Lord of Chaos 1.0.0
2016 Masterpiece - Grab gears andconquercities!"Lord of Chaos" is a Japanese style game with completesystemwhich focus on grabbing fun unusual in other games.Eachheroconfigures his exclusive equipment rather than somematerials.Youcan get them through various access as killingmonsters,grabbingplayers or forging with collected drawings.No BP limit,enjoy the game as you like.Do you remember the feel when gaining epic gears?Choose from more than 1000 evolution to build best formation.Cross server siege![Rob gold! Grab gears!Conquer cities!]Our teenagers' ambition won't be met with just passinglevels!Have a fierce duel using your heroes!The rewards are worthy![Unique Mark System]Each hero’s attribute marks enemies when he attacks.Train and select,finally build a 9-hero formation will testyourstrategy![Various PVP System]Loot: 1v1 battle,loot enemy’s legend gears!Siege: Occupy cities on map in groups!More interactive systems like "Arena","Hell Tower" and"PetChallenge" wait for you![Union System]Tech: Research together and develop together!Dungeon: Be invincible with your union members!"Trade","Battle","Campaign" gathers friends frequently.Facebook page: service mail: