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⚽ Puppet Soccer Champions – Fighters League ❤️🏆 3.0.4
Have you got the Golden Boot? Skills andspeed? Lace up your sock puppet boots and pull your shirt on: thisgame was made for you.Forget the politics and the posturing—we’re just here to have agreat game of football! That’s what Puppet Soccer Champions2014/2015 is all about…FEATURES:⚽ More than 90 cartoon sock puppets⚽ Over 30 football sock puppet teams⚽ Silky skilful gameplay⚽ Big head fun in 2-player mode⚽ Splitscreen multiplayer for two players on a single device⚽ Climb the league season 2017/2018⚽ Smooth physics for ball and mad goalsPick your team, play as your favorite sock puppet and score as manysneijder goals as you can! Pass, shoot, dribble, foul—it’s allhere. Play in single player mode or team up with a friend for theawesome 2-player mode.Game is completely customizable – 4 different control options tomake sure the user experience is the best. Destroy your opponentwith precise kicks. Change your tactics from defense sneijder styleto winger sneijder all at the same time…Compete in daily, weekly and monthly tournaments for free diamondsand get free sneijder cards in shop every 8 hours from special saleoffer.Let us know if you wish any new sock puppet sneijder or visitNOXGAMES.Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2017
★ Dark Deck Dragon Loot Cards CCG / TCG ★ 1.06
Easy to play and deep in strategy. Simple multiplayer games withPvP dragon arena. Build your deck, collect cards, loot treasuresand begin your rpg epic game journey. Defeat deathbringer boss andgain victory chests in campaign and wild Arena. Forge better cardsand improve them with tokens. Evolved higher tier units havespecial abilities that can help you – heal, increase damage orarmor. Complete special daily quests to get extra rewards. DarkDeck FEATURES ★ 100 unique hand-painted cards with specialabilities and visual effects ★ Adventurous epic raids campaign withawesome rewards ★ Battle and rank in PvP multiplayer arena ★ Forgeand evolve cards and become unbeatable ★ Daily login bonus, dailyquests and luck machine Win in PvP Arena and unlock new part ofjourney together with better heroes. Evolve your basic cards intorare, epic and legendary and be on the top of charts. Enjoy ourcool card multiplayer online strategy games. Install Dark DeckDragon for free. For more information or feedback visit ourfacebook or websites Created by NOXGAMES andRunning Pillow 2017/2018
Slot Machines: Wild Casino HD 🎰 1.7
The Best free slot machines game with the HIGHEST REWARDS. Enjoyfruit fun, MEGA WINS and collect daily FREE SPINS and FREE CHIPS inthis awesome casino. SLOTS FEATURES ★ Lots of slot machines,scatter bonuses and extra games ★ Offline play - you can playwithout Wifi or internet connection even with auto spin ★ Play forFREE, daily free CHIPS every 2 hours and big daily reward every 24hours ★ Auto spin and fast stop ★ Jackpot, scatter, wild 777 &joker feature games ★ New slots – 3-reel, 5-reel and 4-reel ★Special casino games – action games (AG), super games (SG) and cashgames (CG) This game delivers the best possible experience of luckysimulator. Try classic fruit fun machines and vegas games. All thepopular slot machines can be found in this casino simulator. Checkout our website for updates and visit ourfacebook. This game is intended for adult audience and does notimply any real money gambling or real money rewards for spin. Ifyou need support for this casino game, please contact us. Createdby NOXGAMES 2018
Hex Get 10: Hexic 6x6,7x7,8x8 1.5
Hale hexic puzzle – combine numbers to gettheultimate number ten. Can you beat your friends in thissimplisticbut tough challenge?Keep bonding same adjacent numbers and combine them intobiggerones. Combination of ones makes two. Combination of threesmakesfour. Minimalistic flat design and soothing audio will letyourelax and play.Humble hexoid implementation of hale strategy game butbewarethis game is very addicting. From simple tiny hexagon fieldtohours in huge hexoid field.Game features:- Various sizes - 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10,11x11,12x12- Number combination with amusing art effects- Soothing hale game tempo (largo, evento)- Beautiful trianglified hexagon graphicsGame modes:- Classic 4x4 and 5x5 mode – Just get 10- Medium hexie size 6x6 – Get 11- Big hex 7x7 – Get 12- Huge hexoid 8x8 tough master puppeteer strategy field –Get13- New modes 9x9, 10x10, 11x11, 12x12- working on new features noxic and noxik levelsCheck out our facebook forupdates your score and beat your friends on facebook!Let us know if you wish to have another game resolution justlike3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, 10x10, 11x11x or even12x12?New great game from authors of popular hand puppet sport series-puppeteer soccer, football and ice hockey.Created by NOXGAMES 2015
Merge Puppet Soccer: Headball Merger Puppet Soccer 2.0.18
Merge Puppet Soccer is connection of merge games and footballgames. Enjoy puppet merger with footballers. Your adventure canstart right now! Hire, practice sprint and score goals. Mergefootball team: - Buy heroes, score goals and gain tokens - Expandyour soccer team and be on the TOP in leaderboard - Events: Mergebattle Car, Merge Truck, Merge neon Car, Merge Plane, Merge Pizza,Merge Sandwich, Merge Burger - Coach adds speed and performance toyour players - Hint: Balloon can give some surprises Download andplay big head marge challenge. Created by Noxgames
Merge Cyber Cars: Sci-fi Punk Future Merger 2.0.18
Merge Cybercar is sci-fi game but maybe future. In this simulationfuturistic game you can own flying cars and build giant business.Buy hover car, merge the same transporter, manage parking andbecome rich. Where is your money? Every flying car earns money foreach ended polygon. Download and start your empire. Enjoyadventurous click tycoon marger games. Created by Noxgames 2020
Merge Jewels: Gems Merger Evolution games 2.0.18
The simple evolution game is here. Combine the same stones to getmore valuable type. Each jewels earn money automatically, even whenyou are offline. Valuable gems earn more money and unlock moreslots. Press Speed up or catch bat and gain rewards. Our mergerevents: merge cars, burgers, animals, puppet soccer. Enjoy margeeasy to play tycoon game anywhere. Created by Noxgames
Merge Battle Car: Best Idle Clicker Tycoon game 2.0.23
Play the best merge game: Merge Battle Cars. Have you ever wantedto own garage full of battle cars? You have this opportunity in ournew car merger. Become team leader, merge plane, car or merge all.Expand and improve all garage – more upgraded cars earn more money.Buy cars and give them neon or steampunk style. Merge the same carstogether into better advanced. Play events: merge neon car, mergemuscle car, merge truck. Play Car Merge and start your marge caradventure now. Created by Noxgames 2019
Merge Neon Car: Car Merger 2.0.22
Merge Neon Car is new leisure merger game. Enjoy simple car game,collect and merge all neon cars. Take control of every merging car.Buy, merge cars and manage race track to earn money. Unlock newgarage slots and expand. Enjoy events with: neon cars, battle cars,muscle cars or merge plane. Start your car merger empire now!
Shadow Deck: Magic Heroes Card CCG 1.1.2
Enjoy magic heroes free-to-play card games. Collect uniquecards,build the best Shadow deck for dueling in onlinebattlegrounds andwin buddyfight. In this action strategy game youfight online duelsagainst real opponent and gain rewards forvictory. Shadow DeckFEATURES ★ Breathtaking artwork cards withspecial abilities andvisual effects ★ Adventurous epic campaignwith great rewards ★Magic battle in online PvP multiplayer arena orin Campaignmissions ★ Become unbeatable with powerful cards ★ Dailyloginbonus and daily rewards for complete quests Play Shadow Deck,buildyour own strategy plan and win this free funcollectibleaward-winning card game. Created by NOXGAMES
Merge Cute Animals: Cat & Dog 2.0.21
Do you love animals? This cute merger game is for you. Download andstart your animal adventure. Buy, care and collect pets – snakes,birds or even cats and dogs. Every pet is unique and has its ownbed. The best clicker game is very simple. Buy pet, care of it,merge it and gain money for new pet. Collect more animals and earnmore, even when you are offline. Catch owl and gain bonuses or waitfor mystery box. For more fun play our events: merge cars, burgers,puppet soccer. Enjoy marge simulation tycoon game anytime andanywhere. Created by Noxgames
Merge Airplane: Cute Plane Merger 2.0.18
Merge Airplanes is simple and addictive merger game. Build yourAirline empire. At the beginning you are captain of one small cuteplane. You need to buy new one and merge the same airplanes to getbetter and upgraded ones. Manage each parking apron and aircrafts.The purpose of the game is to have fun. Choose your strategy andrelax. Take control of plane flies around the airport and aroundthe world. Each airline earns you money, even when you are offline.Gameplay is very simple: buy, marge and manage planes and earnmoney. Download and start your Click Idle Tycoon game Created byNoxgames 2020
Merge Muscle Car: Classic American Muscle Merger 2.0.18
Merge Muscle Cars is one of the most addictive game andcontinuation of merge game Merge Battle Car. You can´t merge plane,dog, dragon or even merge all. This is American muscle car merger.Create Muscle Cars that fit your style. Build the best team. Mergethe same cars together into better advanced one and earn money foreach finished circuit. Improve your cars, gain new slot and expandto get more money. Events: Merge Battle Car, Merge Neon Car, MergeTruck. Start your marge car adventure. Play Now for FREE. Createdby Noxgames 2019
Merge Truck: Monster Truck Evolution Merger game 2.0.25
Truck Merger is leisure game. Become entrepreneur and manage yourtruck fleet. Transport and merging earn you money. Path of wealthis very simple: buy, merge all, manage and become billionaire. Buy,merge and manage truck business. Merge trucks, unlock new cars andexpand. Get money even when you are offline. Many events: mergebattle car, merge plane, merge neon car, merge muscle car. Downloadand start your Marge truck simulator challenge. Created by Noxgames2019
Merge Tanks: Funny Spider Tank Awesome Merger 2.0.18
Merge tank is simulation game with funny cartoon art style. Collectall tanks and become battle tycoon merger. Combine the same armytanks to get better and bigger. The tanks earn money, even when youare offline. So, upgrade army machines and unlock new. CatchZeppelin for more fun and gain valuable rewards. Our merger games:merge truck, car, burgers, animals, puppet soccer. Enjoy addictiveidle game with racing tanks. Play now for free. Created by Noxgames
Mage Hero 1.3.4
Become Legendary Mage Hero and build your city empire. Enjoy funquick games in epic worlds: Inferno, Deadly Desert or Graveyard.Each battle is challenge, survive waves of attack. You can controlmove and shoot with one touch. Fight by magic against powerfulenemies. Improve your unique skills and gain rare equipment thatmake you stronger. Gain rewards and materials. Play the besthyper-casual ARPG game Created by Noxgames
Merge Burger: Food Evolution Cooking Merger 2.0.25
Play fun Food merger games. Become manager of burger restaurant.Hire cat master chef and begin your restaurant adventure. Mergeburger and merge ingredients. You can unlock 50 various burgers.So, merge all 🍔 🍔 🍔. Serve burger to customers and earn money. Usesecret sauce for special performance, Lucky wheel or daily rewards.Enjoy events: merge sushi, merge pizza, merge sandwich. Marge andserve burgers and build your restaurant empire. Created by Noxgames2019
Merge Sandwich: Happy Club Sandwich Restaurant 2.0.18
Play Sandwich merger addictive game and make the best sandwicheswith various sauces and ingredients. Explore unique world ofrestaurant with cat master chef in the kitchen. Merge sandwichesand buy new recipes to discover new tastes and earn money. SandwichMaker: - Variety of breads, sauces, vegetables, cheese or meat -Use secret sauce - Earn money even if you are offline - Events:merge burger, merge pizza, merge sushi - Hint: Catch mouse to gethidden bonus Enjoy our relaxing and interesting culinary world andstart cooking game. Created by Noxgames
Merge Pizza: Best Yummy Pizza Merger game 2.0.18
Welcome to Pizza Empire. Addictive game Merge Pizza is fromNoxgames Merger factory: merge burger, sushi, sandwich. Or if youprefer cars: merge truck, battle car, muscle car. Choice is up toyou. Pizza restaurant: - Buy recipe, cook and serve pizza - Buildyour Cooking empire - Play and get offline earnings - Notice: Donot play this game when you are hungry! Your hunger can be bigger.Download and begin new adventure. Created by Noxgames
