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Extreme Ninja Battle 1.0
Do you like shinobi ninja manga? Do you liketo fighting with enemies from sound ninja, sand ninja, akatsukigroup to protect konoha and become a new hokage?Let play the best fighting ninja game of this manga series: ExtremeNinja BattleFeatures:- Easy to play, very addictive.- A lot of characters based on greatest ninjas from the konoha likeuzumaki, uchiha sasuke, rock lee, neji, kakashi, itachi…- Fantasic Justsu of shinobi ninja: rasengan, sharingan, Rinnengan,chidori…- 100+ difference enemy waves.- Transform to Jinchuuriki with ulimate power of Tailed Beast andbeat all enemies.- 2d graphic with nice effect.- Unlock hiden characters with higer power.How to Play:- Tap left / right to attack. You only can attack enemies in arange.- Try to use kunai and ultimate Justsu to kill all enemies andcollect coins.Very easy and very addictive. Let play and share best score witheveryone. Who will be the number one?If you like this, please comment and review to show your opinionsso that we can make better games.For any contribution, please feel free to contact us via email:[email protected] fun!!
Shinobi Ninja Fighting Battle 1.1
Do you like Anime Shinobi Ninja? Do you like fighting enemies fromthe Village of the Sound, the Sand Village and the Akatsuki groupto protect Konoha Galore and become the new Hokage?Then you'rewelcome on the best Ninja fighting game in the Store: Shinobi NinjaFighting Battle.Features:- easy to play, very addictive- manycharacters based on the greatest Ninjas among the Ninja world likeSasuke Uchiha, Itachi , Kakashi, Madara and many more!- numerousJutsu from the world of Shinobi: Rasengan, Sharingan, Rinnegan,Chidori, susanoo ...- more than 100+ unique waves of enemies- 2dgraphics with amazing effects- Transform to Jinchuuriki withulimate power of Tailed Beast and beat all enemies.- consecutivegameplay! Gather coins to unlock stronger Ninjas!How to Play:- TapLeft / Right to attack. Time your attacks, you can't hit enemiesfrom too far away- Use Kunais and your Jutsus to kill the enemiesand gain moneyEasy controls and very addictive gameplay! Let's playand share the best scores with everyone! Who will be the bestNinja?If you like this Game, please give us a good review andcomment your ideas on how to improve this game even further! Forany contribution, please feel free to contact us via email:[email protected] sure to like our fan page to always receivethe latest updates and more information/tips about thegameplay:https://www.facebook.com/BoTFightingGame/Have funplaying!!!