe secrets of this electric circle! Enter the world where physics,math and art fuse together to create a glowing phenomenon which isfascinating to observe! With our background images, the sky's thelimit! Get the free download right now and experience the magic offlashing lights all across your phone screen!Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Plasma is often called the fourth state of matter! As itcontains many electrically charged particles, this material ispresent in the Sun, stars, fusion reactors and fluorescent lamps!Moreover, electric sparks, neon lights and lightning bolts aretypical examples of plasma! And finally, a ''plasma globe'' is amore complex example of what this miraculous material can do! It isa glass ball with gas and a central electrode inside that createsstreams of colorful lights! Amazing, isn't it? ''Plasma LiveWallpaper'' was created to remind everyone of the magnificence ofthis lightning ball! Download our color HD pictures and you'll havea chance to admire this scientific phenomenon every day!Are you a huge fan of plasma games? If you are, our backgroundimages will blow your mind! You have an exclusive opportunity tobuild your own plasma reactor and create tones of plasma disks!Take a plasma gun and destroy your enemy with energy balls! Go toouter space and save the Earth using your plasma blaster! Thestarry sky illuminated by fireworks will be a sign to all peoplethat your planet defense was completed successfully! Our lightninglive wallpaper is definitely the right choice for all adrenalineaddicts!If you are bored with your old dark sky screensaver and blackwallpaper, you have come to the right place! Get our plasma orb''live wallpaper'' and paint the screen of your phon with aspectrum of colors! Mix yellow, green, blue, purple and red rays ofplasma bulb into one cool background for your phone! Your newelectric screen will never be boring again! The colorful lights ofthe ''plasma sky'' charged with electricity will make you feel asthough you were in a middle of a storm fighting for your life andall you can hear is a lightning sound! If you want to feel theadrenaline running through your veins, wait no more! Download ourthunderstorm live wallpaper and let your adventure begin!Use this fire ball to heat up your romance! The ''plasmawallpaper'' decorates the dark sky with color lights! Along withglowing stars and the Moon beams, these images are everything youneed to create a romantic atmosphere! If you want to have fun withyour friends, put plasma HD on your Android™ phone and let laserand disco lights take you to the world where parties never stop!When you are done partying, relax with a plasma sound andhypnotizing lights of a plasma lamp! Have your own ''Tesla coil''on your screen and it will keep you entertained and calm as long asyour phone is with you!Plasma Live Wallpaper is currently the best application on themarket! This abstract background will refresh your phone with avivid color palette! Download our unique Android app right now andprepare for new and challenging adventures!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Glowing Flowers Live Wallpaper 6.0
Scatter flowers all over your screen and makeyour mobile phone beautiful beyond imagination! Glowing FlowersLive Wallpaper is a brand new app which takes you to a floralworld! Download this Android™ application completely FREE ofcharges and enjoy the scenery of colourful neon flowers! Make yourphone a window to a glowing flower garden! Summer has alreadybegun! Ornament your display with spring and summer flowers andshow everyone that you are a flower lover! One look at your smartphone will be enough to take all your worries and problems away!Feast your eyes on the images of fabulous ‘’glowing flowers’’ !Watch tiny sparkles falling on fragile flower petals and you willfind your inner peace! Set this nature wallpaper on your Androidphone and admire all the miracles created by Mother Nature – aperfectly-shaped daisy, lovely heart flower and scented lavenderwill leave you breathless! Get the free download right now andenjoy!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!*Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!* New wallpapers are added daily – collect them all!* Full control over the speed and density of glitteringparticles!Would you like to be surrounded by ‘’spring flowers’’ all thetime? If so, this free app is ideal for you! ‘’Glowing Flowers LiveWallpaper’’ will make you feel like you are in a peaceful Zengarden or in a lovely Sakura garden! Admire the delicate structureof each ‘’pink flower’’which decorates ablossoming Sakuratree!Girls, get ready! We bring you red, purple and pink backgroundpictures ornamented with cute colorful plants! Put a fashionablefloraldress on your phone and make your friends green with envy! Ifyou follow the latest trends, this girls wallpaper is perfect foryou! Scatter many orchids and tulips all over your screen and feelwonderful every time you unlock your smartphone!Don’t be sad if it is a gloomy and rainy day! With this glowingflower theme, every day is a sunny day! Take a walk in nature andfollow the Sun rays – they will lead you to the meadow where youcan find the most beautiful glowing flowers of all! Find a stunningsunflower and take a look at lovely pink and white lotus! You willbe mesmerized by the scent of purple lavender! Reveal the fields ofroses and pick white and red roses for your loved one! This ‘’livewallpaper’’ brings you blossoms which are special and magical –they shine bright in the dark! Set a huge ‘’glowing flower’’ onyour screen and make your phone unique!If you have a green thumb and if you are a nature lover, you willadore this green live wallpaper, for sure! Feel the softness of thegrass beneath your feet and enjoy the murmur of the waterfall inthe distance! Don’t be afraid of the dark! These sparkling flowerswill show you the way to go! Experience the wonders of glowingflowers which change their color from purple to red, orange andyellow! This is the glitter wallpaper you’ve been looking for! Putit on your Android mobile and make it shiny!Be among the first ones to download this amazing ‘’flowerswallpaper’’! Don’t miss the opportunity to make your mobile ortablet device look wonderful and unique for free! Get ‘’GlowingFlowers Live Wallpaper’’ right away and enjoy!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Falling Leaves Live Wallpaper 1.0
Watch the "autumn leaves" slowly reach theground with our Falling Leaves Live Wallpaper! Download these coolbackgrounds and catch the moment when maple leaf turns red andfalls off from the tree. Welcome the first day of autumn in styleand bautify your device with fall leaves! You will feel the strongsymbolism of a gold leaf that is falling down. Put on your trenchcoat and take a walk while leaves drift around you! See why “autumnseason” represents peace and quiet. The fall colors and pine conesare here to tell us its time to go back to school! So, downloadthese free live wallpapers and mark a successful start of a newseason! Its time to say goodbye to green leaves and watch whilethey are falling slowly. Get this free wallpaper and enjoy thesymbolism of falling leaves!❦ Choose from many background wallpapers from one of the bestapps for Android™!❦ Our leaves wallpaper fully support both landscape mode andhome-screen switching!❦ New wallpapers are added daily to our collection of free apps –get them all!❦ This android wallpaper offers full control over the speed anddensity of glittering particles!❦ "Falling Leaves Live Wallpaper" works perfectly with both mobilephone and tablet devices!❦ Download Android live wallpaper and pick your favourite hdbackgrounds!❦ These "cool wallpapers” are compatible with more than 99% ofsmartphones.❦ Embellish your smartphone with our beautiful pictures ofleaves!❦ Our free screensavers save up your battery life!Follow the instructions to get this application :Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapersFalling Leaves Live Wallpaper is one of those cute wallpapersthat won't leave your device for a long time! Pour hot water overtea leaves and start playing with your new and romantic desktopwallpaper! Watch this “free download” work its magic on you withoak leaves! You will soon be falling in love with this phonewallpaper, so get it right away! Witness the falling of mapleleaves and let the autumn charm you! Our pictures boast highdefinition, so artificial leaves could never be seen in them! Plus,you can make oak tree leaves drift on your screen with the help ofthis cool wallpaper! These calming forces of nature will answer youwhen you ask: 'Why do leaves change color?' Feel that crushingsound under your feet when the fallen leaves reach the ground! Whoneeds falling in love quotes when this “live wallpaper” is equallyromantic! Take your soul mate by the hand and dance before thefalling water turns into downpour! It is true that the falling ofdeciduous types of leaves can be melancholic, but there is certaingrace to it! Just observe while they are free falling and you willsee for yourself! It would be perfect if “grape leaves” or even ivyleaves turned red and fell off! Also, falling leaves LWP is here tokeep you company while you are falling asleep, so start tapping!Fall season can sometimes remind you of falling out of love. Thefeeling of falling to pieces is never comfortable, but our treeleaves are too magical not to make you happy! We know that afalling star would make your wish come true, but our freewallpapers are a great substitute for happiness, so try them! Thiswall paper promises to make you feel like in a fairy tale! Havesome fun and track the path of a falling leaf while you think ofits symbolism! This beautiful wonder of mother nature will get youlost in your thoughts and you'll love it! But, the falling rainwill wash away all the warm natural colors at the end of autumn, soenjoy while they are here! Embellish your phone with thisapplication and soak in the magic of fall foliage! And if youprefer a natural background, be sure that this app is better thanany snow falling effect! Get autumn decorations for your device nowand feel the autumn colors! Our free live wallpaper is here to letyou enjoy autumn pictures!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.*This application is ad-supported.
Buddha Live 3D Wallpaper 6.0
Prepare to meditate and to achieve nirvanabecause we bring you the most blissful images of the spiritualteacher, Buddha, with our free application ''Buddha Live 3DWallpaper''! It offers many beautiful pictures of the BuddhismLord! Once you see this background and put it on your screen, yourenlightenment will begin and your Android™ will get a completelynew and better look! This miraculous application is perfect for allbelievers! You are just one download away from the state ofcomplete happiness and peace! This is, with no doubt, the best 2014''3D wallpaper'' that is both relaxing and pretty!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers* You can choose from several different themes.* There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!Along with Hinduism, Buddhism is also a religion of thought. Thefounder of Buddhism is the supreme Buddha, who offers the spiritualguidance. Buddha is well-known as Gautama Buddha or ''SiddharthaGautama''. Siddhartha Gautama is considered to be the first'awakened' or 'enlightened' teacher. He rejected the existence ofGod. Instead of dealing with the questions of the origin of theworld, he focused on devices that could be useful for endingsuffering. That is how meditation, relaxation and soothing musicevolved in Buddhist traditions. Although many people believe thatmeditation is easy to accomplish, it is actually not an easy thingto do and every Buddhist is aware of that. The purpose ofmeditation is a conscious effort to transform mind in order toencourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity,and a calm realization of the true nature of things. The Buddhisttradition has developed many meditation practices. An instance isYoga meditation and relax music which give you peace andtranquility. Moreover, ''Buddha quotes'' are full of wisdom and canhelp with achieving stability in life.If you are a Buddhist and even if you are a follower of anotherreligion but you are, at the same time, attracted to the beauty ofBuddhism, download free ''Buddha live wallpaper'' and let theenlightenment in your life! Set the Buddha God ''background image''on your phone and enter the world of complete divinity andhappiness! Take a trip to Zen garden, sit on the soft grass, take adeep breath and start your yoga meditation with Buddha quotesalways on your mind! You will find inner peace and hear a Buddhavoice, a voice of a real Siddhartha Gautama, who will spirituallyguide you through your meditation! Zen music in the background willhelp you purify yourself and become a better person!This is one of the best free ''apps for Android™'' that you canfind! The high definition Buddha live wallpaper will look amazingon phone! Just download this Buddha background image and beautifyyour phone screen! Wherever you go and whatever you do "Buddha Live3D Wallpaper" will always be with you to help you in troublesometimes and to celebrate your happiness!Don't miss the wonderful opportunity! Start a new life filled withserenity, spirituality and calmness! Let Buddha Live 3D Wallpaperhelp you discover the parts of your personality you've neverthought you have! Buddha is waiting for you!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Allah Live Wallpaper 6.0
Muslim brothers and sisters, glorify one andincomparable Lord all the time with our brand new mobileapplication Allah Live Wallpaper! We bring you many 3D backgroundimages depicting the wonderful religion of Islam! Download one ofthe ‘’best Islamic apps’’ ever completely FREE of charges! Beautifyyour phone with the picture of Allah name written in Arabiccalligraphy! The water rippling effect will embellish the screen ofyour phone for Android™ and it will remind you of your faith inGod! Show everybody that you praise Allah and respect five pillarsof Islam! This Islamic theme will give you strength in hard times!Our religious images invite you to worship Allah and be humble - inreturn, he will lift you up! Set ‘’Islamic live wallpaper’’ on yourdisplay and feel the power of spiritual energy every time you lookat thescreen!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different Islamic backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Get the freedownload of ‘’Allah Live Wallpaper’’ and step in theworld of Islam! Reveal mesmerizing mosques – visit Masjidal-Harem,JamaMasjid and other holytemples! Discover the charms of the wonderful city of Mecca and goon a pilgrimage to Kaaba – the most sacred location in Islam! The‘’HD wallpapers’’ depicting hundreds of Muslims on Hajjwill inspireyou to carry out your religious duty! Download Islamic backgroundsand prepare to be enlightened by wise Quran quotes! A beautifulmosque theme is all you need for a perfect decoration of yourphone! Set ‘’Allah wallpaper’’ on your screen and it will be yourspiritual guide to patience, submissiveness and humility! If youare looking for something to match the Allah clockwidget on yourscreen, this is a perfect solution for you! Combine these religiousimages and Muslim clockwidget to get the ideal prayer timealert!A true Muslim respects all five pillars of Islam! Become a strongbeliever with the help of this Islam screensaver! Check out thelunar calendar and see if it is the time for Ramazan! Refrain fromfood and drinks during the greatest fast in the world and purifyyour soul! Don’t forget to pray though! Set your salat times alarmand you won’t miss a single prayer! Show everyone that you love andrespect the one and only Lord by getting these Islamic backgroundimages! Choose from many ‘’Allah names’’and put them on yourdesktop! Beautiful Islamic calligraphy will embellish your displaybeyond imagination! Find out which is your favourite of ‘’99 namesof Allah’’ and set it on the background of your phone! Once you seeAllah 3D wallpaper on your screen, you will be stimulated todiscover everything about the Muslim religion! Discover thesignificance of Makkah and Medina in Islamic history! Find out whyMuhammad is the prophet of Allah! Reveal the meaning of the mostimportant quotes in the Quran and the symbolism of the Ramadantradition!If you cannot choose among many ‘’free apps for Android’’ inspiredby Islam, you have come to the right place! ''Allah LiveWallpaper'' is definitely the best application ever for both mobilephones and tablet devices! If you don’t believe us, see foryourself! Don’t waste more time! Be among the first ones to get thefree download of these beautiful pictures! Get the unique livewallpaper for Android and enjoy!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Winter Live Wallpaper 6.0
“Let it snow”! "Winter Live Wallpaper" willbring the spirit of Christmas in your life and color yoursmartphone white as soon as you download this snowy “HD wallpaper”,completely free of charge. Winter is coming earlier with one of thebest free “apps for Android™” - break the ice and get this “snowwhite” live application so as to capture the magic of the “winterseason”. Gaze at the snowy white mountains or the snow valley oradmire the beauty of the white snow glistening in the winter sun.Take a winter walk with each of the cute backgrounds and gaze atthe snow falling for free. Make your phone or tablet screen lookmysterious and romantic at the same time with mesmerizing HQ“Winter Wallpaper” of your dreams. Do not let the winter bellscatch you unprepared! Let this snow and ice wallpaper wish you a“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” 2015!✱ The sweetest “winter live wallpaper free” will be ideal foryour new smartphone!✱ Unlock new “Winter Backgrounds” every day!✱ Beautify your screen with one of the loveliest “winterapps”!✱ Pick from lovely “Snow Backgrounds” inspired by the “winterwonderland” magic!✱ These high definition “winter pictures” will enchant you!✱ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!✱ Enjoy this free and fun snowy “nature wallpaper”!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers✱ This “Android wallpaper” lets you choose from severaldifferent “winter themes”.✱ HD graphics and open GL.✱ Optimized Battery Usage.✱ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.✱ The wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thisicy “Winter night wallpaper” will not drain your battery.✱ “Winter Live Wallpaper” fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.“Happy holidays”! Capture the magic of the “White Christmas” onyour mobile phone with this snowy desktop wallpaper and let thewinter games start! Are you looking for some brand new free livewallpapers? Let us fulfill at least one of your New Year wisheswith one of the best cool wallpapers inspired by the charmingholiday season. Let the “New Year” adventure on the snow start witheach of the HQ beautiful pictures. Capture a breathtaking “snowstorm” on your mobile phone or tablet and admire your new “WinterLWP”. Be the first of your friends to get one of the coolest freeapps equally appeasing both to boys and girls. Pick one of the coolbackgrounds with a scary snowman, Christmas decorations thisfestive “live wallpaper” has to offer to celebrate the “New Year'sEve”. Is it snowing outside? Even if it is not, we have a solutionfor you! “Winter Live Wallpaper” comes to your rescue the idealfestive Android live wallpaper will charm you and make you fall inlove with all the HD images.If you are tired of your old “snow wallpaper”, get this New Year2015 – inspired wall paper and immerse yourself into the world offluffy and gentle snowflakes. You will never regret this “freedownload” inspired by the Frosty the Snowman, jolly Santa Clauscharming snowflake patterns – if you adore the winter scenes, thisfestive background wallpaper must be yours! Ho, ho, ho, startsinging your favorite winter song and enjoy in each of the tenmesmerizing background images. Your personal snow machine is ready!Enjoy this “Winter LWP” and have a Happy New 2015!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Disco Ball Live Wallpaper 1.0
