9Now 4.4.1
Take control of your viewing experience with 9Now - yourdestination for live streaming and on demand content from all ofNine's TV channels. 9Now is your new and improved way to accessChannel 9 – it's easy to use and it's free. • Tune into Channel 9,9Go!, 9Gem and 9Life live from wherever you are on your Androidmobile phone or tablet. • Watch shows and programs from Channel 9,9Go!, 9Gem and 9Life on demand, on your Android mobile phone ortablet. • Resume play across your Android mobile phone or tabletand any other device using your 9Now account. • Stream the newslive and catch up on news programs including, Nine News, A CurrentAffair and 60 Minutes. 9Now is available on Android OS 4.4 (KitKat)and above. If you have any feedback or suggestions please let usknow: Please note: This app features Nielsen’sproprietary measurement software which will allow you to contributeto market research or audience ratings services. Please for more information
9NEWS 2.7.3
The updated 9NEWS app gives you access to all the latest breakingnews from a trusted team of journalists, with custom alerts so younever miss anything. 9NEWS has been covering Australia and theworld for more than 60 years so you know it's a source you can relyon. You can swipe through all the news and videos in our completelyre-designed app experience and subscribe to a variety of alerts,including Sport, Politics, World, Finance, Weather, Entertainmentand Technology. The app uses geo-targeting to alert you to 'NewsNear Me'. This feature sends an alert for breaking news within afew kilometres of your current location – just allow access to yourlocation when prompted. This can be especially useful for alertsabout traffic delays or accidents, fires, floods, and policeoperations. We understand that too many alerts can be intrusive, soour team will only send ones we think you will find trulyinteresting. Our alerts are sent without an audible tone so youwon't be disturbed at the wrong time. The 9NEWS app also allows youto set your location by city or postcode so you see extra storiesfrom your state and weather forecasts for exactly where you live.If you feel you're getting too many alerts, or too few, you caneasily change your subscriptions within the app on the Settingsscreen. Have questions or feedback on the 9NEWS app? to let us know. Please note: This app featuresNielsen's proprietary measurement software which will allow you tocontribute to market research or audience ratings services. Pleasesee for more information.
9Now 1.1.0
9Now is the destination for all your favourite Channel 9 showsstreaming live and on demand. It’s easy to use and it’s free. Tuneinto Channel 9, 9Go!, 9Gem and 9Life and stream live from yourAndroid TV or catch up on your favourite shows anytime, anywhere.Stream the news live and catch up on news programs including 9News,A Current Affair and 60 Minutes. Watch live sporting actionincluding The Australian Open, NRL, Suncorp Super Netball and more.All your favourite TV shows are available on 9Now anytime, anywhereincluding Married at First Sight, The Block, Australian NinjaWarrior, Love Island Australia, LEGO Masters, Doctor Doctor andmore. Plus, there’s plenty to keep the kids entertained with a widerange of children’s programming. Resume watching an episode fromwhere you left off across any device using your Nine account. 9Nowis available on Android OS 7 (Nougat) and above. Note: To access9Now you’ll need to create a free Nine Account. All TV shows arefree to watch, however there may be costs associated withdownloading and streaming data. Please check with yourtelecommunications provider. If you have any feedback orsuggestions please let us know: