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com.bigbluebubble.pixeldodgers 1.6
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Act fast to dodge as many pixel blasts as you can before beingblown to smithereens! Choose from a quirky cast of Pixel Dodgerscharacters, each with their own unique skills, as you dodge yourway through beautifully illustrated 8-bit worlds. The retro visualsand delightfully difficult 2D gameplay are guaranteed to a give youa serious case of nostalgia - just tap to start! FEATURES: • Retro8-bit graphics - bring on the nostalgia! • Simple and intuitivegameplay that will keep you dodging all day • A colossal cast ofcharacters with powerful skills • Collectible items that can changethe course of the game! • Six unique and challenging worlds tounlock ________________________________ STAY TUNED and ________________________________ PLEASENOTE! Pixel Dodgers is free-to-play, however some game items canalso be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
Playing For A Better World - Help the Environment! 2.0
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♻️ Educational fun games for kids and family focused onenvironmental values ​​and good habits! Delightful hand-drawn Artand the Most engaging Set of games to enjoy and master! Playing fora Better World is a video game focused on teaching values and goodhabits, which includes several games that address important issuessuch as animal welfare, renewable energy, ecology, wasteclassification and recycle, industrial responsibility,over-consumption and deforestation, healthy diet and much more! 🌎😙⭐️ Collect Stars and Unlock Awesome outfits and Learn how to make abetter world by collecting all the valuable phrases! 👍 ✔️Playingfor a Better World Features: • 7 Unique games with Differentmechanics and Environmental themes (First game is FREE TO PLAY, thefull game needs to be PURCHASED SEPARATELY). • Beautiful HDillustrations and animations. • Easy to learn and Challenging. •Dress up the character with an awesome and funny wardrobe and someclassic outfits • Environmental phrases and values ​​to collect andadd to the Better World Library • Total Collected Stars counter andBetter World Library collection for a Progression experience •Share achievements, Phrases collected, Customized character Playingfor a Better World, is a great game for children and the family,providing values and teachings in fun ways involving all thefamily. It is a game of simple mechanics but at the same timeengaging with collectibles and customization. 🌐 A wonderful,educational opportunity for kids to learn about the environment. Itinspires awareness for the environment and out planet ❤️🌎 The gameis specifically designed for kids to learn to take care of theenvironment while playing exciting and engaging games! 💚 Visit us: Like us on Facebook: Follow us onInstagram: us on Twitter: CONTACT US💬 Let us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions? TechnicalSupport? Contact us at 🌳🌲 tags:animals, world, ecology, planet, education, kids, children, family,recycle, environment, learn, eco, earth, green, sustainable, clean