Disco Ball Live Wallpaper is the coolest HDwallpaper inspired by the pretty lights and the shiny disco ballsthat will give you a boost of energy whenever you glance at thescreen. Bust a move on the floor and make your phone or tablet looklike Studio 54. If you are a fan of the disco era, you need toembellish your screen with one of the shiny symbols and enjoy themyriad of the colorful lights spinning around. The party neverstops with “Disco ball Live Wallpaper” - let the bright lights intoyour life and glitter up your phone. Saturday Night is upon us -put on your party dress or your disco pants and let each silver,red, blue or green “disco ball” light up your world.★ An incredible disco party with the most stunning lightshow!★ Choose one of the cute backgrounds inspired by glitter balls and“disco lights”!★ There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!★ These fun, free and cool backgrounds are waiting for you!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ You can choose from several different themes.★ A brand new “Disco Background” added daily – collect themall!★ HD graphics and open GL.★ Optimized Battery Usage.★ This free application is compatible with 99% mobile phonedevices.★ Disco Ball Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientationand looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobilephones.“Disco Ball LWP” will make you forget about all your problemsand start dancing and having fun as soon as you get this “freedownload”! Become the king or the queen of the dance floor and showoff your dance moves! Turn up the music and have fun with thisglowing “live wallpaper” - magical & colorful lights can bespinning like a record.Do you always have fun at the discotheque? See for yourself that“Disco Wallpaper” is the true embodiment of the rhythm of thenight. Have fun with the interactive features of one of the bestapps for Android™ and transport yourself to the night club everytime you glance at the flashing lights. An explosion of colors thisdesktop wallpaper brings will be a perfect background image bothfor boys and girls – laser lights can be spinning round and roundwhile you gaze at one of the best free apps.The popular symbol of the 80s , the famous shiny ball (also knownas a mirror ball or glitter ball) can be one of your new favoritefree screensavers - switch to the party mode and choose from allthe colorful and shiny disco balls. Bathe your smartphones withparty lights and fluorescent lights - each ray of light willbrighten up your day. Did you know that the 'disco' comes from theword discotheque? Namely, the African - American artists werebanned from performing jazz music in clubs in the occupied France ,so, the underground hidden dance clubs called discothequesappeared. Recorded music was played in these underground clubs,instead of live bands or singers. Subsequently, a type of music,disco music, evolved from these clubs. Illuminate your new mobilephone and make it shine bright like a diamond with a brand new“Disco Ball Background” ! Light up every dark night and give yourphone or tablet a cool glow with one of the best cute wallpapers –it can “glow in the dark” like the cutest firefly!Feel the SaturdayNight and capture the magic of boogie nights with this freeapplication!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Galaxy Space Live Wallpaper 6.0
Would you like to reveal the mysteries of''outer space''? The time is now! ''Galaxy Space Live Wallpaper''gives you the unique opportunity to discover all secrets of thevast Universe! The HD backgrounds will bath the screen of yourphone for Android™ with spinning galaxies and countless stars! Youwill love the beautiful pictures of enigmatic planets in our''Solar System''! Let these ''galaxy space'' images decorate yourscreen with asteroids and meteorites floating through the cosmicdust! Our galaxy space wallpapers will be your personal spaceshuttle and they will take you to the edge of the Universe! Relaxand take on a journey to outer space with us!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers* You can choose from several different themes.* There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!Are you tired of being stuck in your daily routine? It is time fora change! Nothing is more interesting than a cosmic voyage! Prepareto be a spaceman and explore all the miracles beyond Earth! It'seasy! Just get a ''free download'' of this amazing ''Galaxy LiveWallpaper'' and you are already there! Discover every single objectin the Universe! You can find tiny atomic particles, but don't besurprised if you come across a huge unknown asteroid or comet!Wonderful spiral galaxies and elliptical galaxies will make quitean impression on you! The sight of the starlight underneath thecosmic dust surrounding a black hole will leave you breathless!Find out why Nebula Galaxy is so beautiful! Reveal the mystery ofShadow Galaxy! Come as close as possible to the burning edge of thegalaxy space! No, it's not the Sun! It is scorching Inferno Galaxy!Our galaxy space Live Wallpaper is so vivid that you can feel thewarm air and the cold breeze of the Universe!All the romantics can now easily find a perfect sight in outerspace for a date with girlfriend or boyfriend with the help of''Galaxy Space Live Wallpaper'' ! Take a hand of your loved one andlet the moonlit sea put a love spell on you two! Be enchanted bythe scenery of the Moon spilling its beams on the dark sky! Feelthe magic of a meteor shower and numerous shooting stars fallingfrom the starry sky and surrounding you and your soul mate! Fall inlove again and let the full Moon and the blue sky be the witness toyour love!Galaxy space wallpapers will shower your phone with the mostwonderful HD desktop background of all the planets in our SolarSystem! Find out why Venus is the planet of love or why Marssymbolizes war! Watch the beautiful Earth from the Universe and youwill be mesmerized by the sight! Observe the very many moons ofJupiter and Saturn and see whether they are brighter of our Moon!Our galaxy space background images will expand your horizons andshow you cosmos without a space rocket or an astronaut suit!Being one of the most fantastic ''mobile apps'', Galaxy Space LiveWallpaper will give a totally new look to your Android phone! Ifyou happen to have phone, even better! The high definition galaxyspace desktop background will transform your phone into a spaceshuttle! In case that you look for something more romantic, thisapplication offers many pictures of starry nights and shootingstars!Galaxy Space Live Wallpaper is perfect for romantic boys and girls,adults and older people! Get this free download right now, share itwith your friends and family and travel to outer space! Bonvoyage!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Diamonds Live Wallpaper 6.0
Diamond Live Wallpaper is one of the best freeapps on the market that will make your phone or tablet shine asbright as the diamonds in the sky. Experience the explosion ofcolors and sparkle with one of the best apps for Android™!“Diamonds are forever” - show off your smartphone and show everyonethat you are the ultimate diamond girl! Download “DiamondWallpaper” for FREE and let the sparkle of the lovely gems dazzleyou whenever you gaze at the glitter paradise on your phone. Astunning “black diamond”, a yellow diamond or a of sparkling “pinkdiamond” - you choose the right decoration for your mobile phone.Let your screen “shine bright like a diamond” and embellish it withthe best shiny and cute backgrounds!♛ This glitter wallpaper will be ideal for your newsmartphone!♦ Turn your your screen into one of the sweetest girlywallpaper!♦ Choose one of the amazing HD backgrounds inspired by lovely andsparkly gemstones!♦ The HD images of precious stones will enchant you!♦ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!♦ Have fun with this free cool wallpaper that can illuminate yourwhole screen!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers♦ A new “Diamond Background” is added daily - collect themall!♦ You can choose from different themes & diamond images.♦ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.♦ The phone wallpaper will sleep when your smartphone is inactive,so this “live wallpaper” will not drain your battery.♛ “Diamond Live Wallpaper” fully supports horizontal orientationand looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobilephones.Be glamorous and ladylike – shiny diamonds are the perfectmakeover for your dull phone! Give it a purple, red shade or enjoyin your brand new pink wallpaper! Have you been looking for “HDWallpapers” inspired by cool jewelry or gems? Sprinkle the glitterdust across your phone screen and pick your favorite glitterbackground. Fabulous “Diamond Live Wallpaper” offers amazing girlypictures that will take your breath away! Do you think that theblack diamond is the most exquisite sight imaginable? If so, feelthe “diamond rush” and embellish your new tablet with beautifulpictures of many black or white diamonds – the choice is up toyou!Designed especially for girls, this Android™ live wallpaper is asimple, but a brilliant decoration! Let your smartphone have somejewelry of its own - shower it with glitter and sparkle and make itthe embodiment of high fashion! Diamonds are a girl's best friend!This “free download” allows you to be the proud owner of thecoolest shiny and girly pictures, completely FREE of charge. Eachcute diamond heart, a “diamond ring” or maybe a tiara will takeyour breath away. Do not waste any more time, but download thehottest desktop wallpaper out there and you will fall in love witheach “Diamonds Background” instantly! This Android™ Wallpaper andthe glittery cool backgrounds will make it impossible to put yourphone down! So, ladies, let your tablet shine the brightest withthis magical phone wallpaper! “Diamond LWP” is here to impress andleave you in awe! Enjoy!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Funny Ringtones 5.5
Funny Ringtones is a brand new app that offersthe best free Ringtones for Android™ phone. Choose from the best“funny ringtones” and set them as your SMS sounds for free - Havefun every time you get a phone call or an SMS and laugh out loud.Have you been looking for fresh and funny ringtones for textmessage? If so, do not worry – hear a baby laughing, a funny animalsound, or an angry bird sound every time you get a text message.One of the best free apps with funny sounds can make your phoneloud, hilarious and irresistible, all at the same time! Boys andgirls, get your new favorite phone ringtones and have fun with coolfunny noises and tunes! Take these text message tones as your dailydose of humor&enjoy each melody!♪ These are the “best text message ringtones” for Android™!♪ High quality message tones, “ring tones” and sounds for yourmobile phone;♪ Includes more than 30 phone sound effects: angry bird ring tone,robot sounds, funny laughter ringtone, water drop sounds, Islamicringtone, coin drop ringtone, Best German ring tone, cartoon soundeffect, Donkey sound, “Viber ringtone”, Baby sounds, Check yourmessage tone, I Love You melody, Excuse me boss funny tone andmany, many more!♪ Easy to use interface: just tap once to preview the sound andhold to set it;♪ Set as a ring tone, SMS notification alert, alarm sounds orassign it to specific contacts;♪ Completely free sounds; this is the full version;♪ Unlock 3 new sound effects each day!♪ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices;♪ Free SMS Ringtones are the most amazing “free SMS ringtones 2014”that you must have!♪”Funny SMS Ringtones” includes more than 30 of the most popularringtones of 2014*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.*Music clips used in this SMS ringtone app are under public domainlicense and/or Creative Commons’ license.
Yin Yang Live Wallpaper 6.0
Celebrate the ancient symbol of China with ourbrand new application ''Yin Yang Live Wallpaper''! It brings youmany HD pictures of ''tai chi'' symbol and it is completely free!Discover the meaning of the oriental philosophy, also known asTaoism, and learn how to find balance in your life! Enter the worldof wisdom and master the principles of yin and yang theory! Choosefrom many images of the unique Chinese ''yin yang'' ball, put it onyour screen and let your phone exude peace and tranquility! Justone look at this black and white circle will be enough to relax andachieve inner calm! Get the ''free download'' of this abstractbackground and improve the quality of your life!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Yin Yang Live Wallpaper invites you to follow the basic ideas ofTaoism in order to achieve stability in life! Tao teachingencourages you to strengthen your personality and to connectyourself to your inner nature and to the world! In order to do so,wise Taoism quotes and physical exercise are of utmost importance!The Taoists strongly recommend yin yoga, as well as tai chiworkout! A well-known symbol of this teaching is yin-yang symbol ortaiji symbol! It is the image of one circle consisting of two parts- black and white! The spinning yin yang ball is used to describehow opposite forces are complementary in the natural world!Everything has its own yin and yang aspects! For instance, lightcannot exist without darkness, death cannot exist without life, amale without a female, water without fire and good without evil!This kind of interconnectedness is everywhere because balance hasto exist! Tai chi and yin yang symbols encourage you to create yourown balance! Download our ''yin yang live spinning background'' andachieve peace of mind and body!This ''yin yang wallpaper'' inspires you to practice Feng Shui andChinese martial arts! There are five qualities of energy or fiveelements in nature: wood, fire, water, metal and earth! Achieve thebalance of this energy in your environment with the help of ourfeng shui compass! You'll need just a few tips to have a wonderfulfeng shui home! Get a wushu training and learn to be a great kungfu fighter! It will be hard in the beginning as wushu martial artsrequire a lot of practice, energy and patience, but you will beconstantly motivated by the black and white background images onyour Android™ phone and you will end up being a perfect kung fuwarrior!Our yin yang Live Wallpaper will help you forget about yourproblems and relax! Dive into a peaceful world and start your yogalessons in a Zen garden! Feel the fragrance of Sakura flowers andlet tai chi music soothe your soul! Make this Buddha live wallpaperyour screensaver and you will never again lose your nerves! Findout what yin yang techniques people of China and Japan use in orderto remain calm no matter what! Achieve ''yin yang balance'' whilemeditating and bring happiness in your life! This 3D figure on yourphone will explain to you why opposites attract! Listen to thecalming music and let the knowledge of the oriental philosophyenlighten you!The time has come for a rich and fulfilling life! Download ''YinYang Live Wallpaper'' completely free of charges and follow thepath to better health, prosperity and enjoyable relationships!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Spring Live Wallpaper 6.0
Spring Live Wallpaper will take you to amagical world of of nature during the loveliest floral season.Sprinkle lovely “spring flowers” across your phone or tablet screenwith the cutest “Spring Wallpaper” and make your mobile phone aromantic paradise. These HD “spring pictures” depicting theloveliest bouquet of flowers you can imagine will be like a breathof fresh air for your new smartphone. Enjoy the enchanted forest,or a magical garden, full of colorful and “beautiful flowers”,while you gaze at the blue sky and the field of dandelions,poppies, violets or tulips. This is one of those truly amazing “HDwallpapers” that allows you to immerse yourself into the magicalfloral world – gaze at the blossoms of blue flowers or purpleflowers, magical field of daisies or a myriad of rose flowers.Immerse yourself in the floral heaven on earth and have fun withthis “live wallpaper”!★ The sweetest “Spring LWP “ will be ideal for your newsmartphone!★ Beautify your screen with the loveliest spring flowers!★ Choose one of the “spring backgrounds” inspired by the magic ofnature!★ These high definition nature images will enchant you!★ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!★ Enjoy this free and fun floral wallpaper!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ You can choose from several different themes.★ HD graphics and open GL.★ Optimized Battery Usage.★ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.★ The wallpaper application will sleep when your phone is inactive,so this desktop wallpaper will not drain your battery.★ Spring Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.Feel the spring love and the spirit of the loveliest season withthe most adorable HD “pictures of flowers” you can find. Bathe yourphone screen with warm sun rays! Spring is here! Do you simplyadore lovely roses, or lilies in the springtime? Mother nature hasblessed you with the cutest “Spring Wallpaper”! Gaze at thebackground images depicting flowery meadows in spring decorated bywhite flowers, green hills, rare garden plants or flowerarrangements of surreal beauty and will take your breath away. Youhave embarked on one of the most charming of all the cutewallpapers! One of the best apps for Android™ is enriched by yournew favorite “Spring Background”. Just give this springtime“freedownload” a shot and you will certainly fall in love with thespring season! Just imagine - a tulip, daisy, lavender or poppyfield is at hand with this new and free “Spring LiveWallpaper”!This is one of those cool wallpapers that can appeal to everybody,both boys and girls! Embellish your new mobile phone with thesegirly and beautiful pictures. This high definition wall paper isthe embodiment of cool fresh flowers – see a butterfly or a beeadmiring a lovely flower crown, or a field of flowers bathed insunshine, the choice is yours.All the flower images and the lovely gardens will charm you andmake you fall in love with this cute wallpaper, for sure!Springtime paradise is at hand! Make your smartphones floral andromantic at the same time and enjoy the sweet magic ofnature!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Nature Live Wallpaper 1.0
