Slash/Dots. Physics Puzzle 5.2.1
"Slash/Dots." is a physics puzzle game, where you cut wood and hitballs against each other.There are over a 100 stages ranging fromcrystal-clear easy to mind-boggling difficulty.New! Added StageMaker !!。.。・.。*゚+。。.。・.。*゚+。。.。・。*゚+。。.。・.。*゚+。。.。・.。*゚In JapaneseGoogle Play Store, wonPuzzle 2nd place !! Thanks!。*゚+。。.。・.。*゚+。。.。・.。*゚。.。・.。*゚+。。.。・.。*゚。.。・.。Ramps, motors,gears and even dominos!There are fresh tricks and challenges thatawaits you.
イーノック、そんな装備で大丈夫かゲーム for エルシャダイ 1.6
「話をしよう、あれは今から36万・・・いや、1万4000年前だったか、」イーノックがひたすら落下するアクションゲームです。エルシャダイが一部フリー素材となった記念に作らせて頂きました。ファンの方も、初めてエルシャダイに触れる方もぜひ。「まぁいい、私にとってはつい昨日の出来事だが、君たちにとっては多分明日の出来事だ彼には72通りの名前があるから、なんて呼べばいいのか確か最初に会ったときは、イーノック、そうあいつは最初から言う事を聞かなかった。私の言うとおりにしておけばな、まぁいいやつだったよ」(c)crim 素材をお借りしました。※当アプリは公式から許可を取って配信しています。"Itry to talk, there are 360,000 ... Well from now, whether it was14,000 years ago,"Enoch is single-mindedly dropping action game.ElShaddai is I was allowed made to commemorate that became part freematerial.Also towards the fan, by all means even those who touchthe first time El Shaddai."Maii, but with yesterday's event for me,but it's probably tomorrow of events for you guysBecause He has thename of the street 72, Nante whether I should YobeCertainly Whenyou first met, Enoch, did not hear that say so guy from thebeginning.Do Once you have exactly as I say, it was Well, good guy."(C) has borrowed a crimmaterial.※This app is serving to take permission from the official.
Bouncy Doggy - Drawing Game 2.1
Mission you were given is"Draw a Line, Lead a Dog".Draw a linewitha tap and play a dog.As obstacles come, let's dodge well.Youcanturn gacha when you collect coins falling on the road.Let'scollectvarious characters with Gacha!You can also collect obstaclesandcustomize it.A new world awaits you foreachcharacter!Unpredictable movements arising fromphysicalcalculations,Can you control?Let's share the replay movieand sharethe result with SNS!Because it is a game usingphysicalcomputation, the result is infinity.· I love a puppy!· Somepeoplelike dogs but can not keep themselves in circumstances· Ilikedogs, but those who are satisfied with the variety of TVanimalsvariety because walking is troublesome· People who likephysicalengines· People seeking casual gaming games· People whowant toturn gacha that does not cost money all the time· People whowantto havesurrealgames-----------BGM・SE--------------・SuperGazer・ClairedeLune(PublicDomain)・actionpuzzle・honobonogameover・komorebi・burikinokisya ni notte・MusicisVFR・maodamashi・GameCenter・VideoGame Metal-"Tetrepic"