Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary, Food Diary Tracker 6.9.0
Losing weight is easy: MyNetDiary creates a diet plan for you, witha food diary and calorie counter that will keep you on target everyday. It’s your coach-in-a-pocket, tracking your diet and giving youfriendly advice and tips on how to eat better and lose faster.MyNetDiary is the #1 diet app according to American Journal ofPreventive Medicine, whose study included MyFitnessPal, Lose It!and Noom. The New York Times found MyNetDiary "simpler, quicker andnicer" than MyFitnessPal. Over 9 million members. Average activeuser loses 1.4 lb/week. ★ CALORIE PLAN, WEIGHT FORECAST ANDAUTOPILOT Set your weight loss goal and the app will plan andcreate a Calorie Budget to lose weight safely. Set a target date(wedding, reunion) or limit your daily calories from food andexercise. MyNetDiary will calculate macros and nutrition targetsfor you. You can plan your meals in advance, to make sure you hityour carb and protein targets. As you use the calorie tracker,Weight Forecast shows you whether you are on target and suggestsdiet tweaks. Autopilot keeps you out of a weight plateau and guidesyou to your weight loss target. ★ SUPPORTS ANY DIET MyNetDiary canwork as a simple calorie counter, or it can focus on your macros,supporting low-carb and keto diets. ★ MASSIVE FOOD DATABASE Thebest food database with restaurants, grocery stores, special dietsand ethnic foods. Verified and updated daily: if a food is not inthe catalog, snap it with the PhotoFood tool, we will enter food'sNutrition Facts for you. ★ BARCODE SCANNER Scan the barcode on yourfood package, the app will log calories and nutrients for you.There is no easier calorie tracker than MyNetDiary! ★ REMINDERS Letthe app remind you about logging Meals, Weigh-Ins, Steps, Sleep andBlood Pressure, so that your diet journal is always up-to-date. ★PLANNING MACROS AND NUTRITION MyNetDiary tracks up to 40 nutrients,more than any other calorie tracker app. Choose how much energyshould come from macros - Fat, Carbs and Protein. Choose a targetfor every nutrient, the app will provide feedback on your nutritionand show you your actual macros. Food Score gives each food arating. Food Score plus barcode scanner turn MyNetDiary into aperfect shopping companion - Food Scanner, letting you find thebest food at a glance. Our users love it! The app supports foodNutrition Facts in traditional and the new USDA formats. ★ CHARTSWITH INSIGHTS AND MOTIVATION Plot your weight loss journey. See howyour body reacts to your dieting and exercise. Visualize yourcalorie counter and macro stats. The charts paint a big picturewhile letting you zoom into daily food log records. ★ THE BEST FOODLOG MyNetDiary is the fastest calorie counter, remembering yourfoods and servings for quickest entry. ★ AUTO TRACKING STEPS ANDEXERCISES Link your diary to devices from Fitbit, Withings, Garmin.Get your data from Google Fit. The app will automatically sync yourSteps, Exercises, Weight, Water, Heart Rate and other tracked data.★ EXERCISE DATABASE Over 500 exercises will help you track andachieve your fitness goals! ★ REGISTERED DIETITIAN BLOG &LIBRARY Read on the latest diet science, learn healthy recipes,delicious meals and dieting techniques from our team of RegisteredDietitians. ★ HEALTH & DIABETES TRACKER MyNetDiary is much morethan a calorie counter - track your health: Blood Pressure, HeartRate, Blood Cholesterol, medications, test results, symptoms andeverything else with Custom Trackers. Diabetes section tracks BloodGlucose, A1C, Net Carbs, Diabetes Carb Count and insulin. ★CUSTOMIZE IT Customize your dashboard: choose your nutrients,health trackers and other sections. Access your food diary fromyour Home screen with MyNetDiary widgets and shortcuts. Most of thefeatures are available for free. Some features require MyNetDiaryMaximum subscription.
Diabetes & Diet Tracker 6.9.0
MyNetDiary’s Diabetes & Diet Tracker app is the easiest andmost comprehensive diabetes tracker app for Android. MyNetDiary canhelp you better understand and control diabetes and pre-diabetes -along with improving your diet, losing weight and providingfeedback, support and motivation. MyNetDiary was featured in the2017 Consumer Guide of Diabetes Forecast magazine, published by theAmerican Diabetes Association, the world’s most trusted source ofdiabetes information. Designed for diabetes type 1, type 2,pre-diabetes and gestational diabetes. This app helps youunderstand and control all aspects of diabetes. It shows you the“big picture” of your blood glucose factors by counting carbs inthe food you eat, recording medication intake, exercise andeverything else you want to capture about your condition. The appcoaches you on losing weight and staying fit. You will learn to eatbetter and become more active with app tips. The app reveals whatreally affects your blood glucose when you start changing yourlifestyle. We hope your diabetes management story will be a successempowered by our tracker. Our efficacy study based on self-reportedMyNetDiary user data has shown that an active user loses 12% ofbody weight. Average A1C reduction is 1.4%. MyNetDiary followsevidence-based guidelines and was ranked #1 diet app by anindependent study published in the American Journal of PreventiveMedicine. MyNetDiary was featured on NBC, NPR, Lifetime's TheBalancing Act, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Health Magazine.▌ ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR YOUR DIABETES & DIET MANAGEMENT ✓Comprehensive blood glucose tracking with flexible pre-andpost-meal target ranges. The app highlights out-of-range readings.Label your readings and understand root causes of BG excursions. ✓Quick food logging takes only a few minutes a day. Meal remindershelp you track consistently. Barcode scanner and instant foodsearch make it fun. ✓ Optional insulin and medication tracking. ✓Track lab results including A1C, cholesterol, blood pressure andheart rate. ✓ Diet planning for weight loss and maintenance. Theapp helps you set a realistic weight goal and lose weight in asteady, comfortable fashion. It keeps analyzing your diary andprovides personalized diet tips, it’s like having a virtual coachin your pocket. ✓ Carb counting and nutrition tracking uses acatalog of 390,000 verified foods, updated daily. If a food is notin the catalog, send us its photos from the app and we will add thefood for you, we call it “PhotoFood service”. ✓ The app startsshowing matching foods as you type food name or brand. Food Scorehelps you understand food labels at a glance. ✓ Net carbs ordiabetes carb count for every meal and day ✓ Exercise tracking: logmanually or link your diary with Fitbit, Withings and Jawbone UP. ✓Track your water intake and all body measurements ✓ Custom trackers- track anything you want, such as quality of sleep, symptoms, andmore. ✓ Detailed daily and weekly analysis, a comprehensive set ofcharts and reports helping you understand blood glucose, food,nutrition, weight loss, carb counting and diet management. ✓Automatic sync to for backup and access from all ofyour devices. ✓ App screens are custom-tailored for tablets andphones. ▌DISCLAIMER This app is an educational tool, it is not amedical device, it is not a substitute for a medical device ormedical care, and it does not provide diagnosis, cure, mitigation,treatment, or prevention of any disease. If you have questions orconcerns about individual health matters or management of yourconditions, please consult your healthcare team.