Nature Live Wallpaper is a collection of allthe extraordinary HD natural images that will take your breath awayevery time you gaze at your new “zen garden”. Mother Nature haspainted the sweetest picture – picturesque and serene naturalbeauty will both mesmerize and charm you. Fly across the world in ahot air balloon and enter the mysterious deep forest, see gorgeouswhite mountains or a stunning laguna beach in a matter of seconds.Beautiful nature and magical greenery will make you feel relaxedand it will turn your smartphone into the embodiment of true Heavenon earth. Just pick your favorite “Nature Background” and beprepared to experience bliss and feast your eyes on the beautifulpictures of high definition!★ The sweetest “nature wallpaper” will be ideal for your newsmartphone!★ Choose one of the “Nature Backgrounds” inspired by the springtimemagic!★ These high definition “nature images” will enchant you!★ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!★ Enjoy one of the best free cool wallpapers!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ You can choose from several different themes.★ HD graphics and open GL.★ Optimized Battery Usage.★ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.★ The application will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thisHD wallpaper will not drain your battery.★ Nature Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.All ten beautiful landscapes make this “live wallpaper” one ofthe best and most original apps for Android™. Spring is here, sowhy don't you let in the sunshine?! The peace and quiet this appinspires are invaluable. Decorate the blue sky with a powerfulthunderbolt and make your phone and tablet screen look stunninglypowerful, or become overwhelmed by serenity every time you glanceat the stunning mountains and the gorgeous nature pictures. Set offin one of the balloons and find your peace in the calming andpicturesque natural sights. Feel the energy of all the four seasonswith “Nature LWP”– you get to gaze at the city beach even duringthe winter, can you believe it?!“Nature Live Wallpaper” has the coolest collection of freescreensavers on the market. You will never come across cutebackgrounds as great as these! Can you hear the nature sounds inspite of all the city noise? Gazing at the creative HD images ofnature can certainly help. Do you want to find your safe haven andfeel relaxed at all times? If so, this natural wallpaper will takeyou to a walk in the woods, or help you discover the enchantedforest on your mobile phone, all for FREE! This cute wallpaper isso dreamy you will be walking on sunshine all day long! Find outwhat is on the other side of the rainbow and experience the sheerbeauty of the green nature.The magic of the natural world will mesmerize you, while the sightof each lake and mountain will be like a breath of fresh air! Gogreen! Gaze at this green wallpaper and achieve the zen state ofmind – a mysterious rainforest decorated by flowers, the sea shorein the summer, or the vast ocean can be your new favorite HDbackgrounds. Boys and girls, just give this “free download” ofsurreal beauty a try and admire all the stunning landscapes.Beautiful scenery and gorgeous images of the great outdoors make“Nature Wallpapers” delicate and powerful at the same time! Thisanimated wallpaper can bathe the sweetest natural pictures withwarm sun rays or raindrops - the choice is yours! A waterfall ofyour dreams or a calm crystal clear lake can be your new coolbackgrounds if you get this amazing desktop wallpaper! Enjoy!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Dubai Fountain Live Wallpaper 6.0
Would you like to see the largest musicalfountain in the world? The time is now! Get the free download of''Dubai Fountain Live Wallpaper'' and experience the true beauty ofthis stunning architectural piece! Freshen up with crystal clearwater drops splashing your screen! Feel enchanted by thespectacular scenery of water going high up in the air! ''Dubaifountain'' has been decorating the wonderful city of Dubai for manyyears! And now it can decorate your own phone! Take this uniqueopportunity and find out why so many people go to Dubai just to seethis magical waterfall!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Let these Dubai fountain HD pictures be your Dubai city guide!Visit the tallest skyscraper in the world, known as Burj Khalifa!Travel by the Dubai metro in order to see the Dubai Mall, a symbolof shopping and entertainment! Feel astonished at the breathtakingIsle of Palms and get a suntan on the most beautiful Dubai beach!After swimming in the warm sea of Dubai, take a desert safari tourand go wild! Have fun with huge piles of sand and ride on a camel!Relax in one of many luxurious Dubai hotels and prepare for theamazing desktop backgrounds of Dubai at night! Save the best forlast and have a wonderful time gazing at the miraculous Dubaifountain! Don't be sad if the photos you've taken cannot capturethe beauty of this magic ''water fountain''! With our ''DubaiFountain Live Wallpaper'', you can admire its wonders everyday!Are you often tired, sad or sleepy? If you are, it's time to relax!This Dubai fountain ''nature wallpaper'' brings you peace andtranquility that you need in order to recover your strength! Diveinto the wonderful water world surrounded by huge palms, greengrass and the salty sea air! Let the Dubai fountain be your ownfountain of youth! Feel calm and restful whenever you hear fountainsounds! Start your day fresh with this amazing natural landscape!It looks equally beautiful in summertime and springtime! No Italyfountain or Paris fountain can compare to the wondrous dancingmachine in Dubai! The spectacle with music, colorful lights and thejets of water going high up in the air can be performed nowhereelse but in Dubai! A rainy day will not be so gloomy and a hotsummer day not so muggy when you stand in front of the Dubaifountain! Download our ''fountain live wallpaper'' and never againlet bad weather spoil your day!An interesting fact about a water fountain is that it wasoriginally made for functional reasons! Being connected to springs,it was used to provide people with drinking water! Only later wasthis man-made waterfall built for decoration! This leads to thecreation of the Dubai fountain! Nowadays, people build their owngarden fountains to beautify the outside of their houses! Moreover,they find water sounds soothing and relaxing! You don't have to goto the seaside or be near the ocean in order to unwind! Get this''water live wallpaper'', put a Dubai fountain theme on your phonefor Android™ and this free screensaver will be your ideal stressrelief!''Dubai wallpaper'' will give a totally new look to your phone!Perfect for any phone, these high definition desktop images ofDubai night will bath your screen in water drops and colorfullights!Experience the beauty of the most wonderful city in the United ArabEmirates with Dubai Fountain Live Wallpaper ! Get the free downloadright now and let the water drops of the Dubai fountain shower yourscreen!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Landscape Live Wallpaper 6.0
Landscape Live Wallpaper will be your new safehaven as soon as discover the lovely HD backgrounds depictingbeautiful nature. Are the seven wonders of the world not enough foryou?! Are you craving for a natural wallpaper that will take yourbreath away? “Landscape Wallpaper” is one of the most inspiring “HDwallpapers” you will find. Explore the deep forest or climb thehighest white mountains in a matter of seconds with “LandscapeLWP”! The enchanted forest and the mighty waterfall will take yourbreath away. Be inspired by the power of the forces of nature andfeel the magic of all the four seasons. The great outdoorsawaits!★ Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!★ Be inspired by the natural beauty of this “naturewallpaper”!★ There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!★ These fun, free and cute backgrounds is waiting for you!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ HD graphics and open GL.★ New nature backgrounds are added daily – collect them all!★ Optimized Battery Usage.★ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.★ Landscape Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientationand looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on phones.The spellbinding beauty found in nature all around us has beencaptured just for you – discover the beauty of these “landscapepictures”! Have you been searching for a lovely green wallpaper, orhave you been meaning to decorate your phone or tablet screen withgorgeous HD images of the sea world, or a vast ocean? “LandscapeLive Wallpaper” is one of those apps for Android™ that haseverything that you need – enjoy the most creative landscapephotography ever. A stunning laguna beach, or a clearwater beach –you choose the landscape design of your dreams, beautified by lensflare effect! The beautiful pictures this “live wallpaper” has willtake you on a trip around the world, even to the mysteriousrainforest, or the crystal clear lake, the beautiful lakes ofFinland or the stunning hills and mountains of the Scottishhighlands.Feel like you are walking on sunshine with this live application –each “Landscape background” is a high definition wonder. While yougaze at the calm crystal lake or the soothing countryside,you mightfeel like you are truly there and like you can hear the naturesounds.Just download “Landscape Live Wallpaper” and you will fall in lovewith it instantly. Like the breath of fresh air, this soothingdesktop wallpaper will make your mobile phone look like theembodiment of the Garden of Eden. Just imagine the lovely greenmeadows, enchanting garden plants, ancient forests, hilly scenerycovered with trees, or the flowery meadows – this is one of thosecool wallpapers that can appeal both to boys and girls. Thebeautiful landscapes this high definition wall paper offers aretruly breathtaking! All the best inspiring landscaping ideas havebeen turned into natural master pieces just for you! Take a walk inthe woods and explore the true beauty of nature and the naturalwonders. Feel the rays of sunshine on your face with “LandscapeLWP”and enjoy the stunning sight of Heaven on earth. Get this “freedownload“ and go green – these high resolution background imagesdepicting the lush woodlands and the vast blue sky will lookamazing on your smartphone. Have you always admired the subtledesign of landscape architecture? If so, look no further – getthese mesmerizing “Landscape backgrounds” and decorate your mobilephones or tablets with your new favorite. Immerse yourself in thegorgeous field of flowers, green grass and sunflowers and feelrelaxed and at peace whenever you glance at your screen. Theembodiment of paradise in the form of a free live wallpaper iswaiting for you!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Green Live Wallpaper 1.0
''Green Live Wallpaper'' is a brand new appwhich presents the world where green is always in! These ''freeimages'' are perfect for your phone! They will make your screenlook for Android™ astonishing with the breathtaking pictures ofnature, leaves and crystal clear water drops falling on a greenleaf and, thus, decorating beautiful landscapes! Don't miss thisunique opportunity to enjoy our live wallpaper which leads youthrough the peaceful and relaxing world of trees, bushes, lakes,gardens and many other mesmerizing natural sceneries! Download thefantastic application right now and start admiring the glory ofvarious ''shades of green''!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers* You can choose from several different themes.* There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!Do you ever wonder why the green color is so soothing andcalming? It is not by accident! According to researchers, green isthe color of life, renewal, energy and nature! It has healingpowers as it is the most relaxing color for the human eye to see!Green Live Wallpaper has prepared the oasis of tranquility for youreyes and your soul! Find your inner peace with the beautiful''green wallpaper''! Take your phone and step into the world ofsoft green grass, amazing plants and flowers, wild woods, forestsand magnificent mountains! Don't be afraid to feel the power of ahuge waterfall and to dive into the lake! Relax with the miraculousscenery of a stream in a green field or meadow! Express yourhappiness upon finding a rare four leaf clover! Our ''coolbackground'' gives you the unique chance to celebrate the beauty ofspring and summer, even though springtime and summertime areofficially over!Free download our ''nature wallpaper'' and it will give your tableta completely new look! This application can be a perfect LiveWallpaper! In fact, the cute wallpaper will make every phone screenlook absolutely extraordinary! Beautify your desktop with the freeimages of the most impressive shades of green! Once you get thisapplication, you won't be able to stop admiring the wonderfulgreenness of the landscape pictures!Just one look at the beautiful ''green leaf live wallpaper'' andyou will find yourself surrounded by a wondrous garden with manykinds of flowers, plants, trees, and fountains with the mostdelicate water drops falling on the grass! Is it a Japanese ''Zengarden''? Or maybe a Chinese Sakura garden? It really doesn'tmatter as long as this Live Wallpaper makes you feel relaxed andhappy! You can also create your own olive garden on your tablet,enjoy the scent of olives and the sight of the color green aroundyou! And no, it is not a dream! Thanks to our fresh green leaveswallpapers, the peace and tranquility of Zen garden and the beautyof Sakura are no longer unreachable! Green Live Wallpaper will helpyou forget all your problems and you will be surrounded just withpositive thoughts!Don't wait any longer! Mother Nature is here! Download this freeapplication for your Android™ and enter the paradise which was madeespecially for you! You'll adore it! It is time to rest your eyesand find your inner peace with the color green!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Flower Petals Live Wallpaper 1.0
Cover your screen with dozens of flower petalsand feel inspired to do great things whenever you look at yoursmart phone! We proudly present you our brand new mobileapplication Flower Petals Live Wallpaper! It brings you lots of HDpictures depicting various natural flowers! Get these desktopbackgrounds completely free of charges and enjoy colourful blossomsevery day! Choose the ‘’nature wallpaper’’ that you like for yourphone for Android™ and immerse yourself in a place filled withblossoming trees and spring flowers! Imagine that you aresurrounded by your favourite type of blossoms all the time –Sakura, lilac, orchid, origami and many more! Just pick the one youlike and this ‘’floral wallpaper’’ will make your dreams come true!One of the most beautiful apps for Android is within your reach!Use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and get the free downloadright now!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!*Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!* New wallpapers are added daily – collect them all!* Full control over the speed and density of glitteringparticles!Would you like to escape from the concrete jungle you live injust for a second and relax while surrounded by amazing naturallandscape? If that is the case, you have come to the right place!Download ‘’Flower Petals Live Wallpaper’’ and enjoy your personalflower garden! Follow the ‘’rose petals’’ on the trail and theywill lead you to a peaceful place where you can spend some qualitytime with your loved one! These are the most romantic backgroundimages on the app store so far! Watch the sunset and relax whilecherry flower petals gently caress your skin! One look at lovepetals on your Android mobile will make you fall in love again! Areyou tired of looking for a perfect live wallpaper for your phone?Don’t worry! This cute app has it all – natural landscapes,colourful flower petals, glowing flowers! Once you take a look atthis flower butterfly wallpaper, you will feel like you are in themiddle of a meadow full of flowers! The fragrance of red roses andpurple lavender will leave you breathless! A sunflower HD imagewill illuminate your mobile phone! Admire the beauty of a fragiledaisy and gentle tulip! Paint your tablet device blue and purplewith the help of this abstract colourful background!Give your phone a touch of magic with this girls wallpaper! Eachand every ‘’flower petal’’ falling on your screen will make yourphone look more elegant and sophisticated! Experience the truebeauty of origami and heart flower and put a smile on your facewhenever you look at your smart phone! Escape from your dailyworries and problems to a serene world of ‘’petals 3D’’! Springflowers LWP will be your personal Zen garden where you can meditateand find your inner peace! Soft grass and the greenery ofblossoming trees will make you feel calm again! Listen to thenatural sounds of waterfall and the rustle of leaves in the breeze!Gaze at the stunning scenery of ‘’petals on the wind’’! With flowerpetals backgrounds, the warm months of spring and summer will lastforever!This free app is perfect for both boys and girls! Get it right nowcompletely free of charges and share it with friends and family!Prepare to have the time of your life because ‘’Flower Petals LiveWallpaper’’ takes you to an incredible journey to the colourfulpetals world! Enjoy!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Garden Live Wallpaper 6.0
