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This application enables you to see where the Quasi-ZenithSatellite System (four-QZS constellation) in the sky! ●What isQZSS? Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) is a Japanese satellitepositioning system composed mainly of satellites in quasi-zenithorbits (QZO). Satellite positioning systems use satellite signalsto calculate position information. One famous example is theAmerican Global Positioning System (GPS) and the QZSS is sometimescalled the Japanese GPS. For details, please refer to the followingWebsite "Quasi-Zenith Satellite System". URL : ●What is GNSS View? GNSS View provides thatandroid version application that is based on the websiteapplication "GNSS View".This application is optimized for the32bit. This application enables you to know position of positioningsatellites such as QZSS and GPS in the specified time and location.In addition to the first QZS "Michibiki", you can also see thefour-satellite-constellation QZSS which will be operated fromFY2018. The positioning satellites displayed in the GNSS View arenot based on the satellite information directly received by thesmartphone but are displayed based on the satellite arrangementcalculated based on the publicly released orbit information.●GNSSView 3 functions 【Main】 ・You can move to the Position Radarscreen or AR Display screen from the application startup screen.【Position Radar】 ・It is provided radar view of positioningsatellites such as QZS and GPS as a sky plot at the specified timeand location. ・Positioning satellites can be specified from QZSS,GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS. ・You can also select specifiedsignal satellites to see on the radar. ・You can see selectedsatellites by setting elevation mask angle. ・You can switch eastand west of satellite arrangement, turn on / off rotation, andswitch on / off display of satellite number. ・It displays HDOP,VDOP, the total number of satellites and the number of eachpositioning satellites in the satellite arrangement displayed onthe radar. 【AR Display】 ・Position of positioning satellites such asQZSS and GPS on the sky from your current location is able to seethrough your android camera at the specified time. ・In order todisplay satellites, it is necessary to turn on the positioninformation of the smartphone and complete the positioning.Therefore, it may take time to display. ・Positioning satellites canbe specified from QZSS, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, SBAS. ・Youcan also select specified signal satellites to see on the radar.・You can see selected satellites by setting elevation mask angle.●Supported versions ・Android 4.0 ・Android 4.1 ・Android 4.2 ・Android4.3 ・Android 4.4 ・Android 5.0 ・Android 5.1 ・Android 6.0 ・Android7.0 ・Android 7.1
Today’s competitive and fast past business environment means thatemployees are no longer bound to a desk - you need to be mobile andbe able to work where your work takes you. NEC’s UNIVERGE ST465softphones for Android smartphones allow you to make and receivecalls from virtually anywhere, as if you were at your desk. Whilein the office connect to the Wi-Fi to handle your calls. Whileoutside the office you can use your mobile data (3G / 4G) to handleyou calls, and you can reduce incurring mobile call costs (SeeNotes below). Deploying a ST softphone can save your company moneyby no longer having employees call-forward their desk phones totheir mobile. Staff will also be able to make free internal callsand inexpensive local calls from the softphone rather than allcalls being made directly from their mobile phone. By only givingout your desk phone number (not your mobile number), you willalways be contactable and you will only have a single call historyand work voicemail to check. The ST465 simplifies yourcommunications. ■Application features ・Integration to Android phonecontacts ・Call history (Missed / Made / Received) grouped bycontact ・Custom speed dial panel for quick dialling ・Hands-freemode ・Mute a ringing call by turning over the phone ・Automaticallymute or go on speaker based on phone orientation ■Call features・Make and receive calls ・Call waiting ・Hold / retrieve hold・Transfer ・Call park ・Call pickup ・Dial DTMF (RFC 2833 / In-band)・Call forward ・Call hunt groups NOTE: To work outside yourcorporate Wi-Fi, you will require a VPN connection or a SessionBorder Controller. THE ST465 is free to use on your NEC Phonesystems (SL1100, SV9100, SV9300 or SV9500), but requires anactivation code that you can obtain from your NEC representative.It may also requires spare licences capacity on your phone systemto create a standard SIP extension.
UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client 9.300.3
The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client is a Unified Communicationsapplication that works along with your workplace's UNIVERGE 3CUnified Communications system that provides Voice over IP (VoIP)PBX, Soft Phone and Unified Communications services for theenterprise. The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client helps you manage, in realtime, multi-media communications including VoIP, instant messaging,presence, conferencing and more. A Soft Media Phone allows you tocommunicate over VoIP in the WiFi or cellular data network, ifenabled by your system administrator. The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Clientprovides control over communications to and from any VoIP phone onyour system that is assigned to you, including a desk phone in youroffice, a soft phone running on your PC or any smartphone or tabletdevice, a shared phone you are temporarily logged in to, etc. Withthe UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client you can place outbound calls from anyVoIP device assigned to you, with the ability to screen calls,answer calls, send calls directly to voice mail, or redirectinbound calls to any of your devices, including your tablet orsmartphone. The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client provides a real timenotification and you can take immediate action on the call. On aconnected call, you can: - Move the call without interruption fromone assigned VoIP device to another - Hold/un-hold calls on anyconnected device - Transfer the call to another person - Recordcalls (if enabled by your system administrator) - Place a call in athree party conference call In addition to allowing VoIP callcontrols, the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client offers additional UnifiedCommunications features: - Contact Search for other users withintheir personal contacts, corporate directory, and other connectedsystems - Real-time presence for you and for other users -Information about the contacts such as full name, title,department, office location, etc. - Call and IM history TheUNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client enhances business communications, andtakes efficiency and productivity to the next level. With theUNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client and UNIVERGE 3C system, you can controlyour multi-media communications from anywhere, at any time and onany device. UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client Requirements: The UNIVERGE 3CMobile Client application requires the UNIVERGE 3C UnifiedCommunications Manager version 9.2 for full functionality. However,the UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client is compatible with all versions laterthan UNIVERGE 3C Unified Communications Manager 9.1.3 with limitedfunctionality. Please contact your local NEC representative formore details. The UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client is compatible with allAndroid OS devices (5.0+).
"UNIVERGE MC550 application for Android allows you to seamlesslystay in touch with your work place by putting voice and instantmessage tools in one place. You can quickly find a co-worker orpersonal contact, see their status, and initiate communication withthe touch of an icon. You can change your own status and view yourmissed calls and instant messages. You can dial an extension,return calls, and send IM’s with ease. By publishing just onesingle number, you can use the power of contact rules to decidewhich callers reach you while mobile, and on what devices. Rulesare based on your status which can be driven by your work calendar(Exchange), and you can send calls to internal numbers or externalphones, redirecting to a single number or ringing together withmulti-ring or “twinning” with your work phone (or extension).Benefits include: • Increased productivity – Find those you needquickly with presence-enabled directory, contact lists, andcommunication history • Improved responsiveness – Help others reachyou while away from your desk for faster decision making and fluidbusiness continuity • Reduce the flood of email – Use IM to getanswers rapidly without the latency of buried emails • Protectyourself and the company – Avoid giving out your cell phone numberso that business contacts reach you via your enterprise number •Ultimate flexibility – Select alternate end points when placingcalls from UNIVERGE MC550, allowing you to leverage the mostconvenient voice end point, from a conference room phone to yourhome phone, while showing your enterprise number to callers NOTE TOADMINISTRATORS: *** This fixed mobile converged (FMC) solutionleverages the enterprise voice infrastructure provided by UNIVERGESV9500, SV9300, SV8500 or SV8300 (communication platform). ***"
【N専用 振動】Haptics Champagne 1.2
Haptics(触覚)のすごさを簡単に体感できる『Haptics Champagne』が新登場!シャンパンが泡立ち、飛び出す感触が味わえる!端末を振ると中のシャンパンが泡立ち、飛び出す勢いが増すぞ!■Integrated with Immersion Haptic Effects■NECオリジナル振動波形を使用■本アプリはMEDIAS TAB UL N-08D専用ですYou caneasily experience the horror of Haptics (touch) "Haptics Champagne"debuts!Champagne is bubbling, can taste you feel the rush out!Champagne during foaming shake the terminal, momentum is jumpingout'll increase!■ Integrated with Immersion Haptic Effects■ I use the NEC original vibration waveform■ This app is MEDIAS TAB UL N-08D only
バザールでござーる 都道府県を見つけよう! 1.2
日本地図の中から、問題にある都道府県を見つけていきます。正しい都道府県の場所をクリックすれば、正解です。問題は1回5問。ランダムで色々な都道府県の問題が出題されます。分からない場合は、バザールの仲間にヒントを聞く事ができますが、ヒントを見ないで正解した方が高得点です。高得点を目指してがんばろう!Fromthe map of Japan, I will continue to find the province where theproblem.If you click on the location of the correct state, and youare correct. The problem Question 5 once.Problems of variousprefectures are questions at random.If you do not know, you canhear a hint to fellow Bazaar, but better to answer without seeingthe hint is a high score.Let's do our best to aim a high score!
NECのホテル基幹システムと接続可能な業務アプリケーションです。ご利用には、NECホテル基幹システム「NEHOPSSaaS」のご契約が必要となります。It is a business application which can beconnected to a hotel key system of NEC.In use, it becomes necessaryto contract NEC hotel core system of "NEHOPS SaaS".
NEC Virtualized Smartphone 2.6_2_0_a
NEC Virtualized Smartphone is a solution thatsupports secure and reliable use of smart devices for businesspurpose.Use this application to gain secure access to virtual machinerunning on the centralized server.Your device features GPS, Accelerometer, Proximitysensor,microphone, and camera are fully available through thevirtual machine.To get started, all you need is user id, password and IP addressof server provided by your IT administrator.NEC Virtualized Smartphone app features:- No adaptation required.Simple access to your company workspace that you already familiarwith.- Hassle freeNo need to install or manage application provided by yourcompany.- Access your company email everywhereNo more additional application installation. Just access yourvirtual device and have your inbox ready.- Secure data storageYour valuable data are stored inside your company server. There isnothing to worry about even if you lose your device.
3A SecureToken App
「3A SecureToken App」は、NECが提供する下記の製品またはサービス専用のクライアントアプリケーションです。・NC7000-3A ・NEC Cloud Authentication 【ご利用いただく前に】1.本アプリケーションをご購入いただく際、下記に記載する利用許諾に合意される場合のみ、本アプリケーションをダウンロードして下さい。本アプリケーションをダウンロードされた場合、その理由の如何にかかわらず利用許諾に合意されたものとみなします。2.本アプリケーションで「NC7000-3A」および「NEC CloudAuthentication」をご利用頂くには、本アプリケーションのダウンロードの他に、サーバへユーザアカウントが登録されていることが必要です。3.本アプリケーションで生成するパスワード、およびパスワード強度チェックの結果は、具体的な安全を保証するものではありません。本アプリケーションの利用により生じた損害に関し、弊社は一切責任を負いません。利用者の責任で管理・使用して下さい。【動作環境】・Android 2.2以上----------【利用許諾】ソフトウェア・プロダクト使用条件お客様へのお願い:下記ソフトウェア・プロダクトのご使用に際しては、以下の使用条件(以下「本使用条件」といいます。)をよくお読み下さい。下記ソフトウェア・プロダクトをダウンロード、インストールまたは使用することによって、お客様は本使用条件の条項に拘束されることに同意されたものとします。本使用条件の条項に同意されない場合は、ソフトウェア・プロダクトをダウンロード、インストール、複製、または使用することはできません。本ソフトウェア・プロダクトは法人による業務上の利用を目的としたものであり、別途ご契約いただく「NC7000-3A」または「NECCloudAuthentication」を利用するためにしか使うことのできないものです。従って、本使用条件は、本ソフトウェア・プロダクトをダウンロード・インストールまたは使用する方のみならず、その方が本ソフトウェア・プロダクトを法人の業務のためにダウンロード、インストールまたは使用する場合には、当該法人にも適用されますのでご注意ください。ソフトウェア・プロダクト名:3A SecureTokenAppお客様(以下「甲」といいます。)は、1.1項所定の日本電気株式会社(以下「乙」といいます。)のソフトウェア・プロダクトに関し、次のとおり同意します。1. 定義1.1 「ソフトウェア・プロダクト」とは、上記のオブジェクト形式のコンピュータ・ソフトウェアおよび関連資料をいいます。1.2 「指定ハードウェア」とは、GoogleInc.製オペレーティングシステム「Android」を搭載した端末をいいます。※「Android」はGoogleInc.の商標または登録商標です。2. ライセンス2.1 乙は、甲に対し、ソフトウェア・プロダクトを、指定ハードウェア上で甲の内部業務目的のためにのみ使用する一身専属的、譲渡不能の非独占的権利を許諾し、甲はかかる権利を受諾します。2.2 ソフトウェア・プロダクトは、指定ハードウェアの一時メモリ(例えば、RAM)にロードされ、または固定メモリ(例えば、ハードディスク、その他の記憶装置)にインストールされたときに当該コンピュータにおいて使用されたものとします。2.3 ソフトウェア・プロダクトには、HidekatsuIzuno氏が開発するJSONICが含まれています。JSONICの使用には下記条件が適用されます。CopyrightHidekatsu IzunoJSONICはApache License Version2.0(以下「Apacheライセンス」といいます。)に基づいてライセンスされます。このファイルを使用するためには、Apacheライセンスに従わなければなりません。Apacheライセンスのコピーは下記の場所から入手できます。 複製権甲は、本使用条件で明示的に認められている場合を除き、ソフトウェア・プロダクトを複製してはなりません。4. 移転等4.1 甲は、乙の書面による事前の承諾を得ることなくソフトウェア・プロダクトを第三者に譲渡し、担保に供し、または第三者に使用させてはなりません。4.2 甲は、日本国政府および関連する外国政府の必要な許可を得ることなく直接または間接にソフトウェア・プロダクトまたはその直接製品を輸出、再輸出、転売、出荷、もしくは転用し、または輸出、再輸出、転売、出荷、もしくは転用させてはなりません。5. 逆コンパイル等5.1 甲は、ソフトウェア・プロダクトを改変、リバースエンジニアリング、逆コンパイルまたは逆アセンブルしてはなりません。5.2 甲は、ソフトウェア・プロダクトまたは内部にある著作権表示その他の表示を除去または変更してはなりません。6. 無体財産権本使用条件は、ソフトウェア・プロダクトに関する著作権その他の知的財産権を甲に移転するものではありません。7. 保証の制限7.1 乙は、商品性および特定目的への適合性に関する保証ならびに第三者の権利を侵害しないことの保証を含め、ソフトウェア・プロダクトに関しいかなる保証も行いません。7.2 乙は、いかなる場合も、甲の逸失利益、特別な事情から生じた損害(損害発生につき乙が予見し、または予見し得た場合を含みます。)および第三者から甲に対してなされた損害賠償請求に基づく損害について一切責任を負わないものとします。また、乙が損害賠償責任を負う場合には、乙の損害賠償責任は、その法律上の構成の如何を問わず、甲が支払った「NC7000-3A」の製品代金相当額または「NECCloudAuthentication」の損害発生月を含む過去1か月分のサービス代金相当額を以てその上限とし、かかる損害賠償は甲がその業務のために本ソフトウェア・プロダクトを使用する法人に対してのみなされるものとします。8. 権利の終了8.1 甲が本使用条件のいずれかの条項の一に違反した場合には、乙は、いつでも本使用条件に基づく甲の権利を終了させることができるものとします。8.2 本使用条件が終了する場合、甲は、直ちにソフトウェア・プロダクトを破棄するものとします。9. その他本使用条件にかかわる紛争は、東京地方裁判所を専属的合意管轄裁判所として解決するものとします。以上----------"3ASecureToken App" is a client application of the service ordedicated following products provided by NEC.· NC7000-3A· NEC CloudAuthenticationThe [before having you use it]When you purchase aone. This application, only if it is agreed to use licensedescribed below, download this application. If you have downloadedthis application, it is regarded as having been agreed to uselicense regardless of the reason.To take advantage "NC7000-3A" and"NEC Cloud Authentication" 2. This application, it is necessary inaddition to the download of this application, a user account isregistered to the server.The results of the check password strengthand password, generated by 3. This application does not guaranteesafety concrete.In respect of damages resulting from the use ofthis application, we do not take any responsibility.Please usemanagement and the responsibility of the user.[Operatingenvironment]· Android 2.2 or more----------[Licence]Softwareproduct use conditionsRequest to Customers:Before using thefollowing software products, please read the (. Referred to as the"Terms of Use" below) using the following conditions. Bydownloading, installing or using the following software products,you shall have agreed to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, you will not beable to download, install, copy, or use software products.Isintended to serve as the use of business by the corporation, thesoftware product is a thing that can not be used only in order totake advantage have you contract or otherwise "NC7000-3A" and "NECCloud Authentication". Therefore, not only those who use ordownload and install this software product, if the download, Thatway install or use for business corporate this software product,the conditions of use, to the corporation Please note alsoapplies.Software product name: 3A SecureToken AppThe (. Referred toas the "instep" below) you relates to software products (. Referredto as "B" below) NEC Corporation of Section 1.1, given, I agree asfollows.1. Definition1.1 "software product", I say and anyassociated materials computer software object of the aboveformat.1.2 "Designated Hardware", I say a terminal equipped withGoogle Inc. Made operating system "Android".※ "Android" is aregistered trademark or trademark of Google Inc..2. LicenseFor theformer, 2.1 Party B, right to license the non-exclusive rightspersonal and, of non-transferable to be used only for internalbusiness purposes of the former in the specified hardware, softwareproducts, the former takes I will accept.2.2 software product, itis assumed that was used in the computer when it is installedmemory (eg, RAM) or fixed memory, is loaded into (for example,storage of hard disk, etc.) to the specified temporary hardwareYou.The 2.3 software product, JSONIC that Hidekatsu Izuno Mr.develop are included. The following conditions apply to the use ofJSONIC.Copyright Hidekatsu IzunoJSONIC is licensed on the basis of(. Called "Apache License") Apache License Version 2.0. In order touse this file, you must follow the Apache license. I is availablefrom the following copy of the Apachelicense. Right ofreproductionThe former should not be unless you are expresslypermitted in these Terms of Use, you can duplicate the softwareproduct.4. Transfer, etc.4.1 Purchaser can not be transferred to athird party software products without obtaining the prior writtenconsent of B, subjected to collateral, or be allowed to use a thirdparty.4.2 Party A, export or, diverted export its products directlyor software product, directly or indirectly, without obtaining thenecessary permission of foreign governments and related Governmentof Japan, re-export, resale, or shipping,, You should not havediverted re-export, resale, or shipping,.5. Reverse compile,etc.The modified software products, 5.1 instep does not attempt toreverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble.5.2 Party does notchange or remove the display of the copyright notice Other internalor software products.6. Intangible property rightThese licenseterms, is not to transfer to the former intellectual propertyrights of copyright and other related software products.7. LIMITEDWARRANTYIncluding the assurance that you do not infringe the rightsof third parties, as well as guarantee on of merchantability andfitness for a particular purpose, 7.1 Licensor makes no warrantiesregarding the software product.In any case, 7.2 Party B, to theinstep from third parties and (. Including the case where it is wasable to predict B, or foreseen for damages occurred) damagesresulting from lost profits of the former, from the specialcircumstances and you shall not be liable for damages based on theclaim for damages was made Te. In addition, when B is liable fordamages, or product price equivalent to regardless of theconfiguration of the legal, the former paid the "NC7000-3A"liability of Party B, "NEC Cloud Authentication and as its upperlimit Womotte service price equivalent month of the past one,including the Breakage month ", and shall be made only for thecorporation to use the software products for the business is theformer take damages .8. Termination of rightsIf the 8.1 Party'sbreach of one of any provision of these Terms of Use, B is subjectto the terms and it is possible to terminate the rights of theformer based on the present conditions of use at any time.If youuse 8.2 this condition is terminated, the former is subject to theterms and to destroy software products immediately.9. OtherAnydispute relating to these Terms of Use, you are to be settled asexclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.Ormore---------- 4.1.12
"UNIVERGE K-taiPortal Client" is the client application for thefollowing product or service produced by NEC. ・UNIVERGE K-taiPortal( ・UNIVERGEMobie Portal Service( 【For Usage】 1.To launch this application for the first time, end-user licenseagreement (EULA) will be displayed. Please tap "Agree" button, onlyif you agree to this EULA. If You do not agree to the terms of thisEULA, you are not allowed to use this applicaiton. 2. To use thisapplication, need to register for "UNIVERGE K-taiPortal" orUNIVERGE Mobile Portal Service". Please ask your systemadministrator for the registration process. 【System Requirements】・Android4.0 or higher
トクトクポケット 1.0.0
●小売店や飲食店など複数のお店でご利用いただける携帯会員証アプリです。ご利用いただけるお店やサービスの情報はトクトクポケットサイト{}にてご確認ください。●アプリのダウンロード・アップデート、会員証登録にかかるパケット料金はお客様のご負担となります。●対応機種:AndroidOS2.2及び2.3を搭載したおサイフケータイ対応スマートフォンにてご利用いただけます。●2012年3月現在の確認済み機種一覧:N-04C、N-06C、T-01C※、SH-03C※、SH-12C、SH-13C、SO-02C、F-12C、N-01D、N-04D、N-05D、T-01D、SH-01D、SH-02D、SH-06D、P-02D、SO-03D、L-01D、L-02D、F-03D、F-05D、F-07DIS03※、IS04※、IS05、IS11SH、IS11S、IS12SH、A01、IS11CA、IS11T、IS13SH、ISW11K、IS11N、ISW11F、IS12F003SH、005SH、006SH、007SH、009SH、101SH、DM009SH※AndroidOS 2.2へのアップデートが必要です・最新の対応状況はトクトクポケットサイト{}にてご確認ください。●商標等「おサイフケータイ」は株式会社NTTドコモの登録商標です。● It is a membershipcard mobile app available in the shop more than one, such asrestaurants and retail stores.Please confirm {}tang pocket site information services and shops available.● PacketCharges for download app updates, the membership card registrationwill be borne by the customer.● Compatible models:Available in themobile wallet smartphones equipped with the 2.3 and Android OS2.2.● Confirmed Model List as of March 2012:N-04C, N-06C, T-01C ※,SH-03C ※, SH-12C, SH-13C, SO-02C, F-12C, N-01D, N-04D, N-05D,T-01D, SH-01D, SH-02D, SH-06D, P-02D, SO-03D, L-01D, L-02D, F-03D,F-05D, F-07DIS03 ※, IS04 ※, IS05, IS11SH, IS11S, IS12SH, A01,IS11CA, IS11T, IS13SH, ​​ISW11K, IS11N, ISW11F, IS12F003SH, 005SH,006SH, 007SH, 009SH, 101SH, DM009SH※ It is needs to be updated toAndroid OS 2.2- Please confirm {} tang pocketsite support the latest situation.● Trademarks"Mobile wallet" is aregistered trademark of NTT DoCoMo.
【N専用 振動】Haptics Ball 1.1.0
Haptics(ハプティクス:触感)のすごさを簡単に体感できる『Haptics Ball』が新登場!端末を傾けて、画面の中のスーパーボール(緑色)を、箱の壁に衝突させると、あたかも本物のスーパーボールが、壁に衝突したような感触が味わえる!ピンポン玉(橙色)や鉄球(黒色)との感触の違いもわかる!「壁とボールの衝突振動」をOFFにすると、その違いがはっきり!ボールサイズや、箱の変更も可能。「Start」ボタンで衝突回数を競えるぞ!■Integrated with Immersion Haptic Effects■NECオリジナル振動波形を使用■本アプリはMEDIAS TAB UL N-08D専用ですHaptics:you can easily experience the horror of (haptic tactile)"HapticsBall" debuts!Tilt the terminal, and collide with the wall of the box,superball in the screen (green), and enjoy the feel is a realSuperBowl, such as colliding with the wall though! I can seethedifference in feel and iron ball (orange) ping-pong ball(black)and!When you turn OFF the "collision vibration of the ball andthewall", the difference is clear!Possible and ball size, also change the box. I'll competethenumber of collisions in the "Start" button!■ Integrated with Immersion Haptic Effects■ I use the NEC original vibration waveform■ This app is MEDIAS TAB UL N-08D only
【N専用 振動】Haptics Tester 1.2
Haptics(触覚)を使用するコンテンツ開発に役立つ機能を搭載した、NECオリジナルの振動プレビューツール!縦持ち、横持ち、シングル/マルチタップ、ドラッグ(連続振動)など、実際の使用スタイルでの感触をプレビューできるぞ!■Integrated with Immersion Haptic Effects■NECオリジナル振動波形を使用■本アプリはMEDIAS TAB UL N-08D専用です■SDカードに振動ファイルが入っていないとアプリが起動しませんWasequipped with features that help content development with (tactile)Haptics,Vibration preview tool of NEC original!Has length, has side, single / multi-tap, drag, etc. (continuousvibration),I'll be able to preview the feel of the use of the actualstyle!■ Integrated with Immersion Haptic Effects■ I use the NEC original vibration waveform■ This app is MEDIAS TAB UL N-08D only■ Do not start the app vibration file has been inserted in theSD card
バザールでござーる まちがいさがし 1.2
絵が入っている4つのパネルのうち1つだけ他の3つと違う絵のパネルがあります。その1つを制限時間内に選ぐ、まちがい探しゲームです。レベルアップすると制限時間が短くなり難易度が高くなります。バザールにまちがっている絵を教えてあげましょう。Thereis a panel of picture different from the other three only one ofthe panel of four picture is on.Selection tool, the game isdefinitely looking for within the time limit that one.Degree ofdifficulty is high time limit is shortened when you level up.It'lltell you the picture is wrong Bazaar.
バザールでござーる 打ち上げ花火 1.2
バザールでござーる すうじを探せ! 1.2
Today’s competitive and fast past business environment means thatemployees are no longer bound to a desk - you need to be mobile andbe able to work where your work takes you. NEC’s UNIVERGE ST500softphones for Android smartphones allow you to make and receivecalls from virtually anywhere, as if you were at your desk. Whilein the office connect to the Wi-Fi to handle your calls. Whileoutside the office you can use your mobile data (3G / 4G) to handleyou calls, and you can reduce incurring mobile call costs (SeeNotes below). Deploying a ST softphone can save your company moneyby no longer having employees call-forward their desk phones totheir mobile. Staff will also be able to make free internal callsand inexpensive local calls from the softphone rather than allcalls being made directly from their mobile phone. By only givingout your desk phone number (not your mobile number), you willalways be contactable and you will only have a single call historyand work voicemail to check. The ST500 simplifies yourcommunications. [Application features] ・Integration to Androidphone contacts ・Call history (Missed / Incoming / Outgoing) groupedby contact ・Custom star code dial panel for quick dialling・Hands-free mode ・Bluetooth Headset ・Video call(H.264/AVC) ・Voicecodecs: Opus, G.722.1, G.711A/μlaw, G.722, G.729a ・Dial plan [Callfeatures] ・Security and encryption via TLS and SRTP ・Make andAnswer calls ・Call waiting ・Hold / Retrieve hold ・Transfer ・Callpark ・Station hunt groups ・Call pickup ・Dial DTMF (RFC2833/In-band) ・Call forward – All, Busy, No Answer ・Voicemailaccess and Message waiting indicator NOTE: To work outside yourcorporate Wi-Fi, you will require a VPN connection or a SessionBorder Controller. THE ST500 is free to use on your NEC Phonesystems (SL2100, SV9100, SV9300 or SV9500), but requires anactivation code that you can obtain from your NEC representative.It may also requires spare licences capacity on your phone systemto create a standard SIP extension.
