Myroslav Kolodii Apps

Parked Car 1.5
It is an easy-to-use application, which can help you to markaparking location of your car on a map in one of following twoways:1. Automatically, using Bluetooth connection to your car. Youdon'thave to do anything, parking location will be stored by theapp inbackground. Once you turn off your car and your phonedisconnectsfrom a car, parking location will be automaticallydetermined andstored by the application. Note: to be able to usethis option, youneed to choose a Bluetooth device of your car froma list of pairedBluetooth devices in the application first (thisshould be doneonly once per car); 2. Manually, using a buttonwithin theapplication. When you press 'Park Car', current locationwill bestored by the application. Pressing 'Clear' will removeparkinglocation instead. Application doesn't drain your battery,you don'thave it to be opened to operate in auto mode. It justtriggers fora short period of time in background to get and store alocation.Once finished, you'll get a notification on your phone. Jobs&Events 1.3
With this app you'll be able to list latest events and jobpostingsfrom web service, with a possibility to manage them,i.e.add to favourites, show in web browser, add to calendar andshare.You'll get notifications about availability of new items aswell.This is a private, non-official application, which is notrelatedto service in any way. It uses publicly available rssfeeds,provided by, to receive the data. This applicationisopen-sourced and is available on my GitHub account.