A brand new app for all those who have a greenthumb has arrived on the market! ''Garden Live Wallpaper'' proudlypresents you beautiful lawns, flowers and other natural landscapeswhere you can find peace and tranquility! Dive into the world ofgreenery and relax your eyes! Decorate your Android™ phone withwonderful awakened nature! Let these HD pictures be your getawayfrom city noise and crowds! Feel the fragrance of green grass andspring flowers! Get the free download right now and greenify yourworld!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Whenever you are nervous, ''Garden Live Wallpaper'' will help youfind your inner peace! Get these free images and enter a placewhere you can rebuild your strength and recover after a hard day atwork! This ''nature wallpaper'' brings you the most stunninggardens from China and Japan! Discover how the Japanese and Chinesepeople remain calm and positive all the time! Enjoy the beauty of a''Zen garden'' and reveal all its features that make it sowonderful! You will be mesmerized by the sight of beautifullyarranged Zen rocks, green moss, pruned trees, bushes and amazingwaterfalls! The intoxicating scent of white and pink Sakura flowerwill overwhelm you and after a long time you will be completelyrelaxed and calm! It is no wonder that Zen gardens were created byBuddhists at temples of Zen Buddhism! They have always known thevalue of meditation and yoga in a Zen garden! Only one download ofour Buddha live wallpaper sets you apart from serenity andhappiness!Prepare for gardening because ''garden mania'' has begun! Take yourlawn mower, rakes and spatulas and garden games can start! Showeveryone your beautiful garden in springtime and summertime! Takecare of your sky garden and be a proud owner of the most wonderfulred roses and pink tulips in the whole neighborhood! Colorfulbutterflies and green grasshoppers will make your garden look likea fairy tale! Ornament your magical landscape with a fountain andput some koi fish in the water! Don't pluck dandelions and daisiesbecause they will give a perfect yellow and white touch to yourgreenery! Leave a lucky clover in the grass and let your garden bea place of good fortune for everybody! You don't need a magic wandto bring this stunning place into reality! Just download ourlandscape live wallpaper and your wish will come true!These green desktop backgrounds are perfect for the celebration ofSt. Patricks Day! Go to the nearest forest with your friends andenjoy the sight of leaves moving with the wind! Explore the secretsof mountains and find lavender fields and chamomile meadows! Don'tbe sad if it's raining! After rain comes a rainbow! Even when thenight falls, nature still looks ravishing with all those firefliesamong lilacs and various types of green plants! And it doesn'tmatter if you are tired because you can always return to your ''teagarden'' and relax!Set the ''oriental garden 3d'' pictures on the screen of your phoneand bring the Japanese culture into your life! This is the ideallive wallpaper for your tablet device or mobile phone! You can putgreen spring or garden background images on your desktop! Choose an''olive garden'', Celtic garden or winter and autumn landscapes andenjoy!This is one of the best mobile apps on the market! Download''Garden Live Wallpaper'' free of charges and decorate your phonewith the most beautiful gardens from all over the world!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Beach Live Wallpaper 2.0
Beach Live Wallpaper welcomes you to theidyllic “summer paradise” where romantic sunsets last forever andsun rays gently caress your skin under the palm trees. Take a dipin the deep blue ocean or discover the tropical “clearwater beach”and sunbathe all day long – this “Beach wallpaper” can make youfeel the summertime fever. Feel the magic of the romantic summernights, or enjoy the beach party – “Beach Backgrounds” allow you tofind the best summer pictures and decorate your smartphone withthem. Sun is up! Take a rest on the breathtaking palm beach with acocktail in one hand and a fan in the other! One of the best appsfor Android™ is here to provide you with the best holidaydestinations imaginable! Enjoy the summer paradise!☀ Stunning “Summer Wallpaper“ with stunning HD beach images willbe ideal for your new smartphone!☀ Beautify your screen with the sunniest sandy beach and sparklingwater!☀ Find your favorite among the HD backgrounds depicting thetropical paradise!☀ This high definition summer beach app inspired by the blue lagoonwill enchant you!☀ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!☀ Enjoy this free and fun “live wallpaper”!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers☀ You can choose from several different themes & HD beachpictures.☀ HD graphics and open GL.☀ Optimized Battery Usage.☀ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.☀ The phone wallpaper will sleep when your phone is inactive, sothis desktop wallpaper will not drain your battery.☀ “Beach Live Wallpaper” fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.Welcome to paradise beach! If you want a tropical holiday on aparadise island with a mesmerizing “sandy beach”, breathtakingsunrises and sunsets, hurry up and download new free “Beach LiveWallpaper” - it’s like heaven on earth. You'll be walking onsunshine every time you glance at your new sun – kissed mobilephone. This amazing Android™ wallpaper will make you fall in lovewith the sparkling turquoise waters, the alluring white sand beachstretching for miles and the “summer time” magic. You deserve arelaxing getaway vacation on a paradise island and one of the bestfree apps will provide one for you whenever you glance at yourphone or tablet.Experience serenity, while you listen to the soothing sound ofwaves crashing on the shore – “Beach LWP” offers a uniqueexperience of this summer oasis. Just gaze at the “sunset, beach”,cute sandcastles or the breathtaking deep sea from the comfort ofyour home and experience serenity while the gentle waves wash allyour worries away. With tropical flowers in you hair, a beach towelon the sand and this stunning application, you will fell like theBahamas, the Caribbean Islands or Barbados are your one and truehome. Immerse yourself crystal clear sparkling water and enjoy theperks of the summer paradise bathed in sunshine. No other naturewallpaper even comes close to this one – get these freescreensavers and feel the summertime magic!Can you believe that you can see stunning sunny beaches on a“tropical island” for FREE with these cool background images? Hurryup, get this “free download” and let the gentle waves caress yourfeet while you relax on a pebble beach. There is no need to go toBora Bora or the Virgin Islands – this Live Wallpaper captures thebeauty of nature, just for you! Summer fun starts here, with thesesummer time HD images!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Fireflies Live wallpaper 5.0
Fireflies Live Wallpaper will brighten up theenchanted forest and decorate it with a myriad of colorfulflickering lights, all for FREE! Enter the world of peace andtranquility and decorate your screen with soothing HD backgrounds –your phone or tablet will glow in the dark like a thousandfireflies. The flashing lights come in many radiant colors – allthe yellow, green and orange flashes will mesmerize you. Theseglowing insects are the cutest light bulbs you'll ever see – letthem into your world and witness the most soothing light show inthe midst of a dark wood. Feel the magic of the summer night andsee these cuties flash light across your screen!★ Amazing 3D “live wallpaper” for your phone!★ Be inspired by the bright lights in the dark night!★ There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!★ These fun, free and cute backgrounds is waiting for you!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ HD graphics and open GL.★ New fireflies backgrounds are added daily – collect themall!★ Optimized Battery Usage.★ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.★ Fireflies Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientationand looks amazing on tablet devices as well as on phones.One of the most amazing apps for Android™ offers ten magical andcool backgrounds with images of fireflies in the air at night,sparkling over the field of grass or flashing in a dense forest.Ten free “Firefly backgrounds” that shine bright like a diamond,can you believe it?! Create a fairy tale on your screen – decorateit with the most romantic natural light and gaze at your phonewhenever you want to feel relaxed and at peace.Is there a more mesmerizing sight than the lovely garden in thedark bathed by the glow of the lovely fireflies? If you cannotthink of one, one of the best cool wallpapers, inspired by natureand these lovely nocturnal insects is waiting to beautify yoursmartphone. If you download this glowing and soothing app, you'llrealize that the seven wonders of the insect world have beencaptured with “Fireflies Wallpaper”. Firefly pictures will amazeyou with their beauty and simplicity of the mystical lights createdby each fire fly. Also, if you want, you can choose to gaze at ajar full of fireflies, glowing like a little lamp. “FireflyWallpaper” is a FREE magical desktop wallpaper that has all youneed! Discover the path to serenity and find your peace of mindwith this stunning “free download” and bathe your screen with themost beautiful hues of yellow, green and orange. You do not have togo to Japan so as to honor the this lovely insect during thefestival! Decorate your tablet or phone screen with cutebackgrounds inspired by these little flying magicians that “flashlight” and you will instantly fall in love with “Fireflies LiveWallpaper”. Make your new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone look charmingand dreamlike with each lovely beam of light. Be romantic and enjoythe sight of gorgeous nature lit up by fireflies with your beloved– just get new “Fireflies LWP” for free and feel the magic in theair! Extraordinary and colorful, this is one of those free “HDwallpapers” that is equally appealing both to boys and girls.Capture the energy and magic of those warm summer nights throughoutthe whole year and have fun with the exquisite high definition wallpaper - “Firefly LWP”.*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.
Islamic Live Wallpaper 6.0
Praise Allah – the one and only God! IslamicLive Wallpaper is a brand new mobile application which brings thebeauty of Islamic religion to you! We invite Muslim population allaround the world to get the ‘’free download’’ and enjoy thebeautiful pictures of Allah and his prophet Muhammad! This free appfor Android™ offers you many HD wallpapers of one true almightyGod! Embellish your Androidphone with ‘’Allah live wallpaper’’! Besurrounded by the symbols of the Muslim religion all the time!Enjoy the vibrant colors of the most stunning mosques in the worldof Islam! The best wallpapers depicting the Sacred House or theKaaba, the centre of Islamic religion, are at your disposal!Muslims, unite and get these freeimages! Show everyone that you areproud of your religion!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different Islamic backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Don’t miss a unique opportunity to download one of the greatestapps for Android! Give your mobilephone and tablet device a totallynew look with Islamic desktop images! One look at the screen ofyour mobiledevice would be enough to relax and forget about yourproblems! Let these ‘’Islamic wallpapers’’ be your prayer timealert! If you are a true believer,you will never get tired of theseIslamic pictures! Is there something more beautiful than one of 99names of Allah decorating the display of your phone? Find yourinner peace and let Allah guide you to the realm of calmness andtranquillity!Download ‘’Islamic Live Wallpaper’’ completely free of chargesand rest your eyes on the relaxing image of crystal-clearwaterripple effect! As soon as you get this Medina HQ desktopwallpaper, you will be inspired to follow the laws of Islam! Set abeautiful mosque picture on your screensaver and ornament yourphone with this wonderful piece of architecture! Don’t feel bad ifyou have neither time nor money to visit some of the holiest placesin Islamic religion! This ‘’Makkah live wallpaper’’ look so vividthat you will feel like you are already there! Immerse yourself ina sacredcity of Mohammad and be enchanted by its spiritualenergy!With the help of these religious HD backgrounds, you can go on apilgrimage to Mecca every day! Visit Masjidal-Haram, Zamzam andother breathtaking landmarks of Makkah! Discover why theHajj is soinspiring and witness the largest gathering of Muslims in theworld!Celebrate the period of fasting with Allahimages! Ramadan isregarded as one of the five pillars of Islam and, therefore, has tobe respected! It will be easier for you to refrain from takingfood, drinking liquids and smoking cigarettes when you have 3DIslamic pictures on your screen supporting you all the time! Don’tlose your hope in time of sorrow! One look at this religiousthemeand a couple of Quran quotes will restore your faith! Don’t forgetto pray and show everyone that you are a true Muslim who respectsthe holy month of Ramazanand other traditions offered by theQuran!The best Live Wallpaper for all Muslims has arrived on the market!Enjoy the symbols of ‘’Allah names’’ decorating your phone! You canhave the beautiful Arabiccall igraphy on your screen completelyfree of charges! Wait no more! One of the most amazing ‘’Islamicapps’’ ever awaits you! Muslims, download ''Islamic LiveWallpaper'' right now and celebrate your religion every day!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Aurora Live Wallpaper 5.0
You have a unique opportunity to enjoy thewonderful multicolored sky every day! ''Aurora Live Wallpaper'' isa brand new app which reveals the most beautiful nightfall sky onthe planet! True magic is now within your reach! Get the freedownload and discover the secrets of the ''Northern Lights''! Bathyour galaxy phone with a stunning light show in the heavens! Findout why this natural phenomenon has always been a source ofinspiration for many painters and writers! Now you don't have totravel to the North Pole in order to see this spectacular scenery!You have a chance to admire the aurora lights from your home if youget these background images! Enjoy!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!The Northern Lights are natural phenomena which portrayexquisite colorful glow over the Earth! These lights are well-knownas ''aurora borealis'' in the Northern Hemisphere and theircounterpart is aurora australis which is located in the SouthernHemisphere! Green auroras are the most common, but at times you canthe red color spilt across the sky! The mixture of red and greencreates wonderful pink or yellow hues! Amazing, isn't it? Andwhat's even more amazing is the fact that this spectacle is at yourdisposal anytime and anywhere with ''Aurora Live Wallpaper'' ! Allyou need is this free application and your Android ™ phone to enjoythis natural miracle!Don't be disappointed if you have no time or money to visit theArctic or Antarctic in order to see the aurora Northern sky! Youdon't have to travel all the way to Alaska, Australia or Norway toenjoy the northern stars! Just download our ''aurora wallpaper''and watch the southern lights in the comfort of your own home!Aurora natural landscape reminds of Nebula Galaxy and othermiracles from outer space! A mere look at the polar lights wouldfeel as though you were on another planet! Imagine that you leftthe Earth's atmosphere and you are going to outer space! Discoverthe most beautiful galaxy in the Universe and reveal how meteorshowers are created! Comets, asteroids and meteoroids are allaround you but you are not afraid because you are mesmerized by thesight of beautiful twinkling stars! See a shooting star and make awish! Your wish has come true! The Northern horizon has come toyou! Set this sky live wallpaper on your mobile phone or tabletdevice and dive into the natural wonders of the North Pole!So far, this is the most impressive nature live wallpaper on themarket! Download the aurora background images and give an amazinglook to your Samsung Galaxy S4! Enjoy the most beautiful picturesof a snowy landscape against the colorful Northern horizon! Auroralights are the brightest of all city lights! Illuminate your galaxyphone with this glitter ''live wallpaper'' and create your ownfairy tale! This is not a galaxy parallax background, it is evenbetter! The HD images of aurora lights give you a chance to takedelight in beautiful sights of forests and lakes lighted by astarry night and the beams of the Moon!This app is a perfect romantic getaway! Take your loved one andadmire the visual scenery of the moonlit sea and the shining starsabove! Let ''aurora borealis live wallpaper'' be the only witnessto your love!Wait no more! ''Aurora forecast'' predicts that this is a perfecttime to download our free images! Aurora Live Wallpaper invites youto enjoy the sparkles of the Northern lights!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.* This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.* This app is ad-supported
Fun Live Wallpaper 2.0
Smile is a cure for everything! Laugh as hardas you can with our brand new app ''Fun Live Wallpaper''! Downloadthese HD images right now completely free of charges! Put a grin onyour face every time you look at your galaxy phone! Set one ofnumerous ''funny pictures'' on your screen and entertain yourself!Enter a place where amusement and happiness never stop! Give yourmobile phone or tablet device a joyful and hilarious look! Get ourfun desktop backgrounds and let them cheer you up!Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!And now let's hear some ''fun facts'' about fun! Fun time andrelaxation enables you to adjust, concentrate and think! When yourmind is not focused on one thing in particular, it often createsnew perspectives, inventive ideas and gives you fresh insights!Having fun helps you generate new energy and relaxation! If yousmile more than usual, you will be less depressed and moreoptimistic! Therefore, have more fun and make all your problemdisappear! Download ''Fun Live Wallpaper'' and watch how all yourworries go away! Show the whole world your cute smiley face anddon't let anything bring you down!Would you like to have party all the time? Get the fun free imagesright now and have the time of your life! With the help of thisSamsung Live Wallpaper, you can bring disco lights into your ownhouse! Party all night long and try out your new dance moves! Youwon't need dance lessons, though! A smile on your face would beenough! Put on your best suit because these party HD pictures willtake you to the most glamorous celebration in the world! Experiencethe rhythm of the night! Dive into a place where everybody danceand enjoy music under the lights of fireworks! Turn up the beat andbe the biggest star on the dance floor! With our dance livewallpaper you will be infected by the sound all night long! Get thefree download right now, cheer up and make your day!Have you ever wanted to put all those cute ''smiley faces'' fortexting on the display of your Android ™ phone? The time has come!Our ''cool backgrounds'' give you the unique opportunity todecorate your screen with lots of emoticons! Set a happy face or asad face image on your desktop! Let the HD picture on the screen ofyour Samsung Galaxy S4 match your true feelings! Each smiley emojiis so hilarious that it will put you in a good mood in no time! Getthese ''happy images'' and fun run can begin! Enter our unique funhouse right now! You don't need funny ringtones and jokes to makeyou laugh! You can delete all your fun games and scary pranksbecause ''smiley live wallpaper'' will make you cry withlaughter!There is no better way to relax after a hard day at work than withhumorous apps! Set funny animal pictures on your desktop and laughas hard as you can! Your kids will simply adore a silly ginger catand a jolly puppy on the screen of your phone! The amusing giraffeand piggy look so vivid that you can almost hear their funny talk!Let your child enter an amusement park and be merry all the time!With the help of our free smileys app, your baby will never be sadagain!Don't waste your time! As laughter is the best medicine, startreceiving your daily dose of this miraculous drug! Download ''FunLive Wallpaper'' completely free of charges! Wait no more! A daywithout laughter is a day wasted! Enjoy!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.* This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.* This app is ad-supported.
