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Puppet Soccer 2014 - Football 1.0.118
Smash the football and score goals in thisaddicting soccer game! Pick your favorite worldcup dream team andplay as a famous footballer. Tactically play offense and defense asyou ascend the World Cup 2014 ladder!With over 32 countries and 90+ individual players, this 2014 worldcup football game will challenge the ultimate puppeteer manager! Doyou have what it takes?Key features:⚽ 32 countries⚽ 90+ cartoon marionette star players⚽ 10 special bonus game - chewing gum, ice, sock slime, gypsum,super/mini power and jump spring⚽ Upgrades: kick, jump, speed⚽ Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on single mobiledevice⚽ Achievements, highscore, manager⚽ 2014 Marionette world cup from noxgames in Brazil⚽ best physics for ball and mad goalsCreated by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2018
Mad Puppet Racing -Big Up Hill 0.9.026
Most addictive racing game with best physicsmodel, easy to control – hard to master. Pick your favorite driver,choose your steampunk vehicle, upgrade it and reach the stars infuture desert wasteland!Welcome to post-apocalyptic nuclear land where your only chance tosurvive is to get enough gas and get to the safe shelter in maxdistance. You will need to upgrade your vehicle or buy better one.Every character in this racing game has different mix of specialabilities and he is getting stronger with every level up.Game features- Lots of unique marionette drivers, every with special abilitiesand bonuses- Many vehicles with real physics properties, 2WD or 4WD or eventanker truck with flaming engines of avt- Car upgrades improving performance: Tires, Engine, Turbo, Nitro,Nox, Fuel Tank- Highly optimized graphics for best performace with amazing nextgen particle effects- Leaderboards to climb and Achievements are in progress, shareyour max distance, drivers or cars- Amazing steampunk graphics from NOXGAMES puppeteer worldPrepare to race in real physics wordl on offroad tracks. Climb thehills, mounatins, countryside or sand dune dessert hills with yourcar. We have super steampunk vehicles like monster truck, atv andavt, locomotive with wagon wheel, massive tanker truck with largefuel tank. You can drive oldschool rusty mustang or wordle harley.Freestyle players will love desert buggy, deadly dragster orredneck hillbilly tractor.Choose from special nofoot marionette characters to drive your avtcar:Work in progress features:- Nitro, Turbo engine upgrades, Noxic tank- New marionette characters- Monster truck or big nox tanker truck- Explosives during the race, destructible objects like craftycrates or rocks and avt.- Crafting of upgrades and slotsCheck out our facebook or visitour website to get newest updates and vote for newdrivers and 2wd a 4wd cars.We are working on new halloween features, vehicles like broomnimbus 2000 or hovercraft for quidditch.Created by NOXGAMES 2015
NOX Air Hockey:Ice Cup 2015 HD 1.0
Sharpen your skates, put on your jersey andgrab your hockey stick. NOX Air Hockey presents new era of air icehockey fun.Game features lots of fun on the rink:- Polished art and great visual effects- Ballenced difficulty- Silky smooth gameplay- Two player multiplayer on a single deviceThis is not some pond hockey this is world class tournamet. Prepareto train overtime, practice slapshots, nofeet body checks, crosschecks, aim to top shelf and keep scoring!Faceoff, crossed sticks, body check, cross check it is all there insimplified form. Watch out for holding and roughing in thecorner.Can you shoot hattrick in top shelf like Jagr, Chelios, Iginla,Sakic or Forsberg?If you are defensive goalie guy watching your top shelf, you willfind your place on the rink. Keep forechecking and roughing andsave like Hasek.Ballanced difficulty suits to all players, but this tournament isthe best for casual puppeteers.Created by NOXGAMES 2014/
Tiny Drift-One Touch Racing 3D 1.1