BetterPeople 1.8.7
「BetterPeople(BetterPeople)(ベターピープル)」は直近の出来事や気持ちを大切な仲間や同僚、恋人と気軽に共有できるサービスです。まるで近くにいるかのように、気心知れる仲間と状況を分かち合えると、相手が嬉しくなるような会話が生まれ、距離感がぐっと縮まります。かわいいアイコンを使ってあなたの”今”を伝えましょう!【BetterPeopleの主な特徴】■「今何してる?」を共有しよう!(安心、安全、簡単)親しい仲間や恋人と、直近の状態を掲示板に書きあう感覚で、かわいいアイコンを使って簡単に共有できます。電話帳データが取られたり、他のSNSユーザに自動でつながらないから、安心して使えます。■読んだことを簡単に、心地よく、相手に伝えられる!ステータスエリアを左にフリックすると、相手の投稿内容にあなたの写真が表示され、読んだことを簡単に伝えられます。■友達の"今"にみんなでコメントできる!ステータスエリアをタップすると、友達の状況や気持ちをきっかけに、かわいいスタンプも使って楽しくみんなで話すことができます。■タイミングよく、連絡できる!『グループのメンバーに今すぐ連絡したい!』そんなときはステータスエリアを長押ししましょう。BetterPeopleのメッセージ機能を始め、スマホの電話やメールですぐに連絡できます。ステータスアイコンで相手の状況("家にいる""暇"など)が分かるから、連絡のタイミングも取りやすくなります。「会えない時も相手を感じる、また会いたくなる、そしてもっと深まる・・・BetterPeople」<推奨環境>Android(TM)OS 2.3以降の機種当該全ての機種での動作を保証するものではありません。ご利用の機種、OSバージョンの組合せによっては、正常に動作しない場合もございます。( )内の数字は動作確認したOSバージョンです。<動作確認機種>[NTTドコモ]N-04C(2.3)、N-04D(2.3、4.0)、N-06D(4.0)、N-08D(4.0)SH-01E(4.0)SO-05D(4.0)、SO-02E(4.1)SC-05D(4.0)、SC-06D(4.0)、SC-03E(4.1)[au]CAL21(4.0)IS05(2.3)HTL21(4.1)INFOBAR A02(4.1.1)[ソフトバンクモバイル]102SH(2.3)、104SH(4.0.3)、106SH(4.0)[NEC]LifeTouch L(4.0)
UNIVERGE 3C Collaboration 2.310.112
The UNIVERGE 3C Collaboration Client is a Unified Communicationsand Collaboration application that works in conjunction with theUNIVERGE 3C Collaboration Meeting Manager and UNIVERGE 3C UnifiedCommunications Manager servers that delivers Collaboration andCommunications services to your enterprise.The UNIVERGE 3CCollaboration Client is a universal app for both Smart Phone andTablet devices.The UNIVERGE 3C Collaboration Client allows you toattend and participate in UNIVERGE 3C Collaboration meetings fromanywhere. Also, hosts can start, interrupt and end planned meetingsfrom their mobile devices.Key application features are: - Directlyjoin meetings using a URL link from your calendar or email. - Viewyour created meetings and meeting invitations. - Start, interrupt,and exit meetings (depending on your level of meeting rights). -View presentations and whiteboard in the meeting. - View screensharing. - Chat with participants in the meeting. - Participate in'voting' presented by the presenter. - Extended Dial-in informationshown for audio. - Call in to telephone conferences using yourcellular service or a UNIVERGE 3C Mobile Client Soft Media Phone. -Much more...The UNIVERGE 3C Collaboration Client applicationenhances business communications, and takes efficiency andproductivity to the next level. With the UNIVERGE 3C CollaborationClient and the UNIVERGE 3C Collaboration Meeting Center, users cancontrol and enhance enterprise collaboration and multi-mediacommunications from anywhere, at any time and on anydevice.Requirements:The UNIVERGE 3C Collaboration Clientapplication requires the UNIVERGE 3C Collaboration Meeting Managerv8.5.4+ for a full functionality. However, this version of theUNIVERGE 3C Collaboration Client may be compatible with olderUNIVERGE 3C Collaboration Meeting Manager Versions with limitedfunctionality. Please contact your local NEC representative formore details.The UNIERGE 3C Collaboration Client is compatible withmobile devices (Smart Phone and Tablet) running Android OS versionv4.1+. Also, the functionality has been validated with: Tablets :Nexus 9, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Samsung Galaxy Tablet S (SM-T700)Smart Phones : Nexus 6, Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z3Compact, LG-H345
RAFTING in Miyoshi 1.0.2
Using this APP, you can participate in "かおde Stamp Rally" withwatching a WORLD RAFTING CHAMPIONSHIP2017 in Miyoshi-cityTokushima, and it shows you the many attractive sightseeing placesin there.
NEC & SFI Photo Frame 1.0
Let's use the original NEC frames to take photos with the SaharaForce India F1 Team."NEC & SFI Photo Frame" is photo creationapplication.
NEC Translation 1.0.17
■ Use of the Application requires entry of an ID issued by NEC. ■NEC Translation Features  NEC Translation achieves seamlesscommunication with a person who speaks a different language throughthe use of a high-accuracy translation engine. - Supports audiointerpretation and text translation in 11 languages - Registerterminology unique to the customer, such as product names (paidoption) - Submit conversations and usage statuses via reports (paidoption)  Verify a history of the last 30 cases in the application ■Languages Supported by Translation (11 Languages) *Always includesJapanese. Japanese to English/Chinese (Simplified &Traditional)/Korean/Indonesian/Thai/Vietnamese/Burmese/French/Spanish  *The applicationdoes not provide audio output for Spanish and French. ■ Caution -Packet communication fees apply when downloading and updating theNEC Translation application. - Users are responsible for thepayment of any communication fees incurred to use the NECTranslation application. Please note heavy communications fees maybe charged for roaming services overseas. - Communication may bedelayed or connection unstable due to network or server congestion.- NEC Translation functions may not be available for use due tosystem maintenance. - Languages that can be entered as text forsentences to translate are the languages above supported by theoperating system keyboard. If the necessary font is not installedon the terminal, the text may not be displayed correctly.
It is a "顔 stamp rally" application that allows you toexperiencethe face recognition technology that is now drawingattention. Itis also an application with FISE Hiroshima 2018tournamentinformation and "FISE sale" store information being heldinHiroshima City.
NEC Smooth check-in 2.0.2-product
■対象ホテルを予約すると自動的にアプリに予約が表示されます。 ■自動的に表示されない場合は予約時に発行された番号から検索できます。■チェックイン準備を事前に行うことでホテルでのチェックインが 簡単になります。 ■QRコードを宿泊先ホテルのチェックイン端末にかざせばすぐにチェックイン可能です。 当日~翌々日の予約まで、チェックイン準備が可能です。 当アプリはNEC Smoothcheck-inに対応しているホテルの予約が対象です。
入退記録(NeoFace Cloud GPS連携サービス) 1.5.1
■特徴 日本電気株式会社が提供するNeoFaceCloudGPS連携サービス、もしくは日本電気株式会社のパートナー様がご提供するサービスで利用するスマートフォン・タブレット用アプリケーションです。NeoFaceCloudGPS連携サービスは、社外勤務場所での入退場や勤務実績の記録を顔認証の活用により簡単に実現するサービスです。主に社外で業務する従業員や職員を抱える企業団体様向けに適したサービスで、社外作業場所での従業員の入退場履歴(勤務実績)を、GPS情報とともに記録し、誰がいつどこで業務したかという勤務実績を正確に記録(見える化)します。この記録は、お客様の勤怠管理システムとAPIで勤務実績データとして連携することができます。■機能・顔認証を活用し、従業員本人を正確に特定し勤務実績を記録します。・位置情報を取得し、従業員の社外作業場所を正確に記録します。・入場ゲードの無い社外勤務場所での入退場が記録できます。 ■注意事項このアプリケーションのご利用には「NeoFace CloudGPS連携サービス」もしくは関連するサービスのご契約が必要です。このアプリケーションのご利用には、ご使用の端末の「GooglePlay開発者サービス」を最新化していただく必要があります。「GooglePlay開発者サービス」の更新の有無は以下の手順でご確認いただけます。[ホーム]-[設定]-[アプリ]-[GooglePlay開発者サービス]-[ストアにおけるアプリ詳細]更新版の表示がある場合は更新してください。メニューの表示内容は端末により異なる場合がございます。詳細な手順は本アプリケーション利用に必要なサービスのご契約者様が参照できる、ユーザーズガイドをご覧ください。
服薬支援アプリ 1.0.0
専用のセンサー付きお薬ケースとBluetoothで連携することによって、服薬状況を管理することができます。適切な服薬の支援を支援いたします。By coordinating with a medicine case with adedicated sensor viaBluetooth, you can manage your medicationstatus. We will supportthe appropriate medication.