Aquarium live Wallpaper 1.0
Aquarium Live Wallpaper is a stunningunderwater garden decorated by the loveliest fish species you canimagine. Make your phone or tablet screen colorful and exotic –discover the water world of the cute freshwater fish – see thediscus fish, the Japanese koi fish, catfish or the stunning bettafish, all is up to you. Choose one of these cuties to beautify yourpersonal water paradise! Have you always wanted a “fish aquarium”?You get to gaze at the colorful “tropical fish” peacefully swimmingin the cutest “fish tank”, among the green plants for free with“Aquarium Wallpaper”.★ Amazing 3D free live wallpaper for your phone!★ Choose one of the most original cool wallpapers inspired by thecolorful aquarium fish!★ There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!★ These beautiful, free and cool backgrounds are waiting foryou!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ You can choose from several different themes.★ HD graphics and open GL.★ Optimized Battery Usage.★ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.★ Aquarium Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phonesEven if you prefer a marine aquarium to a fish bowl, thisdesktop wallpaper will not fail you. All the gorgeous beauties havebeen captured by this lovely “live wallpaper” – discover themagical hues of the goldfish, the angelfish or even the colorfulrainbow fish from up close with soothing “Aquarium Backgrounds”.You do not have to dive into the deep blue sea so as to see themarine fish – just get one of the best HD Wallpapers and explorethe sea life in the comfort of your home. Clown fish, or the pufferfish backgrounds, you choose! This fish wallpaper offers evensaltwater fish, such as sea lions,or even dolphins, as well astropical fish tanks that can brighten up each day with thewonderful colors. Paint your world and screen with red, deep blue,green, purple or yellow and experience serenity with “AquariumLWP”. If you have been looking for free apps for Android™, inspiredby the under water kingdom and aquariums you should definitely givethese cute backgrounds a try. Just imagine all the beautiful shadesand cool stripes and patterns in your own fish tank. Each “AquariumBackground” has been carefully designed to appeal both to boys andgirls – thus, do not waste time and don't let “Aquarium LiveWallpaper” slip through your fingers. You do not have to visit petshops so as to see your favorite exotic pet fish anymore. This liveapplication allows you to gaze at the serene images of freshwaterand sea creatures and to be at peace at all times.Have fun with this cool aquarium! Make your smartphones theembodiment of natural beauty and mysterious at the same time. Haveyou been looking for some background images that can take you tothe sea world and that can bring sea animals to you? If so, gounder the sea with this “free download” and prepare yourself to beenchanted by the aquarium plants and water animals - this naturewallpaper will make your mobile phones look stunning! Swim with thefish and enjoy in the relaxing scenery of the cool underwaterwallpaper - “Aquarium Live Wallpaper”!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Stars Live Wallpaper 6.0
Prepare for the explosion of stars on yourphone screen! ''Stars Live Wallpaper'' is a brand new app whichbrings you countless stars in various colors and sizes! Choose frommany colorful stars, add some glitter to them and you will find aperfect desktop background for your Smartphone! This is the ideal''stars wallpaper'' for all night owls! Let these twinklinggalactic lights be your only companion when the night falls! Turnyour screen for phone for Android™ into the dazzling ''starry sky''and everyone will talk about the beautiful pictures that give atotally new look to any phone! But wait! There is more! Thisamazing application is completely free! Get it right now and diveinto the glow of these heavenly fireflies!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers* You can choose from several different themes.* There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!Stars Live Wallpaper gives you the unique opportunity to reachstars which are million miles away! If you download our ''HDpictures'', your phone screen will become your personal window toouter space! Discover each and every constellation with our stellarwallpapers! Let this free application be your star map and help youreveal all starry wonders of the Universe! Find out how themysterious meteoroids turn into meteor showers and illuminate ourplanet with brilliant shooting stars! This ''starry night'' livewallpaper will explain the characteristics of your star sign ingreat details! See what is written in the stars and find your luckystar!You are just one download away from this amazing ''starbackground''! Our Live Wallpaper is perfect for all boys and girlswho like this particular shape! The free images will look splendidon any phone! The colorful wallpapers which offer the spectrum ofwhite, blue, red, purple, green and pink are suitable for allchildren! Kids will have so much fun watching these colored cosmicobjects twinkling! With our 3D wallpaper your baby won't need hoursto fall asleep! Just set the HD pictures on your screen and let thenight sky sing a lullaby to your toddler! So, moms and dads, getthese funny pictures for your babies right now and let the gamesbegin!Would you like to astonish your loved one by a wonderful romanticdate? ''Stars Live Wallpaper'' offers you the collection ofstunning love background images that will take your breath away!Enjoy the space lights scattered across the ''night sky''! Themoonlight beach looks wonderful! You walk hand in hand with yoursoul mate! The starlight and full Moon are the only witness to yourlove! A meteor shower begins and the blue sky suddenly getsilluminated! It feels like the Fourth of July! Fireworks areeverywhere around you! You fall in love again and feel happiness inyour soul under the influence of the lights!This starry sky wallpaper is perfect for all those who adore highquality paintings! Experience the magic of tiny twinkling objectsspilled across the blue sky! You will have the impression that youstand in front of the original painting by Van Gogh! The artisticside of this mobile app will leave you breathless!Stars Live Wallpaper is one of the best wallpapers on the planet!It will definitely become your favorite Android application! Getthe free download, relax and enjoy the beauty of these objectsshining bright on the screen of your phone!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Ocean Live Wallpaper 5.0
Ocean Live Wallpaper can take you to themysterious depths of the ocean world in a heartbeat. Immerseyourself into the “water world” and let the gorgeous coral reefsand the myriad of gorgeous tropical fish take your breath away.Have not one “fish tank”, but ten different with “OceanBackgrounds” and have your very own fish aquarium with you at alltimes. Create your own bubble town among the beautiful corals,seaweed and seashells and let the wave of ocean water wash all yourworries away. See the adorable dolphins, a terrifying shark and akiller whale – “Ocean Live Wallpaper” allows you to beautify yourphone with your favorite wild animal. Get “Ocean Wallpaper” gosnorkeling with the dolphins and feel the splash of the oceanwater.★ An incredible marine aquarium with exotic fish and stunningcoral reefs!★ Choose one of the cute backgrounds inspired by the deep blueocean floor!★ There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!★ These fun, free and cool backgrounds are waiting for you!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ You can choose from several different themes.★ HD graphics and open GL.★ Optimized Battery Usage.★ This free application is compatible with 99% mobile phonedevices.★ Ocean Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.This nature wallpaper lets you meet a myriad of rare and cuteocean animals - explore the magical world of jellyfish and squidwith one of the best apps for Android™. One of the mostbreathtaking “HD wallpapers” will make you fall in love with allten underwater cool backgrounds! Find your favorite “OceanBackground” and feel like you are swimming with fragile seahorses,sea turtles or bottlenose dolphins whenever you glance at thissurreal HD desktop wallpaper. Explore the wonderful sea life andhave fun with the coolest water wallpaper on the market! Gaze atthe colorful ocean pictures and experience bliss – all the oceanplants in the crystal clear blue water will create the illusionthat you are snorkeling.Octopus, red lobster or a tiger shark – each and every of thesebackground images will make your new smartphones look stunning.This is one of those free live wallpapers that is the embodiment ofnatural beauty of the deep sea. This free app allows you to diveinto the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and even the cool ArcticOcean, all for free! See a walrus or a manatee swimming across yournew Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, or gaze at the clown fish or astarfish from up close, completely free of charge! Have fun withthe interactive features and transform your phone or tablet into ablue screen paradise. Dive to the bottom of the ocean with one ofthe best water wallpapers. Do you wish to go under the sea anddiscover the magical world of the “saltwater fish”? If so, “OceanLWP” is the right choice for you – you will not come across a highdefinition saltwater aquarium quite like this one. You get to keepthe aquarium fish completely free of charge. Can you believe it?!Get this “free download” and see for yourself that this fishwallpaper is truly a stunning sight for the sore eyes! These cutebackgrounds are so realistic that you can almost hear soothingocean sounds. Dive into the deep blue sea and feast your eyes onthe marvelous sight of cute sea creatures – terrifying sharks andhuge whales can be your new free scrensavers. Enjoy one of the bestcute wallpapers on the market!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.
Santa Live Wallpaper 6.0
“Santa Claus is coming to town”! Here's thecutest Christmas present for alll the fans of the holiday season -let Xmas will explode on your screen in the form of gorgeous andfestive Santa Claus pictures, a Christmas tree, a scary snowman orsimply watch the “snow falling” on your phone or tablet screen.Unlock new HD backgrounds every day and embark on a new Santa Clausadventure with one of the best free apps for Android™! Do you wanta reminder that “Winter is coming” and that “New Year” is rightaround the corner, on your smartphone? See for yourself that “SantaClaus” is already preparing his sleigh, and that the spectacularChristmas lights are already lit every time that you gaze at our HD“snow falling live wallpaper”.Nothing captures the Christmas spirit and says Happy New 2017 quitelike this festive “live wallpaper”! Ho, ho, ho, “MerryChristmas”!✱ The sweetest “snow falling live wallpapers” will be ideal foryour new smartphone!✱ Beautify your screen with the loveliest “snow app”!✱ Pick from lovely “Santa Claus Backgrounds” inspired by the“winter wonderland” magic!✱ These high definition “Santa Claus images” will enchantyou!✱ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!✱ Enjoy this free and fun “snow white” Santa app!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers✱ This “Android wallpaper” lets you find your favorite “SantaClaus theme”.✱ HD graphics and open GL.✱ Optimized Battery Usage.✱ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.✱ This “Santa app” will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thisLive Wallpaper will not drain your battery.✱ “Santa Live Wallpaper” fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.Let our snowy desktop wallpaper wish you “Merry Christmas andHappy New Year”! If you like to gaze at the charming dance of thelovely snowflakes, get this inspirational “HD wallpaper” that hasthe most beautiful cute backgrounds and “Christmas pictures” on themarket. Dashing through the snow, “Santa is coming to town” withour HD “New year Wallpaper” - gaze at the cool wallpaper withbeautiful pictures of reindeer and the sleigh flying across theblue sky, or Santa Claus climbing up and down the chimney with abag full of presents and candy, it's up to you.Try one of the best“santa claus apps for free” and you will not regret getting thisfree download. Let us fullfill at least one of your “New Yearwishes” with our “santa claus free” live wallpaper for free.Each charming “Santa Claus Background” will be a prefect choice forthe Christmas Eve, December 24th and the whole holiday season -feel the magic that Father Christmas or “Saint Nicholas” inspiresin all us while you listen to the Christmas carols and Santa Claussongs! Shower your screen with snowflakes just like you have apersonal “snow machine” with one of the best free live wallpapersyou can find on the market! This December, Santa Claus is bringingthe “New Year” magic all the way from the North Pole - feel themagic of the “holiday season” with “snowfall wallpaper live”! Noother “Santa wallpapers” have Santa Claus, North Pole and elveslive backgrounds that can trully transport you to the “Santa'svillage”, completely free of charge. Get new “Santa Claus LiveWallpaper” for free and make even the beginning of 2017 memorable!Enjoy!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper 6.0
Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper offers you aluscious picture collection of sunflower, "cherry blossom",dandelion, rhododendron and many other kinds of flowers! Girls, ifyou enjoy romantic "images of flowers", this wall paper is perfectfor you! A gentle tulip and colorful daffodil and lilac are here toremind you about enticing powers of spring season! And who couldresist red roses and the air of mystery they bring? So, downloadour "spring wallpaper" and start browsing through bountifulcollection of flower images! Embellish your screen and get readyfor the spring break with our special high definition themes ofspringtime! Your spring holidays will be richer for a virtualexperience, so get this free download and pick your favorite floralwallpaper! Breathe in the fresh air and download our Spring FlowersLWP right now for a refreshing start!🌹 "Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper" offers a bountiful choice ofvarious "spring flowers"🌹 These cool backgrounds are compatible with more than 99% ofsmartphones!🌹 Choose your favorite floral background and set it as your "flowerwallpaper"!🌹 Our cool wallpapers are suitable both for smartphone and tabletdevices!🌹 Save your battery life with this "spring live wallpaper"!🌹 Download one of the best apps for Android™ completely free ofcharge and enjoy our colorful phone wallpaper!🌹 Embellish your phone with this new and stunning "live wallpaper"right now!Follow the download instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersAll nature lovers will find Spring Flowers Live Wallpaper amusingand inspiring! Blooming fields of chrysanthemum, primrose buds andorchids will enchant you in the blink of an eye! Flutteringbutterflies with pink or red wings will welcome you to our virtualflower garden with stunning "cherry blossoms" so give in to wondersof nature and download this app right now! Feel the springawakening with the help of our flowers wallpaper and soak all thesensation it brings! The lovely smell of sunflowers, and hyacinthromantic appearance will let you feel the love during this springholiday! Cherish the little natural wonders such as flower petalsof carnations and azaleas. Or, just take a virtual walk by thespring creek and let the refreshing energy to your life! Immerseyourself in the magic of early spring flowers and let it bring youpeace and quiet! We know that force of nature can sometimes becruel, but in our spring pictures, nature is nothing but beautifuland relaxing! Swipe through these romantic "pictures of flowers"and pick your favorite spring live wallpaper free! Beautify yourmobile phone with our free screensavers inspired by floral scenesand enjoy! Follow a pink butterfly on your way to our spring gardenand look for the most beautiful rose flower you can find! Needlessto say that you will be amazed by every single spring flower youfind in our collection of cute wallpapers! These hd backgroundswill inspire you to visit a spring valley and make a colorfulflower bouquet or a romantic corsage! So, let this Androidwallpaper relieve you from the stress of every day life and relax!Watch the renewal of nature with flower seeds floating all overyour cool wallpaper and embrace their power! These fun themes ofour Android live wallpaper are fit for everyone and anytime! Youcan use these free live wallpapers even during winter season!Remind yourself of a sunny spring field even in the middle offreezing seasons and get ready for one of the best free apps on themarket! Set a desktop wallpaper and rely on lily of the valley forsome peace and quiet!* Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.* This app is ad-supported
Green Leaf Live Wallpaper 1.0
🍀 "Green Leaf Live Wallpaper"supportslandscape mode and home screen switching!🍀 Select from many types of leaves and pick "four leafclover",maple leaf, oak leaf and many other!🍀 These high definition images of green leaves are perfect forasummer wallpaper!🍀 Get the collection of nature pictures with a "greenleaf"completely FREE of charge!🍀 These cool backgrounds with "spring pictures" won't drainyourbattery life, so go green!🍀 Browse through "images of nature" and choose romanticfoliage,shrubs and topiary for your mobile phone!🍀 Our "wall paper" for boys and girls is perfect for bothsmartphoneand tablet devices!Follow the instructions to get this application :Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers ->LiveWallpapersGreen Leaf Live Wallpaper is a perfect "spring wallpaper"fornature lovers! This nature wallpaper with images of a lusciousandsymbolic spring leaf offers everything you are looking for whenitcomes to apps for Android™! Completely FREE of charge, youcandownload super realistic hd backgrounds with details ofspringseason that will embellish your device! Get this freedownloadright now and beautify your screen in a few taps! Ourgreenwallpaper with refreshing "pictures of nature" will testifywhyspring is your favorite season! Let the inspiring andrelaxinggreen color of springtime seep into your life with the helpofthese nature wallpapers! The symbolism of our four leafcloverswill bring you luck, unity and wisdom, so set a livewallpaper withleaf images on your screen and be inspired! We knowthat autumnleaves really can be beautiful with all those warmcolors, butnothing can replace the overwhelming green light ofleaves inspring months! You will embrace the magic of spring timeif youdownload these nature images, so get them now! Just chooseyourshade – light or dark green color and enjoy! Download thecoolestdesktop wallpaper and pick your favorite leaf pattern!** Browse through our leaf pictures and let color green intoyourlife with green leaf LWP! **Green Leaf Live Wallpaper is a reviving and calming collectionoffree screensavers that will take you into a virtual olivegarden!Download our Android wallpaper, walk on green grass andadmire amighty green tree that brings the fresh and peacefulatmosphere intoyour life! As you can see, this phone wallpaperoffers everythingyou need so download it right now! It is nowonder that the lightgreen color was chosen by mother nature sinceit is the color oflife, energy and revival! So, download our"natural images" andenjoy all that power coming from your personalzen garden! You willbe inspired to buy a leaf necklace when youfeel the soothing powerof these cool wallpapers! Our cutewallpapers will not onlyembellish your smartphones, but they willalso teach you a valuablelesson! With "green leaf wallpaper" youwill learn to be a trueprofessional when it comes to leafidentification! Or, you will beable to make a very faithful leafdrawing! So, start tapping anddownload the best leaf wallpaper youcan find! Welcome to greennature and admire the mysterious beautyof a tea leaf or a dandelionleaf! And be sure that whatever leafbackground you choose to beyour Android live wallpaper, you can'tgo wrong! The beautifulnature on green Earth awaits, so don't waita second more and go forgreen pictures in our cool wallpaper! Ifyou want to beautify yourphone device, just give our free livewallpapers a shot and let thegreen power in!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Halloween Ringtones 2.0
Happy Halloween!Are you ready forthescariest holiday with our spooky Halloween Ringtones! Pick thebestsongs and the “free Halloween ringtones” from our freemusiccollection and let our scary sound effects soundboardterrifyyou.“Halloween soundboard” is fun for the whole family andgreatfor practical jokes! Are you looking for new wake up sounds?If so,Halloween ringtones 2016 and “scary sounds” have been craftedforthose who like scary music and funny pranks. Go ahead anddownload“notification ringtones for text message” inspired by thescaryHalloween songs.🎃 Free scary ringtones and horror sounds for your cell phone!🎃 This free Halloween ringtones app includes over 30 coolringtones!🎃 Set as a ring tone, SMS notification alert, alarm sounds orassignit to specific contact.🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶🎃 Unlock 3 new cool “ringtones for Android™ phone” each day!🎃 Simple interface:: just tap once to preview the Halloweenthemering tone and hold to set it as your new “ring tone”!🎃 Choose your favorite from our free ringtones: Halloweensongs,scary sounds, scary scream,ominous church bells, Halloweensoundboard, werewolf sound effects, scary laughter, “scaryringtones”,evil laugh, howling tones, scary movies soundtracks, batsounds,black cat sounds, etc.🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶 🎵 🎶🎃 Completely free sound effects, this is the full versionofHalloween Ringtones 2016!🎃 Get high volume, high quality alarm sounds and“Halloweenringtones for FREE”!One of the best “free music downloads” welcomes you to the realmofthe Halloween horror nights. Are you looking for somescaryHalloween music? One of the best “free music downloads ” isidealfor scary jokes, if you want to pull pranks on your friends.Do youwant a new SMS notification sound? The blood-chilling cry oftheHalloween night hollows has been captured just for you in theformof scary ringtones and funny sound effects. Be prepared fortheHalloween countdown with the best horror sounds and scaryvoices.🎃 Scary Halloween Ringtones Free Music and the “besttextmessage ringtones” for Android! 🎃Replace your standard mobile ringtones and text messagetoneswith the coolest scary songs and Halloween sound effects onthemarket, completely free of charge. If you are a fan ofscarypranks, just look at your friends' face when they hear theirnewfree SMS ringtones 2016? If you are a fan of ghost storiesandhorror movies, experience the feeling of impending doom withourscary “free mp3 ringtones” every time you get a phone call oryouralarm clock goes off. Our collection of Halloween songs, superloudringtones and scary music will knock you off your feet.🎃 The weirdest collection of scary sound effects andfunnyringtones! 🎃Try different Halloween music songs – scary ghost sounds,hauntedhouse ringtone, blood-chilling scary scream “alarmringtones”, scarysounds HD, horror sounds, “Halloween sounds” orcreepy zombiesounds, optimized for your brand new smartphone.Enjoy the spirit ofthis spooky holiday and celebrate the Halloweennight with funsounds and scary ringtones free of charge.🎃Creatures of the night unite under the full Moon!🎃Would you like to hear the spooky wicked witch laugh, owlsoundor the blood-chilling howling SMS ringtones free of charge andseewhy this free ringtones music download is one of the best onthemarket. Pick any of the scary ringtones for a textmessagenotification sound, an e-mail,or the scariest alarm clockalert.You can even assign different creepy and spine – chillinghorrorsounds for your new ringtones 2016. Happy Halloween songs andsmsnotification alerts are at hand-get this free downloadrightnow!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.*Music clips used in this ringtone app are under publicdomainlicense and/or Creative Commons’ license.
