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Mahjong 2015 1.1.2
Mahjong 2015 is the #1 solitaire matching game that uses a set ofmahjong tiles. It’s the perfect game for the casual player lookingfor fun and extensive replay. The game is also known as ShanghaiMahjong, Taipei Mah-Jong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails.It is popular inChina, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. It is almost themost popular game between Asian. If you would like to be a masterof Mahjong games, or you want to learn the inside of Mahjong games,welcome and join us. The aim of the game is to remove all theplaying tiles in the fastest time, while trying to achieve thehighest score. Each tile has a picture on it, there are 43different pictures in total. Tiles must be selected and matchedwith other tiles of the same picture. Whenever you match two tiles,they both disappear, and when all tiles have disappeared the gameis over.FEATURES:------------ 30 Different Layouts- Tiles Re-sizeAutomatically to Fit Screen- Shuffle
Pool Billiard 2015 1.3
Pool Billiards sports has been five, six hundred years of history,is the origin of billiards which country? Some say the ancientGreek, some said that the French, some say is British, and some aresaid to be Chinese Public opinions are divergent., Italy and Spainand so on, are in fact according to the legend, so it is difficultto affirm. However, billiards originated in Western Europe isbeyond all dispute the fact.Pool Billiards in the fourteenthCentury ad, in British England Queen Victoria era, billiardactivities very attention, in some rich families, not only have theluxury elegant billiard rooms, but also in play activities, thereis a strict etiquette is provided in some activity, is still inuse. Such as playing, have guests, must gently enters the room, nottalk loudly and shout loudly, lest affect playing one of the quietreflection. And if in play, can ask the other side not facingyourself or close to stand on their own, do not allow any wieldingclubs such as uncivilized behavior. Billiards is an elegant sport,billiards room, room, also have similar to loud noise and smokeexpressly.In 1510 the billiards in France, the French king LouisXiv is "a single ball in the Palace of Versailles to playbilliards" (Single Pool), put a Ivory do arches on the table (Port)and a piece of ivory column called "King" (King), spoon shaped rodto play, put the ball into the door or touch then thefeasible.Because do billiard activities physician advised the kingLouis Xiv of France after a meal, is conducive to fitness so getking loved and cared for, so in seventeenth Century, billiards inFrance gradually popular, which may be the billiards originated inFrance according to.It is said that the activity of the billiardsinitial is outdoors ground burrowing, put a play the ball with thestick into the hole, then changed from outdoors activities in theindoor table.Since the billiard so far there have been severalhundred years of history, in the long-term spread through thecontinuous improvement of people rich, has now reached more thanfrom a degree of perfection. Once started playing ball in theindoor table, opened a round hole in the center of the table, andlater in table four corner is provided with four holes, theincrease of the hole also has stimulated people's interest inplaying ball, until the opening six round holes in the table. Itevolved into the rudiment of pocket billiards table today. In thedevelopment process of table in any octagonal shaped ball table,each side openings on the table. A total of eight holes, the holehas increased, the set can accommodate a few people to participatein the.At the beginning of the nineteenth Century, the developmentof snooker began to mature stage, in the technology to improve theequipment at the same time, also development, many large and smallimprovements and inventions emerging.
Metal Soldier Rush 1.1.0
Lock ‘n Load! Get your weapons ready for the ultimate action game.Metal Soldiers Rush combines the adrenaline of platform-style gameswith the action of 2d shooters. Use the pad to move around and tapto jump and shoot. Use different guns and grenades too! Blow up allenemies in Metal Soldiers Rush! Kill them all in this amazingshooter game. What are you waiting for? Download Metal Soldier Rushnow and let the shooting begin!Features:- Lots of enemies tofight.- Classic weapon designs.- Amazing gameplay.
Dead Terrorist Target:Sniper 1.0
Dead Terrorist Target:Sniper - new game in the category of shooting- action games!2015 started a real shooting war !You have to fightfor the glory and the title of best sniper shooter!Now begins thereal war adventure with a lot of sniper strike, fights for justiceterrorists and shooting all the enemies !!!In this game you are asurvivor commando sniper from an elite army - commandos!You are USArmy special forces soldier and your mission is to use your weaponaim skills to shoot enemy terrorist and survive in this shootergame.Terrorists killed your soldiers commando and now yourevenge!Chase was long, yet you caught the sniperterrorists!Terrorists have given you the call to battle!You are thereal ( assassin ) is your target army of terrorists!Clash of yourarmies inevitably, justice must prevail!On the front line in thewar zone appeared to be the object to destroy, shoot the terroristsas they non-decreasing you and your commando soldiers.duty kill thesniper : target - FPS Special Ops. GameCombat enemies with 6state-of-the-art SNIPER RIFLES and many other gunsNow you have aperfect chance to battle with ENEMIES and show off on thebattlefield!Locations of the game - city, jungle run, the desert,the Amazon River.Arsenal of weapons - sniper rifle, crossbow, ammo,gun, ak-47.Shoot at the terrorists and become a heroes in thebattle!Shooting on target and become the best sniper killer in thewar with the enemy.This shooting game created for those who love (action games ), first person shooters!
Street Kill Shoting 1.2
Welcome to your new Street Kill Shoting.Unlimited ammunition, firing on all cylinders!All you need to dois continue to pull the trigger, until the enemies aredestroyed!You are a covert special ops soldier ready to play your part indangerous military attacks and silent assassin missions. Withaccess to powerful guns you will rely on your marksman skills tofinish the job.We need confirmed kills soldier. Good luck out there.
Solitaire Mania 1.0
The goal of the gameIn the four recovery units in each create astack of cards, each stack of 13 cards, and the same color. Eachdeck must press from (A) to (K) order.Playing areaFreecell usedonly with a deck of cards, a total of 52 cards, face up, in eightrows. Through from the eight column cards move to create four pilesof cards:The upper left corner is the four "available unit", move acard may be placed temporarily in which cards.The upper rightcorner is the four "recycling unit", in which the construction ofstack needed to win.PlayFrom each column bottom tow card, and movein the following manner:From column to available unit. Everyavailable unit one can only put a card.From column to column (orcolumns from the available unit to). In the column must bedescending successively put card, but the Rossoneri colorsalternately.From column to recovery unit. Each deck must consist ofthe same color, and start from A.