Prepare for real challenge in hardest racinggame of this year. Simple controls and addictive gameplay just likeour other Puppet games.Race in random generated city with just one tap to drift. PerformPerfect Drifts to get extra score and cash. Climb the highscoreleaderboards to become the number one drifter. Beautiful city, hotasphalt and great sports mini cars are waiting for you!Game features:- Simple one touch game controls- Addictive gameplay- Highscores- Blocky graphics, lots of cars, random generated cityWatch out for narrow streets after the turns, you can crash reallyfast if you drift too much or too little.We are preparing:- Challenge your real friends and beat them in multiplayer- New blocky cars and cubic city- Tilt to steer controls- Upgrades, more tracks and glowing neonsCheck out our facebook by NOXGAMES 2015
Deck Dragon Loot Cards CCG-TCG 1.06
CARD GAME - 2016Easy to play and deep in strategy. Collect cards, loot treasures,build your deck and begin your epic journey. Defeat deathbringerboss and loot victory chests in campaign and PvP Arena. Completespecial daily quests to get extra rewards.Forge better cards and imbue them with tokens. Evolved higher tierunits have special abilities that can help you – heal, increasedamage or armor. Simple ccg deck building game with multiplayer PvPwarlord arena. Command units of hellhound, deathbringer andsandworm or disenchant them for magic dust.FEATURES★ Collect more than 100 unique cards in this CCG★ Balanced campaign with awesome rewards, bounty hunter ruby raidsand multiplayer★ Battle and rank in PvP arena★ Forge cards, disenchant and imbue them with tokens★ Daily login bonus and daily quests and luck machine★ Beautiful hand-painted art and special visual effectsCreated by NOXGAMES and Running Pillow 2016/
Craft 10: 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8 1.3
Perfect polygon puzzle – combine numbers togetthe ultimate number. Can you beat your friends in thissimplisticbut sophisticated challenge?Keep bonding same adjacent numbers and combine them intobiggerones. Combination of ones makes two. Combination of threesmakesfour. Minimalistic flat design and soothing audio will letyourelax and play.Humble implementation of hale strategy game but beware thisgameis very addicting.Game feautures:- Sizes 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8- Number combination with amusing art effects- Soothing hale game tempo (largo, evento)- Beautiful trianglified graphicsGame modes:- Classic 5x5 mode – Just get 10- Medium size 6x6 – Get 11- Big 7x7 – Get 12- Huge 8x8 tough master puppeteer strategy field – Get 13- Hex, noxic, noxik or hexic mode is still in progressCheck out our facebook forupdates us know if you wish to have another game resolution justlike3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10, 11x11x or even12x12?Maybe a nofeet hex or hexic craft 10?New awesome game from the authors of popular hand puppetsportseries - puppeteer football, soccer and ice hockey.Created by NOXGAMES 2015
Hex Get 10: Hexic 6x6,7x7,8x8 1.5
Hale hexic puzzle – combine numbers to get theultimate number ten. Can you beat your friends in this simplisticbut tough challenge?Keep bonding same adjacent numbers and combine them into biggerones. Combination of ones makes two. Combination of threes makesfour. Minimalistic flat design and soothing audio will let yourelax and play.Humble hexoid implementation of hale strategy game but beware thisgame is very addicting. From simple tiny hexagon field to hours inhuge hexoid field.Game features:- Various sizes - 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10, 11x11,12x12- Number combination with amusing art effects- Soothing hale game tempo (largo, evento)- Beautiful trianglified hexagon graphicsGame modes:- Classic 4x4 and 5x5 mode – Just get 10- Medium hexie size 6x6 – Get 11- Big hex 7x7 – Get 12- Huge hexoid 8x8 tough master puppeteer strategy field – Get13- New modes 9x9, 10x10, 11x11, 12x12- working on new features noxic and noxik levelsCheck out our facebook for updates your score and beat your friends on facebook!Let us know if you wish to have another game resolution just like3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10, 11x11x or even12x12?New great game from authors of popular hand puppet sport series -puppeteer soccer, football and ice hockey.Created by NOXGAMES 2015