Horse Live Wallpaper 6.0
''Horse Live Wallpaper'' is a brand newappwhich portrays the magnificence and majesty of thisbeautifulanimal! Enjoy the scenery of strong horses gallopingthrough waterand in the snow! Get our HD pictures right now andstart your dayfresh! Bath the screen of your Android™ phone withgorgeous andrural natural landscapes! You have a chance to admirethe eleganceof these ''wild animals'' every day! Free your mind andlet fasthorses lead you to new and challenging adventures!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers ->LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Our horse background images give you the unique opportunitytoenter the world of freedom where the air is always fresh andnaturenever stops being green! All horse lovers will adore thisfreeapplication and those who are not so fond of these wildanimalswill fall in love with them as soon as they see thesebeautifulpictures! With ''Horse Live Wallpaper'' on your phone, youcan saygoodbye to reality and create your own fairy tale! Imaginearomantic scenery where you ride a beautiful beige mare andyourprince charming is next to you riding a splendid blackstallion!You enjoy the smoothness of their walk through the moonlitsea!Your dream of riding a horse on a beach can come true if yougetthis fairy tale live wallpaper! It will look magical on yourmobilephone or tablet device!Do you get an adrenaline rush at the sight of a horse racing? Ifyouhappen to be an adrenalin addict, our ''horse backgrounds''areperfect for you! Train your foal to be a fast jumping stallionandtake good care of it! Pick its hooves and brush its mane withacomb! Watch your fragile foal turning into a strong whitehorse!Admire its dignified posture and be a proud owner as your petisamong the most beautiful ''wild horses'' on the planet! Listen toahorse sound and connect to your magnificent companion!This ''horse wallpaper'' will help you live in harmonywithnature! Take your mare and wander the forests andmountainstogether! Reveal the secrets of natural landscapes! Feelthefragrance of flowers in a green field or meadow and hear allanimalsounds! Find out if there are other horse breeds in hugeforestsand fields, but don't ever abandon your own because he hasalreadybecome your best friend! Set this nature live wallpaper onyourdesktop and have fun with your pony! Our pony backgroundimagescelebrate these gorgeous wild animals! Being rarely used as ameansof transport, their purpose has become to prettify the Earthwiththeir existence!One of the most powerful creatures in the animal zoo cannowdecorate the screen of your phone! Delete your old animalslivewallpaper! There is no need to have a tiger live wallpaper oralion live wallpaper when you have a chance to beautify yourdisplaywith the best wild animal live wallpaper on the market! Takea lookat a galloping horse picture and feel as though you wereriding afire horse on a clear sunny day with the bright blue skyabove you!Create your own horse games! Go horse betting or riding,groom yourpet and experience life adventures together!Search no more! Download ''Horse Live Wallpaper'' completely freeofcharges and enjoy the sight of this majestic wild animal! Thisisone of the best ''mobile apps'' on the market! Get thesebeautifulpictures and every year can be a year of horse!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Jesus Live Wallpaper 6.0
Jesus Live Wallpaper is a brand newreligiouswallpaper inspired by the Son of God, conceived by the“HolySpirit” and given birth by the Virgin Mary - Jesus Christ. Getnew“Jesus backgrounds” and gaze at the most gloriousreligiouspictures of our Savior, the moving scene of crucifixionafter theLast Supper with the Twelve Apostles, or a the symbolofChristianity - the holy cross. “Jesus Christ” is looking afterhisflock from the Heaven at all times- every time you glance atthisamazing free application, you will be reminded of Hisholypresence. Follow the divine “ten commandments” and show your“loveof God”, our Savior, as well as your fellow man, regardless ofyourreligion! Gaze at divine halo above the holy head of our Lordandexperience bliss and serenity, while all your troubles slowlyfadeaway! God bless!✝ This religious wallpaper will be ideal for yournewsmartphone!✝ Turn your your screen into the Garden of Eden!✝ Choose one of the spiritual HD backgrounds inspired by ourSavior- Jesus Christ!✝ This high definition “Jesus Wallpaper” will enchant you!✝ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!✝ Enjoy this free “God Wallpaper” and all the divine“Jesuspictures”!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers✝ Choose from different themes & Jesus images.✝ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.✝ The phone wallpaper will sleep when your smartphone isinactive,so this “live wallpapers” will not drain yourbattery.✝ “Jesus Live Wallpaper” fully supports horizontal orientationandlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.“Jesus Live Wallpaper” can help you feel at peace wheneveryougaze at the images of God or the Son of God, just like duringyourprayer. God really” exists! Show your love and devotion and getoneof the best as well as most meaningful “HD Wallpapers” inspiredbyJesus Christ and the Christian religion. Even thoughChristiansbelieve in one God, this entity exists in three forms inChristianreligion. The holy trinity entails God the Father, God theSon, andGod the Holy Spirit.Jesus Christ, the meek lamb will make your smartphones andtabletslook divine as soon as you get this Android™ wallpaper –gaze atJesus Christ immersed in the white heavenly clouds with aglowinghalo above his head. This desktop wallpaper will inspire youto sayJesus loves me in exaltation during your prayer, wheneveryouglance at your smartphone. Make your phone or tablet theembodimentof faith and download this amazing Android™ wallpaperforFREE.Do you find Bible quotes, especially those depicting alltheendeavors and miracles of Jesus Christ inspiring and soothing?Oneof the best apps for Android™ allows you to have the embodimentofthe stories from the “Holy Bible”, the Holy Book ofChristianity,(consisting of the Old Testament, and the NewTestament) on yourphone or tablet, completely free of charge. Thegreatest miracleand the proof Of God is the resurrection of Christafter beingcrucified on a cross in Jerusalem– let this religiousimage be yourinspiration at your time of need. Are you looking forbrand newreligious HD backgrounds? If you liked “God LiveWallpaper”, thisis a “free download” that you cannot miss – “JesusLWP” offers tencool backgrounds with religious symbols. These crosspictures areperfect for all true pious believers! Christians fromall over theworld go to Brazil, Rio de Janeiro to witness the sightof CristoRedento, while you can gaze at Christ the Redeemer fromthe comfortof your home, on your screen, for FREE! One of thegreatestChristian holidays, aside from Christmas(celebrating thebirth ofChrist), Easter, celebrating the resurrection of JesusChrist isjust around the corner! Celebrate this divineholidayappropriately- Get “Jesus Live Wallpaper” and have“happyholidays”! God bless!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Waterfall Live Wallpaper 6.0
Waterfall Live Wallpaper offersawe-inspiringscenery - an exquisite view of majestic waterfallswill embellishyour mobile phones and tablets. Discover the powerfulandbreathtaking “Niagara Falls”, or the Angel Falls in a matterofseconds with one of the coolest “HD wallpapers”.The moststunningfree wallpaper offers a number of amazing choices of thetallest,biggest, largest and most beautiful falls in the world. Doyou wantto see “Victoria Falls” from up close? “WaterfallWallpaper” willgive you this opportunity, all for free!★ Magical HD “live wallpaper” for your new smartphone!★ Be inspired by the beautiful pictures of this “naturewallpaper”inspired by cool cascades!★ There is full support for landscape mode andhome-screenswitching!★ Choose one of the cool backgrounds inspired by thebeautifulwaterfalls!★ These fun, free and cute backgrounds are waiting for you!Installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ HD graphics and open GL.★ New “waterfall backgrounds” are added daily – collectthemall!★ Optimized Battery Usage.★ This application is compatible with 99% mobilephonedevices.★ Waterfall Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientationandlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobilephones.Have you always wanted to see the voluminous waterfall ontheNiagara River? Who says dreams do not come true? One of thebestdesktop wallpapers is your free ticket to witness one ofthemarvelous sights between the twin cities of Niagara Falls,Ontario,and Niagara Falls, New York – nature pictures inspired bythe coolwaterfalls will make you feel rejuvenated instantly.Conquer theBlue Nile river and explore the stunning Blue Nile Fallsin amatter of seconds with brand new “Waterfall LiveWallpaper”!Experience the bliss of the water world and feel thepower ofnature first hand with one of the best cool wallpapers. GotoZambia, Zimbabwe, or Venezuela any day of the week and see someofthe coolest water falls imaginable. Immerse yourself intothecrystal clear sparkling water whenever you glance at yourscreenand feel the fresh water and cool water drops wash all yourworriesaway. These nature images are the new free screensavers thatwilltake your breath away.Imagine water flowing rapidly and then majestically falling overasteep cliff or a mountain - one of the most beautifulandbreathtaking natural wonders of our planet could bebeautifyingyour screen for free. See the tall and majestic AngelFalls – youcan be transported to this wonderful national park inSouth Americaas soon as you get this “free download”. Can youbelieve that youhave the opportunity to see the tallest, largestand the mostbeautiful falls in the world, completely free ofcharge?!“Waterfall LWP” can even take you to hot Africa and coolyou withthe the stunning falls on the Zambezi River – themesmerizingVictoria Falls. The well known natural miracle known forits heightand forming the largest sheet of falling water in theworld. Pickthe most inspiring “Waterfall Background” and feast youreyes onthe impressive cascades whenever you glance at one of thebest appsfor Android™. Experience the power of a mighty waterfallin themidst of a deep rainforest, or gently sprinkle yoursmartphone withwater drops! Your tablet or phone screen can beimmenselybeautified by this incredible background wallpaper. Thisis one ofthose cute wallpaper that can take you to that idealromantic placeand make you feel like love is in the air wheneveryou glance atthe lovely waterfalls. You will be under theimpression that youcan hear the soothing waterfall sounds with thesurreal highdefinition “Waterfalls Wallpaper”! Cool off, feel theserenity andenjoy the magic!
Dragon Live Wallpaper 6.0
Dragon Live Wallpaper is a brandnewmagnificent HD wallpaper inspired by the stunningmythicalcreatures. Make your phone or tablet the embodiment ofstrength andwisdom - the awe inspiring “red dragon” or a firebreathing “bluedragon” can be your new cool backgrounds right now,completely freeof charge. Ten HD backgrounds depicting powerful,fire - breathingcreatures in a celestial battle, mighty lords ofwar with theirwings spread wide, flying or just standing on a cliff– the choiceis yours! Make your smartphone look cool and pick oneof the mightywarriors “Dragon Wallpaper” offers. Enjoy!★ Fierce and mysterious “Dragon LWP “ will be ideal for yournewsmartphone!★ Beautify your screen with the coolest "Chinese dragon"!★ Choose one of the “Dragon backgrounds” inspired by theselegendarymythical creatures!★ These high definition dragon pictures will enchant you!★ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!★ Enjoy this free and fun “live wallpaper”!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ You can choose from several different themes.★ HD graphics and open GL.★ Optimized Battery Usage.★ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.★ The wallpaper application will sleep when your phone isinactive,so this desktop wallpaper will not drain yourbattery.★ “Dragon Live Wallpaper” fully supports horizontal orientationandlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.Decorate your screen with truly amazing and powerfulmythicalcreatures,strong rulers of the sky, and open yourself tothe worldof mystery and magic as soon as you download “DragonLiveWallpaper”. These divine creatures have been captured for youtoadmire them from up close - see their huge claws, wings andequallystunning scales with one of the best “HD Wallpapers” on themarket.Have fun with the interactive features of this cool livewallpaper– it is as realistic as some of the best dragon games onthemarket.A fire dragon is a mythical being found in almost everymythologyall over the world- from west to east and this cool appoffersamazing and breathtaking images of these awe - inspiringcreatures.Whether you prefer western dragons to Oriental , thisfree liveapplication has them all. This “free download” welcomesyou to the“dragon city” – each and every breathtaking ice or waterdragonwill make your mobile phone look amazing. Thesemythologicalcreatures are typically green or red, however, with oneof the bestapps for Android™ offers these celestial flyingcreatures in manyhues - blue , purple , white ,silver and gold,completely free ofcharge.In European folklore, the powerful creatures are viewed asevilmonsters and bear resemblance to lizards and dinosaurs, whereasinChina they are considered to be divine creatures that bringgoodluck and stand for wisdom , strength , as well as for theemperor,or the king of the sea. Magnificent and mysterious dragonsare nolonger depicted as monsters slain by heroes. Instead, theyarepopular manga and anime characters nowadays. Do you want apetdragon or a blood dragon to appear before your eyes right now?Ifso, let the dragon age era commence. Ryujin can be your newvirtualpet – this free wallpaper lets you admire this Japanesedragon asset it as one of your new free screensavers.*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Sunrise Live Wallpaper 6.0
Sunrise Live Wallpaper will illuminateyourphone with the warmest beams of sunshine - bathe your screenwiththe sparkling sun rays and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. Doyouwant to see a magical “sunny beach” on your phone screen evenwhenit is raining outside? Capture the perfect “sunny day” onyourscreen with “Sunrise Wallpaper”, completely free of chargeandexperience the explosion of the romantic hues on your smartphoneortablet. Rise and shine - feel the magical touch of sun risewiththis live wallpaper for Android™ and turn your smartphone intoasun – kissed paradise! Let the sunlight paint your tablet withthevivid and bright colors, relax and enjoy the warmth of thesunbeamsfrom dusk till dawn!☀ The sweetest “nature wallpaper” will be ideal for yournewsmartphone!☀ Choose one of the “Sunrise HD Backgrounds” inspired bythespringtime magic and sunshine!☀ These high definition sunrise pictures will enchant you!☀ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!☀ Enjoy one of the sunniest cool wallpapers!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers☀ You can choose from several different themes.☀ New “Sunrise backgrounds” are added daily - collectthemall!☀ HD graphics and open GL.☀ Optimized Battery Usage.☀ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.☀ The Android™ wallpaper will sleep when your phone is inactive,sothis “live wallpaper” will not drain your battery.☀ Sunrise Live Wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientationandlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.Sun is up! Welcome to the empire of the Sun where the Sunisshining always – you can be walking on sunshine with one ofthebest fre apps for Android™ all the time. Just get this sunnyfreedownload and witness the rising of the Sun across the vastclear“blue sky”, completely free of charge. Follow the magical“sunrisesunset” path and feel the springtime magic with one oftheloveliest free apps.Witness a majestic sunrise festival from the coast of the seaorocean – this desktop wallpaper will make you feel like youarereally there. Just imagine, a warm summer day, you on alagunabeach, watching vivid and breathtaking sunrise and sunset upin thesky, or taking a romantic stroll with your beloved – thisliveapplication lets you admire the natural beauty!You do not needtosearch for “sunrise times” anymore! With “Sunrise LiveWallpaper”you can bathe beautiful landscapes with sunshine all thetime forFREE! Let the bright Sun wish you good morning sunshineeach andevery day! As soon as you get these sunkissed freescreensavers,you will never want to change the look of your mobilephone.Beautiful nature illuminated by warm sun rays with thatgorgeousyellow glow or decorate your phone with different shadesvaryingfrom orange and pink to red and purple! Even if you prefer“SunsetWallpaper” to new “Sunrise LWP”, One of the best “HDwallpapers”provides you with the everlasting sunshine on yoursmartphone.These sunrise HD images will brighten up your life andyour phone,just pick your favorite “Sunrise Background” and admirethegorgeous sunrise, sunset and the extraordinary blue sky alldaylong. This sunrise sunset free wallpaper will turn your phoneintoa sunrise mobile in no time! Enjoy the great outdoors and asplashof sunbeams even when you are inside for FREE with“SunriseWallpaper”! Let the HD sunny photos of sun rise charm andmesmerizeyou at once!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Rain Live Wallpaper 6.0
Prepare your "rain boots" for the autumnseasonand download Rain Live Wallpaper! Don't sulk if the answeris 'yes'when you ask: 'Will it rain today?'. Go outside and enjoytheweather in a romantic trench coat and embrace the first dayofautumn! Turn this live wallpaper into a fashion accessory andmatchit with your "rain coat"! With this "free download" you won'tneedrain gauge to measure the amount of water, because there willbe alot of it! This desktop wallpaper will make it rain and youwilllove it! Enjoy peaceful rain sounds and pick your favoritefreelive wallpapers because we offer plenty!☂ You can find background galore in our Android™livewallpaper!☂ Both landscape mode and home screen switching arefullysupported!☂ Download these cute wallpapers for your smartphone and enjoythewater falling!☂ New wallpapers are added daily to our collection of free apps–collect them all!☂ Our cool backgrounds offer full control over the speed anddensityof virtual water droplets!☂ "Rain Live Wallpaper" works perfect both on a mobile phoneandtablet device!☂ Embellish your smartphones with these melancholicfreescreensavers right now!☂ Get the best autumn photos completely free of charge!☂ These “live wallpapers” take care of your battery life andtheysave it!☂ If you prefer Hd backgrounds then our rain pictures will bejustright for you!Follow the download instructions to get this application :Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers ->LiveWallpapersWith our Rain Live Wallpaper you won't need "rain alarm"!Youwill rise and shine naturally with the help of thesecutewallpapers! It is time to go back to school, so prepare arainumbrella and fight the bad weather with this positive app!This“cool wallpapers” will help you learn how to enjoy fallingwaterdroplets! Once you download our cool wallpaper, you will bemorethan happy to ask: 'Will it rain tomorrow?' Is there amorebeautiful scene than autumn leaves falling while you aresippinghot drinks in the warmth of your home? Now, add heavydownpour tothe picture, and you'll sure be glad to be inside. Thatis anotherreason to download this autumn wallpaper- it will remindyou ofthose special moments with your family!Be sure that no other phone wallpaper is good enough for thisfallseason! This wall paper boasts high definition, so get it nowandturn your device into a romantic getaway! You will not onlyenjoyrainfall on your screen, but you will start asking happily:'Willit rain today?' Put on your rain shoes and let this rainwallpaperaccompany you in your autumn adventures! Don't shy awayfrom rainshower! Embrace the weather and go dancing in the rain!Let ourrain backgrounds show you how liberating rain dance is! Takeyoursoul mate by the hand and the sounds of water falling make youfallin love even more! Then, download this rain LWP to remind youofthis moment forever! Watch a golden maple leaf fall down ontheground and welcome the autumn season. Similarly, you can playwithyour new “android live wallpaper” and adjust the speed ofvirtualwater drops! With our "Android wallpaper” on your phone,fall willbecome your favorite season! If you are looking for appsforAndroid that are both romantic and fun, they you know what todo!Start tapping and download these background wallpapers!Restassured, you will love this beautiful and brand new setofpictures!*Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.*This application is ad-supported.
Halloween Live Wallpaper 6.0
Halloween Live Wallpaper is here toinspiregreat Halloween makeup for all of you who can't wait tocelebratethis scary holiday! Hop in your "Halloween costumes" andget readyfor a perfect trick or treat experience! Let this "livewallpaper"beautify your device and make a Halloween party complete!Pick anydesktop wallpaper offered by one of the best free apps onthemarket and have the perfect end of October! Look at thesescarypictures and come up with the creepiest ghost stories! Putthewitches and the unavoidable jack o lantern on your screen forthehair-raising effect! You will get tons of ideas for yourHalloweencostume when you start browsing through these coolwallpapers! Getthis “free download” and have the best virtualHalloweendecorations!☠ Choose from lots of different background wallpapers withourlive wallpaper for Android™!☠ Both landscape mode and home screen switching arefullysupported!☠ Get these cute wallpapers for your smartphone and makeyourfriends jealous!☠ New wallpapers are added daily – collect them all!☠ These cool backgrounds offer full control over the speedanddensity of glittering particles!☠ "Halloween Live Wallpaper" works perfect both on a mobilephoneand tablet device!☠ Embellish your smartphones with this spooky Halloweenwallpaperright now!☠ Get the best hd backgrounds completely free of charge!☠ These “live wallpapers” save your battery life even thoughtheycan scare you a little!Follow the download instructions to get this application :Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers ->LiveWallpapersIf you are lost for "Halloween costume" ideas, get ourHalloweenLive Wallpaper and be thrilled with possibilities! Do youwant todress up like a zombie apocalypse survivor? Or, do you thinkthat ascary clown from horror games is a better idea? Whateveryourpreferences, these scary pictures are here to help you findaperfect costume! All those evil creatures from horror filmswilllurk from your phone and you better get used to them! Thesescarymonsters will build up your courage and you won't be scared towalknear a haunted mansion ever again! Pick a cool wallpaper fromourgallery and get ready for chilling Halloween games! Now, youcanstop your search for “Halloween costumes for kids”! Ourfreescreensavers will inspire you, and all you have to do is takealook at our Halloween photos! Prepare candy bars andother“Halloween candy” for all of your masked visitors and maketheirday! Let this Android wallpaper take you on a Halloweenadventureand prepare for a good time! This wall paper looks sorealisticthat you won't need to decorate your home with spider webor put onvampire teeth! Just take out some pink candy for thelittle oneswho go trick or treating! With this high definition appyou mighteven start hearing Halloween sounds! But, don't worry!Halloweentheme song that you heard can only be a part of Halloweenpartygames! Our free live wallpapers will help you have a goodtime, andyou will soon start telling Halloween jokes! See foryourself thatthese desktop wallpapers are not only spooky, but theyalso offertons of fun! Download this phone wallpaper and you nolonger haveto look elsewhere for Halloween party ideas! Take outyour carvedpumpkins and learn some short scary stories for thescariest nightin the year! But, beware of the pranks and get thisHalloween LWPto protect you! If you are looking for apps forAndroid that offerbeautiful pictures with an edge, then you madethe right choice!Get this “free live wallpaper” and enter the worldof spooky scaryskeletons! Try to escape the walking dead in thezombie apocalypseand have fun doing it! This live wallpaper hd willtake you to thespooky land and you will love it!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Forest Live Wallpaper 6.0
Dive into the peace and tranquility offreshwoodlands with our brand new app ''Forest Live Wallpaper''!Preparefor your own adventure in the wilderness! Explore every partof ahuge forest! Get the free download right now and sink intothegreenery of high quality pictures! These background imageswillgive a fresh and natural look to your phone! Leave all yourworriesbehind and relax! You will be mesmerized by the naturallandscapesof enchanted woods! Reveal all mysteries hiding in thisoxygenfactory! Bath your screen with the green color and enjoywondrousnature!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers ->LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Are you tired of the concrete jungle and hot summer days?ForestLive Wallpaper offers you the unique opportunity to escapefrom thecity noise and fresh up in green fields and meadows! Take adeepbreath and feel the scent of fresh grass! On your way totheforest, take a look at a huge waterfall surrounded by smallstreamsand it leaves you breathless! Tiny water drops coming fromthestreams and springs are more than enough to cool yourselfdownwhile the Sun is shining! You are surrounded by spring flowersandyou don't know which one to pick because all of them areequallybeautiful! You take a daisy, a tulip and an orchid! You aresad asyou cannot find red and white roses but you soon forget allaboutthat because you get intoxicated by the fragrance of lavender!Uponhearing the forest sound, you realize that it is time to leaveandstart exploring enigmatic woodlands! You believe that thissceneryis a dream about a fantasy world! But you are wrong! It isnot adream! These panoramas are waiting for you in reality!Justdownload our ''green wallpaper'' and forest backgroundpictureswill embellish the screen of your phone for Android™!''Forest mania'' has begun! Everyone has put a landscapelivewallpaper on their phone! But they are going to end up greenwithenvy when they see your new ''nature wallpaper''! Get one ofthebest ''free apps'' ever and enjoy the breathtaking scenery ofthegolden Sun rays penetrating trees and creating forest shadowsovergreen plants and spring flowers! Be enchanted by thebeautifulpictures of huge fir trees and oak trees! Rest your eyeson thisgreen scenery of magnificent evergreens against the bluesky! Our'' HD wallpapers'' bring you the beauty of the forest inallseasons! Wintertime woods covered in snow are a striking sight!Aforest in autumn is beyond beautiful! The spectrum ofyellow,orange and red is depicted on falling autumn leaves! Thecracklingsound of leaves together with other nature sounds willarouse allyour senses! Similar to a peaceful Zen garden or Sakuragarden,this wood live wallpaper will help you develop emotionalpositivityand clarity!Our 3D forest invites you to take a walk in the woods! Youcanchoose the forest you like! Don't forget your umbrella ifyourdestination is a rainforest! Or you might want to reveal allthemysteries of dark forests of fear! It's up to you! You canevencreate your own tropical forest with huge vegetation, bushes,greenplants and green leaves, many animals, chirping birds andbuzzinginsects! Catch a liana and swing through the jungle! Maybeyou'llmeet Tarzan and Jane! Everything is possible with thisspringflowers live wallpaper!Wait no longer! Start enjoying the awakened nature right now!Allnature lovers, unite and download this amazing ''ForestLiveWallpaper'' free of charges! Mother Nature is waiting foryou!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Galaxy Live Wallpaper 1.0
''Galaxy Live Wallpaper'' invites you to acosmic journey! Pack your bags and prepare to see ''outer space'' !Download the most ''beautiful pictures'' of the universe and getready to explore millions of starry galaxies! This free applicationgives you once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see countless shinystars, planets in all their glory and other miracles beyond Earth!Don't you want to know what is happening in the vast universe? Thetime is now! Take your Android™ and get ''cool backgrounds'' foryour phone right now! And then you can relax and start countingstars!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers* You can choose from several different themes.* There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!A space galaxy consists of star systems, dark matter, varyingnumber of planets and interstellar clouds. It comes in severalshapes, and some instances are an elliptical or a spiral galaxy!What's interesting about this topic is that there are very manygalaxies in outer space - around 170 billion! Unbelievable, right?Mysterious beauty, the spectrum of the most amazing colors anddazzling stars make people admire these unreachable wonders! Wellguess what? They are not unreachable anymore! With ''Galaxy LiveWallpaper'' you can see the Shadow galaxy and many more! Are you afaithful fan of the Ice galaxy or perhaps of the Vortex galaxy? Youcan make your dream come true and see these wonders for yourself!You just need to download one of the best ''free apps for Android''and the whole universe is yours! Have you ever wanted to visit Marsor Venus? Now you can! Get our background images and be enchantedby the sight of these marvelous planets!This space ''glitter wallpaper'' is the right choice for allastronomers, romantic souls andthe ones who adore the scenery of the dark sky illuminated withtiny twinkle stars andmoonlight! Take a flight to the Moon! Visit the Sun! Watch theinterstellar colorful clouds of theNebula galaxy or the fire of the Inferno galaxy! Just set adestination and you are there!You don't need a starship or a spaceship to visit the empire ofgalaxy! All youshould have are these beautiful pictures for your phone! Our highdefinition3D wallpaper will make your screen look brilliant with theastonishing rotating sky that go fromblack and dark blue to purple and pink!Organize a romantic date with your boyfriend or girlfriend and gazeat a wonderful starry nighttogether! Make a wish when you see a meteor shower and a shootingstar! It is a warmsummer night, you are with your loved one and the sky full offalling stars is the onlywitness of your love! You feel butterflies in your stomach uponseeing the moon-lightened face ofyour beloved and you pray that it is not a dream! Don't worrybecause it's not! It is our brand new''space live wallpaper'' that will make your life beautiful!Do you have phone? If you do, your phone screen will look amazingwith thisGalaxy Live Wallpaper ! You will feel the need to sit tight, fastenyour seat belt and prepare forthe unforgettable journey to the vast universe! Take a deep breathand relax! The most beautifulimages of countless galaxies are waiting for you!Don't miss this unique opportunity! Download our free Androidapplication for your phone and enjoy your own galactic voyage! Youdon't need to make a wish uponseeing a shooting star - with this glitter wallpaper, all yourwishes have already come true!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Space Live Wallpaper 6.0