Merge Space Ships: Cyber Future Merger 3D 2.0.18
Merge Space Ships is merger click and idle game. Enjoy sci-fifuture game and exciting mysterious world of Space aircraftsimulator. Fly far and far. Galaxy waits for discovery. Build yourempire and become galaxy tycoon. Buy, merge, manage your cyberplanes and upgrade them! Each level of spaceships earns more coinsand speed. Choose strategy and enjoy journey. Download and startyour galaxy trip around Milky Way now Created by Noxgames 2020
Puppet Soccer Striker: Football Star Kick 0.1.8
New type of soccer games is here! Enjoy and improve yourshootingskills. In this amazing shooting gameplay is only you andball – nofoul or red cards. Your kick has to be perfect. Your mindshould beclear and focused. Prepare yourself on penalty point andkickperfect goals. It gets more challenging to overtake AIplayedgoalkeepers and various barriers to score. Race againstotherrivals and be on the top of leaderboard! Download and playfootballchallenge. Smash addicting soccer game. Created by Noxgames
Puppet Football Card Manager CCG ⚽ 2.0.24
Your chance to become Football Manager is here! This gameconnectsthe best from football and strategy game. Choose your cardplayers,train them and score hero goals in the most addicting freecardgames! Build strategy: defense or offense tactics with nooffsidehere. Change tactics and win. Pick your best footballers andbeatyour opponents. Coach players card improving their abilitiesandevolving their tiers. Football Card Manager Features: ⚽100+cartoon hero cards with special abilities ⚽ Card types:attacker,midfielder, defender, goalie ⚽ Online matches with realopponentsin multiplayer arena ⚽ Campaign with many levels andrewards ⚽Train your players power, speed and abilities Gain rewardsfor eachvictory as package with new cards, tokens or diamonds.Train yourcard heroes using tokens. Assemble the best puppet team,win eachlevel in campaign and PvP Arena and be the best manager.Winfootball matches, unlock new arenas and get better andbetterplayers. Join Puppet Football Card Manager and become managerofyour own team for free. For more information visit our websiteorFacebook. Created by NOXGAMES 2014-2018
Fantasy Finger Football 0.0.72
Pupppet Finger Battle is online football turn-based gamewithreal-time 1v1 multiplayer. Score hero like soccer stars anddestroyall enemies. Forget about worries and enjoy thiscard-collectiblegame. Build your ultimate team and fight in PvParena and campaignto unlock new heroes. Upgrade your cards andexchange them in yourteam. Smash enemies in one-on-one battles andlead them to victory.Puppet Soccer game features: ⚽ Fantasy fingercreatures with uniqueskills ⚽ 6 special PvP arena ⚽ Real-timeonline multiplayerone-on-one ⚽ Perfect physics simulation ⚽ Enjoydaily rewards ⚽Hint: Orb crush deals extra damage to opponent´sheroes ⚽ Clans,Campaigns, Leagues Enjoy free to play game and startsmashingchallenge. Created by NOXGAMES 2014 - 2019
Puppet Soccer Clash 0.1.1
Puppet Soccer Clash is the great sport shooting game! Enjoysimpleand amazing gameplay. You can enjoy multiple gameviews forbetterplaying experience and perfect goals. Improve your shootingskillsand overtake goalkeepers and barriers. Choose your positionandscore football strike. Do you like challenge, superstar? Youcangain more coins as bonus for special goals. Use yourimaginationand kick incredible goals. Enjoy unique real footballgame.Download and smash soccer clash challenge. Created by Noxgames2020
Merge Airplane 2: Plane & Clicker Tycoon 2.2.3
Continuation of Merge Airplanes is here. What do you expect?CutePlane Merger? No, this time you find out on parkingapron:advanced, space, cartoon and awesome planes. Become captainandenjoy merge and upgrade all aircrafts. Download merging gameandyour fly adventure around airport and around world canbegin.Gameplay is the same: buy, merge jet together and managetycoonfactory. Earn money even when you are passive, offline. Let´splayand develope your Airline empire. Created by Noxgames 2021