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Math for kids 2018 1.0
Math for kids is a game that allows your children to learnmathskills in a fun and joyous environment. From prechoolerstokindergarteners to toddlers ... This game targets childrenfromvarious ages to strenghten and enhance their math abilities onadaily basis. Hence, it doesn't matter if your kids are onvacationthey can learn while having fun!This app is a free learninggamethat features legions of levels going from easy to tough(butmangeable ) , in order to reinforce endurance capabalitiesanddiscipline in your child.Math for kids contains a number oflevelsincluding:-Find the shapename-Countingobjects-Addition-Dominos-Matching objects-DomingAddition-Find TheWord and more!Graphics by:
RocketLaunch 1.1.0
A rocket is launching and you have to save it from obstaclesthatwill obstruct your path in this endless survival game. Aspaceshipis there to help you remove danger from the way and allowtherocket to go sky high. This game is exceedingly challengingandaddictive. The levels get harder as you get higher andhigher.Focuson not letting objects hit the rocket or it willexplode and youlose. It's easy to play, just move your fingeraround to blockmoving obstacles and stop them from hitting therocket. Challengeyour friends and see who gets the higher scores!Features: - FREE!- Endless levels. - Perfect game for high scorehunters. -Different obstacles every time you play. - One finger,one handPlay now! ( Designs by A rocket is launchingand youhave to save it from obstacles that will obstruct your pathin thisendless survival game. A spaceship is there to help youremove therocket to go sky high. This game is exceedinglychallenging andaddictive. The levels get harder as you get higherand higher.Focuson the letting objects hit the rocket or it willexplode and youlose. It's easy to play, just move your fingeraround obstacles andstop them from hitting the rocket. Challengeyour friends and seewho gets the higher scores! Features: - FREE! -Endless levels. -Perfect game for high score hunters. - Differentobstacles everytime you play. - One finger, one hand Play now!(Designs
Whatssap Profile Tracker/ Chat 1.0
Whatssap profile tracker/chat is an app that helps you figureoutwho visited your Whatssap profile. It provides you with a listofpeople who viewed your profile and also a time stamp that letsyouknow the exact time of when they visited your whatssap. Thisappalso features a chat option that allows you to chat within theappwith all your friends and send them messages directly totheirwhatssap.
Jumping Pumpkin 1.0
Jumpin Pumpkin is fun Halloween game to play with your friendsandhunt for best scores! Jump from line to line and watch out fortheghosts. If they catch you , you lose. This is an amazingHalloweenspecial game for kids and adults! Play now and create yourown bestscore. This game also features Four different characters toplaywith. Get it now for free and get in the Halloween spirit!