Reveal the mystery of the Universe with ourbrand new application “Space Live Wallpaper”! Free downloadbeautiful backgrounds and decorate your screen with the amazingimages of a starry night! Our “HD wallpapers” are perfect for anyphone for Android™ ! As soon as you get this “live wallpaper”, theincredible adventure may begin! The most beautiful pictures of“outer space” are now at your disposal!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers* You can choose from several different themes.* There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!People have been interested in wondrous and mysteries of space fromthe beginning of the world! All objects and planets in the vastUniverse seemed unattainable! “Space Live Wallpaper” is carefullydesigned with a purpose to make everybody familiar with thesensations of cosmos! Now you can see each and every constellationand planet for yourself! The outer space live wallpaper brings youa number of images with blinking stars and gloomy clouds that gofrom dark blue to purple and pink! Reveal the secrets of a meteorshower and shooting stars! Watch a meteorite or comet from themoment of their creation! Planets, star systems and the centeredblack hole can be a fantastic sight! Explore the Solar System ofthe Sun! Discover the position of the Earth in the Universe.Have you ever dreamt of turning a science fiction movie intoreality? “Space wallpaper” can make your dream come true! You canown any planet in outer space and create a space empire! Space LiveWallpaper is so vivid that your imagination becomes reality in theblink of an eye!This “live wallpaper” offers the unique opportunity to visit cosmoswithout a space shuttle or starship! Our “3D wallpaper” will makesure that you have the full experience of cosmos! Naturally, youwill get the most brilliant effect on your phone! Shower yourscreen with the moonlight and blinking stars! It will get a totallynew look! Our free application guarantees high definitionimages!When it comes to romance, this is one of the most wonderful appsfor Android! Our “sky wallpaper” is perfect for all couples inlove! Take your boyfriend or girlfriend to a magical place wherethe bright Moon and stars are painted on the dark sky! Are youtired of expecting a romantic cloudless night with the slivermoonlight and many stars? With Space Live Wallpaper, starlightnights will always be your companion! Enjoy a meteor shower comingfrom the sky! Admire the beautiful bright colors of meteoriteswhich bath the otherwise dark evening! Find your lucky star andmake a wish! On a magical night like this, anything ispossible!Wait no more! Get Space Live Wallpaper for free and enjoy thebeauty of outer space every day! This is the only application onthe market that can give you the best space experience ever!Download it right now and let the cosmic wonders make yourday!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Space Planets Live Wallpaper 6.0
Did you ever want to visit outer space andreveal the mystery of the vast Universe? Probably yes!Unfortunately, cosmic journey is still not a possibility for mostpeople! With ''Space Planets Live Wallpaper'' the inconceivablebecomes achievable! The voyage to the edge of the ''Solar System''is not a dream anymore! Decorate your screen with HD images ofplanets and turn your phone to a space station! Dive into theunknown and explore places beyond Earth! Let the ''space planets''backgrounds be your guide to the planetary system! Just downloadthis free application and you are already there!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers* You can choose from several different themes.* There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!Space Planets Live Wallpaper brings a spectacular planetary show tothe stage! All you need to do is take your phone for Android™ , getthis free download of the brilliant HD backgrounds, sit comfortablyand let the show begin! Discover what is hiding beyond the nightsky! A totally new world is waiting for you! Have you ever wantedto reveal the origin of a meteor shower and shooting star? Now youhave a chance! There are millions of meteorites and asteroidseverywhere in outer space waiting to enter the Earth atmosphere andbring joy to people by creating the fireworks of falling stars!Apart from the fireflies on the nightfall sky, this space planetsdesktop wallpaper offer you the unique opportunity to admire thebeauty of the full Moon from a very short distance!Fly through cosmic dust and see the extraterrestrial objects thatyou didn't even know to existed! You don't need to be a spaceman orto own a space shuttle for this flight, you only need our spaceplanets ''free images''! HD wallpapers come from the depth of theUniverse and they are so vivid that you'll get a real experience ofa cosmic voyage to the solar planets! With these desktopbackgrounds, your phone will never look better! Catch a shootingstar and find each and every among the floating spheres and orbs! Arotating painted in many shades of purple and blue is quite asight! Just be careful! You'll want to avoid black holes becausethey can be dangerous!''Planets live wallpaper'' takes you on a cruise around the SolarSystem! Put on the astronomer suit and prepare for the brightestplanet in outer space - Venus! Find out why Mars is associated withwar! Visit icy Pluto and look out for dangerous mixture of gases onJupiter and Neptune! Are there more planets to see? Of course thereare! And don't worry! You will see all of them because this ''spacelive wallpaper'' is like a perfect spaceman or a planet finder thatis your personal guide through cosmos!Watching the blue sky and starry nights from the Earth has becometoo boring for you? You want to come closer and see even greatermiracles? ''Space Planets Live Wallpaper'' is the right Androidapplication for you! You will satisfy your cosmic curiosity as soonas you see our space planets science pictures! Find out everythingabout the internal structure of the Milky Way, formation of cometsand the nature of satellites!On the other hand, if you just want to relax alone or with yourloved one, this space planets Live Wallpaper is what you need! Letthe stars and the Moon spill their beams of light on your face!Watch the beautiful night sky with an occasional shooting star andmake a wish!Space Planets Live Wallpaper is one of the best ''mobile apps'' youcan find! Get these free beautiful pictures right now, share itwith friends and fly to cosmos!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Puppies Live Wallpaper 6.0
Puppies Live Wallpaper welcomes you totheworld of the sweetest and cuddliest “cute animals”, completelyfreeof charge. Experience the explosion of cuteness on yoursmartphoneor tablet and feel relaxed all day long while you gaze atthe “cutepuppies”. Pick one of your favorite “dog breeds” andwitness “puppylove” on your very own phone screen! The endearingrascals willmake you sigh 'awww' and smile instantly - just give“Puppywallpaper” a try and have fun using one of the most adorableappsfor Android™ ! Fluffy, fuzzy and sweet, these pups will charmyou!Get one of the best cute wallpapers, completely free of chargeandfall in love with the Labrador, the “golden retriever”,playfuldalmatian or an adorable tiny pug! Have fun with playful“cutedogs”!★ Cute and adorable pictures of dogs will be ideal for yournewsmartphone!♥ Beautify your screen with the cutest small dog breeds!★ Choose one of the “Puppies backgrounds” inspired by thesecuteanimals!♥ These high definition puppy pictures and “Puppy backgrounds”willenchant you!★ Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!♥ Enjoy this new, free and fun “live wallpaper”!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers★ You can choose from several different themes and“cutepictures”.♥ New cute backgrounds are added daily - collect them all!★ HD graphics and open GL.♥ Optimized Battery Usage.★ Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.♥ The Android wallpaper will sleep when your phone is inactive,sothis desktop wallpaper will not drain your battery.★ “Puppies Live Wallpaper” fully supports horizontal orientationandlooks amazing on tablet devices as well as on mobilephones.Each “Puppy background” this lovely high definition dogwallpaperoffers will enchant you - pick your favorite cute dog andcheer upwhenever you gaze at your tablet screen. Have you beensearchingfor sweet new animal wallpapers that will make you feelwarm andfuzzy inside? Does the sight of cats and dogs make you feellikethat? If that is the case, “Puppy Live Wallpaper” brings tencoolbackgrounds beautified by small dogs as well as big dogs-achihuahua, a mighty husky, Stafford or the beautiful beaglecanbecome your virtual pet right now! Just pick your favoritecutepuppy and make your new mobile phone cuter than ever before. Ifyouprefer large dog breeds, like the bulldog or pitbull playing inthegrass, one of the best free “HD wallpapers” is on it! These HDdogimages will leave nobody indifferent! Instead, each of the sweetHDBackgrounds offers exquisite sights -furry little pups willtakeyour breath away the second you lay eyes on their adorablepuppyeyes and cute paws without a doubt! Girls,do you think thatthebest puppy images are those of a cute poodle? However, do notbefooled, “Puppies LWP” can be equally appealing to boys whopreferpit bulls to small dogs, like pugs. Whoever is a dog personwillfall in love with this free download - “Puppies Live Wallpaper”isthe sweetest Android Wallpaper that has the most beautifulpicturesof furry cute pets you can find. Have the man's best friendon yoursmartphones and make these gorgeous cute puppies your newpets!
Christmas Songs 1.0
Are you ready for the holiday season, thetimeof cheer and merriment? Our classic Christmas Songs are heretomake this time of year the happiest ever. Here' a lovelycollectionof “Christmas songs for kids” for all those who cannotwait toembrace the warmth of the holiday season. The “ChristmasEve” isupon us - let the Christmas countdown start with the bestmusicringtones. If you are looking for ringtones and text messagetonesthat are inspired by the winer season. This “freeringtonesdownload” of charge lets you pick from new from ourexclusive“Christmas Songs list”.🎄 Have a Merry Christmas and a “Happy New Year” with this freesoundeffects app! 🎄The spirit of Christmas is already in the air – go aheadanddownload all the beloved “Christmas carols” like :🎅 We wish you a Merry Christmas🎅 Santa Claus is Coming to Town🎅 Silent Night🎅 The Twelve Days of Christmas🎅 Deck the Halls🎅 Jingle Bells and many other “Christmas ringtonesforAndroid™”!Feel the spirit of “Christmas music”, merriment and cheer intheair! Listen closely - our list of “Christmas Songs” areannouncingthe period of the “happy holidays”. Celebrate the birthof “JesusChrist” - celebrate one of most beloved holidays in theworld, thatstands for love, merriment and unity with Christmasringtonesdownload! Start the Xmas countdown with our adorableChristmascarols and Jingle bells song that can serve as coolringtones,notification sound effects or SMS ringtones free ofcharge.Download Christmas Song lyrics and try the ”Best Ringtones”thatinclude around 30 of the most popular “ringtones free music”of2016. Christmas countdown 2016 free is long gone – prepare forahappy New Year 2017!🎶 Our Christmas carols are the best “text message ringtones”forAndroid!🎶 High quality “free ringtones” app with Xmas sms ringtones,andfunny sound effects for your mobile phone;🎶 Includes around 30 phone sound effects: “ChristmasSongs”ringtone, festive sound effects, funny laughter ringtone,popularcarols, Christian ringtones, funny “sms ringtones” &many, manymore!🎶 Easy to use interface: just tap once to preview the sound andholdto set it;🎶 Set “super loud ringtones”, SMS notification alert, alarmsoundsor assign “Christmas ringtones” to specific contacts;🎶 Completely free sounds of Christmas carols; this is thefullversion;🎶 Unlock 3 new Xmas songs each day!🎶 Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices;🎶 Christmas Ringtones are the most amazing new ringtones 2016thatyou must have!Have fun with our Christmas ringtones free of charge. Youcaneven set song ringtones as the alarm clock alert sound. Letthehappy holiday mp3 ringtones download welcome you to thewinterfantasy world. Wish somebody you love a Merry Christmas andHappyNew Year in the most creative way – share these wonderfulChristmascarols via any of the social networks. Our Christmas soundeffectssoundboard inspired by the season of the happy holidays willsurelyput a smile on your face. Nobody could stay indifferent tothesound of the free Christmas music, ringtones free new songs,etc.Embrace the holiday spirit and let the Xmas songs for kidsintoyour homes and hearts.Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Romantic Live Wallpaper 6.0
Are you ready to fall head over heels in love?Cupid brings you ''Romantic Live Wallpaper'' ! The best lovebackground images have just appeared on the market! Get the freedownload and feel love running through your veins! This is theideal application for all sweethearts, romantic souls and girls inlove! The sweet and adorable HD pictures of pink and red heartswill give your phone for Android™ angelic look! Prepare to beoverwhelmed with the glow of ''romantic love''! Show your trueemotions to your soul mate anytime and anywhere! Your declarationof love can be even more beautiful with the help of our cutewallpapers!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!Romantic Live Wallpaper will make your love story look like a fairytale! It is the perfect way to say to your right one 'I love you'!Romance in Paris is overrated! You don't have to go all the way toRome, Venice or any other romantic city in order to impress yourpartner! These high definition images will show your loved one howmuch you care doe him/her wherever you are! Put your pictures in aromantic love photo frame, watch a romance movie together andlisten to love songs! You don't need anything else for a perfectdate! Remember, you have to pay attention to these little things ifyou want a happy relationship or a fulfilled marriage!This ''love wallpaper'' is everything you need to create a romanticatmosphere! Have a wonderful dinner with your girlfriend whileromantic music is playing in the background! After you seal yourlove with a kiss, you can read a ''love quote'' from one of themost beautiful romance novels ever! The day declines and theamazing red sunset slowly disappears! You continue your dinnerunder the candle light! A swan lake illuminated by the moonlight isthe only witness to your love! You feel happy because you havefound your lucky star on a starry night and your wish cametrue!Our ''romantic wallpapers'' are perfect for Valentine's Day! Theywill embellish your phone with red hearts on pink and purplebackgrounds! February 14 will never be better! The amorous look ofyour screen will make everyone fall in love with you and ask youthe question of the day: ''Will you be my Valentine'' ?! Valentinecards are outdated! Buy chocolate hearts, red roses, a big fluffyteddy bear and let the ''romantic message'' on your phone tell howyou feel!Delete your old romantic backgrounds and ''love calculator''because you no longer need them! This girly live wallpaper that weoffer is perfect for all people in love! It doesn't matter whetherit is winter, spring, summer or autumn - it's always time for loveand romance! Put red hearts on your Android phone and let everyoneknow that you are a love addict! Decorate your screen with thecolor of love and passion! Dive into the place where you can seeonly happy couples! Find a romantic beach to share magical momentswith your soul mate! Feel butterflies in your stomach while you arein your lover's arms, watching the romantic scenery of the moonlitsea!Romantic Live Wallpaper is a perfect mobile app for a boyfriend andgirlfriend in love! Wait no longer! Download our cute backgroundcompletely free and enjoy the most wonderful feeling of all! Loveis in the air! Get this romantic theme and see the world throughlove glasses!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Sunset Live Wallpaper 6.0
For all those who admire the ravishing beautyof the Sun, we proudly present a brand new application of beautifulpictures called ''Sunset Live Wallpaper'' ! A set of wonderful highdefinition images of sunset will leave you speechless! This is thebest ''sunset wallpaper'' that you can find! Choose from a numberof sunny desktop backgrounds and enjoy the wonder of a lovely andromantic landscape! ''Free download'' the mesmerizing naturewallpaper and feast your eyes on the glow of sunset!Follow the installation instructions:Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers* You can choose from several different themes.* There is full support for landscape mode and home-screenswitching!From the scientific point of view, sunset or sundown is thedisappearance of the Sun below the horizon! However, from theartistic point of view, sunset is much more! Sometimes it cannot bedescribed with words! One look at this magnificent appearance and awhole range of new feelings is here! Now you can take delight insunset anytime and anywhere with Sunset Live Wallpaper ! Sit downcomfortably, put your sunshades on, and let the journey begin! Youare on a ''sunny beach'', sipping on a cocktail and looking at ahuge sea and magnificent sky! As the sunny day slowly turns intoevening, you notice the Sun changing its color and shape in thedistance! It turns into a grand orange fireball, while the sun rayspenetrate the thick clouds on the sky and the whole scenery looksdazzling! You are fascinated by the mixture of colors on the sky -from different shades of orange and pink to red and purple! Do youwish to see this beautiful panorama for yourself? Your wish canbecome reality if you just free download the breathtaking ''sunrisesunset'' images for Android™ phone!You adore romantic encounters with your boyfriend or girlfriend?This ''beautiful sunset wallpaper'' is the right choice for you!Take your loved one on a sunny beach and enjoy the peculiarsunshine at dawn! Sunrise at dusk can also be lovely, but not aslovely as sundown! Summer sunset on a sandy beach is definitely themost wonderful of all! Summertime sadness is over! Free downloadthis Live Wallpaper and your romantic sunny holiday may begin! Letthe Sun bath your phone screen! Illuminate your desktop with theperfect love wallpapers depicting the warm glow of the Sun goingdown! Your phone will look very cute when you put the sunset imageon the screen! We assure you that there is no better applicationfor your Android than Sunset Live Wallpaper ! These beautifulpictures are so realistic that both boys and girls love it! Our 3Dwallpaper comes in high quality and it guarantees the uniqueexperience! Only with this nature wallpaper can you witness thebeauty of a fiery red ball of light sinking below the horizon. Youcan see how the rays of the Sun mingle with the clouds and colorthem in colors of red, purple and dark blue! This is a trueadventure that no one should miss!The sunset sunrise images are one of the best desktop backgroundsin 2014! Make your phone look cute and bright like a diamond! Freedownload ''Sunset Live Wallpaper'' right now because it is yourtime to shine!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.